Loud House Fanfiction – 20 Most Popular Stories to Read in 2024!

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If you’re a fan of the famous Nickelodeon TV series Loud House, these Loud House fanfiction stories are a must-read!

The Loud House is a cartoon series by Chris Savino, premiering on Nickelodeon on May 2, 2016.

It revolves around the chaotic life of Lincoln Loud and his ten siblings.

Despite only having a few seasons to its name, it’s become one of the most famous Nickelodeon cartoons, alongside Avatar: The Last Airbender, Spongebob Squarepants, and more! 

If you’re a fan of Nickelodeon, Loud House might be the perfect series for you!

With the cartoon’s immense popularity, many Loud House fan-made stories are available to browse!

I’ve summarized and ranked these Loud House fanfics based on the biggest hits on Archive of Our Own, making your search for worthy reads quick and easy!

Read on to see the top fan-made stories of Nickelodeon’s Loud House.

1. Rick and The Loud House

In this Rick and Morty and Loud House fanfiction crossover, we follow Rick Sanchez and his misadventures with his many, many grandchildren

In a mind-bending twist of fate, Rick Sanchez isn’t your typical grandpa with a single grandson and granddaughter.

Nope, he has one lucky grandson and ten incredibly fortunate granddaughters in this wild alternate universe! 

2. A Loud Among Demons

In this Loud House fanfiction, Lincoln’s world intertwines with the hit web series — Helluva Boss.

When a regular human boy, Lincoln Loud, finds himself under a curse and falls into the depths of the underworld, he’s in for a wild ride! 

Lincoln’s life takes an unexpected turn as a fierce group of demon assassins take him under their wing. 

As he navigates this chaotic realm, he only wants to find a way back home. 

However, the real challenge is whether he can survive long enough to realize that dream. 

Brace yourself for an electrifying tale following Lincoln as he battles demons, tests his spirit, and races against the clock in his life’s strangest and most dangerous adventure!

3. Season 3 – Continued

A mysterious man brings the beloved characters from two popular animated shows, “The Loud House” and “The Casagrandes,” to watch their own episodes. 

Plucking the Loud and Casagrandes families from their fictional worlds, the man seats them together in an otherworldly theater. 

Through this unique experience, the characters start to bridge the gap between their two families. 

Will they finally be able to see eye-to-eye? 

Find out in this Loud House fanfiction!

4. Stupor Heroics

Amidst a world jam-packed with metahumans and superheroes, Lincoln Loud wishes for one thing — to live a regular, non-heroic life. 

He wants to navigate daily life with as little super-powered chaos as possible. 

But in this world, normalcy has become the new rare. 

His efforts turn wild when one of his estranged, super-powered sisters pays him an unexpected visit, throwing his quest for normalcy into a whirlwind of mayhem.

Will Lincoln ever achieve his goal of normalcy?

See in this thrilling Loud House fanfiction!

5. Platonic

In the bustling Loud House, Lincoln Loud yearns for more attention

Amidst the chaos of his ten siblings, he always feels alone.

But one fateful day, he gets his wish for the spotlight, bringing Lincoln into a world of newfound fame and adoration.

Everyone who didn’t even give Lincoln a second look before is now praising him, from his classmates to strangers on the street — life is perfect!

The world has become Lincoln’s stage, leaving him to relish every moment in the limelight. 

But as the saying goes: “Be careful what you wish for.”

6. Lynn’s Doll

Lynn and Lincoln are about to engage in an epic lucha libre showdown. 

Lincoln, brimming with confidence from his secret training, boldly proposes a high-stakes betif he emerges victorious, Lynn must stop her habit of punching him in the car

But little does Lincoln know Lynn is one step ahead. 

She’s been observing his every move during training, preparing herself with a cunning disguise.


Lynn’s got a surprise up her sleeve — well, under her wig and dress, to be exact. 

Will Lincoln’s carefully honed skills be enough to outwit Lynn’s cleverly concealed tactics? 

Only the lucha libre arena holds the answer to this electrifying contest of wits and strength!

7. Controlling Your Desires

Lincoln and his sisters face a baffling and concerning situation. 

A series of unusual occurrences leave them with a perplexing issue — a strange and unsettling physical reaction between Lincoln and his sisters. 

Fearing the potential consequences of these unexplained sensations and knowing they can’t discuss this with their parents, Lincoln decides it’s time to seek professional help. 

Determined, Lincoln seeks someone to guide them through these mysterious challenges.

Will they be able to control their desires in time?

Find out in this thrilling Loud House fanfiction!

8. Death Battle

This Loud House fanfiction is a crossover between several famous cartoons, video games, and anime series.

It pits iconic characters from different shows together: Lincoln Loud from Nickelodeon’s “Loud House” and Sans from the mega-hit video game “Undertale”!

Two characters go in, and only one comes out alive. 

Who will it be?

Find out in this unique tale, jam-packed with action, drama, and friendship!

9. Bleh Bloods

Lincoln Loud commits a grave error that forever alters his family dynamics. 

He then repeats his blunders over the following two decades.

The result? 

A rather unconventional family.

But as fate would have it, when a rare opportunity arises for some of Lincoln’s family to revisit Loch Loud, he unveils a startling revelation — one hidden all these years. 

It may reshape their family history, making this reunion at Loch Loud more significant than anyone could have imagined.

10. The Loud House: We Will Survive

In the unforgiving aftermath of an apocalypse, Lori Loud, the last remaining member of the once-vibrant Loud family, battles to cling to life in the grim ruins of Royal Woods. 

But the relentless hardship of her surroundings leaves her with no choice but to seek a new glimmer of hope amid the desolation.

As Lori meticulously prepares herself for a treacherous journey into the unknown, she stumbles upon a little boy with a shock of white hair. 

Strangely familiar, the child’s presence sends shivers down her spine, igniting a spark of curiosity that may hold the key to their survival.

11. Lincoln’s Famous Fun

This Loud House fanfiction blends with “Real Person fiction”, creating a unique trope you don’t see anywhere!

In this story, we follow Lincoln as he interacts with different celebrities, ranging from Taylor Swift to Katy Perry. 

Everything’s set in the real world, giving readers a better perspective into how Lincoln Loud would live and survive in our reality. 

12. What She’d Been Missing

Loan’s decision to seek out her seldom-seen Uncle is abrupt and unusual, even to her. 

The urge to escape her circumstances is undeniable, but why is she so set on finding this mysterious family member? 

After all, she only remembers meeting him twice! 

Yet, an enigmatic force, perhaps intuition, urges her to trust him implicitly.

On the other side of this inexplicable connection, her Uncle grapples with his perplexing emotions. 

He feels an instant, unshakeable bond with the young girl, one he can’t rationalize. 

Little did they know that the dark secret of their family’s past has lain dormant for two long decades, hidden from their awareness. 

As they embark on this journey of trust and discovery, neither Loan nor her Uncle can fathom the harrowing truth awaiting them, one capable of upending everything they held dear.

13. Splitting Hairs

Lisa has two new ambitions. 

After sending Lincoln, her brother, to a parallel universe with a less-than-pleasant version of his own family in the past, Lisa develops a new interest in parallel worlds.

Besides that, Lisa also wants to understand the complexities of romance.

She wants to see the stark differences between culturally acceptable relationships, like Lincoln and Ronnie Anne Santiago, and culturally unacceptable ones, like Lincoln and Lori.

As she embarks on her experiments, Lisa wonders if creating and sustaining parallel timelines is possible. 

Unbeknownst to her family, Lisa splits the Loud family into eleven separate iterations, each unaware of the others, except for one member from each version. 

The adventure begins for all of them.

14. I’ll Miss You, Little Bunny

Lori Loud, the eldest sibling of the chaotic yet lovable Loud family, is on the verge of embarking on the most thrilling journey of her life — attending university.

But before she heads off to pursue higher education, there’s a long-awaited desire burning deep within her that she wishes to fulfill.

Lori has been the responsible, dependable big sister holding the Loud family together for years through their zany adventures and antics.

From dealing with Lola’s diva dramas to helping Lincoln navigate the labyrinthine dynamics of his ten sisters — Lori has seen it all.

And the least she can do before trudging off to university is fulfill her desires — right?

15. Blood & Sweat

After his humbling defeat in the boxing ring, Lincoln decides to embark on a journey of self-improvement and redemption through rigorous training. 

While Lynn is undoubtedly happy by her brother’s newfound determination, there’s this nagging concern within her.

She watches him sweat and struggle, putting in long hours at the gym, but something about his approach leaves her apprehensive.

While Lincoln is indeed working hard, it’s as if he’s trying to brute force his way to success, disregarding the finesse required to outmaneuver an opponent.

She fears this tunnel vision could lead him to burn out prematurely or injure himself.

How will Lynn help her brother?

Discover in this one-shot Loud House fanfiction!

16. A Sister’s Touch

After getting into a fight to protect his sisters, Lincoln Loud has a broken leg. 

He can care for himself alone — until he must wash himself.

After all, his leg is in a cast! 

While their parents are out, Luna, one of his ten sisters, volunteers to care for him.

Life would’ve been easier for Luna if she didn’t have lingering feelings for her kin.

17. The Big Time

Lincoln jolts awake in his dark room, confusion swirling in his groggy mind. 

Nothing seems out of place, no late-night visitors, no family members needing his help, just the silence of the night. 

While Lincoln’s drifting back to slumber — it happens again — a low, rumbling vibration.

It isn’t the usual creaking of an old home.

It’s a recurring disturbance, one keeping Lincoln awake for several nights. 

He faces a dilemma — should he ignore it and get some sleep, or investigate? 

Unable to shake his instinct to help, Lincoln decides to venture out. 

And there, he finds his sister Luna — but why is she a giant?!

18. Phantom Pleasure

Amidst the usual clutter of toys and books, Lincoln finds a peculiar doll in Lucy’s room, unlike any he has ever seen. 

Little does Lincoln know this seemingly innocent doll has power far beyond his wildest imagination.

Meanwhile, unaware of her brother’s discovery, Lucy is out of the house to run some errands, leaving him home alone with the magical doll. 

The doll in Lincoln’s possession starts to work its magic, setting in motion a series of events that will soon teach both siblings a profound lesson about the consequences of toying with the supernatural.

19. Caught in the Act

After breaking up with Ronnie Anne Santiago, Lincoln Loud eagerly anticipates a peaceful evening of solitude to mend his broken heart. 

He yearns for time to clear his mind and reflect on the recent breakup. 

But though he thinks he’s in for a tranquil night, a twist of fate, in the form of his little sister Lucy, sets his plans awry.

With an active tone, Lucy insists that he must listen to her words.

Lincoln, not having the heart to push his sister away, obliges. 

And that’s when all the chaos begins.

20. More Than A Sister

This Loud House fanfiction is the sequel to Prom Night Promise, following Lincoln and Leni Loud.

Following their eventful night, Lincoln struggles to understand his feelings for his kin. 

And it isn’t helping that his closest peers egg him to reciprocate Leni’s feelings.

Amid all this, Lincoln can’t help but feel confused.

Is he just going through puberty, or is it genuinely something more?

Loud House Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this post helps you find the best Loud House fanfiction stories. 

Although these are among the biggest hits, they’re only giving a small glimpse into the creative, hilarious, and heart-warming stories reimagining the iconic cartoon beyond its canon world.

Hence, you should explore more on Ao3!

Let us know if you have any more Loud House fanfic suggestions to add by leaving a comment below!

Lastly, if you liked this post, check the other fanfic articles about other beloved Nickelodeon shows and Cartoons: 

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