The Top 20 High School DxD Fanfiction Stories (2024 Edition)

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If you are looking for some of the best High School DxD fanfiction, you have come to the right place. 

High School DxD is a popular Japanese light novel series that has also been adapted into a manga series, as well as an anime series. 

This series follows the life of Ichiei Ishibumi and his high school experiences. 

If you are unfamiliar with this series, it contains mature content, and the fanfiction is no different. 

In this article, we will look at a few of the most popular High School DxD fanfiction stories by the number of hits on AO3, but we will only discuss the more tame stories. 

That does not mean, however, that they are appropriate for younger audiences. 

These stories contain plenty of adult content, so read at your own risk. 

Each story contains content warnings, so look at them to decide for yourself if this is content you are interested in. 

Fanfiction for High School DxD is always full of fun stories and surprises. 

Keep reading to find out more. 

1. Hero Academia DxD

The first High School DxD fanfiction that we will look at today is the most popular in this article. 

It is a story with over 250,000 hits that keeps climbing daily.

The hundreds of comments on this story all rave about the author and their writing ability. 

They have created a fascinating story that will have you hooked in the first chapter. 

In a world where most of the population holds a superpower called a ‘Quirk,’ Midoriya Izuku stands out.

Yes, he’s Quirkless.

However, that doesn’t stop this crime fighter from helping those in need.

No amount of bullying or scorn will stop him from saving people with a smile.

Still, being an outcast is hard on Izuku.

But everything changes when he meets a young woman.

He gets killed, but the plot twist? His adventure is just beginning!

After being revived by Rias Gremory, Izuku now serves as her devil, dealing with villains from all realms—human and supernatural!

This story is full of suspense, action, and romance, intertwining the world of high school DXD and My Hero Academia.

2. Fate DxD AU

This fanfiction intertwines the world of Fate/Grand Order and Highschool DXD. 

It revolves around the misadventures of Ritsuka Fujimaru and his blossoming romance with everyone.

The story begins when Chaldea sends the last master of humanity, Fijumaru, to hunt a corrupted grail. 

All is well until a certain Rizevim Livan Lucifer makes a mistake, sending the sole master to a strange parallel world.

Despite the sudden shift, Fujimaru has Illya of the magical girl world ready to protect their master.

Even when all alone, his determination hasn’t dwindled to travel forth, find the corrupted grail, and return to Chaldea.

With over 180,000 hits, this has quickly become a fan favorite.

3. The Sleeping Dragon!

In this popular fanfic, Issei awakens the Red Dragon Emperor at an early age. 

Seeing this, Ddraig takes the opportunity to make his latest wielder one of the best—or at least one to remember.

With his dormant power rising, Ddraig takes complete advantage of the following years, making Issei the top dog at Kuoh Academy. 

But despite this, the girls at school can’t seem to resist our intimidating protagonist. 

With over 220,000 hits, this story has become a cult classic in the fandom.

4. The Gamer’s Guide to Freedom

This is a very dark story with a somewhat evil main character. 

It deals with death, necromancy, and gaming, all of which come together in an interesting way. 

This story has nearly 200,000 words, so it is somewhat of a commitment to get through, but it is worth it. 

You will find a unique story through all the darkness and depressing situations. 

It is very different from the world of High School DxD that we are familiar with, but it is worth checking out. 

5. Fighting Spirit

This High School DxD fanfiction story includes some original characters and many characters that we already know and love. 

This story revolves around a girl born with memories from her past life. 

This proves to be both a blessing and a curse as she navigates the world with this extensive knowledge. 

This story involves a lot of musings about the afterlife, including heaven and hell, as well as reincarnation. 

It is a unique take on High School DxD and how it deals with death and dying. 

This story contains plenty of mature content, so check out the warnings before diving in. 

It is 52 chapters long, but the author regularly updates it. 

You can begin this story knowing that plenty of content is still coming for you to enjoy. 

6. High School DxD: Inheritor of Malevolence

In this fanfic, we follow Ryuugamine Takeshi in the biggest hurdle in his life yet—high school. 

With his forbidden power sleeping and countless girls pursuing him, Takeshi’s first year in high school is anything but ordinary.

Although this AU story focuses more on adventure and action, it also features eventual romance.

It’s an excellent read for those interested in the AUs of High School DXD. 

With over 30,000 hits and 46 chapters, you’re in for a treat!

7. May the Best Girl Win

In this fanfiction, Sona Sitri and Serafall Leviathan compete to win over Hyoudou Issei.

Sona makes a bet involving her share of control over Kuoh Academy to overthrow Rias.

Surprisingly, Rias agrees to her demands.

Determine, Sona wanted to win this bet no matter what—right?

With only one chapter, this story has an impressive 29,000 hits.

8. High School DxD: The Tale of the Gusty Sekiryuutei!

Next is another unique High School DxD fanfiction you won’t want to put down. 

The author of this story has created a few of their original characters to interact with the characters we know and love. 

One of these original characters is the main character, Michael. 

This story is essentially a retelling of High School DxD but with a new main character and some interesting new twists. 

Michael is a teenage orphan who tends to blend in with the background. 

He has no unique talents or abilities or exciting features or qualities. 

Fortunately for him, his life takes a 360 turn, throwing him into a new world. 

This is a fun story that is incredibly lengthy, so there is plenty of content to enjoy. 

9. High School DxD: Into The Multiverse

After becoming a pure-blooded dragon, Issei Hyoudou strives to live a normal life. 

But of course, his life is anything but ordinary as evil forces and some Primordial gods wish for his demise. 

After leaving Rias’ peerage, training, going to war, and facing magical, supernatural phenomena, Issei’s life has become chaotic.

Although it features many romances, the main pairing of this fanfic is Issei x Raynare.

It mainly focuses on Highschool DXD, but it also has minor crossovers with video games like God of War and other anime like Akame ga Kill. 

(If this crossover sounds interesting, you may want to check out our Akame ga Kill fanfic post!)

10. Issei Hyoudou and the Game of the Year

This story starts with the transmigration of our main protagonist. 

One day, Jin wakes up in the body of Issei Hyoudou. 

He knows nothing except that he’s in a strange alternate High School DXD world.

Everything he thought he knew of the anime is—very different.

And his canon knowledge might be useless. 

Here, he’ll have to discover the strange world one step at a time as a brand new Issei Hyoudou.

Despite being dormant at six chapters, this fanfic has garnered over 20,000 hits. 

11. High School DxD: Red Dragon’s Journey

Fans of High School DxD know that this series deals with death in some novel ways. 

There are angels, demons, reincarnations, and much more throughout the series, and that is no different in this High School DxD fanfiction. 

This story opens with the death of the main character. 

If you think that sounds familiar, you are correct. 

This fanfiction retells the original series, but the main character is a girl this time. 

After her death, she is on a mission to become a queen. 

This entertaining story gives new life to the one we already know and love. 

12. High School: DXD: Red Dragon’s Journey

In this story, Issei Hyoudou turns into a girl while Rias and the rest of the crew remain as girls. 

But one thing that hasn’t changed in this High School DXD AU is that Issei’s still out to create the greatest life ever.

Join her as she conquers Kuoh Academy and its main girls.

Despite only having five chapters, this fanfic has garnered over 18,000 hits!

13. Winds of Change (DxD)

In this story, we join another transmigrator who finds himself in the world of High School DXD. 

Our protagonist navigates the strange new world with nothing but his perseverance while gaining bits and pieces of memories of his past life.

Follow Jin as he lives his second life, saving the world and gaining many lovers.

This story does an excellent job of letting you see each major character’s POV. 

And though the romance is slow, its pacing is enough to keep you on your feet. 

14. High School DXD: Stud Dragon Emperor

Despite having a husband and two kids, Venelana Gremory can’t help but feel lonely. 

But all that will change after saving a young boy from fallen angels. 

Little did she know she was about to set a whole world of chaos into the world—and to her. 

Most High School DXD fanfictions revolve around Rias Gremory and those at Kuoh Academy. 

This story stands out as it focuses on Rias’s mother, Venelana.

15. Crimson Phenex – Part One

Next up on our journey through High School DxD fanfiction is a story with over 11,000 hits. 

It is a very popular one, and it is a bit different from some of the others we have seen. 

In this story, we glimpse a girl from the Underworld. 

She has come to live in Japan due to her fascination with human culture. 

Unfortunately, she is forced into an unwanted arranged marriage that threatens to thwart her plans for her life. 

Throughout the 13 chapters of this story, we get to see how she deals with her new life, as well as how she deals with her new partner. 

This story has romance, conflict, and plenty of drama, incorporating many elements that we know and love with High School DxD.

Don’t miss out on this unique and engaging story. 

16. The Gremory Way

This story is another High School DxD fanfiction that deals with Riser and Rias. 

The two are just moments away from marriage but still at odds. 

Riser comes up with a plan to make Rias fall for him. 

This plan deals with a Gremory family secret, and Rias is no longer in control.

This short story is less than 10,000 words, but its hits indicate it is just as popular as many longer stories. 

Though it is short, this story is full of exciting twists and turns, as well as a bit of mystery. 

17. Of Metampsychosis and Paranoia

This High School DxD fanfiction is another story that involves original characters created by the author. 

Don’t worry, though—there are still plenty of characters that we know and love from the original series to read about. 

The author has added some fascinating elements to this story by incorporating original characters, so it is not a story to skip out on. 

With over 10,000 hits and counting, this is a famous story. 

As we have come to expect, demons are heavily featured in this story. 

The author dives into some of the lore and background of these demons, which is fun to read. 

It is not something that we often see in fanfiction. 

18. High School DxD: G8 Drabble Series

Next up is another High School DxD fanfiction that features a female Issei. 

She has countless male suitors, as well as a few female suitors. 

It differs from the typical storyline because the girl gets all the guys she wants. 

This story has 43 chapters, each filled with suggestive content, so it is a story for mature readers. 

However, this is an excellent choice if you want something generally lighthearted and fun to read. 

19. High School DxD: Rise of the Solar God

The following High School DxD fanfiction we will examine takes place in an alternate universe. 

The author has done a great job of transporting us to this new world while remaining true to the characters we have come to know so well. 

This story overlooks a few other worlds, including Dragon Ball Z and Bleach

Adding these worlds has only positively contributed to the story and its depth. 

There are also many Japanese and Greek mythology references throughout this lengthy story. 

In the universe where this story takes place, Issei’s life takes a different path than what we are familiar with. 

His destiny is determined for him, and he embarks on a new journey that we have not seen before. 

This is a fascinating story, unlike any other on this list. 

20. Temptation

The final fic is a quick read with just over 6,000 words, but it has nearly 8,000 hits, making it a reasonably popular fanfic. 

In this story, we see Rias out hunting for a Fallen Angel. 

While on this epic journey, she meets a man who changes her perspective on life. 

She begins rethinking some of her life choices and how she lives. 

And she realizes that she must keep this mysterious man from Issei and the rest of their group. 

This is a fun story that will have you on the edge of your seat. 

It may be short—but it’s jam-packed with mystery, suspense, and intrigue. 

High School DxD Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great High School DxD fanfiction to read!

These 20 are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there.

So be sure to look and find your favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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