10 Awesome When Calls the Heart Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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If you’re looking for When Calls the Heart Fanfiction, you’ve come to the right post!

When Calls the Heart is a touching television show about a woman named Elizabeth Thatcher, who is a teacher in a small mining town in Canada. 

It is a heartwarming show that really knows how to touch its audiences’ hearts. 

This show has been on the air since 2014, and it has grown quite a following in that time. 

It is so popular that there are countless fanfictions about the characters and their struggles, successes, and romances. 

This article will break down ten of the most popular When Calls the Heart fanfics.

So if you have come looking for some sweet and powerful stories, you have come to the right place. 

Keep reading to find out more.

1. O Let Me Have Thee Whole 

The first When Calls the Heart fanfiction is something that would never be featured on the actual show. 

It is a wholesome show that leaves a lot to the imagination in terms of more “mature” situations.

There is occasional kissing here and there, but never anything more than that. 

However, this fanfiction is set on changing that. 

In this story, the reader experiences Jack and Elizabeth’s wedding night with them. 

Because of their wholesome Christian upbringing, the two of them are awkward and unsure of themselves, making for a very sweet story. 

Though this story completely focuses on the wedding night, the author describes everything that happens in a very classy way. 

It is not raunchy or dirty, so if that is what you are looking for, you won’t find it here.

Instead, it is clumsy and sweet and slow. 

It is easy to feel the love between these two characters as they begin their marriage together. 

2. I Have No Limit Now to My Love

As we know, this show takes place in a very conservative town with very conservative values. 

But for some reason, fans of the show just love dirty fanfiction, and this next story is no different. 

This story takes place before Jack and Elizabeth are married, involving a bit of forbidden love. 

It has over 10,000 hits, so it is clear that this is a popular topic for fans of the show. 

At just over 600 words, this is a brief story, but it is full to the brim with sexual tension. 

Jack and Elizabeth sneak away on several occasions to be alone together, and each of their meetings becomes more and more scandalous. 

The two of them know what they are doing is perceived as wrong by their community, but they continue to meet without a chaperone. 

While this story does not go into graphic details, it is still intended for a mature audience. 

This story is told from Jack’s perspective, which definitely gives it a different feeling than many of the other fanfictions of a similar nature. 

If you are a fan who wants more out of your wholesome Hallmark TV show, this is a great fanfiction to start with. 

3. Queen Moon is on Her Throne

This next fanfiction is another rather short one, but it is quite popular with nearly 10,000 hits. 

This is another mature story, and it follows a very similar premise to the previous story. 

While Jack and Elizabeth are alone in her house, the two of them take things a little bit further than they anticipated. 

This story includes a shifting point of view, and it makes the story even more entertaining. 

Seeing how each of them is reacting to the evening gives the story much more depth and personality. 

In this fanfiction, Elizabeth resists Jack’s advances a bit more than in other stories, which adds to the already thick sexual tension. 

Even though it is already a fairly short story, the feeling of anticipation will cause you to read faster and faster. 

The story will be over before you know it. 

4. Fill for Me a Brimming Bowl

This next fanfiction is much more wholesome and clean than the previous stories. 

It seems like it should fit right into an episode of the show. 

This is a great story for any audience, as it does not contain any mature themes or scenes. 

Instead, this story revolves around Jack proposing to Elizabeth. 

Because of the differences in class that the two of them have, it brings up some interesting conflicts as they move forward with their engagement. 

Besides the disapproval from their friends and family, the two of them find that they have many differences in how they were raised and how they want to raise a family. 

Despite all of the conflict and drama this story brings, it is still a heartwarming and touching story that gives greater depth to these characters and their lives. 

5. On a Snowy Evening

This When Calls the Heart fanfiction is a bit different from some of the others on this list.

It is very short, coming in at just over 2,000 words, so it is a quick and easy read that is incredibly enjoyable and charming. 

This story has about 3,000 hits, but that number is growing because of its sweet and heartfelt nature. 

In this story, Jack and Elizabeth are traveling to visit her family. 

They face thick snow that delays their trip, so the two of them are stranded together, forced to reconcile lingering issues between the two of them. 

The two of them are quite a spectacle sitting in first class, and the conflicts begin almost immediately. 

In true When Calls the Heart fashion, however, the story ends with a reconciliation and a happy ending. 

It is a great quick read that will warm your heart. 

6. I and Love and You

Elizabeth Thatcher When Calls the Heart Fanart

The next fanfiction for us to discuss today is certainly one of the longest, coming in at over 120,000 words. 

There are currently 24 chapters in this story, and the author is continually updating it and adding more, so you can be certain that you will get your fill of Jack and Elizabeth. 

In this story, our two lovers are facing some monumental struggles. 

Jack is in preparation mode for his trip to the Northern Territories, and Elizabeth is riddled with worry. 

She is also struggling with her parent’s expectations of her, as well as their future together. 

There is a lot of romance in this story, as well as drama, conflict, and even some mystery. 

Many characters from the series make appearances in this story, as well as a few original characters. 

Buckle up for a wild ride with this story. 

It will take you through just about every emotion out there. 

Ultimately, however, you will definitely walk away with a smile on your face. 

7. When Calls the Hearties

Though not as long as the previous story, this is another long one that takes a bit of commitment. 

The commitment is worth it, however, as this is a story full of romance and some very tender moments between Jack and Elizabeth. 

This story picks up at the end of the Season 1 finale of When Calls the Heart. 

It has over 2,500 hits and 25 chapters.

As you may expect, this story follows Jack and Elizabeth through all of the twists and turns of their relationship. 

They face many struggles together, but they also grow in their love for each other. 

There is drama and conflict, but there is far more love and romance between the two of them. 

This is a beautifully written story that will leave fans of Jack and Elizabeth grinning from ear to ear. 

8. Homecoming

This brief story is perhaps my personal favorite on this list. 

It is less than 800 words, but it is full of heartwarming moments, as we can expect. 

There are a handful of characters in this story including Jack and Elizabeth, and they each add their own bit of excitement and enjoyment to this story. 

This story takes place as Jack returns home and reunites with Elizabeth. 

If you love this couple, then you will love this story. 

As it only takes a few minutes to read, it is a short and sweet way to see more of this loving couple. 

9. The Tree

In this brief and adorable story, we see Jack and Elizabeth come together in quite an embarrassing moment for Elizabeth. 

She is caught in a tree and Jack comes to her rescue. 

The author of this story does a fantastic job of capturing the sweet awkwardness of this couple, as well as their charming banter. 

The author has a clear voice for each character, and it makes it so enjoyable to read. 

Though this story is brief, it is full of heart. 

We get an intimate look at these characters in an innocent setting that is a lot of fun. 

10. Chalk Dust

The final fanfiction we are going to look at takes place between Change of Heart and Love Comes First. 

It is another short story, but it is very popular with over 2,000 hits. 

Once you read this story, you will surely understand why it is such a popular one with fans of the show. 

This story is a bit different from the others here, as it takes the form of Jack’s dream. 

There are so many romantic moments within this story that it would take a truly heartless person to not be touched by it. 

Even after Jack wakes up from the dream, there are more sweet and romantic moments to come between him and Elizabeth. 

It is a great way to round out a series of When Calls the Heart fanfiction. 

When Calls the Heart Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some popular When Calls the Heart fanfics to read!

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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