20 of the Most Popular Spiderman Fanfiction Stories in 2024

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If you’re looking for popular Spiderman fanfiction—you’ve come to the right post!

Spiderman is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Comics universe.

And Tom Holland has brought new life to the character in the MCU.

In light of the MCU and the renewed popularity of the Spiderman franchise, many have been writing fanfics about this character.

So if you’d like to learn more about some of the most popular Spidey fanfics online today according to hits on AO3, this post has you covered!

1. Dark Matter

The story is set in the context of the events of Avengers: Endgame.

In this alternate universe, Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, ends up in the DC universe.

Here, he ends up on the streets, forced to fend for himself.

His life unfolds differently as he meets famous heroes familiar to the DC universe.

From Nightwing to Wonder Woman to Batman, adventures unfold.

Perspectives collide as everyone has different ideas on how to deal with the situations that arise.

As one of the most famous Spider-Man fics on AO3, the odds are good that you will enjoy this fanfic!

2. The Third Option

In this story, we follow the life of Spider-Man but in an alternate universe.

In it, Ben dies, and Peter goes through the dreary foster care system.

Soon, he runs away from an abusive household and lives on the streets.

He meets Iron Man, who asks for his help, and together they team up.

It all snowballs into more and more adventures, spiced with painful moments, too.

And some dark, triggering happenings go on in this story too.

Thankfully, witty banter between Tony Stark and Spider-Man provides some much-needed comic relief!

3. Astronomy In Reverse

This Spiderman fanfiction revolves around Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and Peter Parker. 

The Winter Soldier is on the run after failing a mission in DC, staying under the radar to hide from Steve. 

But Bucky’s peaceful days will end soon after meeting Queens’ newest hero—an innocent kid with some of the most ridiculous red and blue pajamas he’s seen!

Despite being complete opposites, Bucky and Peter get along well.

Although that may not seem like the case on a surface level, they care for one another.

With Peter’s enthusiasm and innocence, Bucky can’t help but care for the kid. 

And not only does this happen to the Winter Soldier—but Captain America also takes Peter under his wing.

If you love wholesome stories, this one is for you. 

With over 700,000 hits, this is one of the most popular Spiderman fics.

4. Be Careful What You Wish For – You May Just Get It

The author throws Tony Stark back into the past in this alternate universe.

Readers follow the original characters’ lives as they intersect in this time jump.

We also get to hear the tale from different characters’ points of view, not one!

We feel their pain, confusion, joy, sadness, and every emotion on the spectrum.

And, of course, there are plenty of plot twists to keep you on the edge of your seat!

5. Peter Parker’s Home for the Wayward Villain

In this alternate universe, we follow Peter Parker as he drops out of college.

He spends his money and buys a house on the outskirts of town.

There, he meets a strange man who turns out to be a pivotal character.

A few days later, another strange man shows up, another pivotal character.

These strange scenarios trigger a chain reaction, and Peter’s new home soon becomes a haven for “villains.”

We follow their lives as they argue, banter, go on adventures together, and much more.

Many characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe also appear, some of whom you likely won’t expect.

You can also find an unusual but budding romance between two characters you wouldn’t expect.

6. The End of Infinity

The author sets this story after the events of the Avengers Endgame but with a twist.

The story follows different characters as they quest to save the universe.

Mental health, which might be triggering for some, is the central theme in the story.

The author does well to include trigger warnings.

With exciting insight into the characters’ lives, this detailed story takes you on a fascinating journey.

The author explores friendship, family, and slow-burning love in this relatable story.

7. The Ghost Of Heroes

A dragon is leading a ghost infestation in Manhattan, home of the Avengers.

With refugees from Asgard in tow, the Avengers are back.

But not without unspoken tension still brewing among them.

It’s another crappy Thursday, according to Peter, so it’s no wonder the ghosts chose today to show up.

Almost all Avenger weapons are useless against intruders.

But Spiderman notices that a teenage ghost, Danny Phantom, is helping them.

(If you want to read about some of the most popular Danny Phantom fanfic, check it out here.)

Danny may have as much magic as Loki, Dr. Strange, and Wanda, but he also has tons of ghost technology for the Avengers.

Alongside his weapons, he possesses a sassy mouth full of puns making him a blast to be around.

And, like many teenagers, following instructions isn’t his thing.

I guess the afterlife doesn’t take much away from teenage sass.

Despite Danny’s help, the Avengers aren’t very welcoming.

Before he leaves, he hints about the afterlife and promises to hang out with Spiderman soon.

8. The Avengers Vs. The Peter Factor

Teenagers often get a bad rap.

But, in this story, we see Peter Parker spin his way into the hearts of the Avengers, starting with Tony Stark.

With some of your favorite superheroes going “rogue,” the Avengers have grown apart.

But Peter Parker comes to the rescue, saving Tony from spiraling.

With a bit of help from those closest to Tony, Peter brings joy back to our Ironman.

Not only does Peter have Tony webbed in, but the robots in Tony’s lab also seem to develop some feelings for Peter too.

9. It’s a Secret To Everybody

Peter Parker is spending his summer break at the Avengers Tower.

And the Avengers aren’t buying that he’s a “personal intern” for Tony.

In short, Tony and Peter need a ruse to protect Peter’s identity as Spiderman.

The Avengers think Peter is Tony’s secret love son, so the two decide to play along.

It turns out it’s not a tiresome story for the duo to play.

The emotions between the two have grown strong, and they have a whole summer to keep this secret.

10. Lightning Scars & Metal Hearts

This story combines the world of Harry Potter and the Avengers, mixing ancient magic with modern-day action.

It takes an interesting twist where Tony Stark becomes Harry’s biological father. 

And it all starts when Harry returns to the Dursley house after Voldemort’s return. 

Curious about his godson’s well-being, Sirius decides to check on Harry. 

He wasn’t happy seeing Harry’s state at Number Four Privet Drive. 

Sirius decides to tell the young Harry an over-decade-old secret, sending him to the USA to meet his biological father.

You might be wondering—how is this a Spiderman fanfiction?

Well, Peter Parker decides to barge into Harry’s life—literally. 

After befriending Harry, Peter joins in the adventures of the young teen alongside Iron Man—who is figuring out how to catch up with his estranged son. 

But reuniting with the son you never knew had is easier said than done. 

11. 3 Steps Back

This next Spiderman fanfiction takes away what we all know and love about Peter Parker—his optimism. 

But who could blame him?

When Tony snapped the gauntlet, he saved half of all life on earth, stopping Thanos.

However, that was the issue—he didn’t survive, the Avengers got nearly wiped out—and only half of the world survived.

And that was when Peter realized the world had gone into chaos. 

With Tony gone, the Avengers incomplete, and all hope lost, Peter almost gives up.

Thankfully, he gets a chance to return to the past and save everyone.

In the present time, Peter’s back before the events of Captain America: Civil War, and he must find a way to save Tony, the Avengers—and the world.

12. Fitting In (Tiny Spaces)

Recently joining the Avengers, Peter Parker faces constant pressure, and in this instance, it is in a literal sense.

In this short story, we witness Peter get trapped beneath a collapsed building during a mission. 

Hurt and unable to move a muscle, he’s hesitant to tell the rest of the team about his dire state. 

And unfortunately, they don’t realize how badly injured the young Avenger is. 

Amidst all the pain, Peter’s comm still works. 

But to his dismay, the rest of the Avengers are busy fighting the enemy’s reinforcement—leaving him alone for a while. 

Despite the pressure on his lower back and legs worsening, all Peter can muster when the team checks in on the comms is, “Yes, I can wait.”

Despite only having a little over 3,000 words, this story has garnered over 380,000 hits—making it one of the most popular Spiderman fics on AO3.

13. That Awkward Moment When Your Whole Class Shows Up At Your House

Being able to skip school and not get caught is any teenager’s dream, but not Peters.

After stumbling on one of the most armed drug factories in New York on a solo investigation, Peter Parker has no choice but to stay home for safety reasons.

Sporting a broken ankle, five broken ribs, and a bullet wound, school isn’t an option for the next few weeks.

And after losing their house in a fight, Peter and Aunt May stay at the Stark Tower.

Peter needs about two weeks to heal completely, and he even gets to have his chemistry test moved to a later date.

Plus, living with Tony Stark sure has its perks.

It’s all fun and games until he has all his classmates showing up at the Stark Tour and not visiting Peter.

The class has planned a school trip to visit the famous Avengers Tower, now Parker’s home.

Could things get any more awkward?

14. Constant Internal [Spider] Screaming: Semi-Connected Scenes from a Graduating Senior’s Life

If you’re a fan of domestic Avengers, this Spiderman fanfiction is for you!

This story is an interesting take on how Peter and the rest of the Avengers live their lives when they’re not saving the world.

Peter Parker is trying to live normally and enjoy life at school.

But being an intern for Mr. Tony Stark, that’s easier said than done.

Nonetheless, time away from all the crime-fighting is the only thing he has in mind for his graduating class’s upcoming senior trip.

But all Peter’s hopes go crashing down when they announce the trip would be to Stark Industries. 

Peter already spends most of his free time there and has explored its every corner.

So, he tries to convince his Aunt May not to go—but is ultimately left with no choice but to go.

But looking at the brighter side of things, the trip is still a month away—giving Peter more time to spend with his friends—right?

Of course, things don’t end up that easy.

After all, he is Spiderman. 

15. A Parent Apparent

Everyone loves Irondad or Spiderson fluff, but this story puts a unique twist on this beloved trope.

In this Spiderman fanfiction, Aunt May is alive but not in the best condition.

So, with no one to guide him, Tony and Pepper step in to help the kid. 

And hoping to reunite the Parker family, Tony also steps in to help Aunt May.

But rekindling families is easier said than done when you’re continually dealing with bad guys. 

It’s a fun and long read, hovering at 157 chapters!

Be prepared to face lots of angst in this fic as Aunt May struggles to turn her life around.

The author does an excellent job of balancing the angst with wholesome moments.

Who doesn’t love seeing the once-selfish billionaire playboy become an incredible (figurative) dad?

16. The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn

Who knew ice cream could cause death?

Aunt May didn’t, nor did Peter. 

Peter Parker, suffering from nightmares, falls asleep waiting for Aunt May to return.

She had gone out for some comfort ice cream.

The only thing is, instead of ice cream, Peter gets the ice-cold news that his aunt is dead.

Peter must fight social services, be Spiderman, and save Manhattan as a minor.

Soon Tony Stark comes for him.

After spending days in bed, mourning and crying himself to sleep, they bury Aunt May.

The nightmares don’t stop, but Tony is there all the way.

Then Peter meets the Avengers.

And living and training with them might be just what Peter needs.

Even though Peter’s future isn’t sure, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

17. It’s Always Who is Spider-man, Never How is Spider-man

In this story, we follow a homeless Peter Parker on the run.

The events in this fanfiction occur after Homecoming, when Peter and Ned drift apart.

Besides losing his best friend, Peter also loses his last known relative—Aunt May. 

He fails to save her. 

That’s what Peter thinks anyway, considering she died in a car accident a few months after MJ passed. 

After going into the foster system, Peter faces one tragedy after the next.

Already having a hard time, Peter even faces a more complicated situation after the Avengers start chasing him down. 

But by some miracle, things suddenly began improving in Peter’s life, thanks to Harley Keener.

For the first time in a very long time, Peter finally has someone ask him how he is instead of who he is.

And that means the world to Peter.

18. Miscommunications

Due to an accident in Germany, Tony Stark is with a son.

Things wouldn’t be this problematic if the son weren’t Spiderman himself. 

Yes, due to the young Stark’s bad habits in the past, he unknowingly becomes a father.

In this Spiderman fiction, we follow Tony slowly admitting to Peter that he is his biological father alongside the typical action-packed misadventures of the Avengers. 

But no enemy would ever give Tony the difficulty of low-key raising a teenager. 

This story is a fun take on the Irondad trope, where Tony smothers Peter with love and affection. 

After all, despite being the spidey we all love, Peter has questionable moments—maybe he got it from his father?

Despite only being six chapters long, this fic has over 300,000 hits, making it one of the top Spiderman fanfics on AO3.

19. The Lost and Forgotten

Given a choice to save everyone’s lives in exchange for their memories, Peter Parker doesn’t give it a second thought. 

He gave up the memories of those closest to him—erasing all fun, happy, sad, and angry moments he had with his friends, family, and those dearest to him—the Avengers. 

No one knows he existed, and Peter has learned to live with that for some time. 

But when he finally accepts his new, lonely life, Peter faces a new threat

With no other choice, Peter finds himself back in the Avengers’ lives.

Although the story has a pretty straightforward plot, the author wrote it in such a way that lets you feel for Peter. 

You can feel Peter’s despair at losing those he loves despite both sides being alive and well. 

Still, how the characters, especially Tony and Steve, regain their memories with Peter makes up for the some of the somberness of this fic.

20. Seeing the Real You (it’s not what I imagined)

In this final Spiderman fanfiction, we go to an alternate universe where our young hero meets the chaotic Deadpool. 

After getting blasted by the Green Goblin, Peter finds himself in the humble abode of everyone’s favorite anti-hero—Wade Wilson. 

Despite their bickering and Wade’s constant complaints, he helps Peter and treats his injuries

There, we witness the two’s unlikely blossoming friendship. 

But what happens when Wade hesitates to let Peter go?

It’s a fun short read with just over 3,000 words, giving us a nearly canonical glimpse of how would Peter and Wade interact. 

Spiderman Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Spiderman fanfiction to read!

These 20 are just a tiny sample of all the fantastic stories.

So be sure to take a look and find your favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to read more about fanfiction on this blog, then check out:

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