We Used AI to Reimagine Harry Potter Characters as if They Were Cast in Dune

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If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite Harry Potter characters might look if they were in Dennis Villeneuve’s critically acclaimed interpretation of Dune, this post is for you!

We used the latest AI image generation tools to help us imagine these characters in the desert context of Dune’s Arrakis!

1. Hagrid

Hagrid looks a bit more serious in the context of Dune!

2. Snape

Snape looks a bit more sinister here and the skull(?) on his chest isn’t helping…

3. Dumbledore

Dumbledore has a look of concern here. Perhaps Dune is just as stressful as Hogwarts can be.

4. Ron Weasley

Ron in Dune is intense!

5. Harry Potter

Harry somehow seems to fit right in on Dune!

6. Cho Chang

Harry’s first crush looks ready to fight here!

7. Luna Lovegood

Dune’s Luna still manages to have a spacey vibe to her.

8. Fred and George Weasley

This aged look for Fred and George is certainly different than how they are in canon!

9. Hermione Granger

The always beautiful Hermione Granger fits right in on Arrakis!

10. Tom Riddle

This reimagining of a young Tom Riddle is a bit creepy but also somehow fitting.

11. Pansy Parkinson

Plenty of alternate universe fanfic features Harry ending up with Pansy. And if it’s this Pansy, we’re here for it!

12. Draco Malfoy

Young Draco has a captivating look here.

13. Neville Longbottom

Everyone’s favorite glow up is still looking handsome on this desert planet!

14. Ginny Weasley

This gorgeous reinterpretation of Ginny is one we would love to see in movie!

15. Theo Nott

Not everyone remembers Theo Nott of Slytherin.

But this handsome reimagining of Theo fits right in with Dune!

16. Molly Weasley

The Weasley matriarch looks quite beautiful here.

17. Lucius Malfoy

This weather-beaten haggard version of Lucius looks like he stepped off the screen!

18. Alastor Moody

This image really captures Alastor’s unique vision and what it might look like on the desert planet!

19. Remus Lupin

Are werewolves on Arrakis?

We may never know.

But we’d love to see Lupin’s character there and find out!

20. Dolores Umbridge

Umbridge was the worst!

And she doesn’t quite seem to fit in here does she?

21. Bellatrix Lestrange

This scary version of Bellatrix fits her character and Dune too!

22. Newt Scamander

If you were a fan of the Fantastic Beasts series, this one’s for you!

23. Gilderoy Lockhart

Gilderoy has some John Cena vibes here and we’re not quite sure what to make of his outfit or his surroundings.

Perhaps Gilderoy was never meant for the desert planet.

24. Nymphadora Tonks

The AI managed to capture Tonk’s purple hair, and we love it!

25. Bill Weasley

This younger version of Bill looks a bit haggard but also fits right in on Dune!

26. Robert Pattinson

Who could forget Robert Pattinson’s appearance in Harry Potter?

We love this version of him on Arrakis!

27. Narcissa Malfoy

This younger version of Narcissa has some Game of Thrones vibes, doesn’t it?

28. Quirinus Quirrell

This older Quirrell is still gives us creepy vibes.

Is Voldemort hiding under that hat??

29. Voldemort

Speaking of Voldemort, apparently the Voldemort of Dune has a nose!

30. Gellert Grindelwald

We’ve got one more shout-out to those who love the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

And although his outfit doesn’t quite fit, we could see this character on the sand planet!

Harry Potter Characters Reimagined for Dune: Conclusion

Who else should we add to this post?

Let us know in the comments below!

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