Chenford Fanfiction – 20 Best Stories to Read in 2024

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If you’re a fan of the iconic pair Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen, these Chenford fanfiction stories are a must-read!

Chenford is one of the most famous couples from the hit American police procedural crime action and drama TV show The Rookie (2018).

Alexi Hawley made the show for ABC, based on the real-life Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer William Norcross, the oldest rookie there.

If you’re a fan of police drama, crime, and action, The Rookie might be the perfect series for you!

Among the characters from the show, the Chenford pair is among the most popular, paving the way to many fan-made stories for you to explore!

I’ve summarized and ranked these Chenford fanfics based on the largest number of hits on Archive of Our Own, making your search for the best reads quick and efficient.

Read on to see the best fan-made stories of the iconic couple Chenford from The Rookie.

1. We Have Only Today

Amid a missile threat, Chenford hooks up — but not without consequences!

Lucy and Tim’s impulsive connection becomes a defining moment that will keep them tossing and turning in their beds long after the threat passes.

During an impending crisis, Lucy and Tim share an intimate moment, their actions fueled by uncertainty, desire, and the looming possibility that their world may collapse. 

Standing on the precipice of an uncertain future, they pledge to live in the moment and seize what they can “to the end of the world.”

It all starts when Tim takes a swig of tequila.

What happens next is a blur, a passionate convergence of two souls seeking solace amidst the chaos. 

2. Inevitable

This Chenford fanfiction is a TiMER soulmate AU featuring eventual romance — perfect for those who like slow-burn stories!

Lucy lives her life with a countdown timer on her left wrist, ticking away the days, hours, and minutes until she meets her soulmate. 

As her rookie year in the police force begins, the timer suddenly reaches zero.

Looking at her assigned officer, she experiences a profound moment. 

Their eyes meet, and the world seems silent as they recognize each other as soulmates.

Their connection is so strong that they both jump to their feet simultaneously, unable to tear their gazes away.

But just when Lucy thinks she is sure that John Nolan is her soulmate, Officer Bradford appears out of nowhere. 

Then, Lucy’s training officer and apparent ‘soulmate,’ mutters a life-changing word, “Crap.”

In that one word, their destinies intertwine in a way neither could have foreseen.

3. My Best Friend’s Brother

In this Chenford fanfiction, we follow a 22-year-old Lucy Chen and her adventures as a psychology student.

Her life takes a turn when her roommate and best friend, Genny Bradford, introduces her to her brother, Tim Bradford.

Lucy and Genny always share their secrets, dreams, and a cramped dorm room, cultivating a friendship that rivals even the most heartwarming romcoms.

But in their plotline, Genny’s older brother, Tim, isn’t a regular character.

He’s a police officer with an imposing presence, both in uniform and out of it.

But why did Tim suddenly become a central figure in these two young women’s lives?

Find out in this drama-packed slice-of-life fanfic!

4. Nangilima

Lucy, yearning to escape her turbulent home life, reluctantly takes on a tutoring gig. 

Little does she know that this seemingly mundane decision will turn her world upside down.

Her English Literature teacher warns about her new student, notorious for being a tad irritable. 

Standing at the threshold with her books and a heavy backpack, Lucy cuts straight to the point.

“So, he’s a jerk?”

The teacher, Luna, offers a knowing smile, shaking her head in amusement.

“Not quite. Tim Bradford’s more like a burnt marshmallow. Crispy and rough on the outside, but inside, he’s surprisingly sweet and gooey.”

Welcome to the intriguing world of The Rookie’s high school alternate universe, where Lucy’s journey with a less-than-cooperative Tim begins.

5. I Feel You (no matter what)

Lucy Chen and Timothy Bradford share a connection unlike any other. 

They are soulmates, bound by an invisible thread that links their emotions and sensations. 

And by that, I mean literally. 

In this Chenford fanfiction, everyone lives in a world where they feel their soulmate’s pain

Because of that, Lucy vows to find her soulmate and never let anyone hurt him.

Lucy and Tim’s destiny is to meet, and when they do, their undeniable connection will challenge his resolve to remain far from love. 

Their story is a testament to the unbreakable bond of soulmates, proving that love can transcend pain, betrayal, and even the darkest moments of life.

6. Under Fire

This story starts like any other shift for Lucy and Tim until everything goes downhill. 

Several events happen over three weeks from now that will test the duo’s partnership, trust, and bond. 

Twenty-three days from now, Lucy will become a P2 and won’t be riding shotguns, telling jokes, and sharing her coffee.

Somehow, she’ll also be in a shootout, where Tim will not be there to watch her back.

And eventually, he’ll have to let her go.

Will all these unfold as destiny foretells, or will the two iconic pair beat the odds?

Find out in this hilarious yet thrilling Chenford fanfiction!

7. All The Bright Places

In this Chenford Emergency Room AU, we follow a sick Lucy at the hospital.

While on the brink of death, Tim brings Lucy to the ER just in the nick of time.

But with good news comes bad, as doctors reveal that an issue may lie in her body — where her soon-to-be child is.

Doctors give Lucy an ultimatum: perform surgery on her to save her life but lose her child or risk it spreading and continue with the pregnancy.

What will she choose?

Find out her choice in this heartwrenching story with much drama, angst, and tension — not for the faint of heart!

8. Unforgettable

Lucy gets amnesia, forgetting everything that occurred in the past five years, including getting into the LAPD and meeting Tim.

However, he remembers everything.

As Lucy wakes up, she fixates on the gleaming police badge before her and the enigmatic figure behind it.

Intriguingly, this mysterious man waits patiently with a badge in hand, becoming increasingly evident that he’s been anticipating this moment, with Lucy at the center of it all.

9. Something Wicked This Way Comes

On the day Lucy earns her promotion to P2, she receives an unassuming white envelope.

Her morning is a whirlwind of excitement and anxiety, and in the rush of it all, she carelessly tosses the envelope into her bag. 

Thinking it’s probably just a congratulations card from a friend, Lucy focuses on making a stellar first impression on her first day as a full-fledged cop.

It isn’t until day two of her time as a police officer that she remembers to open the mysterious envelope. 

And that sparks a chain of events that will change her life forever.

10. All At Once

After kissing Lucy, Tim slowly gets some realizations. 

Tim stands outside Lucy’s door, his heart racing as he replays their kiss in his mind. 

Bewildered by the intensity of his feelings for her, Tim ponders why he likes Lucy so much, considering he didn’t even feel this way with Ashley, his longtime partner. 

Lucy’s lips on his ignite a passion he didn’t know he had.

So, the truth is simple: he’s in love with her and realizes he has been for the last five years.

Although forbidden initially and having the false thought of her not having the same feelings as his, Tim decides to pursue her.

Follow the iconic Chenford pair in their adventures to discover romance after that fateful kiss.

11. Inevitable: Suddenly, Finally

This Chenford fanfiction is a TiMER soulmate AU for the iconic pair and the second installment to the “Inevitable” series.

Despite being in a world where the majority believe timers supposedly connect people with their soulmates, Tim is a massive skeptic.

He believes the whole idea is nonsense, even though timers exist. 

But fate has a twist in store for him.

After a staggering two decades, Tim’s timer finally hit zero, and he is dumbfounded. 

Officer Lucy Chen, his newest rookie, is his apparent soulmate. 

He enters the room believing that soulmates are just a fantastical notion.

But when he sees her, everything changes.

Suddenly, Tim’s certainty crumbles, and he questions whether soulmates are a figment of imagination or more real than he could have ever imagined.

12. A Tale of Two Geese

Tim finds himself waiting for a decade.

During these ten long years, each moment weighs on him with hope of what might lie ahead. 

But all that ends as soon as he meets Lucy.

Their eyes finally meet in a room with a hushed reverence.

A profound shift occurs within him, an indescribable feeling that breathes life into his existence.

The world’s cacophony fades away, leaving only the two in an electrifying gaze. 

In that heartbeat, Tim has a poignant realization. “Oh,” he thinks, his heart swelling with emotion. 

“There you are. I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.”

13. Love Was Just a Glance Away

Tim finds himself on a disastrous blind date set up by Angela with her supposed “best friend.” 

To make matters worse, if he upset this date, Angela has her methods of retribution — whereas Tim doesn’t want any of that. 

But what’s the reason for this unfortunate date? 

Tim’s friends believe he needs to move on after his wife’s disappearance a year ago. 

Although a disaster at first, little did Tim know that this evening would be a turning point after setting his eyes on the bartender.

With her keen insight and friendly demeanor, Lucy engages Tim in conversation, striking a chord. 

Their connection is undeniable, eventually culminating in a passionate kiss. 

Tim, somewhat apprehensive but intrigued, allows himself to entertain this unexpected chemistry. 

And so, their paths take a decidedly adventurous turn…

14. The Miraculous Journey of Charlotte Bradford

After an unfortunate event leaves Charlotte Bradford alone, her Kindergarten Teacher, Lucy Chen, decides to step up. 

She can’t help but feel bad as she discovers the little girl’s horrible state, going days without sleep, food, and water.

But without her mother in the picture, Lucy decides to bring the young girl to Tim Bradford, her biological father. 

And this is where Tim finds Charlotte on his doorstep after returning from his second overseas tour.

Although delighted to see his daughter, Tim struggles to reconnect with her. 

Lucy decides to step up again and help the two become family again — not knowing she might be getting into one herself soon.

15. Falling to Pieces

Tim and Lucy are currently dealing with a whirlwind of emotions and circumstances. 

Torn between empathy and self-preservation, Lucy distances herself and requests a change of Training Officer (TO). 

Grey steps in, reassigning Lucy to a new TO, Nyla Harper.

But here’s where the real drama unfolds.

Initially focusing on the professional repercussions of his statement, Tim soon begins to grasp the gravity of what he’ll be losing on a personal level. 

Their bond starts to gnaw at him, making him ponder the depth of his feelings for Lucy.

Just when things can’t get any worse, Lucy vanishes into thin air. 

Panic washes over Tim as he realizes the potential permanent loss of a valuable professional connection and a chance at something deeper and more meaningful. 

Amidst this chaos, his heart races, fearing that Lucy might disappear forever.

In this Chenford fanfiction, professional boundaries blur, and personal stakes skyrocket. 

Tim’s journey is a rollercoaster of realization, regret, and the desperate hope that he can somehow mend everything before it’s too late.

16. Season 5 | Missing Chenford Moments

If you’re looking for fun, bite-sized reads that put Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford in different what-could-have-been situations on The Rookie, this fanfiction is for you!

It fills the gaps from Season Five, reimagining the Chenford moments that occur offscreen.

After all, there’s much to explore there that we are not seeing!

Although this story consists of one shots, they tie together, giving us a little plot.

And you get to immerse yourselves in these missing Chenford moments better as this fanfic switches between Lucy and Tim’s POV.

17. Come Morning Light (You and I’ll be safe and sound)

After going on a date with Chris, Lucy can’t deny that there is something special about him.

He is likable, no doubt about it. 

But, regarding heart matters, he just didn’t quite fit the bill. 

After all, he isn’t Tim. 

He isn’t the grumpy counterpoint to her sunshine, the yin to her yang. 

His eyes aren’t the same captivating shade of blue she finds herself lost in whenever she gazes into Tim’s dark, mysterious orbs.

Her mind wanders back to that fateful day in the quaint little shop, where she lets the words “He’s just not…” hang in the air. 

She steals a glance at Tim, her heart screaming to declare, “He’s not you.”

18. Like I Still Look at You

In this Chenford fanfiction, we follow Tim Bradford, a 16-year-old boy who’s about to turn his world upside down by an unexpected new neighbor. 

Tim hopes a replacement friend will join him in his BMX adventures at the old dirt track when the Danielson family moves away. 

But what he gets is an 8-year-old girl named Lucy instead.

Tim’s reaction to Lucy’s arrival isn’t exactly welcoming. 

However, fate has other plans, as Tim’s little sister, Genny, starts bringing Lucy to play.

In this tale of unexpected connections and growing up, Tim’s initial resistance to change gives way to a newfound understanding of the importance of family, friendship, and the responsibility of being the “big brother.”

19. To Build a Home

In the tumultuous battle against his inner demons, Tim’s undoing will be the unassuming closet from his childhood bedroom. 

Surprisingly, it isn’t the absence of his father, the nostalgic embrace of his childhood home, or even the comforting presence of Lucy that holds the key to his vulnerability. 

Instead, it’s the closet, a repository of cherished and haunting memories.

In the bygone years of youth, that closet had been his sanctuary, where he sought refuge from the storms of life. 

But, as it turns out, it’s not entirely safe enough to shield him from the deep-seated fears and memories lurking within its shadows.

20. Silhouettes

In a poignant moment, Tim’s hand reaches out to comfort Lucy.

However, Lucy’s heartache and guilt weigh heavily, convincing her she doesn’t deserve such solace. 

This abrupt rejection leaves Tim bewildered, his outstretched arms empty, and his vulnerability etched across his face.

As Lucy looks down at him, a wave of longing washes over her, a hope for a simpler time when their relationship is uncomplicated. 

She yearns for the days when their banter was light, their camaraderie unburdened. 

Lucy wishes she could rewind to that moment when she playfully quipped, “I kind of like yours,” where the two have an unspoken agreement that what happens in their undercover world stays safely between them.

But above all, Lucy wishes she could return to when she first let Tim into her heart. 

Chenford Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this post helps you find the best Chenford fanfiction stories.

Although these are some of the biggest hits, these 20 are a small glimpse into the creative, romantic, and immersive stories reimagining the iconic couple beyond the canon world of The Rookie!

Thus, you may want to explore more on Ao3!

Let us know if you have any great Chenford story suggestions we missed by leaving a comment below!

Lastly, if you liked this post, feel free to check out other fanfic articles about other famous couples from TV shows and movies: 

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