Sonamy Fanfiction – The 20 Most Popular Stories to Read in 2024

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If you’re a fan of the chaotic yet adorable pair of Sonic and Amy Rose, these Sonamy fanfiction stories are a must-read!

Sonamy is a fan-favorite ship in the classic Japanese video game and media franchise Sonic the Hedgehog.

Genius game developers Yuji Naka, Naoto Ohshima, and Hirokazu Yasuhara made the beloved anthropomorphic blue hedgehog as a mascot for Sega to compete with Nintendo’s Mario.

Sonic became so successful that he helped Sega become one of the leading video game companies in the early 1990s and to this day!

If you’re in the mood for nostalgic gaming, Sonic is the way to go.

Games aside, Sonic has also extended to movies and TV shows, perfect for kids and adults alike.

All across the games, movies, and TV shows, Sonic has always been paired with Amy — showing her as obsessively in love with him.

Despite many finding Amy’s antics annoying and childish, Sonamy reigns as one of the most beloved ships in the franchise.

Whether you low-key or high-key support this ship, their popularity undeniably paves the way to thousands of fan-made stories for us to explore!

I’ve summarized the 20 best fanfics based on Ao3’s biggest hits to make your search for worthwhile Sonamy reads quick and efficient.

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Keep reading to see the Sonamy ship sail beyond the canon!

1. The Lost Prince

In a surprising twist, we learn that Sonic the Hedgehog is, in fact, the Lost Prince of Mobotropolis, a long-forgotten monarchy in the world of Mobius. 

Sonic, the fast and fearless hero, suddenly finds himself in a position he never anticipated.

With his friends in tow, they must now navigate the intricacies of royal life, including politics, etiquette, and the pressures of ruling a kingdom. 

This thrilling adventure explores themes of identity, family, responsibility, and the sacrifices one must make for the greater good. 

It’s a story of loyalty, responsibilities, and, most importantly, self-discovery.

After all, being a hero goes far beyond simply saving the day — it also means facing one’s destiny and the consequences that come with it.

2. Sonic: The Second Speedster

In this Sonamy fanfiction, we explore another universe where Sonic hurtles through space and time during a tumultuous confrontation with Dr. Eggman. 

The mad scientist’s latest invention has unintended consequences, sending Sonic into a different reality.

However, this world doesn’t have Amy, Tails, Knuckles, or Sonic’s usual companions. 

Instead, fate has led him to the Wachowski family, who find themselves thrust into an unexpected adventure.

As Sonic’s presence vanishes from his home universe, questions loom large. 

What will become of Sonic’s world without its iconic hero?

3. What Was Stolen

Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the Rose Kingdom in this Sonamy fanfiction!

Meet Princess Amy Rose, a determined leader who desires to prove herself in the annual Tournament of Champions. 

But when fate brings her face-to-face with Sonic, a charming rogue, their worlds collide in a chance encounter that changes everything.

In a twist of fate, Amy strikes a deal with Sonic: he’ll train her for the tournament, and in return, she’ll help him break a friend out of the castle’s dungeons. 

But their challenges are far from over.

Sonic finds himself entangled in an impossible task set by the maniacal leader of a camp of thieves, and the fate of the entire kingdom hangs in the balance. 

Together, Sonic and Amy must navigate a treacherous path for their feelings and the kingdom’s future. 

Little do they know, the cost of their actions will be much steeper than they could have ever imagined.

4. And Then There Were Fewer

If you want a more mature take on the Sonic Universe, this Sonamy fanfiction is for you!

The story follows a teenage Sonic attending Green Hills Academy as a newly enrolled Ultimate.

Excited, he is looking forward to this high point in his life. 

But everything that could’ve gone right — goes wrong.

Fifteen students are in school, and only one can stand at the end. 

With most of them taking the situation seriously, chances of surviving in peace are futile. 

So now, Sonic only has one goal, and that is to survive.

5. Wars of the Heart (SonAmy AU)

This Sonamy fanfiction AU strays away from the colorful world we all love Sonic for. 

Instead, we witness a world of mythic creatures and constant danger.

Here, we follow two distinct individuals with grim backgrounds. 

The first, the Bloody Rose, is a ruthless Hunter driven by an insatiable vendetta to avenge a lost love and a stolen life. 

Her heart is devoid of mercy, and she spares neither monsters nor wrongdoers. 

The second, a cursed drifter, is the last of his lineage doomed to transform into a beast at night. 

His solitary journey seeks an elusive death that continuously eludes him. 

When these two fated souls inevitably cross paths, the vengeful Hunter and the tormented drifter, the world of myth and monsters may witness a convergence of destinies.

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6. In Which Amy Decides She Doesn’t Want to Walk Anymore

Finding himself turning into his semi-savage Werehog form, Sonic panics and tries to run away.

While still having some control over himself, Sonic prepares to leave, but to his surprise, Amy stops him.

Will the two get through the night unscathed? 

Find out in this spicy Sonamy one-shot, where Amy grapples with her newfound attraction to Sonic’s semi-savage Werehog form. 

7. A Bridge Between Worlds

The next Sonamy fanfiction sees Tails and the gang face an impossible mission: stopping the diabolical Dr. Eggman from conquering Earth itself. 

But there’s a twist because they’re not in the familiar Mobius anymore! 

This exciting sequel to “A Prelude to Chaos Control” transports our favorite Sonic heroes to a new dimension.

With the fate of not one but two worlds hanging in the balance, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and the gang embark on an epic adventure alongside an unexpected ally, the spirited human girl Helen. 

Together, they’re on a mission to track down the legendary Chaos Emeralds, the only hope of stopping Eggman’s dastardly plans and finding their way back home to Mobius.

Get ready for a thrilling reimagining of the beloved Sonic X series, where friendship, courage, and the power of Chaos Control will be put to the ultimate test. 

8. Sonic Movie Family One-Shots!

Join everyone’s favorite blue blur and his ever-growing family with this adorable Sonamy fanfiction. 

It’s a collection of short family one-shots, each fluffier than the next!

There’s no actual plot, as it gives us different scenarios across the franchise, from the video game to the movies.

So, if you’re looking for bite-sized reads, this is a great pick!

Although it doesn’t have a single plot, the premises revolve around Sonic and his ‘family.’

It follows the domestic lives of Sonic and his friends, giving us a glimpse into what happens when they’re not trying to take down a villainous egg-like man.

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9. Sonic One-Shots & Shorts

If you’re looking for bite-sized reads around Sonic, Amy, and friends, keep reading!

This Sonamy fanfiction is a compilation of one-shots and short stories set in the Sonic Universe, each deviating from the official canon. 

These tales explore various aspects of the Sonic franchise, including the games, comics, and TV shows.

Let your imagination run wild beyond the canon, and enjoy these stories featuring different friendships and ships alike!

10. Spirit of the Wind

In the mystical realm of Mobius, legends whispered through the ages speak of a formidable spirit. 

This mortal, this chosen one, is said to be the keeper of peace.

Twenty-five years ago, the prophecy sang with anticipation, for it foretold the arrival of the Wind Spirit in the Kingdom of Mobius. 

But as time marches forward, as the ominous clouds of war gather on the horizon, the kingdom’s heart grows heavy with uncertainty. 

The Wind Spirit, the essence of hope and salvation, remains a silent enigma.

As the Eggman Empire’s sinister grip tightens and the kingdom teeters on the precipice of chaos, questions dance in the mind of every Mobian.

Why has the Wind Spirit chosen to stay hidden in the shadows?

11. Petals Fallen

Nothing beats seeing an AU where Amy Rose becomes a cunning villain.

And yet, somehow, Sonic still falls for her — and hard.

Imagine if, one fateful day, the nefarious Dr. Eggman saw something extraordinary in Amy, something he couldn’t resist — potential. 

There, Amy’s life veered down a darker path, raised under the crimson shadow of Dr. Eggman’s empire. 

This gripping tale presents a Mobius where the once-sweet Amy Rose transforms into a formidable force within Eggman’s ranks, leaving Sonic and his friends to confront a reality they could never have foreseen. 

With the balance between good and evil now hanging by a thread, the fate of this iconic gaming world takes an unexpected twist.

In a world where Amy Rose is gone and “Petal Robotnik” has risen, a new era of chaos and adventure awaits.

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12. Chaos Born

In the world of science and the mysterious realm of Mobius, it’s perplexing that while we can unravel many mysteries, Sonic remains a profound enigma. 

As our beloved heroes mature and continue their battle for freedom in the future, a seemingly insignificant disruption triggers a series of events.

And these could finally unveil the origins and reasons behind Sonic’s title as the ‘fastest thing alive.‘ 

Like the wind, Sonic’s essence is elusive, with an unknown origin and an uncertain destination.

This Sonamy fanfiction puts a unique take on Sonic’s backstory, showing us how he became the blue bur — we — and Amy love!

13. Boom Boom Into My Heart

Ah, Sonic and Amy — the hedgehog duo that have the entire gaming world buzzing with speculation. 

You see, these two are in a bit of a puzzling situation. 

They’re not officially dating, but they’re not exactly not dating either.

Well, as long as nobody else notices, they figure it should be fine — right? 

But with nosy friends and a budding romance, that’s easier said than done.

This Sonamy fanfiction is a fun read that lets us see wholesome and hilarious moments between Sonic and Amy trying to hide their feeling from one another — and those around them. 

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14. Perseverance

Amy Rose used to love the fall season for its refreshing change from scorching summer. 

However, this fall feels different, with a bitter, relentless cold and a sense of decay all around.

After all, the iconic blue blur, the fastest alive, has been taken down and missing for over six months.

Despite the grim situation, Amy encourages her friends not to give up on searching for Sonic.

Will they succeed? And is Sonic even still alive?

Find out in this intriguing Sonamy fanfiction!

15. I Love You – Come With Me

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the speedy world of Sonic the Hedgehog? 

It’s not just about zipping through adventures  it’s about the unique bond between Sonic and Amy. 

Amy might be taking a break, but is it solely for her? 

There’s more to their connection than meets the eye. 

What if Sonic invites Amy on an escapade? 

They’ve always been an inseparable duo, but what makes their bond unique, and where do they draw their strength from each other? 

See the intriguing dynamics between these two iconic characters and uncover the secrets that make their partnership compelling in this Sonamy fanfiction!

16. A Prelude to Chaos Control

In a world where speed is everything, our favorite two-tailed fox, Tails, is on a mission to redeem himself. 

The Chaos Emeralds, those mystical gems of incredible power, have gone missing, and Tails is blaming himself for it. 

With determination burning in his eyes, Tails takes it upon himself to track down these lost emeralds before the nefarious Dr. Eggman gets his evil paws on them.

But it’s not all just fast-paced action in this story. 

No, it’s also a deep dive into Tails’ struggles with self-worth. 

It’s a tale of self-discovery, of finding one’s place in a world where everyone seems faster and more remarkable.

This story is packed with thrilling action and adventure as Tails and Sonic team up to tackle challenges, battle robotic baddies, and race against time to save the day. 

But it’s not all about speed and power there are heartwarming brotherly moments between Sonic and Tails that’ll make you smile and remind you of the importance of friendship.

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The Chaos Emeralds may be lost, but the excitement and heart of this story are found in abundance!

Although the story focuses on Tail’s and Sonic’s friendship, Sonamy still prevails, giving us sweet romance in between the bromance!

17. Being Taken for Granted

Picture a typical day in Sonic’s life. 

He’s zipping through loop-de-loops, collecting golden rings, and generally being the fastest hedgehog in the universe. 

And who’s always there, right on his tail? Amy Rose, the pink whirlwind of energy and affection. 

She’s been a constant in Sonic’s life, relentlessly pursuing him with hugs out of nowhere, declarations of love, and a knack for popping up when you least expect it.

For Sonic, it’s become the new ‘normal’ — Amy being, well, Amy.

But then, one day, something strange happens. 

Amy suddenly stops.

Sonic, now suddenly without his usual, love-struck companion, is left feeling bewildered and strangely empty. 

He’s so used to Amy’s unwavering attention that her absence feels like a glaring void in his life. 

As Sonic grapples with this new change, he can’t help but wonder: What has happened to Amy?

How will he handle this unexpected twist?

The blue blur may be the fastest thing alive, but right now, he’s in uncharted territory, and things are about to get intriguing!

18. The Tipping Point

Sonic and Shadow find themselves in a heated debate. 

The topic of discussion: who would make a better boyfriend for Amy?

Sonic, known for his supersonic speed and cheeky attitude, is confident that his charisma and adventurous spirit make him the ideal partner. 

On the other hand, Shadow, the dark and aloof rival, believes his mysterious charm puts him at the top of the dating game.

To settle the score, Sonic has a genius idea. 

He calls upon their mutual friend, Amy Rose, to act as the judge. 

Amy is known for her affectionate crush on Sonic, and he assumes her presence will give him a clear advantage in the debate. 

Little does he know that things are about to take an unexpected turn.

Which ship will prevail? Sonamy or Shadamy?

Find out in this hilarious fanfiction!

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19. On Mistakes and Birthday Cakes

Although the next Sonic fanfiction focuses mainly on Knuckles, it also features Sonic and Amy alongside their chaos and romance.

In this story, Knuckles is on the cusp of turning 18.

Everyone is happy, celebrating, and having fun — well, except for one individual — Knuckles himself. 

He’s hesitant and anxious about this impending change in his life. 

After all, besides facing the horrors of adulthood, he thinks he’s putting his loved ones in danger.

Because without getting too much into details, echidnas in this AU go through dangerous rituals.

And the last thing Knuckles wants is to hurt those dear to him. 

20. Schedule Shenanigans

If you’re looking for a wholesome read revolving around Sonic and Amy, this Sonamy fanfiction is bound to satisfy your sweet tooth!

After a wild escapade where Eggman temporarily took over Sonic’s body, our blue blur hero returns with his friends. 

They’re all teasing him about how poorly Eggman impersonated him during a badminton match, but Sonic’s just happy to be himself again. 

As they collect powerful meteorite samples, Sonic realizes Eggman left a cheeky surprise in his planner, hinting at a movie night with Amy.

Despite his friends’ constant teasing, Sonic agrees to the movie night — surprising Amy.

Will they survive their first date?

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Sonamy Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article helps you find the best Sonic x Amy reads to add to your list.

But as fun as these stories are, they offer only a tiny glimpse into the thousands of fanfics revolving around the chaotic but cute pair.

So, if you want more Sonamy fanfics, I suggest visiting Ao3.

After all, it wouldn’t hurt to let our favorite ship sail beyond the video games, TV series, and movies!

If we missed your favorite Sonamy fanfiction, let us know in the comments below.

Also, if you want to browse more fanfics about adorable ships across TV shows and movies, check these posts out:

Finally, if you’ve made it this far, you may want to display your favorite memories and love for this ship by getting this frame, reminding you of everything you love — including Sonamy!

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