The 10 Best Squid Game Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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If you are looking for the very best Squid Game fanfiction, you have come to the right place. 

Squid Game is a 2021 South Korean drama series produced by Netflix. 

There is currently only one season available, but more are slated to come. 

This series follows a contest in which 456 players all risk their lives to play deadly children’s games, and win a staggering monetary prize. 

Each of the contestants is in financial trouble to varying degrees, and their lives are at risk in more ways than one. 

The series focuses on Seong Gi-hun, who is in severe gambling debt and attempting to prove that he can care for his daughter. 

Alongside the other contestants, Gi-hun attempts to survive all of the psychological and physical demands of the game in order to win the money. 

This series is the most popular on Netflix, and we can only hope that the coming seasons will also live up to that standard. 

There are many Squid Games fanfiction stories, and this article will look at some of the most popular. 

Keep reading to find out more. 

1. Platonic Yandere Squid Game

The first Squid Game fanfiction that we will look at today is quite popular. 

It has close to 15,000 hits, and that number is growing each day. 

This short story is less than 8,000 words, but it is well worth the read. 

In this story, Hyun Joo is only nine years old, and she has, rather, unfortunately, learned about the squid game. 

Now that she is entered into the game, she must fight to survive. 

It may not be too much of a struggle because it seems that everyone loves her and wants to protect her. 

Unsure about what to do now, Hyun Joo must figure out a way out or a way to win the game and the prize money. 

It should be easy enough for a nine-year-old, right?

2. Anything But Consciousness 

Next up is a Squid Game fanfiction that seems really engaging. 

In this story, some wild secrets are revealed. For instance, Front Man is no longer a mysterious figure; he is Jun-ho’s brother. 

This startling revelation is not one that anyone expected, and it changes the game not only for Jun-ho but for everyone around him as well. 

This is a really interesting story, and it contains a lot of elements of psychological horror. 

It is not a happy story by any means, but it is one worth reading.

3. Stuck Inside the Marble 

Up next is a Squid Game fanfiction that is one of the best. 

It has over 12,000 hits and hundreds of positive comments. 

The author of this story is completely anonymous, but they are clearly a talented and highly skilled writer who has given us a fantastic story to read. 

In this Squid Game fanfiction, In-ho attempts to save his younger brother. 

The only problem is that he does not have any weapons or any means to protect either of them. 

In-ho may not have the best instincts when protecting his younger brother, but he knows he cannot let him out of sight. 

This story is full of tension. 

Each chapter ends on a cliffhanger.

4. Honeycomb 

This Squid Game fanfiction is not one to miss out on. 

In this story, Jun-ho has survived the game with nothing but the clothes on his back. 

All of the evidence he had so carefully been collecting is gone, and he has nothing to show for it. 

After the game ends, Gi-hun collects his massive prize, but he cannot enjoy it.

All he sees are the ghosts of those who were killed. 

When Gi-hun and Jun-ho cross paths after the game, they devise a plan to get to the bottom of the game’s mysteries.

They do not want anyone to suffer the same fate that they have. 

Their collaboration makes all the difference in the world. 

5. Disarm You with a Smile 

Next is a Squid Games fanfiction in which the reader enters the story as a major character. 

The reader is a player in the squid games, and they have decided not to kill anyone. 

They are just going to keep to themselves and try to stay alive. 

That all changes when Gi-hun offers a simple kindness. 

This small gesture may not have meant anything to him, but it means the world to you and makes all the difference in the game. 

This is a captivating story.

6. The Devil You Know 

In this Squid Game fanfiction, we see two brothers reunite in the most unlikely circumstances. 

Jun-ho is preparing to be killed, but instead, his brother reveals himself from behind his mask. 

The two simply stare at each other, unsure what to do next. 

Ultimately, In-ho decides to save his brother, and they return to the island together. 

But what happens next for the two brothers?

You will have to read to find out. 

There are quite a few twists and turns throughout this story that you will not be expecting. 

It is a thrilling story from start to finish.

7. Nonconformist 

This Squid Game fanfiction is an exciting story that is still a work in progress. 

There are currently ten chapters of this story available, but many more are to come. 

In this story, the reader plays an active role. 

We enter the story as a key player in the world, and we get to interact with the characters around us as if we were there. 

There is some mature content in this story, so check out the author’s warnings before proceeding. 

Hawk Minjun has learned the art of keeping someone’s attention, a skill he is quite proud of. 

But when someone new shows up and completely ignores him, he must also find out more about this person and capture their attention. 

This is a fun story that is generally very lighthearted, and it makes for a nice contrast to many of the other stories listed here.

8. Jupiter and Mars 

Up next is a Squid Games fanfiction that completely changes the series’ outcome as we know it. 

In this story, the Front Man interrupts the VIP scene. 

This entrance startles everyone and alters the story’s course from that point. 

There is another huge shift at that moment, as well. 

In-ho offers a hand to Jun-ho, and the two of them form a somewhat unspoken alliance that bonds them together. 

They become stronger than ever, and the two seem unstoppable. 

In-ho demonstrates that he knows how to be a good and protective older brother, even if he still casually kills people. 

This story has a lot of moral ambiguity, and it is fascinating to read. 

9. Second Wind

In this Squid Game fanfiction, we see In-ho in a new role. 

In-ho is determined to change the outcome of the squid game for his little brother. 

He knows the most likely fate for Jun-ho’s game, and he is not willing to let that happen. 

In-ho decides to interfere with Jun-ho’s game without permission and changes everything. 

These changes, however, are mostly positive for Jun-ho. 

This is a very fluffy story with many sweet sibling moments. 

It is only 1,400 words long, so it is a story that you can come back to again and again. 

10. Game Over 

The final Squid Game fanfiction that we will look at today is a story with only 1,000 words. 

It is a very short story, but it is still engaging. 

The author of this story has packed a lot of action and interest into a short story, so it is certainly one worth checking out. 

Be warned, however, that this story does not have a happy ending. 

In this story, In-ho catches Jun-ho. 

But he does not plan on letting his brother go. 

This is not how Jun-ho thought things would go, and it immediately changes his plans. 

It seems that Jun-ho just cannot catch a break. 

This interesting story is short, sweet, and straight to the point.

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