Fantasy Warrior Art (2024 Edition)

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If you are looking for a list of fantasy warriors with accompanying art, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at the five powerful fantasy warriors below.

1. Barbarian Fantasy Warrior

Barbarian Fantasy Warrior

The art above depicts the first fantasy warrior on our list; a male barbarian warrior. Historically, many have thought of barbarians as uncultured and uncivilized. Some also call them “savages”. In the Middle Ages, people used the term “barbarian” for those who lived outside of the world’s major civilizations. 

The barbarian above is clearly very strong and powerful. His body reveals various injuries, including arrows stuck in his skin, but he does not seem concerned about it. He has various furs adorning his armor, a common practice for barbarians of the Middle Ages.

The weapons that this fantasy warrior is holding indicate that he has some sort of magical capability. Not only do they look massive and incredibly heavy, they also seem to have magic teeming within them. The mist that is emitting from them is purple and mysterious, and it certainly makes you wonder what sort of power these weapons and this fantasy warrior contain. 

2. Strong Fantasy Warrior

Fantasy Warrior Art

Our next fantasy warrior on our list is the strong and striking woman above. It is apparent that she has been through many struggles and trials. The tear on her cheek indicates the pain and suffering she has seen, but there is something about her that tells us she is strong. The sword that this fantasy warrior is holding has a long blade that looks like it’s made of gold. Not only is this warrior powerful, but her weapon of choice is, too. 

Though we can only see a small portion of this fantasy warrior, she is clearly confident in herself and her abilities. The way that she holds herself is a good indication of the power she has over others. It is unclear if this warrior is a queen or other form of nobility, but she definitely has a commanding presence. You cannot help but stare into her eyes. 

3. Medieval Knight Fantasy Warrior

Medieval Knight Fantasy Warrior Fanart Drawing

Next up is the dominating fantasy warrior above. He draws attention to himself instantly with his appearance, his armor and weapons, and the way he holds himself. It is clear that he is some sort of royalty. He may be a king or a knight, but whatever he is, he is certainly powerful. 

This fantasy warrior is covered head to toe in silver and gold armor. He wields a sword that is nearly his height, and his facial expression makes it clear that he is ready for battle. Though we don’t know much about him, we can guess that he has seen many wars and conflicts. Perhaps he is from the Middle Ages based on his appearance and his armor. Some medieval knights were known for being ruthless and cutthroat. Many had to be strong, not holding back in times of conflicts.

4. Monster Hunter Warrior Concept Art

monster hunter fantasy

The next fantasy warrior on our list of art is the monster hunter warrior above. At first glance, we see that she has several weapons at her disposal. Not only does she have weapons in each hand, but she also has weapons attached to her clothing and around her waist. This is a fantasy warrior who is prepared to fight. She is a monster hunter, so she is obviously prepared to battle monsters and anyone who may get in her way. 

Monster hunters can hunt any “monster” in the fantasy world; they don’t always stick to just one. This means that they could be going after vampires, demons, witches, and so on. Monster hunters are skilled and crafty. They know what they are doing and they will do whatever it takes to get their monster. 

The motivations for monster hunters are various. They could be hunting monsters to kill or capture, they could be seeking financial gain or personal gratification, or a plethora of other things. We don’t know this warrior’s motivations, but I certainly wouldn’t want to have to fight her. She is clearly a woman of strength and power. She is one who will use her weapons and her skills to get what she needs. 

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5. Female Fantasy Warrior Swordsman

The last fantasy warrior on our list is the female swordsman in the art above. She appears to come from the Middle Ages, much like the knight above. She is wearing heavy duty armor and has a sword that is clearly for use in battle. This warrior also looks like she’s holding a helmet under her other arm, another indication that she is preparing for battle. 

The designs on her armor are intricate and the shoulder piece of her armor looks very similar to the wings of a dragon. This is certainly a suit of armor designed for fantasy battles. This warrior is also wearing a necklace, an unusual adornment to a suit of armor. This necklace tells us that this swordsman likely comes from money or nobility. Perhaps she is a high-ranking swordsman who is valuable and treasured in her community. 


I hope this article has provided you with some interesting information and inspiring fanart of fantasy warriors.

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