Fantasy Knight Concept Art (2024 Edition)

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A knight particularly in the context of fantasy typically refers to someone who serves their leader as a mounted soldier in heavy armor. Knights have many different roles and responsibilities, but their main focus is usually on war. Knights are very common in the fantasy genre, especially medieval fantasy, but they are not limited to medieval fantasy. Fantasy knights can be seen in many different genres, and they are typically skilled and highly trained warriors. Keep reading to learn more about a few different fantasy knights. 

Fantasy Knight Woman

The woman in the picture above is a great example of a fantasy knight. It is not common to see women in the role of a knight, but it does happen, and it is usually exciting when it does. This particular knight is holding a weapon in each of her hands, and she may even have more concealed in her armor that we cannot see. The swords that she is holding not only look heavy and powerful, but they also look deadly. It appears that this fantasy knight has great training and many skills.

The armor that this woman wears completely conceals her face. This is a common tool that many knights use who want to remain anonymous in their battles. Perhaps they are fighting for the enemy or perhaps they should not be fighting at all. The full face armor also gives great protection against many different weapons, including magic. The more armor, the better, in most cases. 

This fantasy warrior is wearing a full suit of armor, but it is not a typical tin can-looking suit that we are accustomed to seeing. It is clearly a suit of armor that is custom for this woman. It shows off her figure and it does not conceal the fact that she is a woman. There is much to say about this design choice. This is clearly a woman of confidence and great skill. She is not intimidated by going into battle against men because she knows her own skillset. 

This fantasy knight’s confidence is also clear in the way she carries herself. Her stance is broad and powerful. She is not hiding in a shadow hoping that no one sees her; just the opposite. She is out in the open, ready for battle. This knight wants her opponents to see her and fear her. She clearly knows her worth, and that is certainly an admirable and desirable trait in a fantasy knight. I would personally love to read a novel that features this fantasy knight woman. 

Elf-Man Fantasy Knight Warrior

The image above depicts an elf-man fantasy knight. Though he may not look like a typical elf that we have seen in fantasy media before, he is definitely strong and powerful. Not only is he strong and muscular, but he also holds himself in such a way that we can infer that he knows war very well. He is no stranger to battlefields and death. This is a fantasy knight who has been around the block a time or two, so to speak. 

In contrast to the previous image, we can clearly see this knight’s face. His armor does not protect his face or neck, but that leads us to believe that he doesn’t need armor there. It seems that this fantasy knight is so skilled that he is not concerned about protecting his face. He holds a weapon in one hand, though it is unclear what kind of weapon this is, and we cannot see his other hand to determine if he holds another weapon there. He does appear to have a sword concealed around his waist, and he may have others that we cannot see. 

Much like the woman above, this fantasy knight is wearing a full suit of armor. He is entirely protected and he is prepared for battle. His armor makes it known that he is physically strong. He is clearly a large, muscular man, and his armor only adds to this image. His strength is definitely an asset in battle, and he is most likely larger than most of his opponents. 

Physical strength plays a huge part in fantasy battles, but it is not the only important skill that a knight must have. Fantasy knights must also be mentally strong and prepared to face all sorts of magic. Because this man is an elf, it is likely that he has been exposed to magic throughout his life, and it is possible that he has some sort of skill in magic that will prove useful in battle. This is a knight that I would not want to come face to face with in battle. 

Anonymous Fantasy Knight with Helmet

The final fantasy knight that we see above is an anonymous fantasy knight with a helmet. Unlike the previous two fantasy knights, we don’t know much about this particular knight. There is no indication about who (s)he is or what his or her skills are. There is still a lot to unpack in this image, however. This knight is one who uses their anonymity as a weapon. Because we don’t know who they are, we don’t know what kind of skills they possess or how they will perform in battle. 

The suit of armor that this knight wears is obviously heavy and thick. It was definitely designed for combat and battle situations, and it shows no skin at all. Not only is this fantasy knight wearing thick armor, they also have a helmet that completely conceals their identity. There is no way to see who the knight is underneath this helmet. 

The suit of armor that this fantasy knight is wearing does not give any indication of whether they are a man or a woman, or if they are a non-human creature. For all we know it could be another elf, a witch, or a vampire hiding beneath this armor, making this knight a powerful enemy. They are not someone that you want to battle against, as there is no way to tell who they are or what they are capable of. 


I hope this article has provided you with some cool fantasy knight art that inspires you.

And if you have your own art that you want to be featured in this list or you want us to feature some other fantasy knight, leave a message in the comments below!

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