10 popular Vampire Diaries Fanfiction to read in 2023

If you are looking for some great fanfiction about the Vampire Diaries then look no further. 

The Vampire Diaries TV show is based on the books by L.J. Smith.

We follow the lives of Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore brothers Damon and Stephan.

The last two are both vampires.

Although the books have been around for many years, most people only know the TV show.

So if you like to read about and watch great vampire shows, then The Vampire Diaries might be just the thing for you.

Along with the books and TV show, there is a whole world of fanfiction about the Vampire Diaries out there. 

But in this post, I will be writing about some of the most popular Vampire Diaries fanfiction according to hits received in Archive Of Our Own.

Keep reading to find out more about some of these amazing and original stories. 

1. Moonlight Shadow

This story is a mash-up between Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals TV show.

Instead of Harry Potter, we follow the original character Aria Dorea Potter, a female version of Harry.

There she is confronted with memories from a past life.

And in this life, she has one true love, Klaus Mikaelson.

There are 8 chapters so far in this story, but they aren’t short chapters.

The last one is over 55 pages long, so buckle up, grab a cup of tea, and check out this amazing story.

2. Game of Chance

Here we have a combination of the characters from the Vampire Diaries and the Originals TV shows.

Ellie Gilbert, Elena’s younger sister, has been in a car accident.

And ever since that moment strange things are happening around and to her.

With the 97 chapters so far, this is a very elaborate story.

The writer did a good job in mixing the characters from both shows and adding some new, original characters.

If you enjoy this story, be sure to check in regularly because the story isn’t over yet.

3. The Wolf

This story follows season 1 of The Originals TV show.

The writer really kept as close to the original storyline as possible, but with 1 major change.

Caroline isn’t a vampire but a witch and she is pregnant with Klaus’ baby.

This also means there is no Hayley in this story since Caroline kind of took her place.

It is written in a very nice way and stay’s very true to the original.

It also reads like episodes from a TV show and you can really see the characters and world-building.

This story is part 1 in the “The Wolf” series, which has 4 parts in total.

4. Experience A New Life

This fanfic is another crossover between the Vampire Diaries and Harry Potter.

Instead of Harry, we have Angel Potter and she is fighting Voldemort during the Triwizard tournament.

When their spells collide something strange happens and Angel wakes up in another world.

She now is in Mystic falls, a place she does now know.

And the Gilbert family takes her in and treats her as one of their own.

There is a lot of great character development, especially for Angel.

And the writer does a good job keeping your interest throughout all 46 chapters.

This is part 1 in a series called “Experience a new life”.

5. Begin Again

In this story, we start with Elena waking up from a coma.

She isn’t sure what happened to her and her life feels like a (bad) dream.

Somehow Elena feels like she died and then got a new chance to change everything she has done wrong.

So she decides to make different choices and this makes her end up with a very different person than in the original tv show.

This story is a real slow burn, but the writer knows how to make it a good one.

Even though the story does have some mentions of things that happened in the tv show it takes a totally different twist.

So far the story has 65 chapters already, but it isn’t finished yet.

So keep checking in if you enjoyed this story.

6. A Beautiful Symmetry

Here we don’t have a story, but a collection of many stories all 1 chapter long.

Every chapter is a different story about Klaus and Caroline and shows some different ideas the writer has about this couple.

So far there already are 194 chapters.

Therefore it is safe to say that the writer has thought about this couple a lot.

It is impossible to give a true summary of this story, seeing every chapter is a complete story on its own.

The writer has let their imagination loose and came up with some very original and fun concepts.

And if you have always liked this couple, then this one is absolutely worth your time.

Seeing it has over 55,000 hits it is clear the story already has many fans.

7. Requiem of Fire

Here we have another fanfic in honor of Klaus and Caroline.

No matter what Caroline does or how hard she tries to get away from him, Klaus always finds her.

He is evil and dark, but he loves her very much.

And he is willing to do anything and everything for her.

Along with his family who sees Caroline as one of their own, he finds his way back to her heart.

This story is a bit spicier than the previous ones.

There are 14 chapters in total and the last chapter is the most “mature” of them all.

8. Rowan Gilbert

In this story, we see Lila Stone who after being in a car accident, dies and is reincarnated into Rowan Gilbert.

Rowan is the eldest Gilbert sibling and didn’t exist until Lila entered the scene.

She is integrated into the lives of Elena and Jeremy and it feels like she has always been there.

The writing style switches between conversational and real storytelling.

This can be a bit confusing at times, but it also helps you get a good idea about what has happened.

This is part 1 in the Rowan Gilbert series.

So far there are 2 parts available in the series, but there will be a third part.

9. The Hybrid and His Mistress

Another crossover between Harry Potter and the Vampire Diaries with a female Harry.

Eris Black, formerly known as Willow Eris Potter, is the dark lady now.

Eris is done with the wizarding world and she decides to leave everything behind.

She ends up in Mystic Falls right around the time Klaus first shows himself.

Klaus wants her the moment he sees her, but it takes a while before Eris returns those feelings.

The story is very popular with over 49,000 hits, but so far the story isn’t yet done and hasn’t been updated for a long time.

But if you enjoy both these fandoms and would like to see Klaus with someone completely different, then make sure to check out this story.

10. The Lost Brother

This is a crossover between the Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf.

Stiles is a young vampire, the youngest sibling of the most dangerous family of vampires.

He is on the run and settles himself within a pack of werewolves, pretending to be human.

But when his cover is blown he is in danger, along with the friend he made along the way.

And the family he has been running from now returns for vengeance.

There is quite a bit of violence in this story, especially with the fights between the werewolves and vampires.

The story has 10 chapters in total with over 47,000 hits.

So if you like a good mix between werewolves and vampires this might be the right story for you.

The Vampire Diaries Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Vampire Diaries fanfiction!

These 10 are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there.

So be sure to take a look and find your own favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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