The 20 Best Avengers Watch Infinity War Fanfiction in 2024

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You are in the right place if you want some of the best Avengers Watch Infinity War fanfiction. 

For those familiar with fanfiction, it is common to see stories that involve characters reacting to their show, movie, and so on. 

These stories are always interesting because they allow us to see these characters differently. 

Sometimes the reactions to seeing themselves on the big screen are positive, and other times it is pretty negative. 

No matter the case, it is often entertaining to see how characters from various stories react. 

This article will examine a few stories in which the Avengers react to one of their movies, Infinity War. 

Though these stories are based on the same premise, each author approaches them differently, resulting in some exciting stories. 

Read to discover some of the best Avengers Watch Infinity War fanfiction stories. 

1. The Hardest Choices Require The Strongest Wills

This is an Avengers Watch Infinity War fanfiction you don’t want to miss. 

With only 30,000 words, this story is a relatively quick read and one of the best. 

In this story, the Avengers, alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy, watch Infinity War. 

What makes this story unique is that they are not reacting to past events, they are looking at what will come in their future. 

Of course, this leads to significant reactions as the characters see the events they will soon deal with. 

There is nothing that they can do to change their future, so they must simply watch and prepare. 

It is interesting to see how each responds differently to their predicted future, and the author seems to have captured each of their voices perfectly. 

2. Endgame 2.0

This story focuses on Peter Parker and the unique chance he is given to change the course of the world. 

Not only do the Avengers get to watch Infinity War in this story, but they also get to watch Endgame and some of Peter Parker’s memories. 

In this story, Peter Parker remembers everything, including the feeling of splitting every atom in his body. 

Equipped with these memories, Peter Parker enlists the help of the other Avengers as they seek to make a difference in the world. 

This is not typical “watching” fanfiction, but it is undoubtedly exciting and enjoyable to read. 

3. Avengers Watch Snippets

Getting kidnapped or fighting enemies were regular occurrences for the Avengers. 

But getting thrown into an inescapable room and forced to watch TV was new. 

With comfy seats and a massive TV screen, it’s difficult not to tune into whatever was playing. 

And with seemingly no escape, our heroes have no other choice but to watch. 

However, nothing’s ever easy for the Avengers, as they get forced to watch their show!

Luckily, the kidnapper was kind enough to cut them into snippets, only showing the most critical moments of each film. 

How will our favorite heroes react? Find out in this short but fun read.

The author does an impressive job of depicting how each Avenger would react, making them stay in character.

4. Watch my life, feel my pain (Do I deserve it?)

The Judgement Spirit, Justice, kidnaps the Avengers and traps them inside the Theatre of Judgement. 

There, our heroes witness the different times in the MCU storylines, mainly WandaVision clips—which Justice seems to be fond of. 

But it wasn’t some leisure trip to the theatre, as Justice cruelly reveals Wanda’s darkest secrets, letting her suffer.

And much to the other Avengers’ dismay, they, too, witness their deepest secrets displayed on the screen before them. 

However, everything wasn’t for naught as Justice proposed a deal—whenever a hero’s secret gets revealedthey get a moment longer with someone they’ve loved or lost.

Will they be able to survive the torment?

For the sake of those dearest to them, the Avengers will have to.

5. Rewriting The Way This Story Ends [IM1]

In this story, there is no kidnapping or getting forced to watch a film they don’t want to.

Here, the Avengers voluntarily watch their film to help them learn from their mistakes and protect the earth better. 

To save the universe from a madmaneach hero watches detailed movies of their lives—from their origins to when they become an Avenger. 

This fanfic focuses on Tony Stark’s life, showcasing his vulnerability and how he became the billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist we know today.

6. All the Days of our Lives, Phase 1

Expanding from the OG Avengers, this story features more characters, including Nicky Fury, Maria Hill, Betty Ross, etc. 

It follows the usual Avengers-watch-their-own-films trope, showcasing each hero’s life story on the big screen. 

The author has done a great job of depicting each Avenger’s life’s ups and downs—from struggle to glory.

This story is phase 1 of the series, starting with Captain America: The First Avenger.

7. Avengers Watch Loki

With some current and former Avengers meeting in the Stark Tower, Tony comes across the Loki show while flipping through the channels on his massive television.

Surprised, Tony reads the show’s synopsis to the rest of the crew, showing his disdain for the demigod. 

Despite Thor confirming with them that his brother is dead, Clint suggests that Loki probably faked his death.

Amidst the confusion, Peter happily suggests watching the show. 

Heavily opposed, Clint and Tony are reluctant. 

But with some prompting from Peter and Natasha, they give in and start watching the Loki show.

8. The story behind the man: Iron Man 1

After getting locked up in a room, the OG Avengers, alongside Sam, Vision, Wanda, Hill, and Fury, come across a stack of films about everyone’s favorite Ironman.

To Tony’s disdain, the crew suggests watching them since there doesn’t seem to be a way out of the dark room. 

With nothing else to do, the current and former Avengers gathered around the screen and began watching Tony’s tale. 

Everyone is eager to see the truth about Tony’s life, and he isn’t happy.

9. How to Stop the Endgame

In this Avengers Watch Infinity War fanfiction, the Avengers gather to watch Endgame. 

A few of our favorite Avengers are transported to a secret room to see what is to come in their future. 

The goal is for them to see all of the death and destruction that is to come and decide to end the fighting right then and there. 

They must come together to change their destiny, but it is unclear if they can do this. 

The stakes and tensions are high as they see their future appear on the big screen. 

This is an intense story with many great moments from different characters you won’t want to miss.

10. Avengers watch Captain Marvel

This story starts with the Avengers getting called forth by an unknown being. 

Once summoned, it forces them to watch a movie about a powerful hero who came not long before them

Intrigued, the OG Avengers, alongside Fury and Goose, watch the tale of this overpowered hero—and how she found her way to Earth.

The author wrote this in a way that depicts how each character would react to Captain Marvel’s origins, keeping their reactions close to canon.

It doesn’t feature any pairings and is solely an Avengers-watch-a-movie trope.

11. To Understand

In this fanfic, the Avengers don’t trust Tony Stark.

Hence, when they come across a disk appearing to feature Ironman, they waste no time watching it. 

Everyone is on board with the idea except for the man himself. 

But being outnumbered, Tony can’t do anything, so he storms off into his laboratory. 

As the film plays, the Avengers realize that Tony isn’t as bad as they think he is

How will they make amends with the billionaire? 

You’ll have to read this one to find out!

12. 2015 Avengers React

The Avengers get transported to a theater as soon as Vision comes to life. 

With no escape in sight, our heroes decide to stay and watch.

As random scenes play, the Avengers gain a growing appreciation, respect, and banter with one another. 

If you’re into the domestic Avengers trope, this story is for you!

It’s a fun read showcasing the Avengers reacting to themselves—with funny quips and serious remarks in between.

13. Avengers watch Spider-man : Homecoming

With the crew at Tony’s place while he works on Peter’s new suit, he gets the clever idea to watch the young hero’s latest film with him—and the rest of the crew.

All the Avengers teleport into a room, including the newly-recruited T’challa, Scott Lang, and Bucky. 

All have one goal in mind: to watch Spiderman: Homecoming! 

Much to Peter’s embarrassment, he tries to oppose the idea, but being outnumbered by the older heroes, he gives in and decides to watch with them.

14. Understanding

Next is an Avengers watch Infinity War fanfiction in which Tony Stark finds himself in an exciting situation. 

This story opens on an average day in the Avenger’s mansion, but somehow Tony Stark has found himself locked in the basement. 

While the others go about their daily business, a film begins playing on the television, and everyone gathers around to watch it. 

It quickly comes to everyone’s attention that they are watching a movie about themselves. 

Unsure about how their lives got on film or why it is playing in their house, the Avengers, minus Tony, sit and enjoy. 

This is a classic “watching” fanfic with everything you want in a story from this genre. 

Comedy, friendship, and many intense moments make this one of the best stories on our list. 

15. A Beautiful Journey

In this Avengers Watch Infinity War, fanfiction, the Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic Four all come together. 

They are brought into the year 2035 to watch the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

As the title suggests, this results in a beautiful journey in which our favorite characters relive some of their life highlights. 

This story requires a bit of a commitment, as it is over 550,000 words long. 

The author takes us through each movie in the universe, so the length is certainly warranted. 

Though this story is long, it is one of the most captivating, and it is a real treat to see how these worlds all come together.

16. Watching Avengers Infinity War

Up next is an Avengers watch Infinity War fanfiction in which the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy all come together. 

After the Chitauri Invasion and before the fall of SHIELD, the Avengers and the Guardians are transported to a movie theater.

While there, they learn some startling information. 

Their world’s fate and the universe’s future depend on how well they watch Infinity War. 

They must learn from the movie and devise a plan to keep these events from coming true. 

The pressure is on, and the stakes have never been higher. 

Don’t miss this engaging and exciting story. 

17. Assemble

In this Avengers Watch Infinity War fanfiction, the Avengers time-travel. 

The Avengers are brought into the future to see their gruesome fate. 

They are shown everything that will happen to them and are tasked with changing the future. 

Then they must figure out how to stop Thanos to save the world.

And they must also solve many other problems that await them.

Though this story has a similar premise to many others, it has its own unique qualities that make it so popular. 

Plus, the author of this story is a talented writer who has given new life to these characters and their world. 

18. Understanding the Real Hero: Iron Man

Up next is an Avengers watch Infinity War fanfiction focusing mainly on Team Iron Man and Team Cap. 

The two teams are brought into a room and forced to watch Tony Stark’s story.

None of them are happy about this, least of all Tony. 

Through the nine movies they watch, they learn much about him and who he is beneath his rugged exterior. 

As they watch, they realize they must save Tony from the fate that awaits him. 

They realize how important he is and how much he has truly been through. 

Seeing how each character comes around to Tony to see him for who he truly is is entertaining. 

19. Ghosts of the Memories

This Avengers Watch Infinity War fanfiction is slightly different from some others. 

While the premise remains the same, in this story, Tony Stark is Toni Stark, and she is a strong woman. 

Toni leaves the Avengers and does not want to put up with them anymore. 

Thor arrives and convinces the remaining Avengers that they must watch Toni’s memories and discover how she became Iron Woman. 

Viewing these memories, the Avengers learn more about her and who she is. 

They realize that she is an asset to them and their team and that they must win her back. 

This story is delightful to read, and the slight difference in this world from all the others makes it a must-read to me.

20. Film Reels

The next Avengers Watch Infinity War fanfiction focuses primarily on Steve and his past. 

This story delivers a stack of films to the Avenger mansion. 

These films are fascinating and entertaining for most of the Avengers, but for Steve, they are his worst nightmare. 

Everyone gathers to watch Steve’s life story, both before and after Captain America came to be. 

The other Avengers learn much about him and discover things they never knew. 

While everyone is watching these films, Steve remains mortified about some of his past actions, and he continually attempts to get them to turn the films off. 

He is not successful, however, and we get to see how everything plays out. 

Avengers Watch Infinity War Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Avengers watch Infinity War fanfiction!

These 20 are just a tiny sample of all the fantastic stories available.

So you may want to look at the other fanfics with this tag and find your favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to read more top fanfiction posts on this blog, then check out:

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