If you're looking for the Best Batman fanfiction, this story is for you!

This fanfic is not one cohesive story, it is actually a collection of smaller stories. The author has compiled snippets of their many other Batman fanfics to create this collection of alternate points of view, outtakes, and missing scenes. It is an interesting collection, even if you have not read the author’s other works. 

In this crossover fanfic, we see Danny Phantom going through his day to day life as a half-ghost superhero. Everything seems to be as expected until he is visited by some unusual guests. Batman himself makes an appearance in this story, as do many other characters that we know.

This story focuses on Jason Todd and his upbringing. He was kidnapped at 9 years old and forced to work to earn his keep. Despite the trauma, he dreams of growing up and going to college. His life is exceedingly difficult, that is, until a billionaire sweeps in to save the day. 

In this story, Jason Todd wants to take his life back. He is tired of other people making decisions for him, and he wants to gain control of his future. Fortunately, Jason is not on this journey on his own. He makes friends who become brothers along the way. 

In this Batman fanfiction, we see Bruce Wayne step into a parenting role. Though we know he has an affinity for taking in struggling kids, this time he becomes more of a father figure. This story is much more emotional than many others on this list. It is touching, well-written, and has a lot of heart. 

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