Danny Phantom Crossover Fanfiction: 20 Stories to Read in 2024

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If you’re searching for some fantastic Danny Phantom crossover fanfiction—you’ve come to the right place! 

Danny Phantom is an American animated series about the ghastly adventures of a half-ghost boy. 

The story begins when Danny Fenton destroys his parents’ laboratory, prompting him to become the ghost-hunting superhero we all know and love. 

So if you like action and animated TV shows, Danny Phantom might be perfect for you!

With its popularity, there’s a lot of Danny Phantom crossover fanfiction out there. 

But to help you save time and read the best ones, I’ve summarized the most popular Danny Phantom crossover fanfiction based on hits received on Archive of Our Own. 

Read on to see more about these immersive and original stories.

1. Lex Luthor’s Ascent from Supervillainy to Fatherhood

danny phantom crossover fanfiction

There’s no better redemption story than a supervillain becoming a doting father.

This fanfiction does just that!

This fanfic shows an exciting crossover between the DC Comics universe and Danny Phantom. 

In this story, Lex Luthor, a supervillain in the Superman series, becomes the father of Danny Phantom.

He faces the daily struggle of keeping his curious son safe from the dangers of Gotham City. 

Although he still has villainous traits, he’s ready to set everything aside for his beloved son. 

There are 89 chapters in total. 

And with over 500,000 hits, it’s one of the most popular Danny Phantom crossover fanfics out there!

2. The Ghost of Heroes

danny phantom crossover fanfiction

In this story, Danny Phantom finds himself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Despite the rocky beginnings, he’s been able to make friends with the Avengers—notably Spiderman!

With him joining their ventures, Danny’s in for an action-packed adventure filled with excitement, growth, and Twitter.

This story contains 69 chapters. 

It has received over 470,000 hits so far.

3. Bus to Nowhere

danny phantom crossover fanfiction

In this fanfiction, we follow Danny, who recently discovered that his parents were trying to kill him once they found out he was a phantom. 

With him being on the run, moving from one town to another, he ends up in Gotham City. 

And there, he decided to stay in Batman’s territory and risk it. 

After all, taking the hero’s wrath is better than being hunted down by his parents. 

This story has a total of 36 chapters with over 430,000 hits!

4. Ghost Kings and Gotham Bats

danny phantom crossover fanfiction

After two years of fighting as a half-ghost superhero, Danny Fenton faces his biggest challenge yet—bats and assassins!

In this story, Danny finds himself in the realm of Gotham City. 

Here, he becomes friends with Bruce Wayne and the rest of the ‘Bat fam.’ 

This fanfic is a wholesome story about a ghost boy becoming friends with some of Gotham’s elite.

It’s a great read if you’re feeling down! 

After all, who could resist such fluffy content from the usually stoic Batman?

The fanfic is 39 chapters long and boasts over 432,000 hits, making it incredibly popular. 

5. Robin’s Egg

danny phantom crossover fanfiction

Robin’s Egg is another interesting take on the Batman x Danny Phantom crossover.

But this time, we focus on the adventures of Damien Wayne, aka Robin and Danny.

Their ventures began after Robin helped an injured Danny, protecting his core from the bad guys. 

Besides fighting these people, Damien has another issue on hand—keeping Danny’s existence from his family!

And this all sounds too easy, right? 

Well, except that Batman is his father!

It’s a fun read that includes action, comedy, school life, and more. 

With over 38 chapters and 333,000 hits, it’s no wonder this fanfiction is a massive hit.

6. If You Give a Bat a Burger

danny phantom crossover fanfiction

Danny only wants to flip burgers and survive—seriously!

But simple things like these become a luxury in Gotham, leaving Danny no choice. 

And this is especially difficult to achieve when several strange things happen in the crime-ridden city.

From drugs to old enemies being reborn—Danny’s in for a treat. 

Luckily, he’s not alone as he takes on this adventure with Tim Drake and Jason Todd. 

Together, the trio takes on Gotham’s vigilantes, and when this is over, maybe Danny can sell burgers again!

Despite only having 11 chapters, this fanfic has accumulated over 217,000 hits, making it a fan favorite.

7. Vacation Crashers

danny phantom crossover fanfiction

This story follows the adventures of Danny, Jazz Fenton—and Batman.

While on a camping trip with their family, Danny, and Jazz came across Batman, who crashed in the wilderness following up on a lead on a recent case. 

Taking care of the injured hero is the least of their concerns as the Fenton siblings take on an onslaught of ghosts while protecting their parents.

At 30 chapters, this fanfiction has garnered over 201,000 hits, making it a huge fan favorite.

8. Crime, Love, and Ghosts. (And others, Probably)

danny phantom crossover fanfiction

Crime, Love, and Ghosts is the most popular three-way crossover fanfiction in the Danny Phantom crossover world.

It unites the worlds of Danny Phantom, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, and Batman. 

The story starts when Danny finds a fantastic player to teach him to beat Sam in a video game. 

After looking for her assistance, Danny finds out he’s not the only one who’s sought her help. 

And there begins the beautiful friendship of Danny, Damien, and Marinette.

Although it mainly focuses on friendship, this fanfic perfectly combines school life with comedy.

It has 56 chapters and over 160,000 hits, making it extremely popular.

9. Lab Safety

danny phantom crossover fanfiction

In this fanfiction, we follow actual content creators, Tubbo, Tommy, and Ranboo, vloggers who overstepped their boundaries. 

After entering a tunnel, Tubbo instantly felt there was something wrong with it. 

There was a spark in the air and a sudden pressure that he was sure wasn’t there earlier. 

Despite the buzzing within his bones, Tubbo decided to push through with his friends. 

And there, the three friends quickly learned why you should never mess with things in a lab.

This amazing Danny Phantom crossover fanfiction doesn’t have Danny in it. 

Instead, it follows three friends who, let’s say, turned ghastly. 

Although it’s been discontinued and stays dormant at 12 chapters, it’s garnered over 140,000 hits, making it quite popular.

10. And So It Ghost

danny phantom crossover fanfiction

This fanfic follows Danny Fenton, who has been invited to a prestigious Technology Fair in Gotham. 

With an innocent hope of getting into a decent college in mind, Danny never expected the things that went his way the moment he stepped into the city. 

From an attack by a technology-obsessed ghost to a visit from Batman himself—Danny can’t catch a break!

Despite all these, Danny tries to hide his identity while working hard to get a spot at Gotham University. 

Throughout his ventures, Danny meets up and becomes good friends with Tim Drake and Jason Todd. 

It’s an excellent read if you want something thrilling and action-packed while still being lighthearted.

This story is 30 chapters long and has over 145,000 hits.

11. You Look Like You’ve Seen A Ghost

danny phantom crossover fanfiction

This story focuses on Jason, Tim, and Danny’s unusual friendship.

It’s a unique take on Danny Phantom crossovers as it features the POV of the other characters. 

It all begins when Jason and Tim face a demon they fear they can’t defeat without help. 

And there, Jason remembers a friend he met in the Ghost Zone when he died—literally!

Jason decides to take the risk and call upon Danny, who becomes everyone’s problem—including Batman. 

Besides being packed with action, ghosts, demons, and all things awesome, this story is fairly wholesome. 

After all, what’s cuter than Batman resisting the urge to adopt Danny, everyone’s favorite ghost boy? 

This fanfic is a fun read for Danny Phantom and DC Comics enthusiasts. 

Despite only sitting at 12 chapters, it has accumulated over 124,000 hits.

12. In the Eye of the Needle

This is one of the more popular anime x Danny Phantom crossover fanfics to climb the ranks, and for good reason.

This story follows Danny, who travels to a parallel dimension and gets trapped in a quirky world. 

Danny never felt more welcomed in this world filled with strange people with superpowers—just like him! 

And the best part is, everyone’s in high school. 

So, not only can Danny freely roam around in this world, but he also gets to make friends in the process. 

All events take place during the first season of Danny Phantom and season three of My Hero Academia. 

With over 30 chapters and 122,000 hits, this is one fanfic My Hero Academia and Danny Phantom fans can enjoy.

13. I Just Wanna Talk

In this fanfic, Danny is assigned to apprehend John Constantine.

After all, he beat the system of life and death until it no longer touched him. 

Danny considers this situation with this strange British guy one of the weirdest forms of tax fraud he’s ever encountered. 

And he can’t run away from this, since, in this world, Danny is the inter-dimensional personification of the IRS for the undead. 

While searching for Constantine, Danny comes across Barry Allen, Dick Grayson, and the rest of the Bat-family. 

Considering it focuses on Constantine, this story has an interesting take on the whole Danny x Batman subject. 

Despite only having six chapters, this fanfic has garnered over 120,000 hits, making it a huge success.

14. A Little Overshadowing Never Hurt Anyone

Danny gets captured after getting dragged to Gotham City by his parents for a ghost-hunting convention. 

Only he would get stuck in a Fenton Tech Containment device during his first flight out. 

But that’s not even the strangest part!

He finds himself in a cave packed with expensive cars, computers, and… A dinosaur?

On the other end, there’s Tim Drake, staring at the first-ever ghost they captured.

With curiosity at its highest, Tim interrogates the green-eyed ghost when he later realizes he’s been possessed. 

Well, a little overshadowing won’t hurt anyone—right?

This fanfic is 20 chapters long and has over 120,000 hits, making it one of the most popular Danny Phantom crossover stories.

15. Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time

After the tragic deaths of those dear to him, Danny Fenton moves to Happy Harbor for a new life

He wants to avoid Vlad and succumbing to becoming Dan, hoping to attend school and have an everyday teenage life. 

But all these hopes go down the drain when the Young Justice team takes an interest in the young ghost boy. 

This fanfic portrays a character’s uplifting journey from despair to friendship and new-found beginnings for a better future. 

16. A Second Life

In this fanfiction, Danny has trouble remembering who he is, eventually succumbing to amnesia.

Despite the scary situation, Danny decides to live his second life.

Here, we follow him on his journey to his new life as bits and pieces of his memories return to him. 

And he’s not alone in facing all these—he has Bruce Wayne and the rest of the Bat-family to help him.

Not only do they help him find out who he is, but they also help him reconnect with his real family. 

The story ends bittersweetly, captivating the reader’s attention and heart!

17. Ah, Sunflower

In this fanfiction, Danny assumes the role of Danyal Al Ghul, Damian Al Ghul’s older brother. 

Danny fakes his death to give his younger sibling a better life and himself the life he wants. 

Although everything is fine initially, the two siblings slowly start regretting their decisions. 

Danny realizes he never got the life he so desperately wanted, while Damian gets hit by the fact he’ll never see his brother again. 

But both are given a second chance after the bats summon the Ghost King. 

And there, these two sunflowers finally started to grow into what they are meant to be!

The story ends with the two brothers becoming closer than ever when Damian asks Danny to tell him a tale of constellations—bringing everything full circle!

18. Danny Fenton is an Invasive Species

This story follows Danny and his sister, Jazz, and their adventures in an entirely different dimension!

Here, powers are ordinary, and heroes are an everyday sight. 

They live with a grumpy feline-obsessed man and his extroverted partner who goes to a school for superheroes!

Danny is the more excited of the two since he doesn’t need to hide anymore.

And he can hone his powers without distraction. 

School life and powers aside, this story also brings us to the Fenton siblings’ journey to return to their original home. 

That is if they still want to return.

Considering this fanfic is still ongoing, the massive cliffhanger has left readers in a tight spot!

19. BatCat’s Spectre

In this fanfic, we find out that Danny is adopted!

With curiosity at its peak, Danny finds himself in the crime-driven city of Gotham to find his birth mother. 

Once he finds out his mom is a world-famous cat burglar, Danny struggles to keep it a secret from her. 

But Danny doesn’t take long to spill the beans and reveal his birth origins to his mom.

It doesn’t take long for him to fall into another hole of curiosity as his mother hides who his dad is and refuses to tell him. 

This story is part two of another fanfiction: Phantom’s Fables.

20. Dressed for Death

In this last story, John Constantine encounters an injured and very angry Danny Phantom. 

Despite his inner turmoil, Constantine decides to take the kid in and look after him till he recovers. 

He continues looking after Danny even when he is alive and well —figuratively speaking. 

This story is a wholesome take on how it would be if John Constantine adopted a ghost boy.

Danny Phantom Crossover Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this post helps you find some of the best Danny Phantom crossover fanfiction online. 

These 20 are just a tiny glimpse into the fantastic and creative stories exploring different worlds with Danny. 

So you may want to peruse this tag on Ao3 yourself to find your own favorite.

And if you have a story you think we need to add to this list, let us know in the comments below!

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