The 10 Most Popular Chicago Fire Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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If you are looking for some of the best Chicago Fire fanfiction, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out more.

Chicago Fire is an incredibly popular tv show with 10 seasons and more to come. 

It focuses on Chicago’s Firehouse 51 and all of the drama that occurs there. 

While firefighting is the main premise of the show, it has become hugely popular due, in part, to the dynamic relationships that are part of the show. 

Romantic relationships, familial relationships, friendships, and workplace relationships are all a huge part of this show. 

Fans of the show have taken to writing fanfiction about these relationships, as well as other aspects of the show, and some of them have quite a following.  

1. The Light at the End of the Tunnel 

The first Chicago fanfiction that we are going to look at is certainly one of the most popular. 

It has over 66,000 hits and thousands of raving comments. 

At nearly 155,000 words, this story is quite the commitment, but it is well worth it. 

The author is a phenomenal writer who has a great sense of the characters and how they operate. It seems like you are actually watching an episode of the show. 

This story mainly focuses on Casey’s head injury and how it effects him, as well as all of his teammates at 51. 

There are many events that tie into what really happens on the show, but we also get to explore a bit deeper some of the shifting relationship dynamics. 

Each chapter will leave you wanting more, that is for sure. 

There is a bit of adult content in this story, so use your best discretion if you decide to read it. 

2. Good/Right/Real

For those of us who love a good slow burn, friends-to-lovers trope, this will certainly be a story that you will enjoy. 

There is a bit of adult content in this story, and it does deal with death and a few other dark topics, but it is all around a delightful story that will leave you wanting more. 

It is another long fanfiction at around 225,000 words. Don’t worry, though; its fans report that you won’t feel like you are reading that much. 

This Chicago Fire fanfiction deals mainly with Brett and how she came to join Station 51, as well as the extended effects of that decision. 

The main relationship in this story is between Brett and Casey, but just about every other character makes an appearance, as well. 

This story is very popular, and for good reason. 

The author does a great job of telling an alternate universe story while still keeping true to the show. 

3. Family Portraits 

In true Chicago Fire fashion, this story also focuses on Brett and Casey. 

This story is actually many small snippets that do not follow a single plot. 

They involve all of the same characters, but they are just a small glimpse into different parts of their lives. 

It is very easy to enjoy this author’s writing, as well as to jump around and read something that interests you without committing to the entire collection, as it is quite long. 

There are many different snippets here that really give meaning to the title of the work. 

Readers can enjoy snippets from Brett and Casey’s dating life all the way through their children becoming parents themselves. 

It is truly many small portraits of their family. 

Family is the main focus of this story, so there is not a lot of interaction with other characters from the television show, nor is there a large amount of workplace drama to read about. 

That does not mean it is any less enjoyable, however. 

But it is something to consider when you decide to sit down with this author’s writing. 

If you are a Brett and Casey fan and you want to dive deep into their relationship and the family they build together, then this is a great choice for you. 

4. Moving On

This fanfiction is a bit shorter than the previous ones, but at 90,000 words, it is still quite lengthy. 

This story has over 34,000 hits, and it is popular among fans of many different relationship pairings. 

Though the main focus is Brett and Casey, there are also moments of Kidd and Severide, as well as a few other romances. 

The best part of this story is that it reads just like an episode of the show. 

It makes it such a joy to read if you have watched every episode (for the millionth time). 

It can certainly fill the void left by the lack of new episodes in the off-season. 

The author of this Chicago Fire fanfiction introduces many original characters, as well as characters that we hear about on the show but never meet. 

There are also appearances from characters from Chicago PD and Chicago Med, which really adds a lot of depth to the story and its characters. 

The beginning of this story takes place after Casey’s head injury, but it continues far past this. 

There are a lot of fun moments in this story, some very sweet relationship moments, and, of course, plenty of drama. 

5. The Night That Changed it All

This story is arguably one of the best written Chicago Fire fanfiction stories out there. 

The author has a beautiful way with words, and they put them to great use. 

Of course, there is plenty of romance between Casey and Brett, but this story is a bit different than many of the others. 

This story is more of a slow burn than many of the other fanfictions about this television show, and it takes quite a while for the main couple to get together. 

This is in stark contrast to the typical Chicago Fire fanfictions that take place after they are already together. 

It adds a lot of tension and intrigue, which is always fun to read.

There are about 34,000 hits on this story, and that number is only growing. 

Though the author is not writing any more of this story, there are still nearly 100 chapters to enjoy again and again. 

Because this is such a well-written story, you will be able to catch something new each time you read it. 

It may not be the most popular Chicago Fire fanfiction, but it is certainly one that is worth checking out.

6. Life

Chicago Fire Fanfiction Fanart

Believe it or not, we have another story to look at that focuses on the relationship between Brett and Casey. 

Much like one of the previous stories we looked at, this is a collection of snippets from their relationship, and it does not have a plot that extends through the entire work. 

This can be a very fun way to read a fanfiction because it allows the reader to jump around to chapters that excite them, and perhaps skip over chapters that they are less interested in, without missing anything vital to the plot. 

This fanfiction also gives the reader a glimpse of life before Chicago Fire takes place. 

We get to see childhood memories, in addition to the present day. 

There are so many characters featured in this fanfiction, but none more than Brett and Casey. 

Another fun aspect of this story is the existence of Brett and Casey’s children. 

Fans of Chicago Fire know how exciting this is, because we do not get to see their children on screen. 

There are heart wrenching moments throughout these snippets, but they are overall very happy stories. 

Through the sadness and disaster, there is a lot of joy and love, as well. 

It is a really fun read that goes very quickly simply due to its design. 

7. The Sevasy Loft

This Chicago Fire fanfiction is a breath of fresh air because it features Casey and Severide as the main relationship.

We get to see many other characters interacts with these two dynamic men, as well. 

This is another collections of snippets that focus on many aspects of Casey and Severide’s relationship. 

There is a bit of adult content, so use your best discretion if you decide to read any of these snippets. 

This fanfiction is one of the more popular stories that features the “Sevasey” relationship. 

It has over 30,000 hits and hundreds of raving comments.

We get to see glimpses into the past of each of these men, and solve some of them mysteries that the show leaves us with. 

Because it is such a sweet and simple premise, the author can take a lot of liberties and give their readers exactly what they want. 

It is a great fluffy collection of snippets that will definitely fulfill your need for Casey and Severide content. 

8. Running Towards the Unknown

This fanfiction is the most current story on our list. 

The author is still making regular updates as of May 2022. 

There are currently over 29,000 hits on this story, and that number is growing by the day. 

There are also hundreds of comments commending the author for their superb writing, excellent storytelling, and dynamic relationship progressions. 

In this Chicago Fire fanfiction, we get to enter an alternate universe in which Brett has a huge, life-altering decision to make. 

She meets a friendly stranger who helps her make this decision, and she goes off on a fantastic journey that the reader gets to go along with. 

This story is another long one, but it is worth the effort to get so much excellent storytelling. 

Don’t worry. If you are looking for Brett and Casey romance, there is plenty of that to be had, though the main focus is on Brett herself. 

It is a really fun story that is constantly growing. 

9. The Golden Age

This Chicago Fire fanfiction is a continuation of the universe that exists in the Good/Right/Real stories. 

It is written by the same author, and has many of the same elements that are appealing about that story. 

The difference here, however, is that this is a collection of short stories. 

They add so much depth to the existing universe, and the author has done a fantastic job of incorporating so many characters and relationships into their universe. 

Most of these stories play off of episodes in the series, but not all of them. 

We do get to see just about every character in the show, but we get to enjoy them even more than in the show. 

The reader gets a ton of information and background about these characters, and it is a lot of fun to read. 

The author of these short stories does a great job of mingling their own universe with the show’s universe. 

It is almost like a seamless universe.

It is one of the most popular collections of snippets out there, and it is worth a read. 

Even if you prefer more long-form writing that spans many chapters, it is definitely a great choice to get you hooked on these shorter snippets. 

10. Just Coffee

The final story that we will look at is perhaps the most controversial. 

It is very popular, with over 24,000 hits, but it is not the most well-received. 

Though it is well written, there are mentions of and scenes that include sexual assault, which can be very triggering for some readers. 

The author writes from the perspective of Brett and how she is dealing with the aftermath of being assaulted. 

She is fearful and tense, which is to be expected, and she takes solace in a few of her coworkers at the station. 

Of course, there is a bit of Brett and Casey romance in this story, but it takes a bit of reading to get to it. 

If you enjoy a slow burn, this might be a great choice for you. 

Though some people do not enjoy the content of this story, it is still one of the most popular for a reason. 

It is well written and very creative, so it rounds out our list of the best Chicago Fire fanfiction. 

Chicago Fire Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some popular Chicago Fire fanfics to read!

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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