20 Popular Fairy Tail Fanfiction Stories (2024 Edition)

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Are you looking for the best Fairy Tail fanfiction stories?

Look no further, as I’ve done the work for you and summarized 20 of the best Fairy Tail fanfics!

Fairy Tail is a famous and iconic Japanese manga and anime series by Hiro Mashima, a renowned manga artist behind other hit titles like Rave Master and Edens Zero.

It’s so massive that the anime has gotten two full-length movies, numerous video games, and even a physical cafe at one point!

First released in 2006, Fairy Tail has become a delightful hit series whether you enjoy it on the page or the screen. 

Fairy Tail is a fun series incorporating magic, dragons, knights, wizards, and more! 

So, if you’re into fantasy and all things magical, this anime series is a must-watch.

This series’ popularity has inspired audiences worldwide to imagine new scenarios and situations for Fairy Tail’s beloved characters to experience.

There’s a whole world of Fairy Tail fanfics to explore, where creative and talented fans add even more magic to the show!

These reimagined tales keep Fairy Tail’s magic alive beyond the manga and anime.

In this post, we’ve summarized the best Fairy Tail fanfics and made exclusive fan art inspired by the biggest Ao3 hits.

We’ll also share epic Fairy Tail merch, like this adorable Happy hoodie!

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Now, let’s head onto the stories!

1. To Learn About a Lucy (with a Look Into the Future)

The first Fairy Tail fanfiction we will look at is one of the most popular. 

The author has noted that there are more chapters to come, so this is a great story to start with and read along as each chapter is published. 

This story uses a common trope in fanfiction, especially about an anime or manga series. 

In this story, we see the characters of Fairy Tail reacting to their show. 

This story differs from many others that use this trope in that the characters see what will happen in the future. 

They sit down to watch the show and react to their future selves. 

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The author has also done a great job of incorporating many other elements. 

We get to see relationships being built and broken, conflicts and their resolutions, and a bit of romance. 

It is an entertaining story that is a true delight to read. 

This story is one of the most famous Fairy Tail fanfics for good reason. 

2. It’s a Timeless Verity

The next Fairy Tail fanfiction we will look at is another generally feel-good story. 

This one takes place before the original series begins but eventually merges with the story we know. 

Many of the characters we know and love are part of this story, but some are original. 

The author has done a great job of incorporating their own ideas with the ideas of the series. 

The central premise of this story revolves around reincarnation. 

Several characters in this story are reincarnated and fully aware that they are living a second life. 

It is a fascinating take on a interesting topic and is not a story to miss out on. 

3. Here, There and Everywhere [Anime/Reader one-shots]

Have you ever wondered how your favorite Fairy Tail characters would interact with you?

Well, this fanfiction does just that: it puts you, the reader, into various scenarios with fan-favorite characters like Natsu, Gray, Loke, etc.

Speaking of favorite characters, you can show off your love for them through these keychains (yes, you can get anyone made, from popular picks like Natsu to less conventional ones like Cobra):

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It’s a collection of one-shot tales that places you into the world of Fiore.

Although the stories are short, they give you a fun and immersive experience with each character. 

Besides Fairy Tail, the fanfiction also features other anime shows like Haikyuu!!, Yuri on Ice, Assassination Classroom, Attack on Titan, and MORE!

4. A Girl’s Mind is a Dangerous Place

Just when Natsu thinks he’s gone through every possible torture — he suddenly turns into a girl!

What’s worse, Natsu finds himself in a test alongside a boy who looks like Gray from his world. 

After a brief scuffle, he talks to the strange people.

And after a revealing conversation, Natsu (who’s actually Sakura) finally mentions her memory loss. 

Panicked, they rush Natsu to the hospital — where he passes out.

Confused and with a pounding headache, Natsu hopes everything will make sense when he wakes up.

5. My Heroes Reborn

In this Fairy Tail crossover fanfic with My Hero Academia, we witness a villain with the power to unlock past lives striking the heart of the USJ.

Five unsuspecting students become the unwitting recipients of this extraordinary quirk, thrusting them into a whirlwind of rediscovery. 

Not only do they regain the memories of their past lives, but they also inherit their long-forgotten abilities and unique traits.

Yet, with these newfound powers come a heavy burden. 

They must grapple with their previous existences, confronting their triumphs and darkest moments. 

Their classmates are left stunned by the sudden transformation of their peers. 

Now, they must navigate the complexities of life alongside reincarnations of a raucous pirate, a timid ninja, a formidable sword-wielding mage, an eternally lost boy, and a reality-bending party enthusiast.

With the guidance of a hero reincarnated from another world and their sassy AI companion, these five students embark on self-discovery and self-acceptance while reshaping the fabric of their reality. 

As their paths intersect and diverge, nothing will ever be the same at USJ again. 

The clash of past and present, the melding of abilities and personalities, promises to deliver an unforgettable tale of heroism, camaraderie, and the enduring quest to find one’s true self.

6. Fairy Tail Watches DBZA

In the bustling guild hall of Fairy Tail, Mirajane discovers a mysterious package outside

Her excitement grows as she speculates that it might be a gift for the guild. 

With her younger sister, Lisanna, they open it and are surprised to find a viewing lacrama accompanied by an anonymous note expressing appreciation for Fairy Tail’s deeds.

Later, as everyone gathers, Mirajane unveil the lacrimal, and each member has unique reactions and expectations. 

After some light-hearted banter, Makarov, the guild master, assures everyone that they have checked the lacrama for traps and it’s safe to proceed. 

With a resounding cheer, the guild members eagerly await the start of the mysterious viewing.

What will they see?

Find out in this DBZA crossover Fairy Tail fanfiction!

7. Nalu – A Twist in Time

This popular Fairy Tail fanfiction deals with one of the most popular tropes we see in many genres of fanfiction. 

In this story, Zeref sends Lucy and Natsu back in time. 

This story takes place years before they meet, and this time travel seems to change everything. 

We get to see Lucy and Natsu develop exciting powers that are used in enjoyable ways. 

We also get to see their relationship from a new perspective. 

They grow and change together and learn so much about each other. 

This is a rather long story but worth sitting down and spending time with. 

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This fanfic’s author has a unique writing style that may not suit every reader, but the plot will undoubtedly draw you in. 

The author is imaginative and creative in their storytelling, and it is clear that they are passionate about Fairy Tail and the characters they are writing about. 

You will not regret giving this story a shot!

8. A Dragon’s Treasure

Next up is a very brief Fairy Tail fanfiction.

It is the perfect story to begin your fanfiction journey because it requires very little commitment. 

You can read this story in just a few minutes, but it is worth every second. 

There is a reason that it has made the most popular Fairy Tail fanfiction list; readers rave about the author and their writing abilities. 

This story revolves around the dragons in the world of Fairy Tail and the lengths they go to in order to protect their treasure. 

There is plenty of humor in this story, as well as a great look into the possessiveness of dragons. 

Though this story is short, it is worth the read!

9. Fairy Tail Transformation Collection

Are you looking for bite-sized reads?

Then this Fairy Tail fanfiction is for you! 

In the mystical world of Fiore, we explore the enchanting stories of the ladies of this extraordinary universe.

These women, each with unique personalities and magical abilities, embark on awe-inspiring journeys that lead to remarkable transformations.

Each story offers a captivating glimpse into these female mages’ lives, where they challenge their limits, redefine their destinies, and showcase the true essence of their characters.

These stories celebrate the indomitable spirit of fan-favorite female characters from Lucy Heartifilia to Levy McGarden!

10. Green-Eyed Theory

Lucy is ready to push Natsu’s limits in this Fairy Tail fanfiction. 

She works hard to make Natsu jealous, and we get to see the repercussions of this jealousy. 

This story is one of the shortest but also one of the most popular. 

A short story like this is great for when you are short on time or aren’t ready to commit to a longer story spanning many chapters. 

This story has some adult content but nothing that is super explicit; the author keeps it relatively tame while catering to a more mature audience. 

The author also does a great job of writing in character and making it feel like you are reading a real scenario that could have come from the original series. 

They have a great style of writing that will keep you engaged from start to finish. 

The sweet romantic moments and humorous bits of jealousy make this a story you won’t soon forget. 

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11. Eye of the Beholder

This story is another brief story that involves Natsu and Lucy. 

It is a quick read that is well worth the time spent. 

This story involves Natsu finding out something exciting about Lucy. 

She is back in her old habitat, and Natsu soon comes to terms with the fact that appearances are not always what they seem. 

Natsu and Lucy are not the only characters involved in this story; Gray and Ezra also make appearances, and their presence only adds to this already impressive story. 

The author of this story is a great writer who has given us a charming story. 

12. Yandere x Reader One Shots

What happens when you, the reader, get warped into the world of Fiore?

Well, apparently, you gain magical powers, become a fire mage, and join the Fairy Tail guild.

But with good comes bad.

In this case, you’ll be dealing with a Yandere.

And what’s worse, their attention is all on you!

How will you survive?

Find out in this interactive Fairy Tail fanfiction!

It also features other one-shots with different anime and video game characters.

From Light Yagami from Death Note to Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil — get ready to face one obsessive Yandere to another.

13. The Key(s) to Victory

In a devastating moment, Lucy Heartfilia stands frozen, stunned, as an unstoppable force of 10,000 Dragons ravages Fiore, leaving destruction in their wake.

Amidst the chaos, Lucy is separated from her comrades, and the eerie absence of Fairy Tail’s familiar magic and triumphant shouts confirms her worst fears.

The world around her lies in ruins, and Lucy’s gaze falls upon the lone survivor beside her, Natsu, who bravely fought, breathing fire and roaring in a futile attempt to defend their shattered homeland.

Together, they understandd the grim reality they face and, with tear-stained cheeks, Lucy resolves to confront the Eclipse Gate before her

It is their only chance.

She has to take it.

You can also join Lucy in saving Fiore by getting your own celestial keys!

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14. Fairy Tail GO!

Next up is a Fairy Tail fanfiction that crosses over with other fun and exciting worlds. 

In this story, Lucy sets out to play the hit game Pokémon GO!

What starts as a fun game quickly becomes quite frightening. 

Lucy finds herself in harm’s way while playing this game and cannot help herself. 

Fortunately for her, a pink-haired boy comes to save her just in the nick of time. 

This quickly blossoms into friendship, and the two of them are inseparable. 

However, Lucy soon realizes this boy has a fascinating and mysterious past that she wants to explore.

She is not scared of his trauma and darkness. 

This amusing story incorporates many elements of Pokémon, which is fun to read. 

There are some adult scenes in this story, but content warnings throughout the story make these scenes easy to skip over.

There are a lot of sweet moments between Natsu and Lucy in this story, and it is not one you will want to miss out on. 

15. Demon Tales

Erza attempts one final effort to pair up Gray and Natsu for a mission but ultimately decides to lead a different team herself. 

Natsu heads out alone, but to his surprise, Mirajane insists on joining him. 

While one team confronts invaders on Galuna Island, the unexpected duo stumbles upon a series of kidnappings in the Seven Mountains. 

Unbeknownst to them, these separate adventures are more interconnected than anyone could have imagined and hold secrets closer to home than they realize. 

The moon plays a mysterious role in these unfolding events.

16. Of Dragons and Fairies

In a startling turn of events, Acnologia, the fearsome Black Dragon of the Apocalypse, loses his anger when a significant war-related revelation comes to light. 

As a result, he finds himself aimlessly drifting through the centuries without a clear purpose. 

However, his solitary existence takes a dramatic turn when he becomes the guardian of a young dragon slayer. 

Unwittingly, he becomes embroiled in a time-twisting plot involving displaced children with extraordinary powers.

Determined to ensure the safety of these time-displaced dragon-slayer children, Acnologia sets out on a mission to locate the rest of them. 

Along the way, he forms an unexpected attachment to the youngsters and gradually forges a newfound sense of family. 

Although uncertain about his role, Acnologia protects these five kids, even if it means safeguarding them from his formidable power and dark past.

17. Song of the Dragonborn

Lucy, the sole child of a Nord merchant family, yearns to become a mage and escape her stifling life in her hometown. 

Her parents’ unwavering resistance makes her feel trapped, forcing her to seek solace in tales of magic and legends. 

However, her world is upended one fateful autumn day.

The Imperial Legion arrives, escorting a group of condemned prisoners, including a young man with distinctive pink hair and the emblem of the College of Winterhold on his robes. 

As they prepare to execute him, a dragon suddenly descends from the clear sky, wreaking havoc and turning the once-thriving town into ruins. 

Lucy’s life is shattered in an instant.

Amidst the chaos, the imprisoned mage Lucy had noticed earlier rescues her from the dragon’s flames. 

This begins an extraordinary adventure that will forever alter Lucy’s life.

18. Celestial Mage Wanted

In this mature Fairy Tail fanfiction, Lucy encounters a bit of a mystery. 

A strange book and key suddenly come into her possession, and she must determine what they are and where they came from. 

She must keep her world from crumbling around her while facing imminent threats. 

Along with the tension and mystery in this story, there is also some romance and lovely friendship between many characters. 

The author of this story has come up with an exciting and unique plot, and their writing style is entertaining to read. 

Without giving away too much detail, this story has a twist you have to read to believe. 

Though this story is rather long, it is worth reading every minute. 

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19. Soul of the Clock

This Harry Potter and Fairy Tail crossover fanfic follows an almost-immortal Harry and his misadventures in Fiore.

Throughout its existence, the infinity clock has been unlocked numerous times. 

Each time it was accessed, it unleashed devastating chaos that spawned legendary tales.

Yet no one who ventured inside ever returned to share the secrets of the mysterious force dwelling within.

Not until Harry Potter arrived!

20. Fairy Tail Watches Fairy Tail

The final Fairy Tail fanfiction that we will look at uses the popular trope we saw in this article’s first story. 

That is, the characters of Fairy Tail watch and react to their show. 

This author has done something unique with this trope in that in this story the characters from the Fairy Tail manga reacting to the events of the Fairy Tail anime. 

Like any book-to-screen adaptation, there are some notable differences, and the characters point these out along the way. 

The author sets up this story a bit differently from others, as well. 

In this story, Lucy gets a package addressed to her. 

It contains video footage of the guild’s adventures from when she arrived. 

Seeing how the characters react to the anime version of their lives is a lot of fun. 

They are each written very well, and the author keeps them in character throughout the story. 

It is a well-written and fun story you should definitely check out! 

Fairy Tail: Conclusion

I hope this article helps you find the best Fairy Tail reads to add to your list!

As creative and immersive as these stories are, they only give you a small glimpse into the thousands of fanfics revolving around the iconic anime!

Therefore, if you’re looking for more reimagined Fairy Tail tales, I recommend dropping by Ao3!

After all, since the original anime is over, it wouldn’t hurt to fuel our imaginations more to keep Fairy Tail alive!

If we missed your favorite Fairy Tail fanfiction, leave a comment below!

Also, if you want to read more fanfics about iconic anime shows, check these posts out:

Lastly, if you’ve made it this far, you may want to get this magical customizable Fairy Tail portrait art to commemorate your love for this iconic anime!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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