20 Popular Supernatural Fanfiction Stories (2024 Edition)

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If you are looking for the best Supernatural fanfiction, look no further. 

Supernatural is an immensely popular TV show about two brothers fighting against all evil. The show started in 2005 and has a total of 15 seasons.

In Supernatural, Sam and Dean Winchester hunt all things supernatural, from vampires to demons and everything in between.

So, if you like watching fantasy shows full of action, the supernatural, and great characters, Supernatural might be just the series for you.

Along with the finished TV show, there is a whole world of Supernatural fanfiction. 

But in this post, I will write about some of the most popular Supernatural fanfiction according to hits received in Archive Of Our Own.

Keep reading to learn more about these unique stories. 

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1. Hatchling

In the wake of God’s departure, a new method emerges to sustain the angelic realm: a pact allowing angels to choose adult humans as “nestlings,” infusing them with grace through a gradual process. 

Over time, the human soul transforms, generating a unique form of grace, thus ensuring the continuity of the angelic race.

Dean Winchester finds himself directionless as the apocalypse dust settles.

Enter Castiel, offering an unexpected proposition: to take Dean under his wing as his nestling

Uncertainty shrouds Dean as he contemplates the extent of Castiel’s intentions and the unforeseen depths this journey might lead them both to explore.

With the fate of angels hanging in the balance, Dean’s path intertwines with Castiel’s in ways he could never have imagined. 

The uncharted territory of their bond becomes a captivating odyssey of self-discovery and friendship.

2. Sweets and Studies

In this intricate Supernatural and Harry Potter crossover, Hermione finds solace in the camaraderie of the Weasley twins even amidst the chaos. 

These kindred spirits have a unique fondness for her that’s heartwarming and slightly unsettling for Gabriel. 

Stepping beyond mere friendship, Gabriel and Hermione’s dynamic hints at a deeper connection with her spiritual role as a priestess.

Throughout her Hogwarts adventure, Hermione’s life intertwines with an array of experiences that mirror the mischief of “Loki” himself. 

From her relentless pursuit of knowledge in the hallowed halls to her unwavering stance against the looming darkness embodied by “Voldemort.”

Every chapter of her story paints a vivid picture of growthresilience, and the enduring power of connection.

3. Nephilim

In an unexpected twist, the hidden truth about Sam and Dean’s identity as Nephilim, the offspring of angels, comes to light when Dean is rescued from Hell by an angelic being. 

The revelation shatters their lifelong secret, leading to an astonishing response from the angelic community that defies expectations.

Rather than the anticipated hostile reaction, the angels exhibit an overwhelming sense of protection and care for the newfound Nephilim.

This unique revelation casts the Winchester brothers as angelic offspring, marking them exceptionally young by celestial standards. 

As a result, the angels embrace a nurturing approach, treating the brothers with an unexpected tenderness.

This intriguing twist introduces a fresh dimension to the relationship between celestial beings and Nephilim, portraying a stark departure from the initial adversarial dynamic. 

As the story unfolds, readers can immerse themselves in a realm where celestial protectiveness takes precedence over animosity, reshaping the destiny of Sam and Dean in unexpected ways.

4. Alpha/Omega One-Shots

This Supernatural fanfiction is a crossover between some of the most popular films and TV shows, like The Avengers and Sherlock

It follows you, the reader, as you delve into the intricate dynamics of omega-alpha relationships in a supernatural setting.

With Dean Winchester as a beacon of support, you learn how to defy societal norms and discover a connection that transcends conventions.

Through challenges and triumphs, your journey is one of self-discovery, trust, and, ultimately, love. 

If you’re a fan of interactive stories, this is a must-read!

5. Lollies and Loki

In an alternate universe, the Granger family is introduced, with Hermione having an older sister named Clytemnestra Jill Granger, aka Ness. 

Despite their nine-year age gap, the sisters share a deep bond. 

However, Ness’s life takes a tragic turn when she becomes a victim of severe bullying, ultimately leading her to take her own life.

The aftermath of Ness’s death drives Hermione on a quest for justice and meaning. 

Immersing herself in Ancient Greek mythology, she discovers the story of Clytemnestra, a strong and determined woman who sought retribution for her suffering. 

As Hermione delves deeper into her studies, she encounters the concept of Trickster Gods, known for their unique approach to justice.

Through thorough exploration, she chooses to petition Loki, a Trickster God known for his power and complexity.

But instead, Gabriel answers.

What will happen next?

Read to find out!

6. The Tainted Blood of the Father

In a daring twist of fate, young Harry Potter liberates himself from the oppressive clutches of the Dursleys, igniting a series of events that would forever alter his destiny. 

What begins as a seemingly straightforward errand to Gringotts swiftly evolves into a journey of self-discovery that will leave readers stunned.

As the shackles of his past fall away, Harry’s quest for independence leads him to uncover hidden truths about his identity. 

In a burst of spontaneity, he embarks on a whirlwind expedition to the United States—a decision that will reshape the course of his life in ways he never imagined.

There, Harry meets the Winchesters, discovering that good people still exist.

The tale explores themes of self-worth, the power of choice, and the resilience of the human spirit. 

7. The Road So Far (This Time Around)

In this Supernatural fanfiction, Dean grapples with a series of emotional and physical challenges

It takes us to a dire situation where Dean, accompanied by his companions, confronts powerful adversaries. 

The impending sense of doom hangs heavy as Dean’s brother, Sam, lies motionless, and his close friend, Castiel, is in critical condition. 

The group’s daring mission, spurred by questionable sources, leads them towards disaster.

Will they survive?

Find out in this masterfully woven story exploring complex emotions, high-stakes action, and a deep sense of connection between characters. 

The interplay of sacrifice, loss, and determination creates a captivating narrative that draws readers into a world of turmoil and heroism.

8. If I Knew Then What I Know Now

In this story, Dean goes back in time to change his family’s destiny.

He ended up in 1983 when he was 4, but he still has all his memories.

The events leading up to this are the same as early season 8 of the series.

Keeping this in mind, the later events have not yet happened and, if Dean succeeds, may never happen.

If you like a Supernatural story with all the characters and events you know but with a fantastic twist, check this one out.

9. The Last Archangel

No one knew where angels go when they die, not even a powerful archangel like Gabriel.

So, Gabriel doesn’t expect anything after his death, but surprisingly, he wakes up in a different universe. 

Gabriel’s essence intertwined with humanity. 

He assumed the form of Anthony Edward Stark. 

But the thing is that both are conscious in one body. 

Now, the two must unite to defeat the evil that follows them.

10. No Difference

Morgan’s life wasn’t easy, going through different difficult situations, from losing his father to the distressing ordeals of his adolescence. 

And his current state of being trapped under the rubble is no better. 

But Derek didn’t worry since he knew his colleague, Aaron Hotchner, would coordinate his rescue. 

Unfortunately, another issue arises as he awaits his rescue: Dean Winchester pointing a loaded gun at him.

At that moment, Derek ranked this situation as one of the top bad situations he’s gone through. 

Will he be able to negotiate his escape with the Winchester brothers?

See in this thrilling and hilarious one-shot.

11. Forgotten

While Sam and Dean are working on a case in Wyoming, they receive news about a dangerous angel.

This angel is called Castiel, and the name is somehow familiar, but the brothers can’t seem to place it.

They have some form of amnesia without realizing it, and we don’t yet know what is causing it.

Castiel has to do everything he can to help the brothers remember and fight the evil they encounter.

The writer stated that it takes place around the time of mid-season 9.

There are a lot of themes quite evident in this story.

Love and family bonds are important to the story and are the basis of many coming events.

The story also has a sequel called ‘Flight.’

So be sure to check that one out as well.

12. A Winter’s Tale

This story is a retelling of the first half of season 9 but from Castiel’s point of view.

The writer did change a few events to make it mesh more seamlessly with the story they had in mind.

When Castiel is sick, Dean finds a journal that Castiel kept during his time as a human.

In this story, we see the depth of the fear and horror Cas went through as a human and all the evil things he had to do.

We get a better view of his personality, making for a lovely bond with Dean.

It is a beautiful story about friendship but also about the hardship people have to go through, and I think it adds something to the original episodes.

13. Not Quite The Devil You Know

This Supernatural fanfiction follows the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, as they venture to London in pursuit of the supernatural

Known for their escapades in battling paranormal entities, the brothers face unexpected events that lead to chaos, danger, and cosmic intervention.

As they grapple with the airport closure, a mysterious figure comes to their aid — Castiel, an angel with unique abilities. 

Castiel’s involvement adds a supernatural twist to the tale, showcasing the intricate web of characters the Winchester brothers encounter in their work.

Join Sam and Dean as they unravel the mysteries of London’s supernatural underbelly and confront the forces that threaten to disrupt their mission and the fabric of reality itself.

14. Alpha/Omega One-Shots (Part Two)

Have you ever wondered how the different characters from your favorite shows, like Supernatural and Sherlock, would interact with you?

This second installment of Alpha/Omega One-Shots showcases just that. 

From hilarious encounters to romantic moments, this collection of short stories guarantees fun, laughs, and intrigue! 

15. Fandom Preferences!

This Supernatural fanfiction features a collection of different interactions with various characters from the show. 

From Dean Winchester to Gabriel — this interactive story gives you insight into how your favorite Supernatural characters would interact with you.

But this fic is unique from the other interactive stories as the author gives the different characters and you — the reader — specific roles. 

Aside from that, the author goes more into detail as they lay out scenarios of how you’d meet, where you work, etc. 

It’s a fun read that gets your imagination running, a perfect pick for creative individuals who like envisioning unique scenarios. 

Besides Supernatural, this fanfiction also features characters from popular TV shows like Sherlock, Criminal Minds, and MORE!

16. How to Raise Your Human(s)

In this story, Sam and Dean are transported to an alternate dimension.

Here, they meet the Sevit, giant humanoid creatures.

The Sevit know little about humans but are confused about their size.

And so we see a few hilarious misunderstandings as the Sevit think Sam and Dean are small children and are therefore treated that way.

The brothers’ frustration with the Sevit treating them this way is hilarious, and the writer did a great job with this.

It is different from the original series, but the way Dean and Sam react is absolutely spot on.

So it still feels like something that could have happened, and it just makes for a friendly and fun read.

17. Past Tense

In a curious tale of unexpected reunions, Dean finds himself face to face with an enigmatic figure, the Doctor, in a scenario that bridges past and present. 

This encounter, marked by intrigue and nostalgia, unfolds against a backdrop of school memories and an uncanny display of scientific prowess.

As recognition dawns upon Dean, the two exchange words that hint at a shared history. 

The man’s eyes hold a unique blend of understanding and sorrow, reflecting the intricate emotions underlying their meeting. 

His simple greeting, “Hello, Dean,” carries weight and curiosity, leaving readers wondering about their past connection.

How are they connected?

Read this intriguing tale to find out!

18. Eat it Twilight

As chaos escalates, Derek, an astute FBI agent, faces a chilling task — unraveling the truth behind the murders plaguing the town. 

Young girls are losing their lives, and the clock is ticking to catch the perpetrator. 

Each crime reveals a complex web of connections, secrets, and a looming presence that defies conventional explanations.

On another front, this Supernatural fanfiction introduces Sam, a haunted individual grappling with personal demons. 

His path converges with the unfolding investigation, but he carries his burdens. 

Sam’s journey interweaves with mysteries that transcend the tangible world. 

Haunted by his past, he seeks solace and redemption, even as he navigates a world where reality and the supernatural collide.

The threads come together in an explosive climax in this chilling tale of crime and intrigue. 

This story explores the depths of human psychology, the thin line between reality and the supernatural, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unspeakable horrors.

19. Damned Demented Demons

In a gripping tale set in North Carolina, two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, find themselves battling not only a haunting case but also their inner demons amidst an unusual and unsettling weather phenomenon. 

Amidst their routine ghost-hunting, they stumble upon a series of events that lead them to confront strange entities known as Dementors and encounter a mysterious young man named Harry Potter, who seems to wield a unique ability. 

This encounter raises questions about the nature of these entities and the depths of supernatural forces at play in their world.

The story delves deeper into Harry’s background as a skilled wizard known in his world for his ability to conjure a Patronus, a powerful magical manifestation of hope and positive emotions. 

His intervention saves Dean and helps restore hope and warmth to the situation. 

Sam’s skepticism evolves into a sense of gratitude as he witnesses the profound impact of Harry’s abilities.

The story paves the way for a unique exploration of the supernatural world, weaving together elements of mystery, fantasy, and human connection that captivate the reader’s imagination.

20. Hail Mary

In the aftermath of the Apocalypse, not only is Castiel on the run from heaven, but Mary Winchester has also returned from the dead.

Mary is trying to discover what happened and how her children played a role.

It is nice to see the brothers having a second chance at bonding with a parent, even though the circumstances aren’t ideal.

There is some violence and foul language, but it fits the characters and the story.

The writer stated that this story is a bit of an alternative to season 9 but also has a lot of spoilers for that season.

So be aware of this if you haven’t seen all the TV show seasons yet.

This story is part 1 in the “Hail Mary verse.”

So be sure to check out the rest if you enjoyed this one.

Supernatural Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Supernatural fanfiction to read!

These are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there.

So be sure to look and find your favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to read more about fanfiction on this blog, then check out:

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