The Top 20 Most Popular Steve Harrington Fanfiction Stories in 2024

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If you love Steve Harrington from “Stranger Things,” get ready for a treat!

Steve has won the hearts of many with his charm and character growth.

And if you can’t get enough of him on screen, there’s a vast world of Steve Harrington fanfiction waiting for you.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular fanfiction stories featuring Steve Harrington, based on their hits on Archive Of Our Own.

These stories explore various aspects of Steve’s life, from his adventures to his interactions with other beloved characters.

Get ready to explore the captivating and imaginative world of Steve Harrington fanfiction!

1. Hold on to What we’ve Got

This first fanfiction is about Steve Harrington discovering Eleven’s existence, igniting his determination to find her.

He tirelessly searches the woods daily, longing for a reunion with what feels like his long-lost sister.

Will Eleven recognize him after all these years?

The uncertainty haunts him, picturing her alone and vulnerable.

This story is a great fanfiction that explores the resilience of characters and the power of found families.

Filled with suspense, emotional depth, and triumphant moments, it’s one of the most popular Steve Harrington fanfics for a reason.

2. Steve Harrington and his kids

This fanfic explores the bonds between Steve Harrington and the Stranger Things kids.

He learns that friends can deceive, and it’s up to Steve to set things right.

Throughout this fanfiction, Steve showcases his protective nature and takes on the role of a responsible caregiver, cooking, comforting, and offering support to the children.

This story beautifully portrays Steve’s interactions with Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Max, capturing their growth and intimate moments, including a hint of emotional turmoil.

If you’re a Stranger Things fan who appreciates heartwarming stories exploring the complexities of friendship, this story is a must-read!

Prepare for laughter, tears, and a deep appreciation for the unbreakable bonds these characters share.

3. Emotion Sickness

This is a post-canon fix-it story revolving around Steve Harrington.

Steve’s facing a tough time, dealing with emotional abuse, psychological trauma, and low self-esteem caused by his terrible parents.

His friends, Jonathan, Nancy, and Robin, come to his aid and offer unwavering support.

Steve transforms into a true badass, taking on government conspiracies and embarking on daring rescue missions.

The author brilliantly explores Steve’s character growth, showcasing his resilience in the face of adversity.

With touches of comfort and heartwarming moments, it’s an emotional rollercoaster.

I won’t spoil everything, but if you’re a Stranger Things fan who enjoys seeing characters conquer challenges and become even more remarkable, this story is for you!

4. So Take the Wheel and I will Take the Pedals

This next story is about Steve Harrington as he grapples with the mystery of why the kids from Hawkins are so drawn to him.

Immerse yourself in their lives, witnessing their profound friendship, unique dynamics, and shared experiences.

From casual hangouts and cooking sessions to epic Dungeons & Dragons quests and even telekinesis, their adventures are a fun read.

(If you like Dungeons and Dragons, you may also enjoy our Critical Role fanfic post!)

This fanfic explores themes of friendship, family, and the solace they find in one another.

While staying true to the show’s spirit, the author skillfully adds interesting twists and turns, capturing the post-Season 2 atmosphere.

5. Look Right Through Me

This fanfic is about an alone and desperate Steve Harrington as he unravels shocking revelations about his dysfunctional family and insecurities.

Steve discovers unexpected solace amid hardship and forges genuine connections with caring people.

It’s based on resilience, friendship, and self-discovery in the face of adversity and is great for those who appreciate compelling stories of personal growth.

Prepare to be enthralled as the Upside Down merges with Steve Harrington’s profound character development.

6. Days Fade into a Watercolour Blur

This next story is about Steve and Robyn finding themselves tormented by the Russians, but there’s a surprising twist:

Hopper is alive, and Steve’s true identity is revealed, leaving everyone astonished.

Follow Steve’s remarkable resilience as he confronts physical and emotional trials.

Despite a troubled upbringing and low self-esteem, Steve’s kindness, culinary skills, and love for others shine through.

Hopper becomes an extraordinary parental figure, offering unwavering support and protection, fostering a heartwarming bond.

This story explores themes of hurt, comfort, angst, and significant character injury, beautifully exploring Steve’s path to recovery and self-discovery.

Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster that will have you cheering for Steve every step of the way.

If you’re a Stranger Things fan seeking well-developed characters and heartwarming fanfiction, don’t miss out on this story!

7. I’m Getting Used to the Thought

This story features Steve Harrington on a journey of self-discovery.

Raised in Hawkins Lab, Steve has special powers but wants to leave his past behind.

However, everything changes when he reunites with his believed-to-be-dead little sister, Eleven.

This emotional story explores family, friendship, and overcoming personal struggles while offering a fresh perspective on the Stranger Things universe.

8. A Walking Denial

In this fanfic, you can join Steve Harrington as he navigates supernatural threats and personal struggles, searching for true family amidst the chaos.

Experience heartwarming moments, emotional struggles, and deep bonds with the Stranger Things kids.

This rollercoaster story offers a fresh perspective on Steve Harrington.

9. With No Regrets

This next story is set after season 3, and just before season 4, when the characters are unexpectedly granted a glimpse into their future.

Love, character studies, angst, and emotional journeys await in this unique twist on the watch-it fanfiction.

Exploring feminism and 80s challenges, join the characters as they bravely face the unknown in this interesting read for Stranger Things fans.

10. The Little Buddy

This fanfict redefines the Steve Harrington and Billy Hargrove rivalry.

Max reveals a hidden side of Billy to Steve, who compassionately decides to help him.

Through unraveling Billy’s troubled past, their relationship takes an unexpected turn.

Inspired by Season 3 with creative twists, this story explores redemption, growth, and the power of compassion.

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things and character-driven fanfiction, you might enjoy this one.

11. It doesn’t hurt me. Do you want to feel how it feels?

This Stranger Things fanfic is set during season 4.

Steve Harrington gets attacked by poison-carrying bats, and the main question is whether they can find a cure in time.

The story features a caring and protective dynamic among the characters, with tension, injuries, and themes of friendship, love, and resilience.

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, especially Steve Harrington and related character dynamics, you might enjoy this story.

12. Run, Boy, Run

Join Eddie Munson in this whirlwind of a fanfic!

Eddie’s life has been a constant race.

From the tragic loss of Chrissy to being hunted by Jason and his gang and even facing the town’s rejection as a supposed outcast.

In this story, we dig into the intriguing theory that Eddie originates from Hawkin’s Lab.

As he confronts his darkest fears and memories, the lab’s enigmatic figures, including the mysterious ‘Papa,’ trap him in their clutches.

From the first chapter, Eddie’s journey unravels secrets and tests his resilience.

If you’re a Stranger Things fan seeking thrilling adventures and well-developed characters, you might enjoy this fanfic.

13. It Takes Two to Survive

Steve Harrington

After Steve and Robin are captured by the Russians, they’re left to fend for themselves in this fanfic.

Hawkins is thrown into chaos and grief when they go missing, and Dustin and Erica desperately search for their friends but find nothing.

Meanwhile, Dr. Brenner, the mastermind behind the experiments, introduces Nineteen and Twenty as new subjects.

As the story unfolds, uncertainty grips the characters, testing their resilience in the face of loss, pain, and the struggle to preserve their true selves.

Join the survivors on a heart-wrenching journey, where friendship and camaraderie are their only lifelines.

14. Bending Backwards ’till I’m Broke

Steve Harrington

In this fanfic, Steve Harrington is the protagonist, and he faces dark challenges battling his demons, enduring violence, and overcoming low self-esteem, bad parenting, and panic attacks.

This intense read showcases Steve’s growth and resilience amidst the hardships.

If you’re a Stranger Things fan who loves exploring the characters’ darker sides, this might be the fanfic for you.

15. Still King Steve

Steve Harrington

In this fanfic, our beloved Steve Harrington goes through some serious family drama when a plate smacks him right in the face.

Throughout the plot, we witness Steve’s journey of self-discovery and healing.

It deeply explores his emotional struggles and how his troubled upbringing affects his self-esteem.

The author brilliantly portrays Steve’s vulnerability and the consequences of abuse and neglect.

Steve finds support from unexpected sources like Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers, who become the parental figures he desperately needs.

They offer comfort and protection and help him navigate life’s challenges.

It’s about resilience, healing, and the power of genuine connections.

16. In the Near Future

Steve Harrington

In this fanfic, Steve Harrington reaches his breaking point after recent events, experiencing a surreal moment that leaves him detached.

Thrust into Hawkins, he becomes the target of townspeople, leading to several unexpected twists.

The author skillfully digs into Steve’s character, adding depth and weaving a unique plot that combines elements from different seasons.

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things and well-written fanfiction, this is a good fanfic to check out.

17. The Life You Deserve

Steve Harrington

This fanfic follows El, Mike, and their friends as they navigate the wild ride of adolescence.

From blossoming romances to the challenges of teenage life, this heartwarming coming-of-age fanfiction captures it all.

Get ready to witness the growth and development of our favorite characters as they tackle the complexities of being a teenager.

Experience their authentic journey filled with underage drinking, relationships, and the quest to find their place in the world.

This story offers a fresh, engaging perspective on the beloved Stranger Things cast.

18. Once More with Seven

Steve Harrington

Introducing “Once More with Seven,” a Stranger Things fanfiction that takes you on a journey with Steve Harrington in Hawkins, Indiana.

As the guardian of a group of kids called “The Party,” Steve carries a secret he plans to reveal one day.

Amidst the challenges of winter and the enigmatic monsters lurking in Hawkins, Steve’s top priority is protecting the kids and navigating his own relationships.

This unique twist on the Stranger Things universe offers a fresh perspective on this story.

Embark on Steve’s thrilling season four as he embraces new responsibilities, safeguards his loved ones, and confronts the unknown.

19. I’d Ask You To Be True

Steve Harrington

“I’d Ask You To Be True” is an excellent Stranger Things fanfic that follows Steve Harrington as he deals with a life-altering situation.

Supported by his chosen family, especially his best friend Dustin Henderson, Steve faces challenges with gratitude.

The story beautifully portrays the bond between Steve and Dustin and the parental figures in Steve’s life.

Despite the heavy themes of illness and loss, there are moments of hope and resilience.

Fans of Stranger Things who appreciate emotional depth and character-driven stories will enjoy this touching story about friendship and support in the face of adversity.

20. Things Are Stranger

Steve Harrington

Finally, in this fanfiction where Robin’s best friend is secretly smitten with Steve Harrington, they encounter a mysterious death involving Chrissy Cunningham.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more complicated, the ex-boyfriend Eddie unexpectedly appears at your doorstep.

As emotions intertwine, torn between past and present love, survival becomes uncertain.

And graduation may never be within reach with a supernatural killer on your trail.

This story blends romance, mystery, and the supernatural in a fun way.

Its well-developed characters and gripping plot offer a fresh twist to the Stranger Things universe.

Steve Harrington Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you discover some of the most popular Steve Harrington fanfiction stories in 2023!

These 20 stories are just a glimpse into the vast world of fan-created stories featuring this beloved character.

And if you have any questions, want to share your thoughts, or think we missed a great fanfic we should include on this list, feel free to leave a comment below!

Also, if you’re interested in reading more about fanfiction, check out some of our other fanfic articles we think you’ll like:

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