use ai to help you come up with a writing prompt for your fanfiction!

Fanfiction prompt generator faq

Yes! It is free for anyone to use as many times as they would like to use it!

This tool uses artificial intelligence to come up with unique fanfiction prompts. Sometimes it generates nonsense. But other times it can give you a great idea or at least the seed of a great idea for your next fanfiction! Plus, the AI learns from your upvotes and downvotes! So use those features to train the AI to give better prompts!

The most important thing to keep in mind regarding fanfiction prompts is that fanfics are mainly remembered for the quality of their content, not necessarily the prompt. So don’t sweat the prompt too much! Just use the tool to help you find something inspiring, and go from there! 

Popular fanfic prompts include:

  • reimagining the story from a female perspective (if the cannon protagonist is a male) or a male perspective (if the cannon protagonist is a female). 
  • Having the characters of the fandom watch the movie/show/series they are in and react to it, 
  • having the characters text each other in a text thread
  • feature a non-cannon romance (bonus points for enemies-to-lovers like Draco and Hermione)


Use the tool above to get even more ideas of fanfiction prompt ideas!