The Top 10 Encanto Fanfiction Stories to Check Out in 2024

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If you loved Disney’s Encanto and the movie left you wanting more, Encanto fanfiction could be exactly what you’re looking for.

To that end, we carefully culled through some of the top fanfiction websites to find the most popular Encanto fanfics!

1. The Mouse in the Walls

To start off our list of the top Encanto fanfiction stories, let’s take a look at The Mouse in the Walls.

This story is an incredibly popular one, and for good reason. It has over 200,000 hits and comes in at a staggering 96,000 words.

In this fanfiction, Mirabel discovers Bruno living in the house’s walls long before the magic disappears. In this alternate universe, however, Mirabel does not know who Bruno is.

The two of them bond, and Mirabel instantly feels camaraderie with him because he, too, is an outcast from the family.

They become quite close and lean on each other for support and guidance.

Because this story is so long, there are also many other characters featured throughout.

Each family member makes an appearance, and it gives the reader great insight into each family member and how they interact with Mirabel.

2. The Two Seers

This story takes on an entirely different vibe than the previous one, but it is no less exciting and fun to read.

It is also a very popular story with nearly 160,000 hits and close to 75,000 words.

This is certainly a story that requires some commitment, but it is absolutely worth it.

It is another alternate universe story that heavily features Mirabel and Bruno.

Instead of Mirabel being the only member of the Madrigal family who does not receive a gift, she ends up with the same gift as Bruno.

Because of the mayhem that Bruno had previously caused the family with his gift, it is decided that Mirabel must also be kicked out before she causes even more problems.

Bruno takes her in and teaches her about her gift and how to use it.

They bond and become quite close in this dramatic story. 

3. The Door No One Knocks On

In the movie Encanto, Mirabel does not receive a gift like the rest of her family.

She dutifully sticks around and tries to help in her own way.

She still loves her family, and she wants to be part of the amazing Madrigals.

In this story, however, Mirabel has had enough of the mistreatment from all of her family.

Just because she does not have a gift does not mean that she has nothing to offer her family and the village.

Mirabel leaves her family and runs away to be on her own.

This story is not as long as the previous ones in this list, but it is just as interesting.

It gives a much different perspective on Mirabel and how she deals with being the only family member without a gift.

She takes her life into her own hands and does not let her family treat her poorly anymore.

This story has about 150,000 hits, and it is only getting more popular.

It is definitely a great story to check out, especially if you’re looking for a shorter story than those previously mentioned.

4. The Dragon and the Butterfly

This next Encanto fanfiction story is another popular story, with over 100,000 hits and close to 40,000 words.

The author of this story took Encanto and How to Train Your Dragon and put them together in this creative fanfiction.

In this story, a Viking and his dragon crash land in the magical village that is home to the Madrigals.

They end up interacting with the Madrigals, and, of course, they end up part of many crazy adventures.

They take a special liking to Mirabel and find that they actually have many similarities.

This story contains romance, drama, and plenty of magic.

It is a far cry from some of the other Encanto fanfiction stories, but it is fun in its own regard. 

5. Two Butterflies: Gone with The Wind

In this Encanto fanfiction, Mirabel again ends up with Bruno in the walls of Casita.

Because she is the only family member without a gift, Bruno feels a great sense of compassion for her.

He sees how she will be treated in the future, and he does not want her to experience all of the mistreatment that awaits her.

Though this is an alternate universe, there are many similarities to the film. In this story, Mirabel is the only one who can save the magic.

Because she is sealed in the walls with Bruno, her path to saving the family and their gifts is much different, but it is compelling all the same.

There are many complicated relationships in this story, and they only grow more complicated as the chapters progress.

It is dramatic and exciting to read.

And it is also a heartwarming and gut-wrenching story. 

6. She’s Mine Then

Encanto Fanfiction Fanart

This Encanto fanfiction tackles a new character and a completely different plot than the previous stories.

This story heavily focuses on Pepa and the “yellow” side of the family, including Felix, Delores, Camillo, and Antonio.

Abuela is also a major player in this story.

There are over 88,000 hits on this story, probably due to the unique and creative story that it is.

In this story, Pepa takes in Mirabel after her gift ceremony.

Both Julieta and Abuela decide that Mirabel should be sent away when she does not receive a gift.

Pepa is fed up with her sister and mother and does not want poor, young Mirabel to be sent away.

She raises her as her own and protects her from the evil of Abuela.

This story gets quite dark, and it has many sad moments involving young Mirabel.

Psychological and mental abuse are present, but there is just as much love in this story, too.

Though it is sad and, at moments, depressing, there are also moments of hope and light that make it a very sweet story about a new type of family. 

7. Some House to Watch Over Me

The next Encanto fanfiction for us to explore features Casita as a much more central figure.

Mirabel does not have a gift in this story, at least not to her family’s knowledge.

At her gift ceremony, it does not seem that Mirabel gets a gift, but she begins to grow quite close to Casita, far more than any of the other family members.

Because of her lack of a gift, the Madrigal family begins to ignore and neglect Mirabel.

She is not special to them, and they allow her to drift into the house’s shadows and the family’s.

Luckily for Mirabel, she has Casita to take care of her and keep her company.

This is yet another story that is quite sad at moments, but it also has many moments of hope and love. 

8. My Gift is a Curse, and Nobody Must Find Out

This story is one of the darker Encanto fanfiction stories in this article, but it still has a lot of excellent writing and storytelling.

In this alternate universe, Mirabel gets a gift at five years old, but she does not get a door.

Mirabel believes that her gift is actually a curse, and she feels like she must hide it from her family.

She has reoccurring nightmares that keep her awake, and she struggles deeply with depression.

She is mistreated by much of her family, and there are many instances of abuse and death.

If you are looking for a story that will break your heart, this is definitely one to take a look at. 

9. A Third Chance

This Encanto fanfiction focuses heavily on Abuela and her experiences.

Instead of being painted as a villain, the reader gets a great look at the person that Abuela is on the inside.

This story takes place in an alternate universe where Abuela is sent back in time.

She keeps her knowledge of what will happen in the future, but things shift and change in many unexpected ways.

Bruno is also a major player in this story, but he is young and still figuring out his gift.

He knows a lot about his family’s magic and his sister’s gifts, perhaps much more than he should.

There are many interesting family dynamics to explore in this story.

The bulk of this story takes place before any of the grandchildren are born, so readers get to learn a lot about how the family functions with just Abuela and her three young children.

It is a very interesting and creative story that is much different from any of the others. 

10. Plus Five To Charisma

If you are looking for a story that combines Encanto and Dungeons and Dragons, this is definitely the one for you.

(If you like Dungeons and Dragons, you may also enjoy our Critical Role fanfic post!)

Though these two may not seem like they belong together, they offer an excellent story that is worth checking out.

Mirabel and Bruno are the main focus of this story, but it is not the typical story of them hiding in the walls. Instead, Bruno and young Mirabel leave the family to see the world.

They meet up with another extended family member who shows them life in the world outside of the village.

The rest of the Madrigal family anxiously await their return, but their reunification is not what they expect.

Bruno and Mirabel are far different than everyone remembers them to be, and it is an adjustment for all of them.

This is an interesting story that has many creative elements that are not found in other Encanto fanfic stories. 

Encanto Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some popular Encanto fanfics to read!.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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