10 of the Most Popular RWBY Crossover Fanfiction Stories in 2024

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RWBY fanfiction is a massive genre with many different types of stories. 

But for those who may be unfamiliar, RWBY is an adult anime series that gets its name from the first names of each of the protagonists. 

There are 8 seasons in this series, with over 100 episodes between all of the seasons. 

In this series, the young people living in the city of Remnant train to become warriors and protect the city from monsters. 

It is a hugely popular show around the world, and it has inspired countless writers to imagine fictional scenarios and situations for these characters to experience. 

Some of the most popular are listed below. 

Keep reading to find out more.  

1. RWBY and JNPR react to Dragon Ball Z Abridged

The premise of this first story is quite simple. 

We see all of the main characters from RWBY reacting to episodes of another highly popular show, Dragon Ball Z.

Though the plot of this story is not very complex or dramatic, that does not mean that it is boring to read. 

Quite the opposite, actually. 

We get to see some of our favorite characters in a normal and very casual setting. 

There are moments of humor and comedy, as well as small moments of conflict, but overall it is a very sweet story. 

There is a reason that this story is one of the more popular RWBY fanfictions. 

It gives us little glimpses of these characters that we don’t ordinarily see, and we get to see their reactions to something that exists in our world. 

It is a long story, but it is well-written and easy to get lost in. 

2. Soul of Love and Bravery

Next up is a story that is quite different from the previous one, but it is just as fun and engaging to read. 

The main focus of this story is the relationship between Ozpin and Oscar. 

This story revolves around time travel, so it does get a bit messy, but that just adds to the fun of it. 

The author is a fantastic writer and does a great job of pulling the readers in. 

They incorporate themes and ideas from many other books, tv shows, and movies in popular culture, but they are not overdone. 

It is just the right amount of originality and pulling from other works. 

This is a difficult balance to find, but this author does it well. 

3. Reading Remnant’s Phantom Thieves

This next RWBY fanfiction is another that is incredibly popular. 

It is a great story that involves the main characters from RWBY being whisked away to a mysterious place. 

While they are away from Remnant, they read about the Phantom Thieves. 

These characters go on many journeys throughout this story, both physically and mentally, and end up all the better for it. 

This story is not nearly as long as some of the others, so it is a great one if you are not ready to commit to several chapters. 

4. Jaune Arc: The All-Rounder

This story focuses on Jaune Arc and his struggles to find himself. 

In this alternate universe, the Arc family attempts to raise Jaune as a high-society gentleman. 

Unfortunately, this is not at all what Jaune wants. 

He spends time alone training and preparing to be a hunter, even though that dream may never come true. 

We get to see a really fun and unique side to Jaune in this story. 

He is cunning and astute. 

Plus, he is driven to remove himself from his poor life situation and start a new life. 

This story has a lot of violence and action, so it is very dramatic and fun to read. 

5. The Ozpin Files

This next story is a very brief one, but that does not necessarily mean that it is one to skip over. 

It is a fun story that gives us a lot of great content about Ozpin and Cinder. 

It is a very funny story that will have you laughing from beginning to end. 

In this story, we see Cinder learn that Ozpin isn’t the scary and fearsome opponent that she once thought. 

The author of this story does a great job of staying true to the characters and their unique voices. 

The reader also gets to see humorous moments that we don’t always get to see on the show. 

The writing is quality, and the storytelling is too. 

The comments on this story are all raving about the author and their storytelling abilities, so this is one to read, for sure. 

6. Wilted

RWBY fanart fanfiction

This alternate universe story gives us the unique perspective of Mercury Black. 

This is a point of view that we have not seen yet, and it is a lot of fun to read. 

In this story, Mercury is tasked with getting close to Ruby and becoming part of her inner circle of trusted friends. 

He can do this quite easily, but he is surprised at what he finds. 

He faces many difficult decisions along the way, and we see into his mind and decision-making process. 

This lengthy story is still being regularly updated, so there is plenty of content to enjoy. 

It is a well-written and engaging story that takes many unexpected twists and turns. 

Alongside the tension and suspense of this story, there is also some humor and a bit of romance. 

If you are looking for a RWBY fanfic that’s probably not what you expect, this is a great one to choose. 

7. All the Difference in the Worlds

This story combines the worlds of several different series, including a few video games. 

It is an interesting take on each of these worlds, and it is a lot of fun to see how the author combines them. 

If you are a fan of Elder Scrolls, Fallout, or Doom, you are sure to love this story. 

It takes characters from each of these worlds and characters from RWBY and places them into unique and fun scenarios. 

This story focuses mainly on Jaune Arc. 

He finds himself in a bit of a sticky situation and must figure out a way out of it. 

Don’t skip out on this story if you want to see how these video game worlds work with RWBY to create a unique and fun story. 

8. Reading Twin Heroes of Remnant

The next RWBY fanfiction for us to look at has a similar premise to one of the other stories, but the author gives it an individual twist that sets it apart from any other stories. 

In this fanfiction, many of our favorite RWBY characters gathered together to read a story. 

It is a bit of a mind-bender to read fanfiction about characters reading fanfiction, but it’s still relatively straightforward to read.

These characters wake up in a room where a man wants them to read this story. 

It is a story of courage and power, so they are all intrigued by it. 

We get a story within a story through the hundreds of chapters of this fanfiction. 

If that sounds intriguing, don’t skip over this one! 

9. Cheating Makes You Choke

In this mature fanfiction, Jaune, Weiss, and Blake find themselves in an interesting situation. 

Jaune catches Weiss cheating on a test, and Weiss does not want anyone to know. 

In exchange for Jaune’s silence, Weiss offers a somewhat unconventional compromise.

It leads to some interesting situations and a lot of mature scenarios.  

This story has a lot of adult content, so be aware of that before you start reading. 

10. Hunters of Justice

The final RWBY fanfiction on our list is another crossover story between several different universes. 

In this story, we get to see how the characters from RWBY interact with characters from the DC universe, particularly The Justice League. 

Mixing superheroes alongside our favorite hunters is a recipe for a great story with a lot of fun dynamics. 

This story is incredibly long, and still being updated by the author, but don’t let its size intimidate you. 

When Brainiac comes to conquer the planet, team RWBY is sent to defend it.

They work alongside many of our favorite superheroes for an action-packed story that will leave you on the edge of your seat. 

Don’t miss out on this great story.

RWBY Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great RWBY fanfics to read!

These are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there.

So be sure to take a look and find your own favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to read more about fanfiction on this blog, then check out:

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