The Top 20 Merlin Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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Are you searching for the best Merlin fanfiction stories?

Well, look no further as I’ve done all the reading, fangirling, and summarizing for you to gather the 20 best Merlin fanfics!

Merlin is a TV show that aired from 2008 to 2012 with five seasons.

It follows a young Merlin before he becomes the great sorcerer we all know from the King Arthur legends.

Many great actors played a part in this show, and it still has fans worldwide.

If you like epic fantasy TV shows, Merlin is just the thing for you.

Many fans hoped for a renewal thanks to its star-studded cast and magical plot.

But despite its immense popularity, they didn’t get a sixth season.

However, worry not because there’s a world of creative Merlin fanfiction stories to explore, written by fans — for fans.

These reimagined tales allow the magic of Merlin to live on.

In this post, we’ve summarized the best stories alongside epic fanart for some of the biggest fanfic hits on Ao3 inspired by the TV series.

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That said, let’s get on to the stories!

1. From the Shadows to the Light

This story takes on the question: ‘What if everyone lived?”

Arthur has died, and Merlin knows he has the magic to bring him back.

But in doing so, he brings back everyone else who died as well, including the good and the evil people who died during the war.

And this has significant consequences.

This story is part 14 in the “Merlin fics” series.

It’s an immersive and long read that’ll let you relive the magic of Merlin!

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2. Pain Has an Element of Blank

If you want a quick read, check out this immersive Merlin one-shot!

Merlin travels back and forth in time in this fanfic.

And in some of these times, he can’t save Arthur.

But this time, Morgana has agreed that Arthur is necessary for the future of humanity.

So when Arthur gets himself in another deadly situation, Merlin and Morgana do what they can to save him.

This story is part 2 in the “Where thou art, that is home” series.

It is only 1 chapter long but nicely brings the other parts of the series together.

3. In A Name

Arthur, his knights, and Merlin find themselves on a quest.

They end up in the middle of a Shrine where they all have to proclaim their actual names and titles to proceed.

But this isn’t an easy task for Merlin.

Because Merlin has traveled back and forth in time, he knows what his proper title will be.

But he hasn’t shared this with Arthur or anyone else.

This fanfic is a sweet story about friendship and bonds deeper than family.

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4. The Time Tried our Souls, and Through the Darkness we Overcame

Merlin is no stranger to grief and trauma.

But he always deals with this alone and doesn’t let anybody see his pain.

Then, one day, he is captured by an enemy and has to endure horrible things.

When Merlin is set free and tries to carry on as usual, Arthur is apprehensive about him.

But he doesn’t know what to do about it.

This story about grief and pain might contain a few triggers.

Although it’s a one-shot, it gives a good insight into Merlin and Arthur’s relationship.

It’s an excellent read for those short on time who want their Merlin fix!

5. The Perfect Scry

This story is set right after season 3.

War is descending on Camelot, and Arthur is willing to do anything to save his country and people.

But in doing so, he brings Merlin close to having to reveal his secret.

And then Arthur discovers Merlin’s secret, and he doesn’t know how to handle it.

Will the king be able to help his friend and his kingdom amid war?

Find out in this intriguing Merlin fanfiction!

But beware if you haven’t seen the TV show until season 3 because it does contain some minor spoilers.

6. Allow One to ‘See’

When King Arthur suddenly falls into a deep and unending slumber, panic spreads like wildfire, and everyone fears for their ruler’s life. 

But little do they know that Arthur is far from helpless — he’s right there with them, a silent observer of their worry and chaos.

As Arthur’s body lies unconscious in his tent, his consciousness roams the castle halls, unseen and unheard. 

In this extraordinary twist of fate, Arthur becomes a ghostly presence in his kingdom. 

He explores the nooks and crannies of the castle, finding secret passages, forgotten chambers, and eavesdropping on conversations he was never meant to hear. 

It’s a revelation that offers him a new perspective on his realm and a unique opportunity to see Merlin’s importance to the kingdom.

Arthur’s newfound perspective on Camelot and Merlin deepens. 

He begins to appreciate the value of the people around him and the strength of the kingdom he has sworn to protect. 

The once-bored king finds himself on an unexpected journey of self-discovery, and the fate of Camelot hangs in the balance as Arthur’s quest for answers continues.

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7. Only a Boy

Once hailed as the legendary wizard who brought forth the glory of Albion and ushered in an era where magic was no longer shrouded in fear, Merlin’s tale takes an unexpected twist. 

Destiny, it seems, has a way of weaving new threads. 

Stripped of his memories and reduced to the form of a ten-year-oldMerlin embarks on a staggering journey through time, catapulted over a thousand years into the future.

Now, standing at the crossroads of a new chapter in his life, Merlin faces an entirely different destiny. 

His missionto enroll in the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry while concealing the fact that he is, in fact, the legendary Merlin of old. 

But the challenges keep piling up for young Merlin.

A sinister Dark Lord, master of a mysterious and unfamiliar magic, threatens the very fabric of this unknown world.

Can Merlin adapt, master these new arcane arts, and rise to confront a dark menace that threatens to plunge this brave new world into darkness? 

With the clock ticking and the stakes higher than ever, the ageless wizard faces a new, epic battle that will test his mettle and the essence of magic itself.

8. From the Start

In this Merlin fanfiction, we follow Merlin on the run until he stops in a forest, contemplating whether to help the injured man in front of him.

He sits there, frozen, torn between two choices. 

On one hand, he knows he should make a hasty retreat. 

The consequences could be dire if the mysterious stranger had witnessed Merlin’s magic use.

After all, accusations of sorcery are met with a merciless death sentence in these unforgiving lands. 

However, on the other hand, Merlin isn’t one to abandon a fellow human being to perish alone in the unforgiving wilderness.

Deciding to help the mysterious figure, little does Merlin know that this encounter will not be a one-time affair. 

9. To Be A King

When Merlin unearths the startling revelation that he is the long-lost heir to a mystical kingdom’s throne, the very fabric of his life begins to unravel. 

No longer can he call Camelot his home  he is compelled to venture into the treacherous terrain of royal court politics. 

As he departs Camelot, a pressing question looms: can Merlin regain Arthur’s trust and loyalty before Morgana unleashes her wrath on Camelot?

Yet, Merlin’s trials do not end there. 

In his newfound role as the heir to this enigmatic realm, he faces the daunting task of safeguarding his kingdom. 

The weight of two worlds rests upon his shoulders, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. 

Can he navigate the complicated world of politics and magic to protect Camelot and his newly discovered kingdom, or will it all be lost to the machinations of destiny and betrayal? 

Only time will unveil the fate that awaits this young sorcerer-turned-heir in a tale woven with magic, intrigue, and destiny’s relentless hand.

10. Quadrumvirate

Despite the ominous warnings of the wise dragon Kilgharrah, Merlin boldly reveals his magical abilities to Morgana and extends a hand of assistance. 

Arthur discovers Morgana’s magic and Merlin’s secret powers.

Yet, instead of condemning them to a fiery fate, he chooses an unexpected path of support and unity.

This trio, along with the ever-capable Gwen, forges an unbreakable alliance.

Their mission? To champion the cause of magic users and the oppressed, a cause that Uther Pendragon dismisses as insignificant. 

Together, they defy the relentless tug of destiny and stand firm against its looming forces.

The prophecies of Kilgharrah seem to crumble in the face of this unexpected alliance as Merlin, Morgana, Arthur, and Gwen embark on a remarkable journey to reshape the destiny of Camelot.

Join the group and make your reading sessions more meaningful with this complete set of bookmarks of Merlin’s most iconic characters, including our heroes, in this fanfic!

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11. What I’d Have Done

Arthur, burdened by the knowledge of Merlin’s secret magical abilities, grapples with a moral dilemma. 

He keeps Merlin in the dark about his discovery.

Arthur devises a series of three tests, hoping Merlin can prove his worth and escape a grim fate. 

The haunting memory of Merlin’s golden eyes weighs heavily on Arthur’s mind.

Unexpectedly, Merlin begins to utter strange and otherworldly words; sounds that defy all logic and expectation.

A guttural, unearthly language pours forth from him, leaving Arthur stunned and hiding behind a tree.

In the eerie silence that follows, Arthur’s bewilderment only deepens.

But then, a familiar sound shatters the stillness: the unmistakable flapping of wings. 

An enigmatic twist of fate unfolds in this Merlin fanfiction.

Will Arthur survive?

And what more is Merlin hiding?

Find out in this captivating story!

12. Enquiries

Gwaine’s simple quest for Merlin’s last name takes a startling turn, plunging him into a whirlwind of assassinations, political intrigue, and ancient prophecies. 

Unbeknownst to him, Camelot is embroiled in a silent, long-standing conflict that predates his arrival.

As the web of deception tightens, Gwaine’s past threatens to unravel the bonds of friendship he holds dear.

That’s when the most guarded secret of all, Merlin’s true nature as a sorcerer, is exposed.

In the unfolding drama, we witness the unearthing of truths, testing the strength of brotherhoods, and see whether anyone’s secrets can remain hidden.

The stage is set for a gripping tale of intrigue and revelation in the heart of Camelot.

13. The Fearsome Sir Martin

This Merlin fanfiction one-shot revolves around Sir Gwaine and his abrupt training session with the person he least expected.

His sparring partner ends up being none other than his witty and resourceful manservant, Merlin. 

As they engage in a mock duel, Gwaine learns a surprising secret  Merlin is a skilled swordsman.

The story includes camaraderie and jesting, and highlights the unexpected talents beneath the surface of even the most unassuming individuals in Camelot.

It’s a wholesome read that’ll give you an idea of what goes on behind Camelot’s doors when there isn’t a war looming. 

Nothing beats seeing friends have fun and bond!

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14. Peace for Our Time

In a twist defying the very essence of Camelot, a surprising turn of events unfolds.

The legendary King Arthur confronts his loyal servant, Merlin, with a perplexing proposition. 

With an air of mystery and intrigue, Arthur presents Merlin with an unexpected challenge — to learn the magic that has long been forbidden in the kingdom

This audacious request sends ripples through their unbreakable bond.

It sets the stage for a story filled with unforeseen twists and unparalleled consequences, in an enduring quest to uncover the truth behind Arthur’s decision.

Will Merlin accept the challenge, and what lies ahead for the destiny-bound duo? 

Discover the answers in this compelling Merlin fanfiction, where magic and mystery reign supreme.

15. That Shall Achieve The Sword

This Merlin fanfiction revolves around Arthur, the prince of Camelot, and his servant Merlin. 

One day, a group of powerful sorcerers led by Craddag, who seeks revenge against Uther Pendragon, arrives at the castle. 

They plan to kill the king, but Merlin intervenes and saves Arthur and Uther by using his magical abilities.

Merlin’s actions reveal that he is a sorcerer, which shocks Arthur. 

The sorcerers are defeated, but Uther, driven by his hatred of magic, orders Merlin’s execution. 

Arthur stands up for Merlin, and Uther banishes them from Camelot instead.

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16. These Ghosts Might Be Mine

When Arthur wakes ten years back in the past, he doesn’t know what’s happened.

And worst of all, he can’t find Merlin anywhere.

When he does finally find Merlin, he is unnerved to realize that Merlin doesn’t know who Arthur is.

So now Arthur has to find out what happened and how to return to his own time.

This change from the show where Merlin goes back in time is very popular in this fandom.

This is part 4 in the “Merlin fics” series.

So make sure to check out the rest if this one sounds intriguing!

17. Heart Lines

In this fanfic, everyone is born with a heart line that runs from your heart to your left hand.

When coming of age, the line changes color, indicating it is time to search for your soulmate.

The line will either turn red for romantic love or blue for friendship.

But then Arthur’s heart line comes in an entirely different color.

This is not your standard love story: it is a coming-of-age tale about searching for someone to share your life with.

It is part 5 in the “Merlin fics” series.

18. For Want of a Nail

Hunith, the mother of Merlin, finds herself in trouble.

With a young Merlin, she flees from Essetir in search of a safe place for her son.

She arrives at the home of some old friends and, after a long discussion, they accept that Merlin is to stay with them.

This sets everything in motion for how Merlin and Arthur’s life will eventually turn out.

Because Merlin starts out so young, you feel for him and what he will become.

This fanfic is an excellent twist on the origin story of Merlin.

19. The Immortal and The Revenant

This story is a crossover between Merlin and Harry Potter, around The Order of the Phoenix.

Merlin somehow travels too far in time and finds himself in modern England.

Here, he comes across a boy named Harry Potter and a strange snake-like man.

Because Merlin isn’t afraid of a challenge, he decides to help Harry with his problems at school, especially because there is a new teacher who seems like bad news.

Merlin somehow manages to acquire a position as a teacher at Hogwarts and decides to keep his eyes and ears open.

This crossover feels natural, and the writer does a great job merging these worlds.

20. Rend and Rebuild

In this story, during a great battle, Arthur stabs Merlin.

Arthur never knew Merlin was a sorcerer, so he doesn’t realize he’s stabbed his friend until he falls on the battleground.

Fortunately, Merlin isn’t dead, but he is seriously injured.

And the knights all have a different opinion on Merlin being a sorcerer and Arthur stabbing him.

This causes a rift in the knights’ loyalty, and Arthur isn’t sure how to deal with this.

This one is another part of the “Merlin fics” series, this time part 9.

Merlin Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article helps you find worthwhile Merlin fanfic reads to add to your list!

As immersive as these tales are, they’re merely a small sample of the fanfiction stories about this iconic TV show. 

So, if you’re looking for more fanfics to fuel your cravings for all things magical and epic, browse more Merlin fanfiction on Ao3!

After all, since the TV show’s end, it wouldn’t hurt to relive the magic Merlin has given us through reimagined tales. 

If we missed your favorite Merlin fanfiction, don’t hesitate to comment below!

Lastly, if you want to read more fanfics about iconic TV shows, check these posts out:

Finally, if you’ve made it this far, you may want to rep these iron patches to show the world that despite ending in 2012, the Merlin fandom is still alive and well!

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Merlin Fanfiction Fanart Extra

This section contains an extra Merlin fanart we’ve created!

Morgana fanart

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