The Top 10 Merlin Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2023

If you are looking for some great Merlin fanfiction then look no further.

Merlin is a TV show that aired from 2008 till 2012 with 5 seasons in total.

It follows a young Merlin before he becomes the great sorcerer we all know from the King Arthur legends.

A number of great actors played parts in this show and it still has many fans from all over te planet.

So if you like great fantasy TV shows, then Merlin might be just the thing for you.

Along with the TV shows, there is a whole world of Merlin fanfiction out there.

But in this post, I will write about some of the most popular Merlin fanfiction according to hits received on Archive Of Our Own.

Keep reading to find out more about some of these amazing and original stories. 

1. These Ghosts Might Be Mine

When Arthur wakes up ten years in the past, he doesn’t know what happened.

And worst of all, he can’t find Merlin anywhere.

But then he finally finds Merlin, only he has no idea who Arthur is.

So now Arthur has to find out what happened and how to get back to his own time.

This change from the show where Merlin actually goes back in time is very popular in this fandom.

It isn’t suprirsing to see that this story has over 156,000 hits.

It is part 4 in the “Merlin fics” series.

So make sure to check out the rest as well.

2. Pain Has an Element of Blank

Merlin has traveled back and forth in time in this fanfic.

And in some of these times, he wasn’t able to save Arthur.

But this time, Morgana has agreed that Arthur is important for the future of mankind.

So when Arthur gets himself in yet another deadly situation, both Merlin and Morgana do what they can to save him.

This story is part 2 in the “Where thou art, that is home” series.

It is only 1 chapter long but brings the other parts of the series together nicely.

3. From the Shadows to the Light

This story takes on the question, ‘what if everyone lived?”

Arthus has died, and Merlin knows he has the magic to bring him back.

But in doing so, he brings back everyone else who died as well.

The good and the bad people, everyone that died during the war.

And this obviously has big consequences.

This story is part 14 in the “Merlin fics” series and is a stunning 111 chapters long so far.

With 136,000 hits, it is safe to say this is a very popular fanfic.

4. The Perfect Scry

This story is set right after season 3.

War is descending on Camelot, and Arthur is willing to do anything to save his country and people.

But in doing so, he brings Merlin in great danger of revealing his secret.

And then Arthur discovers Merlin’s secret, and he doesn’t know how to handle it.

The story is only three chapters long, but this won’t stop fans from coming back to this story.

But beware if you haven’t seen the tv show until season 3 because it will have some minor spoilers.

5. The Time Tried our Souls, and Through the Darkness we Overcame

Merlin is no stranger to grief and trauma.

But he always deals with this on his own and doesn’t let anybody see his pain.

Then one day, he is captured by an enemy and has to endure horrible things.

When he is set free and just goes on his normal business as usual, Arthur is very worried about him.

But he doesn’t know what to do about it.

This is a story about grief and pain and might contain a few triggers.

It is only 1 chapter long but gives a good insight into Merlin and Arthur’s relationship.

6. Heart Lines

In this world, everyone is born with a heart line that runs from your heart to your left hand.

When coming of age, the line will change color indicating it is time to search for your soulmate.

The line will either turn red for romantic love or blue for friendship.

But then Arthur’s heart line comes in color, and it is an entirely different color.

This story is sort of a love story, but not in the standard ways.

It is a coming-of-age story and one that’s about searching for someone to share your life with.

It is part 5 in the “Merlin fics” series.

7. In A Name

Arthur, his knights, and Merlin find themselves on a quest.

They end up in the middle of a Shrine where they all have to proclaim their true names and titles to proceed.

But this isn’t an easy task for Merlin.

Because Merlin has traveled back and forth in time, he knows what his true title will be.

But he hasn’t shared this with Arthur or anyone else.

This is a short 1 chapter story with only 2541 words.

But it is still a really sweet story about friendship and bonds deeper than family.

And with over 85,000 hits, it really is a popular story.

8. For Want of a Nail

Hunith, the mother of Merlin, finds herself in trouble.

With a young Merlin, she flees from Essetir in search of a safe place for her son.

She arrives at the home of some old friends, and after a long discussion, they accept that Merlin is to stay with them.

And this sets everything in motion for how Merlin and Arthur’s life will eventually turn out.

This is a great twist to the origin story of Merlin.

And it is really original and fun to read.

Because Merlin starts out so young, you really feel for him and what he will become.

It is 44 chapters long and follows a great portion of Merlin’s life.

9. The Immortal and The Revenant

This story is a crossover between Merlin and Harry Potter.

And takes place around the Order of the Phoenix.

Merlin somehow travels too far in time and finds himself in modern England.

Here he comes across a boy named Harry Potter and a strange snake-like man.

Because Merlin isn’t afraid of a challenge, he decides to help Harry with his problems at school especially because there is a new teacher who is very bad.

Merlin somehow manages to acquire a position as a teacher at Hogwarts and decides to keep his eyes and ears open.

This story is 43 chapters long and has a massive fanbase.

This crossover feels very natural, and the writer did a great job merging these worlds.

10. Rend and Rebuild

In this story, during a great battle, Arthur stabs Merlin.

Arthur never knew Merlin was a sorcerer, so he didn’t know he just stabbed his friend.

Not until he falls on the battleground.

Fortunately, Merlin isn’t dead, but he is seriously injured.

And the knights all have a different opinion on Merlin being a sorcerer and Arthur stabbing him.

This causes a rift in the knights’ loyalty, and Arthur isn’t sure how to deal with this.

It is an interesting take on the story and especially the part the knights play in it all.

This one is another part of the “Merlin fics” series, this time part 9.

Merlin Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Merlin fanfiction!

These 10 are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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