Wednesday Fanfiction – Top 20 Stories to Read in 2024

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If you’re looking for the best Wednesday fanfiction stories — look no further! 

Wednesday is an American television series following the misadventures of Wednesday Addams, a character from the classic ‘The Addams Family.’

So, if you like all things creepy, hilarious, and dark, Wednesday might be the perfect show for you!

With its massive popularity, there are a lot of Wednesday fan-made tales out there. 

I’ve summarized and arrange these Wednesday fanfics based on hits received on Archive of Our Own to make your search for the best ones online easier.

Read on to learn more about these popular stories.

1. Wednesday’s No Good Very Bad Week

In the gripping aftermath of defeating Joseph Crackstone, Wednesday finds herself trapped in a dangerous web woven by the vengeful Laurel Gates. 

However, fate turns unexpectedly as Wednesday’s predicament deepens, transforming her from a sharp-witted protagonist into an unlikely “damsel in distress.” 

As tension escalates, Wednesday’s friends must now race against time to rescue her from the clutches of the unhinged mastermind.

Amid this high-stakes ordeal, the group’s dynamic becomes strained, caught in a crossfire of blame and guilt. 

The air is tense, but Xavier’s unwavering assertion cuts through it all. 

His words encapsulate the collective anxiety coursing through the group, a shared sentiment that transcends anger, converging into a desperate need for action. 

The journey ahead is uncertain, a labyrinthine path they must navigate to save Wednesday. 

With the clock ticking, they must channel their resilience to rescue Wednesday before she becomes the final victim in this twisted tale of suspense and intrigue.

2. Paint Me in Black

Wednesday Addams stands apart in a world where love gets painted in hues beyond the ordinary. 

Born with the unique ability to perceive all colors except black, she harbors a deep resentment for the one who holds that elusive shade from her. 

But Wednesday is not one to submit to fate’s whims. 

She forges her path, determined never to succumb to the entwining of souls. 

The idea of a soulmate remains an unwelcome intrusion into her defiant existence. 

Enter Tyler Galpin, a man gifted with a kaleidoscope of colors since his earliest memories. 

Yet, unbeknownst to him, a crucial shade has been missing from his palette all along — the very essence of black. 

As fate weaves its threads, Wednesday and Tyler’s paths cross. 

Will revenge be the sole dish served on their tumultuous meeting, or will their shared colors lead to a portrait of profound understanding? 

Their story unfolds in a monochromatic world waiting to be illuminated, beckoning us to ponder the true nature of the soul’s most profound connections.

3. Compass

We follow Wednesday Addams in this story as she grapples with an unexpected moral dilemma.

Clutching the modern curse of a cell phone in her hand — Wednesday can’t decide whether to scorn or appreciate Xavier’s overture. 

You see, she had always prided herself on being immune to the clutches of technology. 

Still, fate had played its hand, and here she was, facing the device that had disrupted her carefully cultivated detachment.

Will Wednesday succumb to the modern device and admit defeat to Xavier Thorpe?

Find out in this hilarious yet sweet Wednesday fanfiction.

4. NevermoreGeo: Werewolves

Wednesday takes it upon herself to truly understand and uplift her cherished best friend. 

But here’s the twist — her friend is no ordinary pal but a vibrant werewolf with a kaleidoscope of colors

As Wednesday delves into the world of NevermoreGeo, she’s not merely observing her friend’s interactions with fellow Furs — she’s unearthing a remarkable odyssey of connection.

What starts as a simple study of werewolf behavior soon transcends into something more profound. 

It’s a story that transcends the ordinary and creates unbreakable bonds that remind us that true friendship knows no bounds.

5. The Thing Between Us

After their fight, Xavier Thorpe couldn’t help but wonder why she had created a story where he was the villain.

The echoes of their recent confrontation reverberated in his mind, a clash that had left him emotionally battered.

As he was painting his emotions out, Wednesday appeared.

She blamed Xavier for stabbing The Thing

As best as he explained it to her, Wednesday refuses to listen to him. 

Left with no choice, he let her see the events unfold through his painting. 

In the quiet of that fraught room, a new chapter unfolded — a dance of redemption, connection, and revelation that they were not adversaries but two halves of a shattered whole.

6. After the Hug

In the heat of danger, as the battle raged on, a profound moment unfolded between Enid and Wednesday. 

The scene was almost surreal — Enid, battered and bloodied, faced her savior, torn between wounds and the overwhelming urge to express her thanks. 

The physical toll was evident, but the sense of security and companionship overpowered the pain.

Wednesday’s blood-stained countenance told a tale of their brutal battle. 

Despite this, the two friends shared an embrace.

Their hug was an unspoken acknowledgment: Enid was alive, the school was safe, and most significantly, everyone was free from danger, all thanks to Wednesday’s courage.

All things were going well  until the two passed out.

This Wednesday fanfiction captures the essence of friendship, sacrifice, and the unyielding will to protect those we hold dear, even at the cost of our well-being.

7. Late-Night Texts With You

This Wednesday fanfic dives into a digital realm where connections spark and friendships bloom with every typed word. 

Enter Xavier and Wednesday, two distinct souls whose journey toward friendship and romance unfolds through the art of texting.

As they exchange messages, their bond deepens, each conversation a small step towards a closer connection. 

What began as mere text soon transforms into a tapestry of emotions, woven intricately with threads of curiosity, understanding, and a sprinkle of love.

But things aren’t as easy as they seem as the story also features other characters from the show, each adding their unique touch to the virtual gathering. 

8. Wednesday Addams’ Therapy Group(chat)

In this Wednesday fanfiction, we explore the delightfully twisted world of Wednesday Addams’ therapy group chat.

In a digital realm that’s as quirky as it is unsettling, Wednesday and her eclectic group of friends converge for a bizarre therapy group chat. 

If you think this chat revolves around typical introspective soul-searching, think again. 

After all, this is Wednesday Addams we’re talking about.

The chat is a rollercoaster of dark humor, snarky exchanges, and unexpected confessions. 

As the friends delve into therapy discussions with a dash of eerie flair, it becomes clear that even the most eccentric souls need some introspection.

They redefine what it means to embrace the quirks and complexities of their personalities, making even the darkest corners of their minds oddly relatable and undeniably entertaining.

So, step into this peculiar therapy group chat fanfic and witness the darkly charming interactions of these unconventional friends.

9. Woe To Do With Two Soulmates

In the realm of secrets and hidden destinies is Wednesday — adorned with two soulmate marks, one gracing each arm. 

Oblivious to their significance, she wears these like marks of rebellion, a defiant shrug in a society that insists on pairing every soul with its so-called match. 

But life takes an unexpected twist when the aftermath of a school incident propels her into the confines of Nevermore. 

Within these shadowed halls, the air seems to crackle with untold stories, and the mysteries of her dual marks begin to unfurl.

As reluctant curiosity sparks her journey, Wednesday finds the truth behind her unique markings, gradually unearthing the mysteries beneath her nonchalant veneer.

10. Dear Wednesday Addams

Amid a funeral, two remarkably unconventional children decide to play hide-and-seek. 

The boy, determined to impress the girl with his daring, hatches an audacious plan to hide in a casket. 

Despite his initial bravado, he finds himself trapped and calling for help.

Amidst his cries, the casket finally opens, and he spills out in relief, only to be met with an almost disdainful shove from his would-be admirer.

She is the embodiment of indifference and caution, a girl named Wednesday. 

Unfazed by her reaction, the boy introduces himself as Xavier Thorpe, undeterred by her cold demeanor.

A peculiar connection begins to form between them, and Xavier’s infatuation with Wednesday grows. 

Their unconventional friendship continues to grow, finding solace in their shared perspectives on life’s eccentricities.

But will this continue later in their adolescent years?

Find out in this coming-of-age tale filled with friendship, acceptance, and eventual romance!

11. I’ll Settle for a Text

Have you ever wondered how the indifferent Wednesday Addams and charismatic Xavier Thorpe would interact through texts?

This text-based Wednesday fanfiction does just that. 

Each chapter gives us a glimpse into the two characters’ lives and evergrowing feelings for each other. 

But will these two really settle for a mere text?

Find out in this intriguing tale!

12. The Taming of the Raven

Wednesday finds herself shackled to Lenore Hall, the ancient domain of the Thorpe Family, over the holiday season. 

The reason? A perplexing pact woven between her parents and Vincent Thorpe. 

But as surprised as she is, Lenore Hall wasn’t as bad as expected.

Her serenity was short-lived, however, as a chilling murder shattered the tranquil air, staining the chateau’s walls with intrigue and suspicion. 

In a daring departure from her macabre comfort zone, Wednesday summons her inner detective to unravel the enigma.

Amidst all this, she finds herself entangled in a web of emotions she had long resisted: a forbidden fondness for a “tortured artist” lurking in the shadows. 

Will she succeed in solving the puzzle and navigating the intricate corridors of her conflicted feelings? 

In this compelling tale of suspense, emotions, and the arcane, one thing is sure — Wednesday’s world is about to become more spellbinding than ever before.

13. So If You Wanna Piss Off Your Parents

Tyler Galpin is famous for his unrelenting disdain towards almost everything around him. 

But if two things top his “hate” list, it’s undoubtedly Nevermore and its accompanying band of outcasts. 

Strangely, his father is the only entity that surpasses his loathing for Nevermore.

In a curious turn of events, Tyler’s path crosses with Wednesday Addams, a fresh face at Nevermore. 

Seizing the opportunity, Tyler decides to redirect his animosity. 

After all, isn’t the age-old wisdom of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” a perfect fit here? 

With a cunning strategy in mind, Tyler aims to infuriate his father and unwittingly shatter the heart of the outcast — a combination that, surprisingly, sparks Tyler’s genuine interest.

Will this audacious villain succeed? 

Find out in this redemption story!

14. Flowers on the Grave is a Beautiful Thing

In this Wednesday fanfiction, we follow Wednesday as she looks forward to her long-awaited summer vacation.

But in an unexpected twist of events, Wednesday’s parents orchestrate a week-long escapade, much to her dismay. 

What’s worse, they decided to extend a warm invitation to her circle of friends. 

Once a sanctuary of solitude, the Addams family home was about to transform into a den of countless memories in the making.

But amidst the laughter and the camaraderie, there lingered something intriguingly mysterious. 

And Wednesday’s about to realize that sometimes, the most thrilling adventures are the ones that come knocking when you least expect them.

15. The Lost Art of Smiling

Under the enchanting glow of a full moon, Xavier finds himself in the company of Wednesday, both awaiting the return of their friend Enid from the woods. 

Unexpectedly, Wednesday admits to her initial misconceptions about Xavier, leading to a rare apology and a hint of vulnerability. 

Their dynamic evolves, and a surprising proposal emerges from Wednesday: the idea of dating, albeit on her terms. 

Under the watchful moon, their connection blossoms, offering a glimpse into their potential romance’s quirky and unconventional nature.

Amidst the darkness of the woods, their journey takes an unexpected turn, revealing that even within the eccentric, there’s a realm of emotions to explore.

This fanfiction is the first installment of the “He Dreamt of a Raven” series.

So check out the succeeding chapters if you liked this one.

16. Like a Shattered Mirror

At the tender age of ten, Wednesday attended a funeral as dreary as expected yet strangely ordained by fate. 

There, she crossed paths with Xavier, a solitary boy unruffled by her quirks. 

His outstretched hand of friendship shattered her familial bubble, proving that kindred spirits existed beyond her kin.

Fast forward six years, and Wednesday’s life takes a twisted turn. 

A judicial decree lands her in the ominous Nevermore Academy. 

Amidst the whirlwind, guess who reappears? None other than Xavier, the familiar face from her past. 

Prepare for a thrilling tale through this alternate Season 1 universe, where Wednesday’s connection with Xavier is more profound than ever. 

It’s a tale of suspense, friendship, and a touch of the macabre — the kind that creeps under your skin and lingers in your thoughts. 

17. A Normal School Year: Nevermore

In this Percy Jackson & the Olympians and Wednesday crossover, Percy Jackon aims to piece together his mortal life in New York City. 

But he struggles to find a school that won’t send him on another demigod-worthy quest before he can even don a graduation cap. 

As luck — or divine intervention — would have it, a spot opens up at a school so mysterious it practically has its own labyrinth.

And wait for it, it’s a monster-free zone! 

Finally, there’s a place where Percy can sharpen his mortal skills without the pesky interruption of mythological beasties.

Well, that was his thought until he met Wednesday Addams...

18. Ready Player One

Wednesday isn’t a fan of games, streams, or social media. 

She only has a Twitch and social media account because of her little brother’s friend, Eugene, who’s part of a streaming group called Nevermore. 

Despite her disinterest, she knows their schedules inside out. 

However, during winter break, the group’s streaming schedule changes.

Wednesday visits Eugene, where she eventually wears a mask and joins him on camera. 

This unexpected appearance surprises Eugene’s streaming friends.

Intriguingly, this Wednesday fanfiction presents the dynamics of a streaming group with an unexpected twist with Wednesday’s appearance, hinting at a potential rivalry between Enid and Wednesday for attention. 

The characters come to life through interactions, creating a relatable and engaging scenario.

19. Coffee and Change

Amidst the bustling backdrop of Wednesday’s university life, she stumbles upon a haven of creativity: a charming coffee shop.

As her fingers dance across the keyboard, her attention gradually shifts from the ink on the page to the person behind the counter. 

The barista, Tyler Galpin, becomes the unexpected muse in her narrative. 

The air is devoid of the ominous presence of Hyde — instead, it’s charged with the potential for connection.

No murders lurk around the corner, no Jekyll and Hyde duality complicates matters. 

Instead, two individuals cross paths in the most ordinary of settings — a coffee shop. 

The story unfolds not as a chilling thriller but as a collection of drabbles, building a captivating tale of friendship blooming into something more.

20. The Jekyll to My Hyde

This Wednesday fanfiction explores an alternate ending with Tyler Galpin and Wednesday Addams, a fork in the road for the series. 

As their battle draws near, Wednesday hesitated to kill Tyler.

Curious, Tyler asks her why she spares him, which, unfortunately, is a question she doesn’t know the answer to.

Tyler is an enigma, and there’s nothing Wednesday hates more than an issue she can’t solve.

Her obsession has nothing to do with the ache in her chest each time she thinks of the man — right?

In this untold tale, Wednesday’s pursuit of answers evolves into a quest of something more profound — a revelation that even amidst the eerie and the strange, hearts can entwine in peculiar and beautiful ways.

Wednesday Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this post helps you narrow down the best Wednesday fanfiction stories online.

Although some of the most popular, these 20 are just a small glimpse into the creative stories that reimagine different aspects of the popular Netflix series.

Therefore, you may want to explore more on Ao3.

Also, let us know in the comments below if you have any Wednesday story suggestions to add!

Lastly, if you liked this post, you may want to check out our fanfic articles about these other popular Netflix series:

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