Fantasy Dagger Art (2024 Edition)

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Daggers are a common weapon used in fantasy literature, TV, and movies. They are handy in many situations, and we often see both heroes and villains alike using them to defend and fight. Check out the fantasy dagger art below and find out more about this useful and unique tool. 

Fantasy Dagger Concept Art

The first fantasy dagger on our list is the tool pictured above. As we can see, it has a long blade that is smooth on one side and jagged on the other. The handle of this dagger boasts a dragon. And the blade too features a dragon etched on it. Whoever owns this dagger has a special weapon. 

The dagger in the art above is clearly special. And the owner’s association with dragons is also something that must be important to them, Whoever owns this weapon is likely a skilled and strong warrior. This dagger could be useful in many situations. A brave assassin in ancient China could be walking around with this strapped to them, and no one would have any idea. It is a small weapon, but a powerful one, so it could be used to take down an enemy quickly and quietly before anyone else notices. Plus, the jagged edge likely ensures a cruel and painful wound.

Fantasy Double Dagger

The fantasy dagger art in the image above is an interesting weapon. It’s probably not a typical dagger that you may already be familiar with. This is a dagger with two blades and is unique in many ways. There is not a traditional handle on this dagger. Instead, there are two blades that both point the same direction. The user of this dagger wears it like a cuff around their wrist and always has it at the ready. The top blade of this dagger is slightly curved It is shorter than the bottom blade, but that does not make it any less powerful. The lower blade of this dagger is highly unique. There are many adornments and intricacies that make it unlike most other daggers. 

A knife with a double blade is useful in many situations. It is not a very discreet weapon, and it cannot be concealed very well, so it is best used in combat-type situations. The person who wields this weapon must be a skilled fighter to cause maximum damage with it. Because of the unique nature of this knife, it is not a weapon that anyone could pick up and use; it requires training and a level of skill to use properly. 

Fanart Based on Frodo’s Sword Called Sting from Lord of the Rings

The next fantasy dagger art on our list is a well known weapon based on Frodo’s sword from Lord of the Rings. Sting, as it is known in the books and films, is a powerful tool that Bilbo passes down to Frodo to use on his journey to Mordor. It is an ancient Elvish weapon that proved useful on many occasions to Frodo and others.  Sting is a dagger that is the perfect size to be used by a Hobbit. It is quite small so it does not impede running or traveling, but it is still very powerful. This sword is known to glow blue with flames when Orcs are near it. 

As we know, it is a small weapon that can easily be concealed, so the user of this dagger can hide their weapon with ease and stealth, something that is important in many different situations. 

Wolverine-Like Claws

While perhaps not a traditional weapon, the next fantasy dagger art on our list is one that has many uses. These Wolverine-like claws are quite similar to those we see on The Wolverine in the X-Men comics and films. X-Men’s Wolverine has retractable claws among other mutations, but the weapon pictured above can be used by anyone. These claws are obviously powerful and dangerous. They have three sharp blades that can rip an opponent to shreds in seconds. And they have holes for each finger to fit through. They can be easily worn and don’t require much strength to hold on to. 

These Wolverine claws can come in handy in many situations, but the most useful situation is certainly in battle. The three long blades can harm an opponent with ease, but it does take someone who is a skilled fighter to use them correctly. They are not good for quick stabs, but rather for long slashes designed to cause maximum damage. Because the blades are attached to the hands, the user of these claws must be quick and nimble in combat to hurt their opponent. We know that claws such as the ones above are lethal when used by The Wolverine, and they can be lethal when used by other warriors, as well. 

Dragon Fantasy Dagger

Perhaps the most unique fantasy weapon on our list is the dragon fantasy dagger. As we can see in the picture above, it does not look like a traditional knife in any sense. It has a long, curved blade as well as a curved handle. The blade also has many smaller blades on the edge of it. We know that this weapon could cause some serious damage. The dragon on the handle of this dagger only adds to the intimidating nature of this tool. 

This weapon could come in handy in many situations. The curved handle and blade mean that it may not be a great choice for fighting an enemy from a distance, but it would be a good choice for close hand to hand combat. However, this dagger could certainly come in handy to attack an enemy far away by throwing it an using it in a similar manner to a throwing star. Though the shape is not quite the same, it could certainly cause damage. 


I hope this article has provided you with some interesting information and inspiring fanart of fantasy daggers.

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