How to Train Your Dragon Fanfiction – 20 Best Stories in 2024

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If you are looking for some great How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction — you’ve come to the right place!

How to Train Your Dragon is an animated movie by Dreamworks, first released in 2010.

After the first movie’s success, Dreamworks released movie 2 in 2014 and movie 3 in 2019, and in 2012, a TV show was aired on Cartoon Network called ‘Dreamworks Dragons.’

So, if you like animated movies about dragons, How to Train Your Dragon might be just the thing for you.

Along with the movies and TV shows, there is a whole world of How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction.

But in this post, I will write about some of the most popular How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction according to hits received on Archive Of Our Own.

Keep reading to find out more about these famous stories. 

1. The Dragon and the Butterfly

Encanto Fanfiction Fanart

This story is a crossover between Encanto and How to Train Your Dragon.

In Encanto, its inhabitants live safely from the dangers of outside.

This magical place has been protecting them for over 50 years, until the day a Viking and his dragon crash land inside the village.

But instead of fearing the two unexpected visitors, they soon find themselves getting close to the Madrigas family.

And Hiccup and Mirabel find out that they aren’t so different.

It’s a lovely crossover between two excellent animated series.

Mirabel and Hiccup go well together — the writer did a fantastic job with this story.

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2. Persephone

In a world where dragons and Vikings teeter on the brink of war, Astrid becomes an unexpected pawn in a high-stakes, deadly game of peace. 

Her very life hangs in the balance, making her a sacrifice in exchange for the Dragon Master’s elusive mercy.

But fate has a twist in store, one neither she nor her captor expects. 

Instead of a nameless figure, her captor emerges as a haunting figure from her past. 

In a startling turn of events, Astrid’s role shifts from captive to something entirely unexpected: an ally and, even more surprisingly, a lover to the Dragon Master.

Yet, as rumors of a blonde maiden by the Dragon Master’s side begin to ripple through the land, the repercussions reverberate far and wide.

Dragons and Vikings, two fierce and proud races, find themselves in a web of intrigue, love, and destiny. 

The consequences of Astrid’s newfound position promise to reshape their world. 

This leaves dragons and Vikings to grapple with the consequences of an unexpected alliance in their quest for peace.

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3. Nightfall

This story is a whole different take on the movies.

The writer goes with Hiccup being a feral dragon boy.

The Vikings of Berk shoot down a dragon and its rider, discovering Hiccup, who believes he is a dragon.

He refuses to speak or act like a human.

Even though the Vikings don’t know what to do with this strange boy, they keep trying.

But it doesn’t change much until Astrid shows up.

It’s an original and funny story featuring a very different Hiccup.

4. Stratospheric

In this fanfic, Hiccup does something to anger his clan and decides to run away.

But of course, he isn’t alone because Toothless is always with him.

And even though Toothless can’t speak, he and Hiccup have some great “conversations.”

But all their worlds turn upside down when they run into Stoick and Furlan in the woods.

It’s a coming-of-age story with Hiccup and Stoick coming to terms with who they are.

It has a lot of funny elements, but some serious ones too.

5. Making History

In this fanfic, Hiccup still successfully shoots down Toothless.

But this time, he didn’t lose his tailfin.

It makes the bonding between them very different from the movie.

Still, Toothless knows the mercy Hiccup did by not killing him.

And a dragon does not forget easily.

This story is part 1 of the “Hiccup and his flying, obnoxious dragon” series.

6. Watching Mulan 

This How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction is an exciting crossover between 16 popular animated movies and series.

It gathers the iconic characters from different franchises, like Woody from Toy Story and Elsa from Frozen, alongside Hiccup and Toothless, where they all sit in a magical theater to watch and react to the Disney classic  Mulan!

It’s a fun story that showcases the reaction of these iconic animated characters to the beloved Disney film. 

All while it gives an idea of how each of them would interact and bond with one another. 

If you’re a fan of the characters-watching-their-own-shows trope, this fanfiction is for you!

7. Familiar (But This Time, I’ve Had Some Practice)

The next How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction is about a young Hiccup who travels through time.

There are minor trigger warnings about low self-esteem and bullying, so remember this while reading.

Every century a comet passes Berk and somehow changes one of the villagers.

It puts the brain of their future self into a child’s body.

This time, it happens to Hiccup, and he now knows everything about a fantastic dragon that one day will be his.

But before this day comes, he must overcome how the village sees him.

8. The Home We Built Together

This story features the arranged marriage trope.

So be aware before reading the story, as it is not for everyone.

Hiccup has been dreaming of meeting the love of his life, falling in love, and starting a family.

But he never would have believed he would get into an arranged marriage and marry one of his best friends.

Now, he and Astrid must find out how to deal with this marriage and everything that comes with it.

9. The Phantom of the Arena

This story takes place in the How to Train Your Dragon world with its original cast.

But the story itself follows the premise of the Phantom of the Opera musical.

Strange things started happening in Berk a year ago, which the residents of Berk believe to be due to the Phantom of the Arena.

Even though nobody knows who or what this Phantom is, Astrid isn’t going to let it destroy everything.

Hiccup tries to leave Berk behind but returns to help Astrid and the village defeat whatever haunts them.

This story is the first part of the “Phantomverse” series.

So, make sure to check out the rest of the series.

10. Wilderness Offspring

In a dramatic twist of fate, Hiccup chooses the path of the unknown wilderness over the life he knows

After five years of solitude, he’s become unrecognizable — a mirror image of his beloved dragon companion, Toothless, and their wild flock.

Although he wants to leave his entire past behind, destiny has other plans. 

Suddenly, a group of familiar faces from Berk crash-lands into his newfound sanctuary, forcing him to confront fifteen years’ worth of haunting memories he was trying to forget. 

As the once-prosperous Berk faces the challenge of relentless dragon raids and barren seas, the village’s future looks grim.

The burden of Berk’s survival now falls upon Astrid, the heir to the chiefdom. 

She embarks on a dangerous expedition searching for a legendary dragon master, unaware that the person she thinks is lost has been living in the shadows.

Hiccup, hiding behind a mysterious mask, holds the key to Berk’s salvation, but will he choose to help the people he left behind?

Find out in this dramatic, thrilling, and action-packed How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction!

11. Watching Secrets Unfold

After a thrilling flight to the dragon’s nest, Hiccup and Astrid find themselves in a bizarre predicament — alongside the rest of Berk.

The entire tribe and their dragons find themselves in a mysterious room.

Here, they witness the culmination of a generations-long conflict, the end of a war shaping their world.

In this unexpected twist of fate, the tribe and their loyal dragons become spectators in a momentous showdown.

It’s a test of emotions and loyalties, where the past meets the present in a room jam-packed with anticipation and apprehension. 

Witness their secrets unfold in this How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction!

12. Simple Gifts

Amid their daily adventures and dragon-training duties, Hiccup and Astrid start noticing each other in a way that transcends friendship

Their connection deepens, and an unspoken understanding blossoms between them. 

But as intense as their emotions grow, they remain apprehensive.

After all, Berk is full of nosy Vikings — and dragons!

Hence, in the quiet moments, away from the chaos of Berk and the ever-watchful eyes of their friends, Hiccup and Astrid embark on a secret exchange of affection. 

They begin leaving heartfelt gifts for one another, hidden away in the most unexpected places.

Although this fanfiction follows a simple premise, it still gives us a heartwarming and romantic story between two shy Vikings in love!

13. The Dragon Queen of Berk

After Valka returns to Berk and reunites with her family, she begins teaching Hiccup all about the dragon traditions.

She reveals that in dragon society, leaders aren’t gender-specific.

Instead, they base them on roles — not gender.

And to Hiccup’s astonishment, she shares that he is the leader of his dragon flock, the “queen,” and Toothless is his “king.”

This revelation bewilders and amuses Hiccup, especially considering his father’s expectations of him. 

Valka reassures him that his father will come to understand and accept his unique role as the leader of the dragons.

Hiccup confronts his father with newfound determination and shares his decision to step aside as a potential chief.

After all, every nest needs a queen!

14. A Recipe for Disaster

Berk finds itself in utter disbelief after a disastrous showdown with a witch.

The aftermath stuns the Vikings of Berk, unable to fathom the extraordinary twist of fate they’re facing — Hiccup becoming a dragon.

Amidst the chaos and bewilderment, one creature stays unbothered: Toothless, the loyal Night Fury dragon.

It seems that Toothless couldn’t care less whether his closest companion, Hiccup, is a human or a dragon. 

Their bond is more than mere appearances, demonstrating the remarkable depth of connection that can exist between two beings.

But will Hiccup stay a dragon forever?

Find out in this unique How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction!

15. Cold North Wind

In this How to Train Your Dragon one-shot, we follow Valka, as she returns to Berk and reunites with her beloved son.

After leaving with the dragons during the raid when Hiccup was just a baby, Valka never expected to see her son, Hiccup, again.

But life has a peculiar way of throwing surprises at us when we least expect it. 

And Valka gets a chance to return to her once-beloved home of Berk.

Instead of seeing a young boy, Valka encounters a strong, grown man strikingly resembling the baby she once cradled.

The joy of reunion does not erase the pain of separation, but becomes one with the melancholy of time lost. 

Regardless, Valka now embarks on a journey of rediscovery, getting to know the child she had thought she would never see again.

16. Run Past the Rivers, Run Past All the Light

Knowing how resourceful and intelligent his son is, Stoick should’ve seen his escape coming. 

Hiccup escapes the prison his father set up and runs away with his newly-tamed dragon.

Despite their relentless search efforts, Hiccup and the fierce dragon are nowhere to be found. 

Amid all this, a rumor of a hooded figure riding a Night Fury spreads throughout the island.

Little did Berk know they were about to embark on a journey beyond their wildest dreams.

It’s one journey that will forever alter their perception of dragons and reveal a hidden world they never knew existed. 

17. Ataraxia

Imagine waking up one day and finding yourself in a completely different body, with memories that don’t belong to you. 

That’s the bewildering predicament Midoriya Izuku and Hiccup are faced with in this How to Train Your Dragon and My Hero Academia crossover.

Born without a Quirk in a world where superpowers are the norm, Izuku has become an outcast. 

But his life takes a strange turn when, on his twelfth birthday, he finds himself not in his skin but in the body of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, the legendary dragon trainer from Berk.

As Izuku navigates this strange new world, trying to reconcile the memories of two different lives, he can’t help but wonder if fate or some mysterious force had something to do with the sudden switch.

Regardless, one thing is clear to Izuku — he is no longer the Quirkless Deku.

18. Hiccup and Toothless’ Fate

In this story, Hiccup runs away with Toothless, convincing the entirety of Berk that he is dead. 

Fast forward a few years, and Berk gets into a dragon-related catastrophe

In their darkest hour, a mysterious Dragon Whisperer appears

Legends about this savior spread like wildfire, sparking curiosity and hope among the desperate villagers.

But here’s the twist: that Dragon Whisperer is none other than our old friend Hiccup himself

However, he doesn’t want the people of Berk to know that.

Can Hiccup keep his true identity under wraps as Berk clamors for answers?

19. The Future Waits For No One

Hiccup finds himself in his house after passing out after getting caught in a storm.

But the weird thing is that he’s gone back in time six years!

After waking up in his old home with his father alive and well, his suspicions are confirmed.

He really is back.

However, as he’s about to acknowledge his father, Hiccup sees himself — literally — but younger! 

Confused, Hiccup assumes a new identity and gets to the bottom of his sudden regression.

But things aren’t easy when you live among people you know and love — and they don’t know who you are.

Will Hiccup survive this ordeal?

And will he ever return to his own timeline?

20. The Chieftess of Berk

In this How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction, Astrid doesn’t live in Berk and is instead the daughter of chief and chieftess Hofferson.

Despite her wishes, Astrid finds herself on the precipice of an arranged marriage to Hiccup, the youthful chief of Berk.

She goes to Berk, where she assumes Chieftess’ role and eventually becomes the mother of their future heir. 

Yet, there’s a catch — this union is devoid of love, driven solely by political motivations.

How to Train Your Dragon Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some terrific How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction!

These are just a tiny sample of all the fantastic stories out there.

So be sure to take a look and find your favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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