The 10 Most Popular Bleach Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2023

If you’re looking for Bleach fanfiction, you’ve come to the right post!

You don’t have to wait for the next official chapter of the sensational anime series Bleach to find amazing new content!

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is due to hit streaming services in October 2022. But until it is available, there is plenty of fan fiction to satisfy your needs.

Bleach centers around the adventures of teenager Ichigo Kurosaki who can see ghosts.

Ichigo also acquires the abilities of a Soul Reaper, a Grim Reaper-esque being.

He uses these powers to protect humans from evil spirits and guide the dead to the afterlife, called Soul Society.

If you love stories about teenagers with incredible powers battling supernatural beings Bleach is the series for you.

In this article, I will include a summary of some of the top Bleach fanfictions by number of hits found on Archive of Our Own.

Here’s a list of some of the top original Bleach stories written by fans of the series.

1. Swinging Pendulum

Who doesn’t wonder what would happen if the main character of Bleach time traveled?

This 81,082-word fanfiction looks at Ichigo Kurosaki dealing with the impossible.

An injured Ichigo finds himself imprisoned in Muken, the Central Great Underground Prison.

He is given the chance to save the Visored when he is offered a deal by the Spirit (Soul) King.

As soon as Ichigo agrees to work for the Spirit King, he is sent into the past!

Now back in time, Ichigo joins forces with old friends and must fight against old and strong enemies.

This well-written fanfiction brings the most beloved Bleach characters to life in new adventures.

2. Sight

This imaginative piece of fanfic continues the saga of Ichigo, making him even more unique than ever before.

Ichigo cannot only see the Hollows and Shinigami but also the spirits of any Zanpakuto.

As this fanfiction unfolds, the brilliant writing expands on the Bleach canon.

Ichigo gets to know the various Zanpakuto and learns about his powers.

The ability to see Zanpakuto expands beyond the realm of the original series.

At 69,352 words, this long fanfic explores new and imaginative aspects of Bleach’s lore.

I recommend checking out this story if you want an original, well-written, and fun Bleach fanfiction building on the Bleach world.

3. There May Be Some Collateral Damage

Ever wonder what would happen if the worlds of Harry Potter and Bleach collided?

Look no further than the fanfiction, There May Be Some Collateral Damage!

Ichigo goes undercover at the magic school of Hogwarts to protect Harry Potter, acting as the young wizard’s bodyguard.

Chaos and hilarity result in this fun fanfic.

Ichigo and Harry must deal with one another, their clashing personalities, and the two canons coming together.

Comical, fun, and well written, this crossover is everything anyone who loves Harry Potter and Bleach could ever want.

4. Foreign Recruit

This clever mystery action story combines the characters of the MCU and Bleach together on the page.

Finding himself in a world so very unlike his own, Ichigo finds himself among Marvel’s Avengers.

Foreign Recruit shows the strength of great characters with superpowers/abilities.

With quippy writing and fun dialogue, the story flows well.

Action-packed scenes help build on the wonderful characters of Marvel and Bleach.

Foreign Recruit will feed your need for both MCU and Bleach content.

5. As N Approaches Infinity

Anime lovers will probably like this time travel crossover of Bleach and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Both series’ protagonists, Madoka Kaname and Ichigo Kurosaki wield incredible supernatural abilities.

The story follows the two fandoms as the heroes and their allies take on powerful villains.

This one is a great fanfiction for manga fans and those who want to see the teenagers of Bleach and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Articulate, inventive, and original, As N Approaches Infinity is a fantastic fanfiction for anime fans.

6. Wishing Upon a Star

Bleach fanart fanfic

This mature time travel slash fiction puts Ichigo and Aizen together as lovers.

After defeating Ywach, Ichigo’s desire to change the past sends the hero a hundred years into the past.

Some of Bleach’s favorite characters appear throughout the story and help Ichigo figure out his real feelings.

Ichigo struggles to hide the reality of being from the future and his budding feelings for Aizen.

Intense, romantic, and imaginative, Wishing Upon a Star challenges the original material of Bleach.

7. Aku Menikah Dengan Seorang Bidadari (I Married an Angel)

This story focuses on the romance of Abarai Renji and Kuchiki Rukia.

Taking place in the modern age, this fan fiction explores the growing relationships of Renji and Rukia.

The story is romantic, sweet, and lighthearted.

Written in Indonesian, this piece can be rendered into English (or any other language) easily using Google Translate.

Of course, some of the smaller innuendos may be lost in translation.

8. The Butterfly Effect

While it starts out slow, the story builds and explores the effort of the Bleach protagonists to take on Aizen in an alternate universe.

Relationships, battles, time travel, and alternative versions of characters are the focal point of the narrative.

At 117,540 words, this fanfic is long but worth the read for dedicated fans of Bleach and its personalities.

9. A Guide to Bonds: Care, Commitment, Love, and Sex

This crossover includes multiple fandoms.

A Guide to Bonds: Care, Commitment, Love, and Sex is a work in progress but has vast potential for fan service and interesting interactions between characters.

The focus of each chapter changes to different characters’ points of view and experiences.

Who wouldn’t want to see characters from the different fandoms, including Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, X-Men, DC Comics, Naruto, Lost Girl, and Bleach, interact and explore their integrated worlds?

10. Voice of an Angel

Characters from a variety of series appear throughout this fanfiction, including Bleach, Pokémon, My Hero Academia, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Assassin’s Creed to name a few.

But the personalities of My Hero Academia are the primary characters of the story.

Izuku Midoriya heads off on a holiday and Class 1-A deals with a recent and shocking discovery about Izuku.

Also, music plays a major role in fanfiction.

A mature fanfiction, Voice of an Angel is an amalgamation of many anime and video game characters dealing with a variety of events and feelings.

Bleach Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Bleach fanfiction to read!

These 10 are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there.

So be sure to take a look and find your own favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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