If you're looking for the Best Stranger Things Fanfiction, this story is for you!

Eleven and Mike have known each other for almost a year. They have been through a whole lot of misery, but still seem to be drawn to each other. Now they have the time to be normal teenagers and explore the feelings they have.

This story is a combination of one chapter mini stories of Steve and the kids. Every chapter is a story on it’s own with every day things they all go through. This means that there isn’t a real plot that links these stories together. However, they are very nice stories on their own.

This is a complete feelgood story about Steve and the rest of the kids having fun together. They hang out together and play games, go for a drive and just have fun. Nothing of the horror like adventures in the TV show.

This story also follows Steve, but this time he has powers. And even though Steve has these powers, he has never really been aware of them. So when things get out of hand with the kids he has to save them the only way he knows how.

This story takes place right after the Battle of Starcourt. Steve is struggling with what happened at the Battle and especially those who they lost. He gets help from the kids and Robin and they all try to figure out what the Russians were doing. But he isn't prepared for what they find out.

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