Sci-Fi Armor Concept Art (2024 Edition)

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The science fiction genre is full of battles, wars, and other conflicts, so it only makes sense that it is also full of various armor. Sci-fi armor comes in many shapes and sizes, and it all functions differently. Some armor is designed for hand-to-hand combat, while other armor is meant for distance or stealth situations. Whatever the situation may be, sci-fi armor is ready for it. The possibilities in the world of sci-fi armor are almost endless. If you’re looking for artistic renditions of sci-fi armor, then check out this post for time-lapse fan art drawings of interesting armor!

Sci-Fi Armor Like Marvel’s The Wasp’s

Marvel fans know that The Wasp has some of the most advanced and detailed armor out there. If you are not familiar with The Wasp and her armor, you will not believe the things it can do. It is an excellent example of sci-fi armor. 

Perhaps the most exciting element of this armor is its flight abilities. This armor has wings giving it the power to fly with the ease of a real wasp. Though we cannot see them in the picture above, just know that they are there, and they are powerful. This sci-fi armor also has many other similarities to a real wasp such as bolts that shoot like stingers. It also has the amazing ability to manipulate The Wasp’s size almost instantly. At a moment’s notice, the suit and its wearer can shrink to the size of an actual wasp. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is. 

This armor has many other unique features such as environmental protection. This feature allows The Wasp to remain dry and breathe underwater. That’s something that even a real wasp cannot do. There are also many other weapons and features included in this armor that make it one of the more interesting in the sci-fi genre. 

As we can see in the art above, this suit is complex and high-tech. Not just anyone can wear this armor. It requires a highly skilled wearer to use all of its features to their greatest ability. The full-body armor gives great protection and it looks stylish as well. The helmet seen in the art above also gives great protection and looks cool too. I would not want to face down someone wearing this armor. 

Sci-Fi Armor with Gun

The next sci-fi armor we are going to look at is the woman in the image above. Her weapon of choice is a gun, and she certainly looks like she knows what she is doing with it. 

This armor is high-tech and very protective. There is not a single part of this woman’s body that is not protected by armor. Even her head and hands have protection on them, indicating that she is ready for battle. Whatever enemy she is about to face is going to have to get creative to break through this powerful armor. 

Although this sci-fi warrior’s weapon of choice is a gun, it’s likely that she has many other weapons concealed in her armor, just waiting for the right time to use them. She has a belt with a few unknown gadgets around her waist, but it’s probably safe to assume that there are at least a few weapons hidden there. 

This woman’s armor completely conceals her identity. A feature that probably comes in handy quite often. Being an anonymous figure in battle has many benefits, one of which is the ability to surprise your enemies. If they don’t know who they are fighting against, it is hard to predict what they are going to do. Anonymity is an important aspect of many good pieces of Sci-Fi armor. I certainly would not want to engage in conflict with someone in this armor. 

Halo-Style Sci-Fi Armor

The final sci-fi armor for us to look at is the Halo-style armor above. If you are unfamiliar with Halo, it is a first-person shooter video game (and recently a TV show too) that follows a man from a group of super soldiers. The main trilogy of games focuses on an interstellar war that has broken out between humanity and a race of aliens. It goes without saying that armor is a very important part of surviving this interstellar war. 

The soldiers who wear this armor have outstanding strength and abilities, so their armor must be even stronger than they are. A super-soldier might as well not wear any armor if it is not going to reflect their strength and abilities. Luckily the armor in the image above was designed to be worn by super soldiers in conflict with aliens. 

This armor is designed to improve the reflexes, agility, speed, and strength of the wearer. It is a tight exoskeleton, meaning that it is useful in situations with toxic fumes, water, and even radiation. This armor is almost impossible to penetrate. The inner layer of this armor features environmental regulation and it keeps the soldiers cool and healthy while wearing it. 

This armor has outstanding technological capabilities, as well. Soldiers can virtually keep track of their weapons and ammunition via the armor’s magnetic holsters and belts. It can carry a huge number of weapons, and the possibilities are nearly endless for soldiers choosing their weapons. The helmet is the most vital part of this armor. Not only does it provide much-needed protection, but it also functions as the command center for all of the armor’s features. It is the home of the AI assistant, as well as filters to keep toxins out of the suit. The helmet also has the ability to provide oxygen to the wearer, should they be in a situation where it is necessary. 


I hope this article has provided you with some cool sci-fi armor art that inspires you.

And if you have your own art that you want to be featured in this list or you want us to feature some other sci-fi armor, leave a message in the comments below!

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