24 of THE BEST Fanfics Featuring Swoon-Worthy Romance between Draco and Hermione

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If you’re looking for the best Dramione fanfics, you’ve come to the right post!

Countless fans have hoped for a romance between Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter world.

And although this probably couldn’t ever happen in the official Harry Potter canon, many fanfic authors have written about this romance.

My friend introduced me to fanfiction and specifically to Dramione fanfics in 2020.

Since then, I’ve read over 30 Dramione fanfiction stories.

It’s easy to fall in love with Hermione and Draco as a couple- if you’ve read any Dramione fanfiction, I’m sure you agree!

The enemies-to-lovers trope is a fun romance trope, and Dramione fanfiction pretty much automatically gives it to you!

Add in the fact that Draco *almost* matches Hermione in intelligence, is very rich, and has a complicated past with the golden trio, and you’ve struck fanfiction gold.

If you search this tag on Archive of Our Own, you’ll see countless Dramione fanfics. Of course, I haven’t read them all, but I do think I’ve read most of the best ones out there.

So in this post, I’ll be sharing summaries and my thoughts on some of all-time favorite Dramione fics along with links to some great Dramione-inspired swag like this:

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Of the many that I’ve read, here are my all-time favorite Dramione fanfics!

1. Manacled

Manacled is one of the most popular Dramione fanfics out there- it’s so popular that it also appears in our list of top Harry Potter fanfictions, too!

It’s an incredibly well-written story that will tug at your heartstrings and keep you guessing with plot twists and dire situations.

In this story, we follow an alternate Harry Potter ending where Voldemort has defeated Harry Potter.

Because of the many deaths in the magical world, Voldemort enacts a re-population effort. It’s Harry Potter meets The Handmaid’s Tail.

Hermione is sent as an enslaved surrogate to the High Reeve, where she constantly is searching for ways that she could help the Order.

But there she comes across a Draco she has never seen before.

Without giving too much away, I’ll simplify it to this: they both find out that they might need and want each other more than they ever thought they would.

This story is pretty dark with a lot of heavy subjects.

It’s important to note that the author has given warnings for several intense subjects.

So be aware of this before reading the story!

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2. Remain Nameless

This story takes place several years after the time at Hogwarts and pretty much fits in seamlessly with the Harry Potter canon.

You get both Draco and Hermione’s perspectives as they figure out who they are post-War.

Draco is tired of his boring routine, but he does what he has to.

Hermione has trouble keeping herself afloat and managing all aspects of her life.

They both need a change, and both decide to go to the same muggle coffee shop.

For years, they don’t cross paths, until one day when Draco sees Hermione walk in.

Over time, a friendship forms, as morning coffee and blueberry scones bring them together.

It becomes a routine that is somehow exactly what they both need. And with the sweetest slow burn, it makes for a very realistic romance.

There are some darker moments in the first few chapters when both characters think about the troubles in life. But this soon changes into something more light and lovely!

What starts off as anger gives way to forgiveness and friendship, which leads to the sweetest romance.

This story does have explicit content, but it is an incredible story that is very much worth reading!

Remain Nameless has 51 chapters and a massive amount of hits at over 770,000.

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3. The Disappearances of Draco Malfoy

In this story, the writer has rewritten a large part of the Deathly Hallows.

In my opinion, it could easily replace it and be integrated into the canon; it’s that well done.

Here Draco accepts the offer from Dumbledore to fake his own death and go into hiding.

He then finds himself doing life with all of the main characters from the Harry Potter canon.

But most of all, Hermione changes her idea about Draco and slowly they become friends.

And this might even turn into something more 😉

This story is the first part of the “Disappearances of Draco Malfoy” series, though it’s the only one I’ve read in the series.

It has 33 chapters in total and over 354,000 hits.

It’s a great take on the original story and a sort of redemption arc for Draco.

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4. A Second Look

This Dramione fanfiction takes place many years after the final war with Voldemort.

All of the characters are grown up now, and many of them have families of their own.

To set the scene: Harry and Ginny’s marriage has ended, and Hermione does her best to support Harry with his little children.

One day, when taking care of Harry’s kids, she runs into Draco, who is also going through a divorce.

Draco is holding his son, who is crying inconsolably.

Hermione feels for him and wants to help him.

Having been a crucial figure in Harry’s children’s lives, Hermione immediately knows the problem and has some tricks up her sleeve to solve it.

She helps Draco soothe his teething son and invites him over so she can give him some ointment to help him with his teething.

From there, their relationship grows, and Hermione unwittingly starts having feelings for Draco.

This story is the first part of the “A Second Look” series.

I’d recommend reading the rest of the series after this one, though I think this one is the best.

It is nice to see a story with everyone all grown up and the writer did such a good job with it.

I read this story shortly before I was pregnant and have re-read it multiple times since then.

I just love seeing dad Draco and how much he loves his son!

You might blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but I think you’ll agree once you read this sweet Dramione fanfiction!

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5. The Auction

In this story, Voldemort has won the final battle, and Harry Potter is defeated.

Hermione Granger has been captured and sold at an auction of Order members and sympathizers.

But then help arrives from one of the most unlikely people.

And Hermione has to change everything she ever thought she knew about Draco Malfoy.

This story is part three of the “Rights and Wrongs” series. It has explicit content, but the storyline is complex and very compelling.

The Auction has 41 chapters and over 1.3 million hits!

Be sure to read the rest of the stories as well.

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6. Until the Ink Runs Dry

A shorter Dramionic fanfic, Until the Ink Runs Dry is also one of the most unique stories I’ve read.

How so?

The story is entirely made up of notes between Hermione and Draco.

It takes place several years after school has ended. Hermione is working to free her old Slytherin classmates from Azkaban as she believes they were wrongfully incarcerated. Draco is one such person.

As they write back and forth, they talk about their past, school memories, how the relationship between Hermione and Ron ended, and more.

Even though the animosity between the two is clearly there at the start, it changes during the conversations.

The letters grow longer with every chapter, and they start to enjoy talking to each other. As a reader, you watch them fall for each other through just writing letters- it’s so sweet!

It is a creative way of writing a story, and it actually reads really well. (I thought I wouldn’t like it because of the way it’s written, but now I’ve read it multiple times!)

This story is the first part of the “In Black Ink” series. You’ll want to read the rest as well so that you can see what happens after this one!

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7. Apple Pies and Other Amends

I absolutely love this sweet story! Like Until the Ink Runs Dry, this one is shorter than most of the other ones on this list.

Here’s what it’s about:

On the first anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione Granger decides to take up baking.

It takes a while before she realizes this is her way to deal with the PTSD following the Battle.

After she creates delicacies for her friends, she realizes that she wants to make amends with everyone else she interacted with during the war. Her last pastry mission is the one she dreads the most: the Malfoys.

But somehow, in a surprising turn of events, she agrees to teach Draco how to bake.

The relationship between Hermione and Draco develops each Saturday at their weekly baking lesson. She ends up spending a lot of time with Draco and sees that he seems to be hurting just as much as she was.

She realizes the Battle took a toll on everyone- and not all have handled it the same way.

As the story goes on and they bake treats together, you see their unlikely romance grow in the sweetest way (pun intended!).

This story is the first part of the “Apple Pies and Other Amends Universe” series.

It contains three stories in total, but the other two are only one chapter long.

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8. Measure of a Man

This story takes place thirteen years after the Battle of Hogwarts.

Draco is now all grown up and also a father. He’s also a widower.

Hermione is a healer who winds up on a work assignment that puts her in close proximity to the Malfoys. This includes Draco’s adorable son who hasn’t spoken a word since his mother’s death.

As Hermione gets up close and personal with the Malfoy family, she has to differentiate between the horrible boy she used to know and the man Draco is now.

It is told completely from Hermione’s point of view, so we get to see her thoughts and frustrations play out.

The story is a true slow burn with a lot of anticipation building throughout! It is a great story, but be aware of its slow pace.

The writer calls it a nothing to something to everything fic and I think this description fits very well.

9. Draco Malfoy and the Mortifying Ordeal of Being in Love

This fanfic is a great example of a Dramione rom-com. I’ve reread it a few times now I love it so much, especially the witty banter and humor in it!

A few years after finishing Hogwarts, Draco returns to London to become an Auror.

Hermione has been working in both the Muggle and Magical worlds as a medical researcher and Healer.

Somehow, Draco gets put on an assignment that makes him Hermione’s protector.

They end up having to work together more than expected. As they work together, they come across some very unusual situations where they have to trust each other.

This story is a great combination of funny and serious content.

The author takes on pretty much only these two main characters, and the rest of the Harry Potter canon isn’t a big part of it, but this doesn’t hurt the story at all.

It is 36 chapters long and has over 625,000 hits already.

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10. Thirteenth Night

In this story, Draco wakes up without any memory of who or where he is.

Hermione and Dean are assigned to keep tabs on Draco and end up in some funny situations.

But things start getting serious when Draco starts falling in love with Hermione without really knowing who she is- or who he is! And Hermione is faced with a decision that could change her life forever.

The story is really funny and lovely. It completely cracked me up at parts- especially when Draco finds himself doing weird things that only wizards would sort of do (while he has no memory of magic!). You’ll know what I mean when you come across these moments in the fanfic.

It brings out the character traits in Hermione that we already know, but Draco is a completely different person.

So it is somewhat of a redemption fic as well.

Though it’s not as popular as some of the other Dramione fanfiction on this list (with only about 89,000 hits), it’s still one of my favorites!

11. Love and Other Historical Accidents

This story is Harry Potter meets Jane Austen.

Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy have been working together for a while when they accidentally blow up their life’s work.

They somehow end up 200 years in the past, with a broken Time Turner and no way of getting back.

It will require the combined power of their keen intellects to get them home- if they’d stop arguing long enough to use them.

This story is a historical romantic comedy that will crack you up and make your heart ache.

It is written in a nice way that combines their blossoming relationship with some really funny moments.

This story is the first part of the “Love and Accidents” series. So if you enjoy this one, you may want to read the others as well!

12. The Fixer-Upper Club

In this Draco and Hermione love story, post-war Hogwarts was left in a worse state than before. Despite this fact, Hermione still returns for an eighth year of studying. During this time, she sets out on a journey to restore Hogwarts to its beautiful state again — with the help of her old rival Draco.

This story is very much a slow burn, with very realistic characters whose actions and decisions keep you guessing and excited for what’s to come next. The buildup of the romance keeps you on your seat for more small touches or short glances.

This is a classic fan fiction story, with classic tropes that never cease to make your heart melt.

13. The Troublesome Thing About Time

Yes, yes, we know — another Harry Potter time travel fic. Big whoop. But, don’t click off just yet! In this story, Hermione and Draco have an established relationship… 20 years in the future.

Draco returns to the past to find that not only is Hermione no longer his wife — but she also hates his guts. Now Draco has to convince his wife to pursue a relationship with the man she always saw as an enemy. Or else their entire timeline will never be the same.

This story is full of adventure and adds a nice twist to those collections of repetitive Harry Potter time-traveling stories.

We get to see a lot of will-they-wont-they tropes and follow their journey of falling in love all over again.

15. Unchained

Good news Twilight fans: if you’re looking to relive Bella, Edward, and Jacob’s messy triangle situation-ship, this story is perfect for you.

Hermione and Draco fall in love during The Battle of Hogwarts, but another Harry Potter character enters the story and attempts to break up the relationship for his own gain.

Anyone who likes drama and the Twilight Saga is definitely recommended to read this fanfiction (especially the mega Potter heads who love Theodore Nott).

My favorite aspects of love triangles are enduring the drama and relationship issues that ultimately grow the main couple, while still having security in knowing your favorite pair will end up together.

The story will take you back to the early 2010s love triangle days of fanfiction.

It will make you fall in love with Hermione and Draco’s relationship even more.

16. The Watergaw

This next story is set during The Battle of Hogwarts.

Hermione and Draco are stuck in the middle of a forest — no friends, magic, or a way out.

After years of hating one another, the two finally decide to put their differences aside to get back to civilization and see the war through.

While stranded together, our Hero and Heroine find comfort in one another and possible love as well.

This fic does a great job of describing the isolated atmosphere, making you feel like you are alone in the forest along with Draco and Hermione.

This story is so well written, it will give you all of the feels you need to make Draco and Hermione’s enemies-to-lovers story feel heartwarming and authentic.

17. By The Book

Who knew Draco Malfoy could be even more attractive?

This story definitely does well with the fan service as the author provides us with not only a reformed Draco — but a tattooed-covered one, at that.

After Draco is released from six months of imprisonment in Azkaban, he finds Hermione in a local bookshop — and he likes what he sees.

This story is basically “Love after Lockdown,” but set in the Wizarding World.

We get to see how Draco has grown and matured after his sentence, how Hermione accepts the new him, and their love grows over time as the new people they turned out to be.

18. Things We’re All Too Young to Know

Body swapping might be a bit cliché — but it never gets old.

It’s the middle of the war.

Hermione Granger takes an offer to help spy for The Order while at Hogwarts.

The best way to accomplish this is by pretending to be somebody on the inside, like Daphne Greengrass.

This fanfic is full of twists and turns and a burning romance between Draco and Hermione (or, more like “Daphne”).

The author does a great job of showing how the two characters find love with each other’s personalities and develop a genuine relationship — without the pressure of their hateful past experiences with one another.

19. Soft As It Began

Adventure? Pining? Angst? Yes, please!

In this fic, it is post-war, and Harry is nowhere to be found.

Hermione, now working as an investigative journalist, is determined to find her long-lost friend… with the help of her long-term enemy, Draco Malfoy.

The pair travel across Europe and have to put aside their difference for the sake of their work.

We get to see Draco and Hermione’s relationship develop from former enemies, and potential friends, then to lovers.

The main idea that allows their newly found romance to work is how much they both have changed over the years.

The author does a great job of showing the growth in Draco and Hermione’s personalities as they both have to navigate adulthood.

This story is a nice slow burn that shows great character growth in everyone (and when I say slow burn, I mean slow).

20. False Pretenses

The author of this fanfic describes it as “a story that uses the most common tropes in Dramione fanfiction… then changes how it’s done.”

And we completely agree.

When Draco tries to salvage his family name, he finds that the best way is to marry a muggle-born, AKA Hermione Granger. AKA his long-term, mortal enemy.

This story is great for anyone who is into arranged marriages or fake relationship tropes.

The author does well expanding on Draco and Hermione’s characters that lead them from being individuals and faking their love, to finding interest in one another.

21. And He Saw Them Dancing

Finally! Lucious Malfoy enters the chat (or, fanfiction, in this case).

Here, Draco realizes his feelings for Hermione and—against his father’s wishes—goes after the muggle-born he’s always loved.

In this story, we see a lot of Draco’s relationship and strains with his family (specifically Lucious), and how he grows from the insufferable daddy’s-boy to a new man who’s not afraid to stand up for himself.

This is a shorter story with only two chapters, but with almost 18,000 words in total.

There is also beautifully animated, original artwork featured in this story.

This is a heartwarming story that you can read while cuddled up in bed on a rainy night at 12 am.

22. Secrets and Masks

Secrets and Masks is a dark and dramatic dramione story that takes place nine years after the Battle of Hogwarts, which ended differently than in the regular Harry Potter books.

In this fanfic, the war is still going on and everyone has changed since their school days.

Hermione is a formidable Order soldier, secretly meeting with a spy within Voldemort’s ranks to gather intel.

One day, she’s captured by Draco, who is Voldemort’s right-hand man.

While held captive as a prisoner at Malfoy Manor, she has to endure mind games and a level of torture she never anticipated.

It’s an extremely well-written story, but if you’re looking for something light and sweet, this isn’t it.

Case in point: as I was reading this, I texted my friend: “I don’t like dark Hermione, but I’m too far in and need to see how it ends!”

In general, I don’t like dark fics, and this one is really dark and gory.

But it’s so well written that I just had to finish it! I did skim over a lot of really violent, graphic descriptions, though.

23. Breath Mints and Battle Scars

People rave about this Dramione fanfic, and I can see why.

Breath Mints and Battle Scars is set in the year after the War.

It’s told in Hermione’s POV, but we get diary entries from Draco sprinkled throughout.

The Ministry of Magic has restored Hogwarts, and everyone returns as if the previous year never happened- except for Hermione.

She has a hard time moving past the trauma and horror she experienced during the war.

She feels out of place and realizes that the only other person who feels similarly is Draco Malfoy.

The story follows Hermione and Draco’s relationship as they face challenges and obstacles, such as prejudice, trauma, secrets, threats, and betrayal.

Ask any Dramione lover and this will probably be one of their favorite recommendations.

It’s not in my top 10, but definitely deserves a spot on this list of best Dramione fanfics.

24. The Right Thing to Do

This is another book in the Rights and Wrongs series by lovesbitca8 (The Auction, mentioned earlier, is also part of this series!)

In The Right Thing to Do, Hermione has secretly loved Draco from afar for years.

Now, a year after the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione has testified at Draco’s Wizengamot trial, and Draco is a free man (though on probation and forced to work at the Ministry of Magic).

Hermione and Draco find themselves constantly running into each other at a bookstore and at the Ministry of Magic, where they both work.

Once his probation is up, Draco starts a consulting group and invites Hermione to work for him at the annual Malfoy New Year’s ball.

All the while, Narcissa plays matchmaker, and Lucius interferes with their relationship while he’s in Azkaban.
Generally, it’s a light-hearted story, which is one of my favorite types of Dramione fics.

However, I will say that though I loved reading this, I found myself getting angry at both Draco and Hermione (but mainly Draco) at various parts of the story, especially toward the middle of the book.

I also felt like once the consulting group started, my interest faded a bit.

Even so, I found that I had to keep reading until the end!

Oh, and if you like this one, you’ll probably also love The Auction (if you haven’t read it yet) and All the Wrong Things.

Dramione Fanfics: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Draco Hermione romance fanfiction!

These 21 are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there, so be sure to take a look and find your own favorite among them.

And if you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of Dramione, there are some really great short stories out there.

Some of my favorites are Potions, Perfume, and Apples, Les Pelerins, and the An Unlikely Series!

Also, note that there are a lot of explicit smut-focused Dramione fanfics out there, but this list is focused specifically on really great stories.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

You should also check out my friend Angie’s goodreads profile– she’s the one who got me into Dramione in the first place.

On it, she rates the Dramione fanfics that she has read, and it’s a very extensive list!

Lastly, if you want to read more top fanfiction posts on this blog, then check out:

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  2. I love this list! I find that I’ve read most of them, but I’m happy to add the novellas! I’m just sad that one fanfiction is missing..or maybe I’ll just recommend the “right thing to do”. I absolutely loved that one!

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