Dark Fantasy Art (2024 Edition)

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Dark fantasy is known for its chilling and terrifying images. Fear is woven through the pages of dark fantasy novels and other media. If you have come looking for dark fantasy art, you are in the right place. Check out the amazing images below and learn a bit more about them. 

Dark Fantasy Fan Art of a Barrow-Wight from Lord of the Rings

Fans of Lord of the Rings are certainly familiar with many elements of dark fantasy. Though this series is not generally considered “dark fantasy,” (typically high or epic fantasy) it still contains many aspects of dark fantasy such as evil spirits, fear, and hopelessness. The Barrow-wights are one of the darkest elements of this series, and they almost always induce fear in audiences of the series. 

Barrow-wights are dark shape-shifting creatures. Their physical description includes having skeletal hands and haunting eyes. As we can see in the image above, there is something quite terrifying about their appearance. Victims of these wights have spells cast on them, and eventually the wights will kill their victims. Their skeletal hands have a deadly grip and they are able to pull living beings into the land of the dead. 

Though these creatures are very powerful, they have their weaknesses, as well. Barrow-wights fear the sunlight, and their powers diminish the longer they are in the sun. They can also be defeated by powerful incantations. Tom Bombadil’s song is one example of an incantation that can resist a wight. It was his song that saved Frodo and his group. 

The Barrow-wights do not play a large role in the film adaptations of Lord of the Rings, but they make appearances in several different video games as well as the original books, of course. Dark fantasy art often features these creatures due to their haunting and terrifying nature. They are powerful and haunting, making them a great subject for dark fantasy art. 

Ring Wraith from Lord of the Rings

Next up in our list of dark fantasy art is a Ringwraith, again from Lord of the Rings. For a series that is not usually in the dark fantasy genre, it has many dark elements. Ringwraith go by many names, including the Black Riders and The Nine, but the most common is the Nazgûl. Whatever you call them, they are the ring-servants of Sauron. It does not get much darker than these men. They are described as being a shadow underneath Sauron’s great Shadow. 

Physically, these men are haunting and certainly frightening. They are the epitome of dark fantasy and terror. Their hooded shape makes them even more terrifying simply because we cannot see what is beneath it. For all we know, they could be great monsters or skeletons ready to kill. We do know that they could see shapes that are invisible to mortal eyes, and they are the most terrifying at night time. 

These creatures have similarities to the dementors from Harry Potter, which we will discuss below. They are dark and hopeless, stealing all the joy and happiness from around them. This makes them a great fit for the dark fantasy genre. 

Dementor from Harry Potter

Dementors are without a doubt some of the darkest creatures in the world of Harry Potter. In the dark fantasy art above, we see a dementor sucking the soul of a human woman. This act is called the “dementor’s kiss” and it is deadly. Dementors feed on happiness and positivity, thereby sucking the joy out of their victims. The kiss is often lethal, but those who survive can become an empty shell of the person they once were. 

Physically, dementors are large in stature, about 3 meters tall, and they glide in an eerie and ominous way. Their skin is grey and scabby and they have long skeletal fingers. They wear cloaks, and only those who have suffered a dementor’s kiss have seen what is beneath their hood. They have many similarities to the Nazgûl from Lord of the Rings, as well as the grim reaper. 

It is easy to sense when a dementor is near because the air gets cold and humans begin to lose all sense of happiness and joy. There are a few ways to help with the after effects of encountering a dementor, one of which is chocolate.

But the only surefire way to keep a dementor from performing its deadly kiss is to cast a patronus charm. This charm is difficult to perform, but those who are able to cast it successfully create a silver animal who protects them from the dementor. This patronus acts as a shield, keeping the witch or wizard’s happiness and joy protected from the dementor. This is the only reliable method for casting dementors away. The dark fantasy art above reflects the hopelessness brought on by a dementor’s kiss.

Demon Hunter

demon hunter fantasy fanart

Demon hunters are a staple in the dark fantasy genre, and as we can see from the dark fantasy art above, they definitely fit in. These skilled hunters are known for being powerful, strong, and skilled. They use their unique training and skill set to rid the world of demons. Whether they are in books, movies, video games, or other media, one fact remains true: demon hunters are always entertaining. 

The demon hunter in the image above is a woman, something that is uncommon to see in many cases. She has a powerful vibe about her, and it looks like she is ready to capture or kill some demons. Her glowing eyes indicate that she might not be human. It is possible that she has other skills and abilities that aid her in her quest for demons. 

Demon hunters fall into the category of monster hunters, and they are often lumped in with ghost hunters, but the two are quite different. Demon hunters search for the dark and evil spirits that plague their world. They are generally seeking to destroy them or capture them so they don’t case further harm, but their motivations can differ. One thing is for sure: demon hunters are a staple of the dark fantasy genre.


I hope this article has provided you with some cool dark fantasy art that inspires you.

And if you have your own art that you want to be featured in this list or you want us to feature some other dark fantasy, leave a message in the comments below!

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