10 Popular Supernatural Fanfiction Stories (2023 Edition)

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If you are looking for some great Supernatural fanfiction, then look no further. 

Supernatural is an immensely popular TV show about two brothers fighting against all the evil out there. The show started in 2005 and has a total of 15 seasons.

In Supernatural we Sam and Dean Winchester as they hunt all things supernatural. From vampires to demons and everything in between.

So if you like to watch fantasy shows full of action, supernatural stuff, and great characters, then Supernatural might be just the thing for you.

Along with the finished TV show, there is a whole world of Supernatural fanfiction out there. 

But in this post, I will be writing about some of the most popular Supernatural fanfiction according to hits received in Archive Of Our Own.

Keep reading to find out more about some of these amazing and original stories. 

1. Hatchling

In this story, we see a very interesting side to how angels are created.

An angel can take a consenting adult human under their care.

They will feed the human grace over the course of a few years, changing the human soul.

This way, angels will never die out.

Castiel suggests to Dean that he can be his ‘nestling’.

There are 100 chapters in total, making this a long story.

And over 518,000 hits which also makes it a very popular story.

So be sure to check this one out if you are in the need of a feelgood Supernatural fanfic.

2. Angel’s Wild

For this story, the writer changes the way we might think about Angels.

They are not the messengers or warriors of God, protecting the humans.

No, they are something evil, and Dean Winchester is hunting them.

And then Dean finally catches his first angel, Castiel.

But Castiel isn’t what he was expecting, and Dean can’t bring himself to kill him.

During the story, we see a bond forming between hunter and hunted and from that friendship grows something more.

As with most of the fanfics about Supernatural, we see a relationship forming between Dean and Castiel.

But this story gives it an extra twist because it is Angels that are being hunted instead of Demons.

This story is great for people interested in a different view of the hunter and the prey.

3. Out of the Deep

This is a very original fanfic about Supernatural, taking it in a different direction.

Because here we have a Supernatural merfolk fanfic.

The angels aren’t angels anymore, they are hatchlings living in the waters.

But then Castiel sees humans on the shore and one of them is Dean.

He wants to know this human and bring him back to his world, but this is impossible.

So the question is, will they find a way to be together?

Besides the main characters, we also see many other characters we know like Balthazar and Lucifer.

There are a few times we switch between Castiel and Dean’s points of view.

But this just gives a very complete feel to the story.

It is a very popular fanfic with over 475,000 hits, probably because it is so original.

4. If I Knew Then What I Know Now

In this story, Dean goes back in time to change his family’s destiny.

He ends up in 1983 when he is 4 years old, but he still has all his memories.

The events leading up to this are the same as early season 8 of the series.

Keeping this in mind, the later events have not yet happened and, if Dean succeeds, may never happen.

It is an incredibly long story of 242 chapters in total.

It took the writer over 5 years to finish it, and therefore it is very detailed and complete.

If you like a Supernatural story with all the characters and events you know, but with an awesome twist, then check this one out.

5. Forgotten

While Sam and Dean are working on a case in Wyoming they receive news about a dangerous angel.

This angel is called Castiel and the name is somehow familiar but the brothers can’t seem to place it.

Without them realizing it, they have some form of amnesia, and we don’t yet know what is causing it.

Castiel has to do everything he can to help the brothers remember and fight the evil they encounter.

The writer stated that it takes place around the time of mid-season 9.

There are a lot of themes quite obvious in this story.

Love and family bonds are super important to the story and are the basis of a lot of the events coming.

There are 26 chapters in total and no less than 3 epilogues at this point.

The story also has a sequel, called ‘Flight’.

So be sure to check that one out as well.

6. A Winter’s Tale

This story is a retelling of the first half of season 9 but from Castiel’s point of view.

The writer did change a few events to make it mesh more seamlessly with the story they had in mind.

When Castiel is really sick, Dean finds a journal that Castiel kept during his time as a human.

In this story, we really see the depth of the fear and horror Cas went through as a human and all the evil things he had to do.

We get an even better view of his personality and it makes for a very nice bond with Dean.

It is a beautiful story about friendship but also about the hardship people have to go through, and I think it really adds something to the original episodes.

7. How to Raise Your Human(s)

In this story, Sam and Dean are transported to an alternate dimension.

Here they meet the Sevit, giant humanoid creatures.

The Sevit know a little bit about humans but are confused about their size.

And so we see a few very funny misunderstandings as the Sevit think Sam and Dean are small children and are therefore treated that way.

The frustration the brothers have with the Sevit treating them this way is really funny and the writer did a great job with this.

It is really different from the original series, but the way Dean and Sam react is absolutely spot on.

So it still feels like something that could have happened, and it just makes for a nice and fun read.

8. Light Up the Sky for Me

This story contains only 1 chapter with 50766 words in total.

It is about how Dean handles himself and the people he loves after the apocalypse happens.

Before he always thought he only had Sam, because he is his brother.

But he soon realizes he made so many more friends and relationships along the way.

Even with the most unlikely people and/or angels.

It isn’t a long story, but it kind of feels like a lovely ending to the entire series.

So if you are looking for a short story to really finish this series and give you a fulfilled feeling, then this is the story for you.

9. Hail Mary

In the aftermath of the Apocalypse, not only is Castiel on the run from heaven, but Mary Winchester has also returned from the dead.

Mary is trying to find out what happened and how her children played a role in all this.

It is nice to see the brothers having a second chance in bonding with a parent, even though the circumstances aren’t ideal.

There is some violence and foul language, but it fits the characters and the story.

The writer stated that this story is a bit of an alternative to season 9, but also has a lot of spoilers for that season.

So be aware of this if you haven’t seen all the seasons of the TV show yet.

This story is part 1 in the “Hail Mary verse”.

So be sure to check out the rest if you enjoyed this one.

10. Unbind

In this fanfic, Dean and Sam team up with Bobby and Gabriel to find Lucifer and kill him before he destroys the world.

The brothers need more angels to help fight the Devil and in their quest, they somehow manage to turn into angels themselves.

The story follows season 5 and at the beginning of each chapter, the author made a note of the exact episode you could get spoilers of.

It is full of different tropes and has a lot of familiar characters and scenes from the series, all with a fun twist and great dialogue.

There are 39 chapters in total that all follow the episodes from season 5 chronologically.

You could see the story as finished, although the ending still leaves a lot open.

Supernatural Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Supernatural fanfiction to read!

These 10 are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there.

So be sure to take a look and find your own favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to read more about fanfiction on this blog, then check out:

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