10 Popular Star Wars Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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There are some truly amazing Star Wars fanfiction stories out there, and we have some of the most popular ones listed below. 

So if you are not part of the Star Wars fandom, it may be time to join. 

This universe was created in the 1970s, but it has remained popular and even grown in popularity over the last 50 years.

What started with a simple film trilogy has grown into many movies, tv shows, books, and other media, including fanfiction. 

Because of the sheer size of the Star Wars galaxy, there are countless planets, characters, and battles for authors of fanfiction to draw from. 

Keep reading to find out more. 

1. Of Queens, Knights, and Pawns

This first Star Wars fanfiction has over 380,000 hits and thousands of raving comments. 

It is the most popular story in the genre for a reason. 

The main focus of this story is Leia and Darth Vader. 

The entire Skywalker family plays a role in this story, and there are a lot of interesting family dynamics at work throughout. 

This story takes Leia’s consciousness from The Force Awakens and puts it back in her body from A New Hope. 

This means that Leia already knows the truth about her father, as well as the fate of her son. 

She is forced to make some quick decisions about how to handle this information and how to change the future into what she wants it to be. 

As you may expect, there is a lot of struggle and hardship facing Leia and her big decisions, and it is hard to see her in this situation. 

It is, however, a very engaging and well-written story that is not to be missed. 

2. Old Man Luke

In this Star Wars fanfiction, we see an alternate universe in which Luke is an old man who meets Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

Though we see Luke as an older man in The Last Jedi and later movies, this story was written prior to the release of those movies, so it does not adhere to any of that storyline. 

Though it is not compliant with what we know happens to Luke as an older man, it is fun to see another perspective.

It is a great “what could have been” story. 

There are appearances from many great characters that we know and love.

The author of this story is an expert at writing each of these characters as if we were actually watching them on screen.

They are true to their original characterization, but they are also given unique and dynamic personalities and storylines that give us a great new perspective. 

Check out this story if you want to see what may have happened to old man Luke. 

3. Supreme Chancellor Obi-Wan Kenobi 

As you may have guessed from the title of this story, the focus character in this fanfiction is Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

In this alternate universe, all members of the Jedi High Council are eligible to be voted in as chancellor. 

Obi-Wan becomes the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. 

With Palpatine out of the way, the direction of the Galaxy is changed forever. 

The concept for this story is so fun and unique, and it gives each character a new life and new meaning. 

It completely changes the franchise as we know it, and it is a delight to read. 

There is good reason why this story has nearly 350,000 hits. 

It is one of the more popular Star Wars fanfictions out there. 

4. A Reylo Fic

Perhaps the most popular “ship” in recent history is of Rey and Kylo Ren

These two characters have so much in common, but at the same time, they could not be more different. 

This story, however, is probably not what you are expecting. 

This story has only 12 words, making it a brief read if you can even call it a story. 

You may be expecting a love story between these two characters, but you will not find it here. 

Check out this story if you are looking for a quick laugh. 

5. Back from the Future: Episode VI The Clone Wars

In contrast to the previous story, this is a lengthy piece of writing with over 108,000 words. 

There are some interesting family dynamics at play in this story. 

We get to see many different relationships from various points in the Star Wars timeline. 

These relationships are mostly familial, but there are also some friendships and romances at work here, too. 

In this alternate universe, Luke and Darth Vader travel back in time to the Clone Wars era. 

They embark on some incredible adventures, and the universe plays out in a much different way than what we have seen before. 

If you are a fan of time travel stories, this is a great one to dive into. 

The author does a great job of keeping timelines straight, and though there is a lot of information to remember, it never gets confusing or overwhelming. 

There is so much action and adventure in this story that you will feel like you are watching your new favorite Star Wars movie. 

6. Ib’tuur Jatne Tuur Ash’ad Kyr’amur

Star Wars fanfiction fanart

This is another time travel fanfiction, but it is completely different from the previous story. 

In this Star Wars fanfiction, we get to read from multiple points of view, which adds a lot of depth to the story. 

It makes for some fun dynamics between characters that we would not have otherwise gotten. 

The most interesting part of this time travel story is that we get the perspectives of just about everyone involved, except for the time travelers themselves. 

This is a really unique take on the time travel trope, giving the story a very interesting feel. 

In this story, just about everything is different from the way we know it. 

Anakin knows he is loved. 

Everyone is grateful for Obi-Wan.

And a master and his Padawan are reunited. 

It is a feel-good story, for the most part, but it does have its moments of darkness.

It is not a story that you should overlook. 

7. Dominoes 

Next up is a story that takes place largely during the Clone Wars era. 

Just about all of our favorite clones play a role in this story, as well as some lesser-known clones. 

This is yet another story that deals with time travel and familial relationships, but it presents these storylines in a much different way than we have seen previously. 

The premise of this story takes place when the Domino squad comes to realize that they are all dead. 

Somehow they all remember taking their final test, but now it appears that they have been sent back in the past and they are hours away from taking their test. 

The time travel element of this story is a lot of fun, and the author plays with it in very unexpected ways. 

If you are a fan of the Clone Wars, you won’t want to miss this story. 

8. World in My Eyes

If you have been waiting all this time for a true Reylo story, here it is!

This mature Star Wars fanfiction will satisfy everything you are looking for in a story about Rey and Kylo Ren. 

There are quite a few adult scenes and topics, so read at your own risk. 

This story takes place after the events that we see in The Last Jedi

The bond has been formed between Rey and Kylo Ren, and we get to see how this bond plays out. 

Trust me when I tell you that this story takes a much different route than any of the films do. 

This story is mostly explicit romance, but there is also a small amount of content that is similar to what we know and love about Star Wars. 

A very small amount. 

If you have been waiting for Rey and Kylo Ren to finally get together, wait no longer. 

9. Deliver Us

This story is one of the more popular Star Wars fanfics that takes place at the same time as the prequel films.

We get to see some characters that we haven’t yet, such as Anakin Skywalker, Padme, and Jango Fett, among others. 

We also get to see many of the clones, as well as characters from The Mandalorian. 

Though this story is already nearly 250,000 words long, the author is still updating it regularly, so you have plenty of content to look forward to. 

In this story, Jango is faced with a huge decision. 

He can save five of his clones if he is willing to entrust them to the Jedi. 

He has no idea that his decisions will change the shape of the galaxy and the outcomes of millions of people. 

This is a really well-written and fun story that will have you hooked in the first chapter. 

10. Powerless

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Rey and Kylo Ren had a baby together? 

Well, in this Star Wars fanfiction, you can find out. 

This is another romance between these two characters, though this one is a bit more dramatic and has a bit more plot than some of the others.

Many characters from The Last Jedi make appearances in this story including Rose, Poe, and Leia. 

There is a lot of pain and suffering for Kylo Ren in this story, and it only gets worse and worse as the story goes on. 

This story is a good combination of romance and plot, so it is a great place to start if you want a Reylo story that also has a bit of substance to it. 

Star Wars Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some popular Star Wars fanfics to read!

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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