The 20 Best Justice League Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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You are in the right place if you’re looking for the best Justice League fanfiction. 

Justice League is a DC Comics superhero team featured in many comics, movies, and other media. 

They first appeared in 1960, with many different iterations since then. 

There have been many team members, but some of the most notable include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and many others. 

Because of their long history and the vast amount of media they appear in, the Justice League has remained popular worldwide for 60+ years. 

Countless fanfiction stories feature the heroes and villains of the Justice League. 

This article will look at some of the best, alongside epic merch like this epic poster set!

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Keep reading to find out more.

1. Lex Luthor’s Ascent from Supervillainy to Fatherhood

This Justice League fanfiction is a crossover with Batman and Danny Phantom

The author got the idea for this story from a prompt submitted by one of their readers. 

What started as a simple story quickly became much more significant, resulting in one of the more popular Justice League fanfics. 

There are thousands of comments on this story, with more every time the author posts an update, which is quite regular. 

In this story, Lex Luther acquires a son, and it is not just any son. 

He quickly becomes the father of a teenage boy with unusual powers. 

Together, the two harness and perfect their powers, seeking to change the world for better or worse. 

This charming story has cute father/son moments you won’t want to miss out on.

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2. Vertical Limit

This story is a crossover with the world of Danny Phantom, which may not seem the most logical choice, but it results in a unique story premise. 

(Check out our Danny Phantom Fanfiction Post!)

In this story, Danny Phantom is summoned by the Justice League. 

They need help with a ghost problem, and he is the man for the job, seeing as none of the Justice League members have any ghost experience

Even if you are unfamiliar with Danny Phantom, this story is still entertaining and popular.

3. The Bat’s Nest

Up next is a Justice League fanfiction featuring many of the Batman franchise’s characters. 

(If this sounds intriguing, you may enjoy our Batman Fanfiction Post!)

This story opens with the Justice League going about their regular duties. 

They are all aware that Batman does not trust anyone fully, and they know they are probably the group of people that he counts on the most. 

The members of the Justice League are sure of all of this, that is until they meet his children. 

This encounter changes everything that they thought they once knew about Batman. 

If you are looking for a story that departs from the canon of the Justice League but still stays true to the characters, this is the one for you.

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4. Monolith

Next is a Justice League fanfiction that crosses over with many comic book series from DC Comics. 

It is told from several different points of view, and it is a fascinating story. 

In this story, none of the members of the Justice League have met Bruce Wayne’s kids. 

They are entirely oblivious to these children, and no one seems to have a problem with that. 

Eventually, we get to see what happens when all of Bruce’s many children finally meet the members of the Justice League. 

5. Death Echoes

The next Justice League fanfiction is another crossover with Danny Phantom, but it’s much darker this time.

Amid the grandeur of Danny’s coronation, the Zone is abuzz with spectral excitement. 

Ghosts converge from every corner, flocking to witness and revel in the monumental event. 

Little does Danny know, it’s not just the Infinite Realms that acknowledges his ascent to the throne. 

Now, he faces dangers beyond the infinite.

But luckily, while he gains many enemies, he also gets allies, and with Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent in the mix, it looks like our favorite ghost boy is turning the tides in his favor.

6. I Just Wanna Talk

John Constantine had mastered the art of dodging life and death like a pro, giving the system a run for its money until it threw in the towel. 

The Justice League knew it, or at least those in the loop did. 

But none of Constantine’s legendary escapades could prepare them for seeing a kid in fuzzy pajamas demanding the presence of the elusive Brit.

Enter Danny Fenton, a recent high school graduate thrown headfirst into the chaos of millennia-old problems, patiently waiting for the King of the Infinite Realms to take notice. 

The whole situation has Danny scratching his head, wondering what he’s stumbled upon.

7. Who I am. Who I’ll Never Be.

Up next is a Justice League fanfiction following Jason Todd.

In this story, Jason Todd is on the run from the Justice League. 

Though he once considered them family, he no longer has those feelings for them. 

They took something from him, and he will get it back, no matter the cost. 

This story is intense and dark but worth reading. 

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8. Video Message Incoming

This Justice League fanfiction is very short, but it is a lot of fun. 

The fanfic opens with the members of the Justice League just finishing up a meeting. 

Suddenly, an unexpected call comes through the Watchtower servers. 

This mysterious call, we come to find out, is for Batman.

And it is a call that might change everything. 

This short and sweet story is well-written, and the author is someone who knows how to write a comedy.

9. A Collision of Masks

Up next is a Justice League fanfiction that will take you on a wild ride. 

In this story, Batman refuses to join the Justice League, and instead, he becomes their worst nightmare. 

He has left Gotham for good and is ready to face his destiny. 

This story is full of twists and turns, unlike the original series. 

The author has taken this familiar world and these familiar characters and given them new life and meaning, making it a fascinating story.

10. Split

After a brutal showdown with Black Adam, Billy Batson and Captain Marvel find themselves split into two entities.

Now, they’re racing against time to undo the consequences of this unexpected separation.

Amidst the chaos, the Justice League’s eagerness to assist adds a layer of complexity.

The pressure is on, and our favorite heroes must collaborate not only to combat external threats but also to mend the very fabric of their own being.

This Justice League fanfic unfolds relentlessly, mirroring the characters’ desperate race against the unknown.

The synergy of determination and impending danger makes this struggle against time a gripping tale of resilience, unity, and the unyielding spirit of heroes facing the ultimate challenge.

11. A Decade Away

If you’re a fan of Marvel and DC, this Justice League fanfiction is for you!

It follows everyone’s favorite Spiderman, Peter Parker, and his troubles with his father.

Mary, Peter’s mother, senses the impending arrival of Tony Stark, likely accompanied by the Avengers, who will ruthlessly separate them. 

Peter, fueled by defiance, vows to resist this forced separation. 

And what better way to fend off a group of heroes than getting one of your own?

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12. Everything I Do, I Do It Big

Next is a Justice League fanfiction that will have you laughing from beginning to end.

This story features the Batfamily once again, but this story is a bit different from others.

In this fanfic, Batman is known for taking in children and adopting them as his own.

The problem, however, is that these children do not always want to be adopted by Bruce Wayne.

Some are happy on the streets and are okay with their lives, but Bruce Wayne wants to help everyone.

At least, that’s what he tells himself.

He has too many children and insufficient time or patience to handle them.

This is a funny story and one of the best Justice League fanfiction stories. 

13. The Secret Is Out

When a menacing note lands in Batman’s hands, the entire Justice League shifts into high gear, bracing for an imminent storm.

Yet, the Dark Knight remains an enigma, an unshaken resolve etched across his face.

It’s as if he’s holding the key to the puzzle — a puzzle that could spell doom for them all.

As tension tightens its grip, Batman’s calm demeanor raises eyebrows among his super-powered allies.

He’s onto something, and the League can’t help but wonder — does he hold the secret to the impending threat, or has Gotham’s guardian mastered the art of facing down fear itself?

The countdown begins, and Batman’s unwavering confidence becomes the epicenter of a mystery that threatens to unravel the League’s very foundation.

14. Meeting the Batfamily

As you may have guessed from this fanfic’s title, the Batfamily will meet the Justice League in this story.

It is safe to say that the Batfamily is not at all impressed with the Justice League.

The League is loud and boisterous, precisely the opposite of the Batfamily.

Seeing so many different characters come together in one story is fun.

Overall, this is a lighthearted and comedic story, making it a great addition to our list of the best Justice League fanfiction stories.

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15. Watch This

Let’s stray away from the serious stuff for a bit and enjoy some good ol’ wholesome content.

In this Justice League fanfiction, we follow Hal and Barry, who are worrying over Batman’s freshest sidekick.

They’re convinced that having a kid in the Bat-squad is a recipe for disaster, 24/7.

But hold up — Robin is having none of it.

He’s throwing down $15.36, cold, hard, betting cash to prove them wrong.

Robin’s not just talking the talk — he’s ready to show these doubters that being the Dark Knight’s protégé is no walk in the park.

Watch out because Robin’s about to drop some serious reality on their worries, and he’s doing it with a smirk and a handful of betting bills.

Get ready for a lesson in superhero survival, folks!

16. When They Finally Come to Destroy the Earth (They’ll Have to Go Through You First)

This Justice League fanfiction is relatively short, but it is a fascinating story.

In the world of this story, Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne attend boarding school together.

These two men are powerful and strong-willed, making their opinions known to everyone in the room.

They soon realize that becoming a superhero is not always straightforward.

Their journey to become who they are destined to be is interesting, and it features some roadblocks and problems you may not expect.

If you are a fan of DC Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this story is for you.

17. All I Have

Ever wonder why Batman was on edge at the start of the Justice League?

Well, in this story, Gotham’s caped crusader is not only fighting crime by night — but also playing referee to a brood of six at home!

Yeah, you heard it right — six mini Batmans running around, creating absolute chaos.

You’d be a bit angsty too, right?

Batman, the stoic and brooding hero, tries to maintain his cool while dealing with the ultimate supervillains — his own kids.

It’s a battle of epic proportions in Gotham’s shadows and the Wayne family living room.

Now, this a plot twist even the Dark Knight didn’t see coming.

18. Billy Batson and the Troubles of Work-Life Balance

As the title suggests, we follow Billy Batson and his neverending troubles of balancing work and life in this story.

Nobody in the League could confidently claim they had the lowdown on Captain Marvel.

Who or what the mysterious figure truly was remained a perplexing puzzle, and Billy Batson had zero intentions of flipping that script.

Maybe he ought to cut the rumor mill’s supply of fuel and put an end to the speculation.

But, of course, nothing goes smoothly for Billy Batson.

Who knew hiding your heroic deeds would be this hard?

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19. Release Your Inhibitions

As the Justice League hurdles through the cosmos in the sleek confines of the Watchtower, a sudden burst of a dangerous toxin incapacitates Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman.

Panic ensues as the team scrambles to save their iconic trio, rushing them to the high-tech medical bay with a sense of urgency only superheroes can muster.

As Wonder Woman and Superman gradually shake off the effects of the insidious gas, a troubling realization grips the team.

This toxin doesn’t just incapacitate — it strips away inhibitions.

The prospect of a Batman without moral restraints sends shivers down their spines.

In a world where the Dark Knight operates with a strict no-kill policy, the thought of him unleashed, rampant, is terrifying.

But, when Batman does regain consciousness, the unexpected unfolds.

Instead of chaos and mayhem, a revelation awaits his teammates — a twist that might just be the shock of their lives.

20. Emergency Contacts

In the heat of battle, when Batman takes a hit that even he can’t shake off, the Justice League doesn’t just sit back and twiddle their thumbs.

No, they kick into emergency mode, and the first call they make is to Batman’s emergency contact.

But what they didn’t see coming was a superhero reunion of epic proportions at the Watchtower.

I mean, seriously, who would’ve thought they’d show up? And it’s not just one or two — it’s a squad of caped crusaders, each with unique powers and gadgets.

The League’s jaw practically hits the floor as the emergency contact brigade storms in, ready to do whatever it takes to have Batman’s back.

Talk about a heroic plot twist!

Justice League Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Justice League fanfiction!

These are just a tiny sample of all the fantastic stories available.

So you may want to look at the other fanfics with this tag on Ao3 and find your favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to read more top fanfiction posts on this blog, then check out:

Finally, if you want to take your love for the iconic superhero team to the next level, you may want to consider adding this epic wall art at home!

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