20 Amazing Resident Evil Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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If you are looking for great Resident Evil fanfiction, this post is for you.

Resident Evil is a Japanese horror-survival shooter game produced by Capcom.

After the major success of the games, multiple Hollywood movies were also made.

So, if you like horror-based shooter games, Resident Evil might be just the thing for you.

There is also a whole world of Resident Evil fanfiction, games, and movies.

But in this post, I will write about some of the most popular Resident Evil fanfiction according to hits received on Archive Of Our Own.

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1. Et Sanguinem Innocentem

In this story, we see a few characters we know from the game and an original male character.

As with Resident Evil, this story is a horror story with werewolves, vampires, and more.

When a new man arrives in town, strange forces seem to take over the place.

The Lady of the Castle tries everything to get him into her clutches.

And it is taking all his strength to free himself from her.

This is a dark and fascinating story that goes completely off-canon.

There are 35 chapters in total, and it has over 44,000 hits.

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2. Paint Me Like One of Them Dead Girls

This is another story where the reader plays a part and interacts mainly with Leon S. Kennedy.

It is September 1998, and you, the reader, are nineteen years old and living in Racoon City.

But then all hell breaks loose, and you are running from mutated, inhuman monsters, trying your best to survive while these monsters keep tracking you down.

With the help of Leon S. Kennedy, you somehow manage to survive long enough to come across something even worse.

This story is part 1 of the “Alphabet virus” series.

3. Fell by the Wayside

In this Resident Evil fanfiction, your journey has culminated in one ultimate goal for the past five years: revealing the truth. 

Regardless of obstacles, attempts to instill fear, or emotional attachments, none could outweigh the importance of those you hold dear.

And in this instance, it comes in the form of a man called Leon Kennedy.

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4. The Bride

Guess what? Lady Dimitrescu has a real daughter, and it’s none other than you  the reader!

But hold onto your hats because here’s the twist: she “saved” you from a nasty blood disease, just like how she got turned herself. 

The catch?

You were okay with biting the dust, so needless to say, you’re not exactly thrilled about the whole ordeal.

Raised with a disdain for men, you find an unexpected ally in Heisenberg. 

Because he, like you, didn’t sign up for this whole transformation gig. 

Against all odds, you start bonding, much to Mommy dearest’s dismay.

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5. This Crystal is Not for Display

This is another story where the reader plays a part in it and interacts with Alcina Dimitrescu.

When an anonymous package arrives, you, the reader, work as the director at a museum.

When you check the crate, your eye falls on a female-shaped crystal.

But this, of course, is no ordinary crystal.

And once you take it out, you are dragged into a crazy world you have never seen before.

This story is slightly different from the others on this list, with less horror and gore.

But it still has a real Resident Evil feel to it.

6. We’ll Survive Together

This story follows the Resident Evil 2 remake, especially Leon Route B.

It is another story where the reader is the main character.

You, the reader, are injured and completely alone in the Raccoon City Police Department.

That is where Leon finds you.

With another rookie police officer, you try to escape the city because the mutants are spreading quickly.

This fanfic shows the power of friendships and how important it is to trust in someone.

The story is part 1 of the “Shoot ‘Em in The Head” series, so read the rest if you enjoy this one.

7. The Siren’s Curse

This story follows canon before the events from the first game.

The reader is yet again the main character.

In the small town where you live and work, people are under the heavy influence of Mother Miranda.

Life is mostly the same and uninteresting until, one day, the Duke walks into the tavern.

He warns you about your uncle and Mother Miranda’s influence on him.

And you decide to go find your uncle.

8. A Lesser Woman

This story occurs in an alternate world where Ethan never killed Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters.

And because of these actions or lack thereof, make for a whole new path in the story.

Alcina never found out Rose was brutally murdered, so her actions and choices aren’t influenced by revenge.

This story has many what-ifs and changes to the canon but in a very good way.

It is a slow burn that is very dialogue-driven.

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9. Something Wicked

When Alcina Dimitrescu sees a pack of Lycans run through the woods, she knows something bad is about to happen.

So she tracks them down, only to find a massive slaughter with dead people everywhere.

But amidst the dead are a man and a small baby, barely alive still.

Alcina does not doubt that she has to save them both, so she takes them with her.

Only this is just the start of a lot of trouble coming her way.

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10. On The Rocks

In this story, the reader plays a part and interacts with the main characters.

The reader is working in a bar in one of the biggest cities in Romania, not because the work is so much fun, but because there are bills to be paid.

But Karl Heisenberg shows up at the bar and clarifies that he isn’t planning to go anywhere soon.

This brings complications into the reader’s life, but nothing they can’t handle.

The story is part 1 in the “On the Rocks” series, so check out the rest if you enjoyed this.

11. An Impartial Judge

In a shocking turn of events aimed at fostering international magical cooperation, an unexpected outsider takes on the role of impartial judge for the prestigious Triwizard Tournament.

It’s none other than Lady Dimitrescu. 

As she settles into Hogwarts for the school year, the world has turned topsy-turvy. 

Surprisingly, Harry Potter finds himself unexpectedly advantaged by this unforeseen development, setting the stage for a year filled with unexpected twists and turns in the magical realm.

12. Reason

The next Resident Evil fanfiction follows you, the reader.

Living on the outskirts of a quaint village, you and your father get drawn into the modern-day world’s mystical intrigue when the deity Mother Miranda offers you an apprenticeship at her son’s factory. 

Under the guidance of the formidable Lord Heisenberg, you begin your journey as an engineer at fourteen. 

Your transformation into a capable woman shapes your destiny as the years pass. 

It alters the dynamic between you and the mighty lord, leading to unforeseen consequences in this captivating tale of ambition and destiny.

13. The Agent Next Door

Emma has just moved into her new apartment and met her neighbor, Chris Redfield.

He is a bit of a reclusive man and is rarely actually around.

But Emma wants to get to know him better because something is interesting about him.

This isn’t always for the best because some people may not be how they seem at first glance.

There is a minimal amount of gore in this story, making it one of the more mild Resident Evil stories.

It is more of a slow-burn romance story that touches on the hurt themes.

Although it’s a nice story, it’s not for the Resident Evil fans who love horror and gore.

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14. Dressed in Blue

If you’re a fan of Leon S Kennedy, you’ll adore this Resident Evil fanfiction. 

After all, it revolves around you and him.

In a gripping AU, seeking justice for your sister’s murder leads you down a dangerous path: enrolling in Raccoon City’s police academy. 

But here’s the kicker  the only way to gain entry is by disguising yourself as a man. 

Set before the harrowing events of RE1, this adrenaline-fueled narrative follows your daring quest for truth and vengeance.

15. Unexpected Company (Though Not Rejected)

Amidst the chaos of battling mutated horrors in the Romanian mountains to save his daughter, Ethan Winters finds himself unexpectedly saddled with an eleven-year-old boy, Gregory, who seems entirely out of place. 

Despite the added challenge, Ethan sees it as a valuable practice for fatherhood, especially with Rose growing up fast. 

In this unlikely crossover between FNAF Security Breach and RE Village, Ethan’s journey takes a surprising turn as he becomes an unconventional father figure to Gregory.

And he does this all while navigating through danger and uncertainty with an unexpected companion by his side.

16. I’ve Always Been Yours

In the next Resident Evil fanfiction, we trace the intertwining paths of Claire and Leon from their fateful encounter in Raccoon City to the realization of their destined love. 

The initial part of the tale delves into what might have transpired had they been able to remain together amidst the chaos of Raccoon City. 

As the story unfolds, we witness pivotal moments in their lives, each scene building upon their burgeoning connection until it blossoms into a profound and undeniable romance. 

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17. Leon S. Kennedy x Reader

Witness a thrilling series of short story escapades starring you alongside the legendary agent, Leon S. Kennedy. 

From heart-pounding encounters with bio-organic horrors to daring rescues and mysterious investigations, each tale promises adrenaline-pumping action and unexpected twists. 

Join forces with Leon as you traverse through danger-filled landscapes, forging an unbreakable bond in the face of peril. 

Get ready to dive headfirst into a world of adventure, where every moment brings new challenges and exhilarating experiences.

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18. His Obsession

The next Resident Evil fanfiction thrusts you — the reader — into the heart of the RE universe, a decade before the infamous Raccoon City virus outbreak. 

As you strive to survive and make sense of this unfamiliar landscape, you cross paths with iconic characters from the franchise, adding an extra layer of excitement to your journey. 

This story is a fun read if you’re looking for an immersive experience.

19. Gone Hunting

Prepare for an epic rewrite of the Resident Evil 7 and 8 storyline. 

Mia gets sidelined, and our beloved ex-cop, Leon S. Kennedy, swoops in to aid the hapless engineer, Ethan, as he battles through a nightmare of unimaginable horrors. 

Along the way, Ethan forms an unlikely friendship with Leon, who becomes his steadfast ally in the fight against the sinister forces lurking in the shadows. 

With the help of Chris and Claire Redfield, Ethan’s journey takes on new dimensions as they band together to ensure his survival and uncover the truth behind the terrifying events unfolding around them.

20. The Beauty of the Grotesque

In this story, we see Salvatore Moreau feeling very lonely.

To help him, Mother Miranda gifts him his very own human to play with.

The girl was meant to become a new Maiden blood, but Moreau wants to keep her for himself.

Then, the lines between love and obsession become a bit unclear.

Resident Evil Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Resident Evil fanfiction!

These are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there.

So you may want to look at the other fanfics with this tag and find your own favorite among them.

If you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to read more top fanfiction posts on this blog, then check out:

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