The 10 Most Popular Overlord Fanfiction Stories in 2023

If you are looking for some great Overlord fanfiction, then look no further. 

Overlord is a dark fantasy anime based on Japanese novels. And Overlord really has a large fanbase. Because of the different elements in the series, it attracts many different kinds of people.

If you like futuristic anime with gaming elements, then the Overlord series and books might be just the thing for you.

Along with the Japanese books and the series, there is a whole world of Overlord fanfiction out there. 

There are countless stories out there with different twists on what happened in the world of Overlord. 

But in this post, I will be writing about some of the most popular Overlord fanfiction according to hits received in Archive Of Our Own.

Keep reading to find out more about some of these amazing and original stories. 

1. Overlord: The Demon Empress

This story took a whole different turn on the legacy of Susuki Satoru.

In this story, Susuki is born a female, which changes a large part of the history of the Overlord world.

She is now the demon Empress and she has to learn how this new world acts and reacts to this.

Because of the change in some of the core elements of Overlord, this story really has a very different feel.

It is an original story with a large number of people reading it and coming back for more chapters.

The story contains 52 chapters so far but is being updated regularly.

With over 56,000 hits it is one of the most popular Overlord fanfics out there.

2. Boku no overlord

This story is a sequel to the previously mentioned story.

It is written by the same author and takes place in the same world.

The Demon Empress Galadriel is also the main character in this story.

And we follow a bit more of her development, but also how she meets more people who are very interested in her.

The last update to this story was in May 2022 and it ended in a true cliffhanger.

So hopefully the writer will continue with this story soon.

There are 32 chapters in this story so far, but maybe it will be more.

This one is also very popular with over 32,000 hits.

3. Isekai Quartet: Exposed

In this story, we mainly follow Kazuma and Subaru.

There are also some Rezero spoilers, but the writer did their best to not spoil too much.

I do want to give a small trigger warning about self-harming, but this is something that also returns in the original story.

There are a lot of references to the seven deadly sins and Pride is the most visible in this story.

The story has a total of 6 chapters, but they are all pretty long and worth the read.

There has not been an update in the last few months.

So we can’t be sure if there’s more to follow.

4. Isekai Quartet reacts

This story is very different from the previous ones.

Here the writer took some characters from different episodes and worlds and put them together.

The writer also suggests that it is easier to read the story if you have actually seen the episodes everyone is from.

There is a nice summary of all the chapters and correlating episodes to make it easier for the reader.

All of this makes it a bit complicated if you don’t know the story well.

But it is a witty and well-written story.

That said, it has a very large fanbase and people are posting several comments.

There are 3 chapters so far, and I have a feeling there are many more to come.

5. Raid Boss

Fans of Overlord are familiar with Yggdrassil, the game inside the story.

In this story, the writer is telling us about a powerful Raid boss that appeared out of nowhere inside the game.

The story has some elements that are familiar but also give it a very nice twist.

There is also a bit of a crossover with Harry Potter.

This makes it a very fun read.

There are 17 chapters in this story and it is the first part in a series written by the same author.

So be sure to check out the rest if you enjoyed this.

6. The Supreme Beings of Life and Death

For this story, the writer took some of the original characters and changed them.

They also put in some entirely new characters to give the existing world of Overlord a twist.

Ainz is one of the main characters and still the Ruler of Death.

He is joined by Taylar, the Angel of life, and a whole new character.

This Overlord Fanfiction is written in a way that it feels like you are in the game itself.

The spells the characters use and the hits they take are explained very well.

There are 25 chapters in total with a lot of action and great world-building.

And with over 25,000 hits, a lot of people really enjoy this story.

7. A New World

The writer of this story took an existing storyline and changed the ending.

This gives the story an entirely different prospect and feel.

Some of the other players are now able to see Momonga before the game permanently shuts down.

Only now they are all trapped inside the game.

And this of course also has an impact on the world of the game itself.

The writing is very nice and easy to read.

This story really takes you even further into the world of the game with a lot of amazing twists and turns.

There are 9 chapters in total and it probably will stay with that.

8. Valkyrie’s Shadow

This story contains very extensive world-building as well as character development.

The writer even posted a map at the start of the story to give it a more real feel.

The descriptions of every person and building are amazing and really make you feel like you are there.

And this is visible especially in the massive amount of chapters, 573 total so far.

So if you like fanfics with very extensive descriptions and world-building, then this is absolutely the one for you.

9. Indolent Overlord

This story focuses mainly on the brothers Momonga and Suzuki.

The writer made it clear that they wanted to write something without all the unnecessary sex scenes.

And therefore they made one of the main characters an asexual aromantic.

Instead of romance, the writer focuses a lot on character development.

And this really makes for a whole different but still amazing kind of fanfic.

It is really up to you as a reader to see if you like this as much as the other story’s out there.

The story does not feel like it is complete yet.

However, the writer has not been updating the story for a few months now.

10. RE: Resolve and Power

And last, but absolutely not least, we have this fanfic about a re-imagining of the events of Act 3 from Re: Zero.

Here we follow Subaru Natsuki after his ordeals and the rejection by the royal candidates.

Of course, we also see a lot of Ainz in this story because of his importance to Subaru.

There are 17 chapters to the story and one author’s note.

In this author’s note, we can read that this story is finished and there won’t be any new content.

So make sure to read the entire story and see what Subaru has to go through.

Overlord Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Overlord fanfiction to read!

These 10 are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there.

So be sure to take a look and find your own favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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