10 Werewolf Harry Potter Fanfictions with Lots of Plot to Read in 2024

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I was never into paranormal romance, but I love a good werewolf Harry Potter fanfiction.

Superhuman strength, chronic illness, and lots of scars make for built-in tragedy.

Those traits are great for romances, but they’re also interesting to explore in other genres.

Harry Potter‘s werewolves are especially suited to angst and hurt/comfort.

Why, you may ask?

One: Werewolves are, more or less, chronically ill.

In the days leading up to the full moon, they show flu-like symptoms.

And, after the full moon, they spend a day exhausted from the transformation.

Many end up wounded during the transformations – either from fights or self-inflicted.

This takes a toll over time, causing werewolves to age prematurely.

And, since there is no cure for the condition, there’s no way to get out of it.

Two: werewolves are often portrayed as non-humans.

It’s obvious that they aren’t human during the full moon, when the human mind and body give way to a lupine, killing machine.

But even apart from the full moon, werewolves are distinct.

Superhuman abilities often set werewolves apart from their old friends and family.

This makes them outsiders as soon as they are infected with lycanthropy.

…Which leads to the last reason why werewolves are so good for angst stories.

Three: werewolves in the Harry Potter universe are outcasts.

Most people are terrified of werewolves and their contagious bite.

The Ministry of Magic has many restrictions and laws that make werewolves’ lives hard.

Because of this, many werewolves struggle to hold down a job and instead choose to live in packs.

Public attitude toward werewolves is so negative that Lupin pre-emptively resigns from Hogwarts.

If life is so difficult for the average werewolf, imagine the outcry if the Boy-Who-Lived was one.

That’s what I’m here for.

Though they’re fine, I’m ignoring the piles of steamy werewolf romances available online.

Instead, I’ve compiled a list of popular fics that focus on the changes lycanthropy has on Harry’s life (romantic and otherwise).

1. The Luna Witch and Her Major

werewolf harry potter

It isn’t surprising that the top fanfiction in this list is a Twilight crossover.

This story isn’t focused on Edward and Bella, though.

Instead, it features a female Harry Potter (named Camilla) who was turned by Lupin in third year.

Sick of discrimination against dark creatures, Camilla moves to the setting of Twilight.

There, she encounters her mate, the vampiric Major Whitlock.

Most people reject Camilla, so she expects the Major to be the same.

But perhaps two monsters together can find love?

This fic is complete at just over fifty thousand words and twenty chapters.

2. The Wolves Series

This is one of the most popular werewolf Harry Potter series out there.

The first fic, Howling at the Moon, is essentially a prequel, and follows Harry before Hogwarts.

Harry gets attacked by a werewolf as a child, which leads to the revelation that he’s a wizard far sooner.

The series boasts five fics so far and is currently in Harry’s fourth year.

Harry also uses his gift of Parseltongue in this series, winding up in Slytherin.

How will a werewolf fare in the house full of blood purists?

3. We’re Trying to Belong

werewolf harry potter

This fic will interest fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

Harry discovers that he is a werewolf at the end of his fifth year, and with it, finds out that he is not actually a Potter.

Harry follows the call of the pack all the way to America.

There, he finds his real father: the werewolf Klaus Mikaelson.

Klaus didn’t even realize he had a son.

Now Klaus must decide: will he be a father to Harry, or use Harry as a weapon?

Meanwhile, Harry struggles to adapt to a world where he may not be on the right side.

Can Harry reconcile the father he’s coming to love with the monstrous stories he’s hearing?

I’m really excited about the promise of this story; the only downside is that it isn’t yet complete.

4. The Werewolves In… Series

Harry is attacked by a werewolf in the summer before his fifth year.

And, like everything else in his life, his lycanthropy isn’t normal.

Harry’s wolf, Albion, is surprisingly sentient and willing to give advice.

But at what cost does cooperation with the monster come?

Harry will need the support of those around him to survive his latest trial.

Thankfully, Harry already knows a couple of Marauders experienced with werewolves.

And there’s one benefit of the curse: Harry and Hermione are closer than ever.

I’ve been following this series almost since the beginning and have really enjoyed it.

The series is in its third installment and has over 200k words so far.

It isn’t complete, but the author updates regularly.

5. The Wolf Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over the Bleating of Sheep

werewolf harry potter

When Harry Potter and Hermione use the time turner to rescue Sirius, they are both bitten by Remus.

Neither of them is particularly happy about this.

The new lycanthropy, or the fact that they failed to save Sirius.

But the two muggle-raised werewolves need magical allies.

That means that they must reluctantly place their trust in the same werewolf who turned them.

This is a story about two teenagers growing up too soon because of tragedy.

They must learn who to trust, and how to preserve their own independence.

A guilt-ridden Remus tries his best to help them.

The fic is in-progress with just over twenty-thousand words.

6. Alpha of Alphas

werewolf harry potter

If you’re looking for something dark and intense, this fic may be for you.

Harry, the Master of Death, gets bitten by a werewolf.

This has unforeseen consequences.

Two werewolf gods inform him that they’ve chosen him as their “Alpha of Alphas.”

Harry had thought he was done with being the chosen-anything.

And as the cherry on top, Harry’s brand-new instincts go wild when he sees Hermione.

No amount of power, it seems, can save him from being awkward.

This fic is still being updated, and is almost complete at over twenty-thousand words.

As a heads-up, the story is explicit.

7. We, the wild ones

werewolf harry potter

Harry Potter is turned into a werewolf after just one year of Hogwarts.

Not only does the change make him stronger and faster, but it gives him cynicism and a wild side no one expected.

This fic also deals with pack dynamics and Parseltongue.

And, for fans of POC Harry, this Harry is Mexican.

The story is incomplete with little over ten thousand words.

8. What’s Left of the Living

Ten-year-old Harry gets locked out of the Dursleys’ for the night.

This isn’t so unusual.

The werewolf, though? That was.

Remus wakes from his nine-year stupor and realizes he must make amends.

Harry, still a child, needs someone to guide him through his lycanthropy.

More than that, though, he just needs someone to care.

This is a very well-written story still being updated, with over thirty-thousand words.

There is also a spin-off story hinting at the future of the series, were you so afraid.

9. Wolfblood

Fans of A Song of Ice and Fire should feel right at home in this fic featuring Robb Stark.

After defeating Voldemort and being turned, a female Harry finds herself in Westeros.

The wizarding world couldn’t accept their savior thanks to her curse.

This new world doesn’t seem to mind.

And Robb, the King of the North bonded to a direwolf, seems to love her for it.

Is this life the freedom Harry has always wanted?

10. We’re All Monsters (Living in a Dream)

Fifth year is for OWLS, most at Hogwarts say.

Fifth year is the year to prepare for war, says Harry.

The werewolf that encounters Harry over the summer, though, wasn’t in anyone’s predictions.

Full moon transformations, OWLS, a brewing war, and… a custody battle?

Perhaps it’s the year for unexpected things.

This is primarily a hurt/comfort story where Remus and Sirius learn to give Harry what he needs most: family.

The fic is still being updated, with just under twenty-thousand words.

Werewolf Harry Potter Fanfiction: Conclusion

So, are you a fan of werewolves?

Did you find any stories in this list that you’ll give a try?

Or do you have your own favorites?

Share with us in the comments!

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