20 of the Most Popular Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories (2024 Edition)

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Over a decade since the last movie was released, the Harry Potter fandom is still going strong, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The timeless themes, memorable characters, and the imaginative world, along with its huge cultural impact, ensure that Harry Potter remains a beloved and popular series today.

This means that Harry Potter fan fiction is also here to stay — which is excellent news.

Whether you want to live out your Harry Potter fantasies or connect with others interested in the Wizarding World, there’s a story for you.

And don’t worry — they’re not going anywhere.

Imagine: you’ve binged all 8 Harry Potter movies, and the obsession starts again.

Now, you’re stumbling through your favorite fan fiction site until you find exactly what you want.

And finally, you find the perfect story that suits your needs.

With anticipation, you click on the title and plan to stay in bed until 2 a.m., bingeing the entire story.

Nothing can ruin your mood now.

But, lo and behold, you get far into the story only to find that it’s incomplete or just straight-up abandoned. Sound familiar?

Let’s save you time. Here is a list of the best fan fiction you can find to feed your Harry Potter obsession (and fics 11 through 20 are all completed). Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. All the Young Dudes

The first Harry Potter fanfic we will be looking at is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most, popular on the internet. 

With millions of hits and counting, it is clear that fans of Harry Potter go crazy for this story. 

It has over 525,000 words spread over 188 chapters.

This story was completed in 2018 but still holds its title as the most popular Harry Potter fanfic years later. 

This story focuses on the Marauders.

It is set before Harry Potter was born and when his parents were just students. 

Each of the four Marauders play an essential role in this story, as does Lily, but the main focus is the relationship between James Potter and Sirius Black.

Though many stories depict the lives of the Marauders, this one is unique in that it is written from Remus Lupin’s point of view. 

This story has everything you look for in a Harry Potter fanfic, including magic, encounters with Voldemort, and many sweet moments of love and friendship. 

This story stays relatively true to the canon of the original series, making it a great companion to read after the original series. 

It also features a slow-burn romance that is extremely popular with many readers.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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But there are SO MANY amazing products inspired by All the Young Dudes, I encourage you to check them out.

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2. Manacled

In this story, we get to see a unique perspective: that of Hermione Granger. 

Though Hermione is one of the main characters of the original series, we don’t often get to see what she is thinking or how she is feeling about certain events. 

This story changes that. 

This Harry Potter fanfic takes place in an alternate universe. 

It diverges from the main canon of the story following the events of The Order of the Phoenix.

In this world, Voldemort wins the war and Harry Potter is dead.

If that sounds bleak and depressing, you are absolutely correct. 

This is a dark story that depicts a world in which evil is the norm, and darkness surrounds just about everything in the Wizarding World. 

This alternate universe also includes a lot of adult content that we do not see in the original series. 

There are scenes depicting war and many other triggering topics. 

Be sure to read the content warnings from the author before you dive into this story. 

It is not a lighthearted story by any means, but it is still amazingly well-written.  

With millions of hits, it is clear that Harry Potter fans still love this story and want to see what happens when evil dominates. 

This story also heavily features a relationship between Hermione and Draco Malfoy, which is always a lot of fun to read about. 

(And if this is intriguing to you, you’ve got to check out our Dramione post featuring all the best fanfics and fanart featuring romance between these two characters!)

If you’re looking for a darker story with a forbidden romance that takes us far away from the original series, this is definitely the one to choose. 

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

3. Measure Of A Man

Here’s another fantastic Draco x Hermione fanfic for all the Dramione fans!

In this story, Hermione embarks on a journey of discovery, delving into the intricate layers of Draco Malfoy’s character.

In her quest to truly fathom him, she masterfully dissects the man’s evolution from his past self to his present roles: a devoted father, a dutiful son, and a complex individual.

As the pieces of Draco’s identity slowly come together, Hermione unravels the enigma of Draco Malfoy.

As usual, this is a slow-burn romance that dives into the enemies-to-lovers trope.

But nothing’s ever the same with Draco and Hermione, giving us a unique bond that leaves us craving more.

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4. Lily’s Boy

Next is another alternate universe story highlighting how much was hidden from young Harry Potter. 

Harry takes a trip to Diagon Alley before his third year at Hogwarts begins, and while there, he discovers many secrets that were not meant to be found. 

These secrets change the entire course of Harry’s life, as well as how he behaves and who he trusts. 

Among the many secrets that Harry discovers is the knowledge that Dumbledore has been manipulating him and blocking his magic. 

With this new knowledge, Harry sets out to change the Wizarding World. 

He receives help from many people and in many unexpected ways. 

This story has a unique and exciting premise, yet the familiar style means it still feels like it belongs to the original series.

The character’s voices are very accurate to what we know about them, but the author still adds some exciting flair to each of them. 

If you are looking for a story that involves broken trust, unexpected friendship, and plenty of magic, this is the one for you. 

5. The Auction

In the grim aftermath of the Dark Lord’s victory over Harry Potter, the once invincible Hermione Granger faces a harrowing fate. 

Stripped of her former glory as the Golden Girl, she’s been cruelly captured and dehumanized, treated as mere property. 

Hermione becomes the coveted prize at an auction, where Order members and sympathizers are bartered away to Death Eaters. 

In the heart of this darkness, unexpected rays of hope emerge from the most unlikely sources.

And this time, it is in the form of Draco Malfoy.

6. The Debt of Time

Next up is another dark story that features a lot of mature content. 

The author includes content warnings with each chapter if you wish to skip over some content and enjoy the story. 

Readers discover what could have happened in this alternate universe if Sirius Black hadn’t passed away

Well, they find out what would have happened if Hermione had been able to bring Sirius back from the dead. 

This one action changes the course of the war.

It alters how Harry, Hermione, and many others live. 

It changes the entire outcome of the original series, but in a unique and incredibly captivating way to read. 

The author has done an incredible job of replicating the writing style and voice of the original series.

It feels like you are reading one of the novels in the series. 

Alongside this story’s darkness and depressing events, there are also small moments of love and hope. 

This story has so many sweet friendships you won’t want to miss out on. 

Without giving too much away, this story has a relatively happy ending despite the depressing events of the story. 

Don’t sleep on this story — it is worth the investment. 

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7. Don’t Look Back

There’s nothing better than a good old werewolf story, and what’s even better is one where both the beast and his lover have magical powers!

Amid a post-war Hogwarts, Hermione Granger’s curiosity gets the better of her when she notices something amiss with Draco Malfoy. 

Once her sworn enemy, Malfoy now seems like a man burdened by a dark secret. 

Hermione’s relentless observations lead her to a shocking discovery: Draco Malfoy is a werewolf.

Her pursuit is complicated when Malfoy confronts her, revealing that he knows of her surveillance.

Their tense confrontation forces Hermione to face her motives and the reality of Malfoy’s situation. 

As they stand on the ridge of a fragile understanding, Hermione makes an audacious request.

She wishes to witness the notoriously complex Wolfsbane potion brewing, a lifeline for werewolves like Malfoy.

Intrigue, secrets, and an unlikely connection begin to weave a complex tale in the hallowed halls of Hogwarts in this Dramione fanfiction!

8. Let The Dark In

In an alternate Wizarding World untouched by Voldemort’s rise, prejudice takes a different form.

Hermione Granger, a rare Muggle-born student at Hogwarts, faces an uphill battle to find acceptance in a society that values bloodlines above all else.

Despite her determination, Hermione’s future appears to be a foregone conclusion.

However, a glimmer of hope emerges in her Sixth Year with the unexpected announcement of the Triwizard Tournament.

This monumental event promises to shatter the status quo and rewrite the rules of her world.

Hermione’s journey unfolds against shifting dynamics and newfound opportunities, promising a tale of resilience, transformation, and the power of change at Hogwarts.

Although a mainly Hermione-centric tale, it also features Draco Malfoy and other beloved characters.

It’s an uplifting tale, perfect to read when you feel down.

9. Oh God, Not Again!

In this alternative universe of Harry Potter, where Voldemort’s reign of terror never happened, we find Harry Potter experiencing a curious twist of fate. 

Instead of attending Hogwarts as the celebrated hero, Harry navigates a world where Muggle-borns face marginalization. 

Harry joins the Triwizard Tournament, an ancient competition that promises to disrupt the established norms. 

As he stands before the enigmatic Veil, Harry reflects on the losses and changes that have shaped his world.

But Harry’s journey takes a dramatic twist when he awakens on a floor, far removed from the world he knew. 

Harry’s second chance at life in the Wizarding World begins, setting the stage for new adventures, challenges, and unexpected alliances.

As Harry embarks on his journey, he meets familiar faces and encounters Draco Malfoy, his former rival, in an unexpected and more cordial light. 

The dynamics of his world are shifting, and Harry must navigate these changes while holding onto the essence of who he is.

Amidst the uncertainties, one thing is clear: this is not the Harry Potter we once knew, but a resilient and adaptable hero in an uncharted realm of possibilities.

10. Remain Nameless

Draco Malfoy’s world is unraveling, a turbulent mix of emotions he can hardly contain. 

He’s burdened by guilt, expecting Hermione Granger to condemn him for his past transgressions. 

The mere thought of her reaction—anger, curses, or outright rejection—weighs on him, threatening to consume him entirely.

Amid Draco’s mundane existence, a glimmer of change emerges. 

Unexpectedly, their meetings become his lifeline, offering a newfound purpose that forces him to reexamine the emptiness he once accepted.

Meanwhile, Hermione Granger’s life feels scattered like puzzle pieces, each fragment disconnected and chaotic. 

She yearns for clarity but can’t find a way to piece together the bigger picture. 

Strangely, her morning encounters with Draco Malfoy bring solace and order to her world, leaving her asking: Why do these moments with Draco make more sense than anything else?

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11. Blade Over My Head

After Harry defeats Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts, he overhears a life-threatening conversation between Ron and Ginny, causing him to flee the Wizarding World for his safety.

In this story, we follow Harry throughout his travels worldwide, where he discovers himself, meets many partners, and hopefully finds his real, true love.

And as an added bonus for all of you My Chemical Romance fans, this fic is heavily based on their song, Teenagers.

Each chapter begins with an overhead of Harry’s newest location.

Depending on the chapter, you could follow Harry to Paris or Seattle.

It’s an exciting take on the post-Wizarding World for Harry and how he might have ended up if he had to discover adulthood without the help of his closest mates.

This story was completed in 2019 with 36 chapters and over 29,000 words.

So, if you want to expand the Harry Potter world for your next headcanon, with a bit of self-insert romance with Harry, this is the perfect story for you.

12. The Last Black

Four years after the Wizarding War, Arianna Vitelli, the illegitimate daughter of Sirius Black, returns home from a three-year exile.

She must work closely with Draco Malfoy to take down the man who’s haunted her practically her entire life.

Meanwhile, she finds friendship and comfort in Harry as he accompanies her on her journey of self-discovery, soon leading to more than a friendship.

The plot twist?

The original character’s romance is with both Harry and Draco.

This story was completed in 2022 with 47 chapters and almost 220,000 words.

If you are a Harry and/or a Draco lover, this story is for you, especially if you enjoy drama.

If you can’t decide who your favorite is, there’s no need to do so here.

The author does a great job describing events and actions, building the original characters, and the escalating tension and potential romance between Harry, Draco, and the O/C.

It’s a wild and chaotic ride while still being well-written and enjoyable.

13. Leo Inter Serpentes: First Year

This is another one of those “what would have happened if Harry was sorted into Slytherin?” stories.

But don’t click out of this page just yet.

In this version, Harry finds common ground and a friendship with Draco — while still forming friends with others outside his house, to his new Slytherin friend’s dismay.

This story is part of a more extensive series that follows Harry from his first to his seventh year, where he encounters the typical Hogwarts battles, cliques, and more.

This story has 11 chapters with over 50,000 words, 450,000 hits, and 16,000 likes.

And that’s not even accounting for the other six parts of this series that follow the entire Harry Potter franchise from beginning to end.

It’s an enjoyable story that you always get excited to pick up and continue reading.

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14. The Depth of Deception

With the imaginary and expansive world of Harry Potter comes imaginary and expansive fanfics.

It can be hard to find a classic Cannon character/OC story today with fanfics’ over-saturation.

Luckily, this story will take you back to why you initially fell in love with fanfiction: drama and romance between you and your favorite fictional character.

The Depth of Deception is a classic Harry Potter/Original Character story, where the main character is the sister of Draco Malfoy.

And she makes a deal with Lord Voldemort that will bring an end to The Boy Who Lived.

This story was completed in 2021 with 31 chapters and over 23,000 words — meaning it’s in the perfect condition and length for you to read at 2 a.m. before bed.

Any Danielle Radcliffe/Harry Potter-obsessed fans will enjoy this emotional rollercoaster of a story that covers friendship, love, and betrayal.

15. Death Never Stopped Me Before

This story pushes the creative boundaries regarding the world of Harry Potter.

Voldemort defeats Harry in the war but immediately regrets it.

His new goal is to bring Harry back from the dead and reconcile their relationship before he runs out of time.

We travel through different time periods and follow Tom Riddle through his grief, memories, and quest to get back the love of his life — and then convince him to stay.

The story, in execution, is more heartwrenching and enticing than the typical Harry/Tom Riddle | Voldemort romance.

This story has 15 chapters, 90,000 words, and was completed in 2021.

And it’s one of the few Tomarry stories out there that is constantly reviewed as well-written and enticing.

16. Choose Me Instead

Calling all Draco Malfoy stans!

This Draco/Original Character story is perfect for reading while taking breaks from watching Tom Felton play guitar on TikTok (if you can even find the strength to break away from that).

This fic is also the perfect read for Harry Potter fans who love fake relationship premises.

Nothing too complicated or complex, but still chockful of romance and drama.

Draco and the main character fake a year-long relationship to benefit their unfortunate situations.

Their fake relationship develops into real feelings, which neither confesses to.

Eventually, the lies they’ve kept from their family and friends inevitably blow up in their faces.

This is a fun read late at night that will give you all the feels.

There are 27 completed chapters and over 95,000 words to enjoy.

Who doesn’t love a classic will-they-won’t-they and fake relationship that turns into more?

17. Running and Hiding

Let’s be honest: Harry and Hermione had undeniable chemistry since the beginning (please put down the pitchforks, Romione stans).

If you agree, then this next story is for you.

In this fanfic, Hermione moves away from Britain after the war is over.

Unexpectedly, an engaged Harry eventually finds her, and they reconnect.

Soon enough, their lost friendship slowly turns into a newly found romance.

With Harry’s relationship with Ginny and Hermione’s longing to leave the past behind her, you get sucked into how these former best friends end up falling in love with one another — despite the obstacles.

This story was completed in 2020 with 30 chapters and almost 80,000 words.

The way the author describes the already existing characters and their actions make them believable and easy to enjoy — it’s written so well it feels like you are following the honest Harry and Hermione post-war.

You get to see the pair’s relationship develop despite their already-established friendship or prior engagements, which may explain this story’s popularity and constant praise.

Although few, Harmony shippers are among the most dedicated, and you can show just that with this adorable sticker:

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18. A New Kind of Normal

I’m sure if any of us got a letter in the mail from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, we would jump at the opportunity to board the Hogwarts Express at platform 9 ¾ without question.

However, in this fanfic, Harry does the exact opposite.

The Harry Potter in this story does not desire to become a wizard.

To him, potions, magic, and wands are not as important as living an everyday life, attending school, and becoming a doctor.

No one can blame him for his completely normal and ambitious dream.

But let’s be honest, wizarding beats doctoring any day.

Professor McGonagall makes it her mission to make a wizard out of Harry, even if it means he becomes just an average, standard wizard.

This story is a fresh take on Harry’s perspective of the Wizarding World.

Instead of wanting nothing but to save Hogwarts and become a good wizard, he just wants to be normal. 

This fanfic takes place during Harry’s first year — so where the story lacks romance, it is sufficient in originality and creativity.

It takes the Harry Potter world we know and twists the facts for a new and fresh take.

This must be why the story has over 4,600 likes, 81,000 hits, 21 chapters, and 59,000 words to read.

19. Fixing Past Mistakes

Our next story on this list takes an exciting view that puts our main hero in the background and works out beautifully.

The premise of this story revolves around the idea of Harry Potter never arriving at Hogwarts at all (kind of a scary thought).

Whose job is it to save the Wizarding World now?

Throughout this story, you get to spend a lot of time with Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, and Minerva McGonagall through their schemes and wrongdoings that benefit their own agendas.

This fanfic takes complete creative control over its plot; you never know exactly where the author is going.

With 51 chapters, over 216,000 words, 4,194 likes, and 800 comments, this story will surely be enjoyable.

20. To Trust

Harry grew up in a less-than-favorable family situation.

This fanfic is more of an image of what Harry’s life would have been like if Albus Dumbledore had sent Harry to live with Severus Snape instead of his aunt and uncle.

The author explores the relationship between Harry and Severus differently, with a parent-child dynamic, and how they learn and grow together as friends and as family.

There are 60 completed chapters, 368,000 hits, and almost 10,000 likes.

With such an exciting and heartwarming premise and execution, we can see how this fic gained its well-deserved popularity.

It is well worth the read.

Harry Potter Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Harry Potter fanfics to read!

These 20 are just a tiny sample of all the fantastic stories.

So be sure to look and find your favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to read more about Harry Potter fanfiction on this blog, then check out:

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