House of the Dragon Fanfiction – 20 Best Stories in 2024

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If you’re looking for the best House of the Dragon fanfiction — look no further! 

House of the Dragon is an American television series and the prequel to the hit TV show and HBO series Game of Thrones.

George R. R. Martin and Ryan Condal made the show for HBO, making it the second installment in the A Song of Ice and Fire franchise. 

Therefore, if you’re a fan of GOT or the fantasy drama genre, House of the Dragon might be the perfect show for you!

With the franchise’s immense popularity, there are many House of the Dragon fan-made stories for you to explore.

I’ve summarized and arranged these House of the Dragon fanfics based on the biggest hits on Archive of Our Own to make your search for worth-it reads effortless!

Read on to learn more about these popular reimagined stories of House of the Dragon.

1. Our Violent Delights

What if Lucerys Velaryon, son of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, and her first husband, Ser Laenor Velaryon, becomes a girl?

Nothing changes except that Aemond Targaryen starts taking an interest in her. 

In this House of the Dragon fanfiction AU, we follow a fem Lucerys Velaryon, who cannot shake off a persistent one-eyed prince. 

And yes, despite his adoration, Lucerys still takes Aemond’s eye. 

But that doesn’t stop Aemond from courting the young Lady. 

Will Aemond’s persistence pay off?

Find out in this heart-warming fanfic!

2. Breakbones and the Dragonrider

After sealing the union between Rhaenyra and Laenor, the fate of the Iron Throne hinges on one vital task — the birth of an heir. 

Amid this, Harwin Strong, the unwavering protector of the princess, swears an unbreakable oath to safeguard her legacy

However, what begins as a solemn duty soon transcends into something more profound.

The path to securing the Iron Throne takes unexpected turns as loyalty transforms into love. 

This fic is for you if you’re a Harwin x Rhaenyra fan.

3. Put Down that Gravestone

While in Runestone, Daemon Targaryen encounters a mysterious raven bearing a message from his brother, King Viserys I Targaryen.

It has a message that even Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King, was unaware of — piquing the dragon rider’s interest.

Curiosity at its peak, Daemon returns to King’s Landing, to the heart of Westeros.

It is time to return to the intrigues and politics of the Red Keep, a place with which he has had a love/hate relationship throughout his tumultuous life.

Daemon wonders about the mysteries and secrets that await him in the capital as he soars through the skies on the back of his mighty dragon. 

It was a new chapter in his story that would undoubtedly have drama, power struggles, and the ever-elusive Game of Thrones.

Daemon Targaryen, the Rogue Prince, is back in court. 

4. Ancient Fire

Bran Stark hatches a plan to stop the House of Dragons’s fall.

Amid this, he has a revelation about his sister Sansa’s dormant magical abilities. 

He thinks her magic died with their dire wolf, Lady. 

However, he now realizes that her magic is alive and growing stronger.

With this newfound knowledge, he proposes sending himself, Arya, and Sansa back in time to the era of the Dance of Dragons.

Their mission is to ensure dragons’ survival and alter the course of events. 

Sansa, initially reluctant, agrees to his audacious plan.

This House of the Dragon fanfiction delves into the complex dynamics of the Stark siblings and their magical journey, promising a gripping tale of time travel, family bonds, and the power of untapped potential.

5. Lady Dreamfyre

In this House of the Dragon fanfiction, the invincible Queen of the North, Sansa Stark, passes away

But, in a twist of fate, she reawakens as Helaena Targaryen, the tragic figure destined for tumultuous times in Westeros. 

She’s no longer a wolf but a dragon, born into a world of fire and blood.

Yet, despite her newfound identity, the instinct to unite, to form a cohesive and unyielding pack, still courses through her veins.

Follow Helaena as she navigates the treacherous political waters in a realm where war is an unavoidable storm on the horizon. 

The dynasty’s fate and her people’s survival hang in the balance. 

She may have been reborn as a dragon, but deep down, she remains the wolf and knows that only a united front can withstand winter’s icy grip.

6. Rally Around the Family

Jon Snow’s life gets cut short by the brothers he swears to protect.

But as the final breath leaves Jon’s body and closes his eyes for what should have been the last time, an inexplicable force whisks him away from the icy grasp of death. 

In an instant, he catapults through the annals of time.

When Jon wakes up, it is not amid the familiar chill of the Wall nor in death’s cold embrace. 

Instead, he finds himself in a world eerily reminiscent of the Targaryen dynasty, a bygone era where dragons ruled the skies and power hung in the balance like a sword’s edge. 

But Jon is not himself he is reborn, not as the brooding bastard of Winterfell, but as the secret son of Daemon Targaryen.

Now, he is in a brutal world where bloodlines, power, and secrets intertwine like the threads of a meticulously woven tapestry. 

With dragons circling overhead and shadows of the past lurking in every corner, Jon’s rebirth starts a new chapter in the ever-unfolding epic of ice and fire.

7. Greatness In Black Silk

Viserys I Targaryen allows his dreams to guide him. 

He believes these vivid visions warn him of impending doom. 

However, he is not alone in experiencing these enigmatic dreams. 

Rhaenyra, astute and perceptive, understands the dreams as foreboding signs. 

She recognizes their true nature — warnings. 

In the delicate dance between paternal love and the realm’s fate, Rhaenyra sees what is at stake, while Viserys grapples with a choice that could prove costly for all.

Will Rhaenyra convince Viserys to change his perception and make better decisions to save their people?

Find out in this intriguing House of the Dragon fanfiction!

8. The Spare Heirs

Baelon Targaryen’s triumphant existence ensures the smooth power transition to King Viserys I, relegating his spare heirs, Rhaenyra and Daemon, to the sidelines of the realm’s political stage. 

However, something ignites a passionate connection between the two when the formidable Daemon returns from a victorious campaign in the treacherous Stepstones.

In their quest for a love that defies convention, they must forsake their cozy lives in the heart of Westeros. 

Yet, amidst their newfound passion, a looming specter haunts them — the potential call to duty from a Westeros that may one day require their return.

Will their forbidden love withstand the test of time, or will the demands of a kingdom in turmoil tear them apart?

Follow Rhaenyra and Daemon as they redefine their destinies in this thrilling House of Dragon fanfiction.

9. Beyond the Black Door

In a twist of fate, Daemon Targaryen meets his demise as he plunges into the mystical waters of the God’s Eye. 

But death, it seems, is not the end of his story

Instead, he wakes up to find himself back in a pivotal momentthe day Rhaenyra dispatches Luke to Storm’s End.

Driven by a haunting sense of regret and a burning determination to shield his beloved family from the shadows of danger and pain, Daemon embarks on a quest for redemption

However, this second chance at life is a dangerous odyssey filled with unpredictable twists and turns.

As the intricate threads of destiny weave their spell, Daemon soon discovers that the ancient gods have a peculiar way of working their magic. 

He faces neverending uncharted perils on his journey, leaving us to wonder if he can safeguard his kin from the relentless storm of fate.

10. Maybe I Just Want To Be Yours

In this AU, we follow Daemon Targaryen and his Lady love in a tale that veers far away from the constraints of canon events. 

Daemon gets spared from the dangerous steps just before the fateful hunt. 

Fate has other plans for our star-crossed duo as they face an unexpected twist. 

Daemon and his beloved find themselves betrothed. 

Gone are the days of anticipating a fiery conflict between Targaryens, for this story revels in exploring the “what-ifs” and “could-have-been.” 

In this tale, Daemon and his Lady are forging their destiny in their way.

So, brace yourself for an adventure that ignores the beaten path and enjoy one that celebrates love, fate, and the joyous unpredictability of life. 

11. Her Brown-eyed Boys

In this House of the Dragon fanfiction, we follow Rhaenyra’s journey as she hones her political acumen, determined to uphold the law and quell treasonous voices

Rhaenyra’s awakening comes swiftly, not just to her father’s frailty in health but to his feebleness in governance. 

But she doesn’t want to take over the throne, especially when she sees him surrender to the questionable decisions of the queen consort, who fancies herself a ruler in her own right.

Rhaenyra’s frustration grows as she watches her father’s indifference, wishing his passing to hasten. 

After all, he was hardly living in her eyes. 

It isn’t the whispers or disdainful glances that got her mad — she is a dragon, after all, and had no care for such trifles. 

No, what triggered her to action was when insults started targeting her children. 

Rhaenyra’s maternal instincts flared, melding with her draconic heritage.

She champions that bloodlines like Arryn and Baratheon should not dictate destiny, for genetics remain uncharted. 

With her husband’s support, Rhaenyra embarks on a quest to forge new alliances beyond the castle walls and within her family circle.

12. I Kept You Like an Oath

This House of the Dragon fanfiction follows Aemond “One-Eye” Targaryen and Alysanne.

Their bond dates back to Alysanne’s birth.

Her connection with Aemond stands out. 

While Alysanne’s hair isn’t the typical Targaryen silver, her affinity for Aemond has always been undeniable. 

Their kinship puzzles the court, especially Aemond’s mother, who regards the young girl suspiciously.

Despite the odds, Alysanne and Aemond share a unique friendship.

But the young prince yearns for something more, unbeknownst to the oblivious girl. 

Aemond envisions his father’s eyes gleaming with pride, acknowledging his remarkable accomplishments. 

With such favor, he encourages him to yearn for the one thing he truly desires — Alysanne herself.

Will he succeed?

See in this tale, passion and conflict, where the boundaries between love and hate blur, leaving Aemond and Alysanne to face a web of emotions as intricate and unpredictable as the world of dragons and royalty they inhabit.

13. The Fool and the Dragon

Faune Follard, a young and spirited girl, has a heart overflowing with love. 

Her love knows no bounds, and it is a defining trait she cherishes dearly.

And this belief of hers even remains after her parents’ passing, leaving her in the care of her Uncle Alyn’s side.

Everyone adores Faune in her new home, but her uncle holds reservations.

It isn’t long before he sends her to King’s Landing to become a lady-in-waiting. 

Luckily, Faune and Princess Helaena quickly become close friends. 

Along with her budding friendship with the princess is a unique camaraderie with Prince Aegon, bonding over their shared love for hawking. 

However, Prince Aemond remains aloof, often silently observing their interactions.

But of course, this is Faune Follard we are talking about, so it shouldn’t be long before Aemond falls for her charms — right?

Follow Faune on her journey in the court of King’s Landing and see her develop unexpected friendships and face the complexities of courtly life. 

Her close bond with Princess Helaena, her flirtatious interactions with Prince Aegon, and the enigmatic allure of Prince Aemond form the backdrop of her captivating story in Westeros.

14. Second Sons

Aemond, in throwing his support behind Rhaenyra, unwittingly secures his family’s future. 

But little did he know that with Rhaenyra comes another, someone whose presence would stir up secrets and intrigue long buried in the Targaryen lineage.

However, none of that matters to Aemond.

After all, what truly sets his heart ablaze is not Rhaenyra’s lineage or her claim to the throne but the profound connection they share. 

For the first time in his tumultuous life, Aemond has found a genuine friend, a confidant amidst the treacherous Game of Thrones.

Yet, even in these seemingly stable moments, the shadow of peril looms over House Targaryen. 

The realm is never devoid of threats, and the intricate web of secrets, loyalties, and ambitions could unravel at any moment, plunging the Targaryens into turmoil once again.

15. Strategy Sets the Scene for the Tale

Isn’t it amusing how Errya Stark’s name sounds almost like “error”?

Born in 106 AC as the eldest of three children (though only two survive), this peculiar coincidence seemingly defines Errya’s life. 

She thinks Cregan Stark, her baby brother, never had a sister, especially not an older one. 

She recalls flipping through the Stark family tree and how her name, with its awkward five-letter composition, should have stood out.

Curious, she debates whether to meddle in her family’s affairs and potentially impact her brother’s future.

After all, if her existence already influenced the events, why not embrace it fully?

Hence, she begins writing a life-changing letter, “Dear King Viserys…”

Intrigue, family secrets, and a touch of mysticism intertwine in this House of the Dragon fanfiction, setting the stage for a captivating saga of love, power, and destiny in the realm of Westeros.

16. A Story of Love and Fire

In this daring tale, we follow Daemon Targaryen as he seizes the chance to rewrite the fate of his House. 

His mission? To stop the impending catastrophe, unite with Rhaenyra and claim the Iron Throne for his beloved Queen.

Can Daemon, with his cunning and charisma, alter the course of history? 

Will he forge a different path for House Targaryen, one marked by unity instead of strife? 

Find out in this thrilling journey as we unravel the intrigues, conflicts, and romances that will shape Westeros’s destiny in unforeseen ways. 

Daemon Targaryen’s second chance may be the key to a brighter future or the beginning of a new, equally turbulent chapter in the epic saga of the Seven Kingdoms.

17. Her Grace, Rhaenyra Targaryen

After enduring the searing flames that consumed her, Rhaenyra Targaryen was ready to accept her fate.

But by some miracle, she instead wakes up in her youthful body.

Having no time to contemplate, Rhaenrya swears to rewrite the tragic story that had cost her everything — her life, her children, her husband, and her kingdom.

Resolute not to let history repeat itself, she forges a new path, one unburdened by the mistakes of her past. 

Neither prophecy, duty, nor love would stand in her quest to claim and secure the crown.

But could she truly forsake every source of happiness in her past life?

Would she willingly cast aside her humanity to ascend to the throne, even if it means becoming a monster and a tyrant once more?

Rhaenyra faces an arduous dilemma and a difficult journey that will demand sacrifices beyond imagination. 

18. Runaway Princess

Rhaenyra Targaryen faces a massive dilemma — she catches her father with Alicent in his chambers merely two months after her mother’s passing.

And to Rhaenrya’s dismay, the next day, the announcement confirmed King Viserys Targaryen’s intention to marry Lady Alicent Hightower.

Due to her father’s rash choice, she faces an impossible ultimatum: accept Alicent or get cast aside. 

Of course, she chooses the latter, deciding to escape the impending wedding and the toxic environment of King’s Landing. 

With a bag of gold in hand and her beloved dragon, Syrax, she flees the city, leaving a legacy of betrayal, broken bonds, and shattered trust.

Who will save our runaway princess?

Find out in this heartwrenching House of the Dragon fanfiction!

19. Someone You Knew In Another Life

When Unwin Peake tragically ends the life of his beloved queen, the once-mighty Aegon finds himself at a crossroads

Burdened by the weight of his dynasty’s destiny, he embraces the ultimate sacrifice and bids farewell to the realm.

However, destiny has a different plan for Aegon, a twist of fate that would rewrite history. 

He gets a remarkable opportunity to return to a pivotal juncture in his family’s saga

It was a moment where Aegon could alter the destinies of his parents, kin, and kingdom.

But Aegon neglects to consider a crucial detail — the essence of his realm, the dragons themselves.

Now, Aegon must navigate the intricate web of fate to reshape his family’s legacy and safeguard the awe-inspiring creatures intrinsically tied to the heart of his kingdom. 

The quest for redemption begins, and Aegon must confront the past to secure a future that is nothing short of legendary.

20. Tales Of Old

In this House of the Dragon and Harry Potter fanfiction crossover, we follow Harriet, who finds herself in a perplexing and medieval realm. 

Hermione expresses concern for the dragon as it drank from the lake. 

Ron, however, brushes off her worries, confident that the dragon can fend for itself.

On the other hand, Harriet felt a strong urge not to leave the dragon behind due to its visibly rough condition. 

Despite her friends’ objections, she returns and helps the dragon, creating an unspoken bond between them.

While resting in their camp, Harriet and the dragon descend into a deep darkness. 

And here, they find themselves in a strange world...

House of the Dragon Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this post helps you in your search for the best House of the Dragon fanfics!

Although these are some of the most popular, these 20 are just a tiny glimpse into the unique stories reimagining the famous TV show and HBO series.

Hence, it would be best to explore more on Ao3.

Aside from that, let us know if you have any more House of the Dragon story suggestions to add or if we missed your favorite fanfic by leaving a comment below.

Finally, if you liked this post, you may want to check out other fanfic articles about other hit HBO series and TV shows:

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