Tyler x Wednesday Fanfiction – 20 Best Stories in 2024

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If you’re a fan of the spooky pair Wednesday Addams and Tyler Galpin, these Tyler x Wednesday fanfiction stories are a must-read!

Wyler is a fan-favorite couple from the hit Netflix series Wednesday.

Wednesday is a supernatural comedy-horror TV series following the misadventures of Wednesday Addams.

If you’re a fan of the original Addams family, this is one series you won’t regret watching!

Among the characters from the series, the Wyler pair is among the most popular, paving the way for many creative stories — made by fans — for fans!

So, in this post, I’ll be sharing summaries and my thoughts on the most popular Tyler x Wednesday fanfics, along with links to adorable Wyler merch like these:

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I’ve summarized and arranged these based on the biggest hits on Archive of Our Own, making your search for worthy reads no-nonsense and quick!

1. Steadily to the Truth

Tyler Galpin stumbles upon his family’s dark secret far earlier than expected, without the guiding hand of Laurel Gates. 

This revelation launches him and Nevermore down a radically divergent path. 

Meanwhile, despite her disapproval, Wednesday Addams arrives in Nevermore, determined to remain a solitary figure.

However, her attention is soon captivated by a lonesome individual — Tyler Galpin.

Why is everyone shunning him, even among the town’s misfits?

And who, if not the resident Hyde, is responsible for the gruesome murders plaguing the woods surrounding Nevermore?

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2. Just the Two (Three) of Us

In a thrilling twist of fate, Wednesday uncovers Hyde’s true identity right from the get-go in the show. 

But surprisingly, she isn’t willing to share the information with anyone — to everyone’s dismay.

Watch as Tyler and everyone else in this suspense-filled drama grapple with the implications of this shocking discovery. 

Will Wednesday’s secrets hold the key to a web of intrigue, or is this just the tip of the iceberg?

Prepare to embark on a journey of intrigue as the truth unfolds in this Tyler x Wednesday fanfiction, one puzzle piece at a time.

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3. She’s Mine

Despite all the complications, Tyler couldn’t deny his growing affection for her. 

There’s an irresistible allure in her refusal to see the world for what it is, in her sociopathic tendencies matching his own.

Tyler wasn’t privy to Thornhill’s ultimate intentions for Wednesday — he was only following orders, even though his inner Hyde raged against it. 

Though his monstrous side remains hidden inside, Hyde is slowly awakening.

He’s willing to undergo all kinds of pain, no matter how horrid.

But Wednesday is off-limits. Master or not, you don’t mess with a Hyde’s mate.

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4. How Does it Feel?

Wednesday surprises her dear friend Enid by returning to Jericho. 

She returns to the town in secret, only to find herself in an unexpected and tense situation. 

She contemplates visiting the coffee shop, the very one where Tyler Galpin used to work, curious about what has transpired in his life since her departure.

Little does she know, she will come face to face with Tyler behind the counter.

Unexpectedly, he will repeatedly utter the words that caught her completely off guard: “How does it feel?”

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5. What if We Get Out of This Hellhole Town?

This Tyler x Wednesday fanfiction strays away from the canon plot, where Wednesday doesn’t run into Rowan on the night of the harvest festival

Instead, Tyler helps her leave their small town, and that’s not even the most surprising part!

He decides to leave with her. 

Wednesday eventually discovers Tyler’s ‘Hyde’ situation during their journey. 

But that doesn’t deter her from leaving — instead, she pledges to help him deal with his Hyde together. 

So, despite the media storm and the law on their tails, the two continue to run, and they’ve never been happier.

6. My Unconquerable Soul

Wednesday asks with a cold detachment, “Who is your master?”

Wednesday’s indifference towards Tyler’s master is striking, but she couldn’t care less about the dangerous creature.

A part of her, driven purely by the relentless pursuit of a fitting ending to her story, seeks this crucial information. 

Yet, her sole obsession remains crystal clear now: someone has a hold on Tyler and she wants to free him.

7. Paint Me in Black

In a world where emotions take on vibrant hues, Wednesday Addams possesses a singular anomaly: she perceives every color  except for the elusive black. 

This absence becomes the focal point of her vexation, the shadow she could never touch.

Rather than surrender to destiny’s capriciousness, Wednesday charts her course.

She vehemently resists the concept of soulmates, viewing it as a limitation rather than a gift.

Then there’s Tyler Galpin, a man who has always seen life through a prism of colors.

Yet, there’s an emptiness in his spectrum — the profound depth of black.

As fate interlaces their destinies, they encounter one another. 

Will this be a clash driven by vengeance, or could their complementary absences forge a bond of deep empathy?

Their narrative unravels in a grayscale universe, eager to be painted with brilliance, challenging us to reflect on the profound ties that bind souls together.

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8. Jekyll

Tyler’s human persona became a masterpiece, constantly evolving and endlessly refined. 

He was just a young man dealing with the loss of his mother, acting out in ways that seemed perfectly normal.

There was no hint of the Hyde within him.

But that all changed after meeting Thornhill, aka Laurel Gates.

She turned Tyler into her ‘servant,’ ordering him to commit heinous acts while keeping them hidden. 

It gave purpose to his Hyde self, allowing his primal instincts to dominate. 

Just when Tyler is about to succumb to his primal side, there comes Wednesday Addams — who changes his life forever.

9. I Cherish My Privacy, And Woe Betide Anyone Who Tries To Interfere With That

A diverse group find themselves in a strange room in a sudden and mysterious turn of events. 

Enid had just been informed of an impending roommate, while Wednesday was about to start at Nevermore in three days. Everyone is living as normal, before a flash of light brings them all into the same room.

Confusion and curiosity fill the air as the group assembled exchange glances, trying to make sense of their bizarre situation.

Wednesday, however, is intrigued, her curiosity undimmed by the strange circumstances. 

She scans the room, searching for an exit, but her attention goes to a lone sheet of paper on a table at the front.

She reads the paper aloud, revealing a message from an unknown sender. 

The message promises their safe return home but there is a catch — they have to watch future clips of their lives.

Despite the initial uproar, the group settle into their seats, and prepare to watch the enigmatic clips shaping their destiny.

10. Frump Family Curse

Wednesday finds herself caught in a web of twisted desire and obsession.

Convinced that she’s cursed to fall in love like the other Frump women, she disgustingly watches her mother’s relationships. 

Morticia, however, was lucky to have been cursed with a macabre and intriguing man.

Wednesday fears the same fate, dreading a life of dullness and mediocrity.

Despite many attempts by boys to win her over, Wednesday remains uninterested.

Not until she encounters Tyler Galpin, an awkward and persistent young man who intrigues her. 

11. Woe To Do With Two Soulmates

In a world shrouded in enigma, Wednesday stands distinct, bearing two soulmate symbols on either arm.

To her, they’re badges of defiance, challenging societal norms that dictate every soul must have its preordained counterpart.

However, an unforeseen incident at school thrusts her into the labyrinthine corridors of Nevermore.

Here, amidst the whispered tales and hushed corners, the secrets of her twin marks start to unravel.

Drawn into the depths of her legacy — her initial indifference transforms.

She delves deeper into the mysteries veiled beneath her composed exterior.

12. Woeful

When bodies end up littering Jericho, Wednesday Addams decides to take matters into her own hands and research more about Hydes. 

Amid her investigation, she encounters Tyler, who sees her digging into Hydes.

Admitting she knows next to nothing about these dangerous creatures, a hint of excitement sparkles in Tyler’s eyes as he leans in, offering her help, “I know a lot. If you want to know.”

“Enlighten me,” Wednesday replies, ready to unravel the enigma of Hydes with the help of this intriguing new acquaintance.

But she ends up discovering more than she wanted about Tyler Galpin.

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13. Beauty and The Beast

Wednesday had never intended to introduce her parents to Tyler, the ordinary boy who had become a fixture in her life. 

She knows he wouldn’t stand a chance against the sheer eccentricity of her family.

However, thanks to Francoise’s meddling, everything is about to change. 

It all begins during Tyler’s accidental meeting with the Addams family during their parents’ weekend at Nevermore.

14. Paint it Black

Wednesday finds herself trapped in a hospital.

She is battling relentless and uncontrollable visions tightening their grip on her. 

Despite her friends’ best efforts, nothing seems to be helping the eldest Addams child.

Everyone is beginning to lose hope, until Tyler Galpin comes to save Wednesday as her world spirals out of control.

Can Tyler save Wednesday from her inner turmoil?

Find out in this heartwrenching Tyler x Wednesday fanfiction!

15. Woe Trip

While on the run from the police, Tyler encounters the person he least expected to see.

What’s more surprising is that she’s willing to help him escape the feds. 

Who knew Wednesday Addams would make a fantastic getaway driver?

With Wednesday in the mix, Tyler has to find a way to deal with the Hyde within him while on the run and keep her from harm.

16. So If You Wanna Piss Off Your Parents

Tyler Galpin is notorious for his inexhaustible scorn towards the world.

Yet, Nevermore and its misfits are topping his list of detestations. 

Peculiarly, his contempt for his father is the only thing overshadowing Nevermore.

With ironic humor, fate intertwines Tyler’s path with Wednesday Addams, Nevermore’s newest entrant.

Sensing an opportunity, Tyler channels his hatred in a new direction. 

The age-old saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” seems tailor-made for this scenario.

Crafting a cunning scheme, Tyler seeks not only to vex his father but also to wound the newcomer’s heart inadvertently. 

In this twisted game, to Tyler’s astonishment, he finds himself genuinely captivated.

Can this notorious antagonist find redemption?

Find out in this Tyler x Wednesday fanfiction where lines blur between villainy and virtue.

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17. Coffee and Change

Wednesday discovers a quaint oasis in the vibrant whirlwind of university life: a whimsical coffee shop.

As she works on her stories, her focus subtly drifts from words on the screen to the barista behind the counter.

Tyler Galpin, the barista, goes from a mere backdrop to the central figure in her unfolding story.

The ambiance is untouched by any shadow of Hyde, but instead, it pulses with the possibility of new beginnings.

Gone are the tales of lurking threats or the duality of Jekyll and Hyde.

Here, amidst aromatic beans and warm mugs, two souls serendipitously intersect in the unassuming environment of a coffee shop.

Their journey unravels not as an edge-of-the-seat thriller but as a tapestry of moments, weaving a heartwarming friendship narrative, blossoming into more profound affection.

18. The Jekyll to My Hyde

In this reimagined conclusion of the series, Wednesday faces a pivotal moment with Tyler Galpin that could redefine their fate.

As the climax approaches, she falters, unable to deliver the fatal blow to Tyler.

He is puzzled and inquires about her hesitancy, to which she’s at a rare loss for words.

Tyler remains an unresolved riddle, and nothing vexes Wednesday more than an enigma left uncracked.

Could the unfamiliar flutter in her heart when she thinks of him be the missing piece to this puzzle?

Witness Wednesday’s quest for clarity transform into a deeper exploration. 

This Tyler x Wednesday fanfiction is a tale that suggests that even in a world filled with peculiarities, hearts have their uncanny way of intertwining.

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19. Till Death Do Us Part

After a long and tiring day at Nevermore, Wednesday finally finishes the latest chapter of her life. 

She can’t wait to get home and rest.

But little does she know that her sanctuary will soon become the stage for an unexpected twist.

There is a brown-haired boy with piercing green eyes that seem to hold secrets untold. 

As the minutes tick by, Wednesday has a decision to make. 

Will she demand he leave her home, or will she allow this mysterious young man to become an unexpected chapter in her life’s story? 

Either way, one thing is sure: her quiet sanctuary is about to be transformed into a whirlwind of uncertainty and intrigue.

20. In My Blood

Imagine being granted a second chance, a chance to redo your life. 

What would you do with that opportunity? 

Would you seek to right the terrible wrongs you’ve committed? 

Or would you go even further, reaching for redemption, a goal that some people believe is forever out of reach for those labeled as degenerates and deviants since birth?

That is the opportunity Tyler Galpin gets. 

Will he redeem himself or go further down the evil path?

Find out in this captivating Tyler x Wednesday fanfiction, jam-packed with intrigue, action, drama, and romance!

Tyler x Wednesday Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this post helps make your search for the best Tyler x Wednesday Fanfiction stories more effortless!

As popular as these are, these 20 are merely a tiny glimpse into the incredible fan-made stories that reimagine the power couple!

Therefore, I recommend exploring Ao3 for more!

Also, let us know in the comments if you have any Tyler x Wednesday story suggestions to add!

Finally, if you liked this post, you may want to check out our fanfic articles about the hit Netflix series ‘Wednesday,’ and these other power couples:

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