The 20 Most Popular ACOTAR Fanfiction to Read in 2024

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You have come to the right place if you want great ACOTAR fanfiction. 

The ACOTAR series is by far the most popular series by Sarah J. Maas.

And it has many different elements which attract a lot of people.

If you like romance, strong female characters, and authentic fantasy stories, the ACOTAR books might be just the thing for you.

Along with the book series, there is a whole world of A Court of Thorns and Roses series fanfiction out there. 

There are countless stories out there that feature Feyre, Rhysand, Cassian, and the rest of the inner circle. 

In this post, we’ve written summaries and created fanart for some of the most popular fanfics on AO3 inspired by the ACOTAR series!

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1. ACOMAF Part 1: The House of Beasts

Step into a mesmerizing alternate perspective of ACOTAR as this fanfiction masterfully weaves the original plot through the eyes of Rhysand

Brace yourself for a thrilling rollercoaster ride as each chapter mirrors the beloved tale we know, capturing its essence while brilliantly adding Rhysand’s unique lens. 

It’s like reuniting with an old friend but experiencing an entirely new adventure together. 

This ingenious retelling maintains the gripping core of the story and offers a fresh layer of excitement. 

You’re in for an enchanting journey that pays homage to the original while crafting a delightfully novel experience. 

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2. ACOMAF Part 2: The House of Wind

This ACOTAR fanfiction is the next installment of the famous ACOMAF series, focusing on the mind of Rhysand, carrying us through the aftermath of his daring rescue mission. 

Sweeping Feyre away from the clutches of Tamlin’s domain and into the vibrant heart of Velaris, the tale aligns with its canonical roots.

But now, Rhysand’s emotions, previously hidden, shimmer like stars in the night sky. 

This tale unlocks the treasure trove we’ve all yearned for, spotlighting the period post-Feyre’s dramatic extraction. 

The original story’s essence remains intact, but this retelling tiptoes on new trails, delivering an intoxicating blend that captivates the heart and mind.

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3. Embers & Light

This ACOTAR fanfiction follows Cassian and Nesta.

Amid their study at the river estate, Cassian directed his gaze downward to the woman to be his companion in the days ahead. 

He observed her closely, noting the transformation in her eyes. 

Once ablaze with passion, they now seemed vacant, devoid of life.

It was a sign that the situation they found themselves in was far graver than any had dared to acknowledge.

Their journey embarks upon the healing path — Nesta’s gradual mend and the intricate steps by which she and Cassian rekindle their bond.

Witness as Nesta begins to piece herself together anew and the dynamic between her and Cassian evolves, growing stronger with each step.

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4. The Autumn Flame

Rhysand entrusted Lucien and Elain with a daring mission — journeying across Prythian to visit various courts to weave tighter bonds between the realms. 

It was a daunting task, yet an opportunity that held promise and peril.

Among the courts they were to visit, one stood out like a thorn in Lucien’s side — Tamlin’s domain, fraught with history and unresolved tensions. 

Then came the most unnerving leg of the journey: Lucien’s return to the Autumn Court, a place of haunting memories ruled by the formidable Beron and his enigmatic brothers. 

Dread clung to him like a shadow, knowing that bringing Elain into this lion’s den could either solidify their bond or shatter it completely.

As they embarked on this odyssey, they carried their hopes, fears, and weight of Prythian’s future. 

The path ahead was uncertain fraught with challenges, but together, they ventured forth, kindling a spark of unity in a fractured land.

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5. To Deceive a Deceiver

This story was written before a Court of Wings and Ruin.

We mostly follow Feyre and Rhysand throughout the story.

Feyre is in love with Rhysand but does not believe in soulmates.

She would rather just see how the relationship goes.

But Rhysand isn’t accepting just that and does all he can to prove to her that they are made for each other.

A few cliffhangers in the story keep readers coming back for more.

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6. A Court of Fire and Starlight

Eris Vanserra’s life has been a dance with darkness in the heart of the ruthless Autumn Court. 

From his first breath, he was entwined with monsters, his days a web of plotting to wrench the crown from his father’s relentless grasp. 

But just as his schemes neared fruition, trouble followed.

An unforeseen power intervenes, upending Eris’s world before he can make his move.

Meanwhile, Astra’s existence blooms in the opulent Night Court, where starlight courses through her veins in the form of extraordinary gifts. 

Yet, when she metes out vengeance upon an age-old High Lord, the repercussive blast thrusts her into a world of chaos.

Oh, but the Mother of all things mystical possesses a wicked delight. 

With a twist that could make galaxies chuckle, she binds these two rivals with a bond beyond their control — a mating bond, a tether woven with cosmic irony.

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7. A Court of Whispers and Song

In this ACOTAR fanfiction, we follow Gwyn and Azriel and see how that relationship progresses.

This story contains some trigger warnings since Gwyn has been through horrible things.

There is some mature language in some of the chapters and referral to the trauma Gwyn has had to endure.

This story will be full of the Gwyn and Azriel story many readers want to read.

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8. A Court of Light and Melody

This entire story is from Gwyn’s point of view.

It is another Azriel and Gwyn fanfic, telling us if they will eventually end up together.

Because the story of Azriel is also connected to that of Elain and Lucien, we also see some references to them.

Every chapter starts with a quote and song to give you a feel for the theme of the chapter.

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9. Pretty Little Angel

This is another ACOTAR fanfiction about Azriel, but it’s with Elain now.

In the wake of the Winter Solstice festivities, a restless spirit possesses Elain, compelling her to shadow Azriel’s steps through the vibrant streets of Velaris.

Unbeknownst to her, Azriel’s finely honed instincts catch wind of his silent pursuer.

After all, being a spymaster has endowed him with an uncanny awareness of his surroundings.

Seizing the opportunity to unravel the mystery, he confronts Elain, a confrontation that unexpectedly spirals into uncharted territory.

With pleasure and pain in the mix, how will the duo survive?

Find out in this thrilling and alluring tale!

10. A Court of Nightmares and Starlight

This story takes place ten years after the war for Prythian.

It was written before A Court of Silver Flames came out because Feyre and Rhysand have been trying for a baby all this time.

The most crucial storyline here is about Rhysand and Feyre and their journey to getting pregnant.

There are also references to some political issues.

And we do see all of the inner circle in this story.

So, if you enjoy another take on Feyre’s pregnancy, this is the right story for you.

11. AU Where We Pretend ACOSF Didn’t Happen

Months had passed since the Solstice, and Cassian couldn’t shake off the memories of his attempts to reconnect with Nesta. 

He brought it up with Rhysand, revealing Nesta was his mate. 

Rhys’ response hit him like a slap — she wasn’t in Velaris, maybe not even in the Night Court. 

Devastated, he found himself in Illyria, battling and numbing his pain. 

There, he encounters Azriel, who suggests that Nesta is safe.

Hope flickered in Cassian’s chest, quickly replaced by urgency, demanding to know where she was.

Struggling to stand, his heart pounding, Cassian was ready to embark on a new journey — to find Nesta, to bridge the gap that had grown between them.

12. The Light in the Dark

Rhysand attends Calanmai, or Fire Night, a time for lovers and magic among the courts.

Initially, he attended to observe Tamlin, which could give him valuable insights into his movements.

But the moment he stepped onto the Spring Court’s grassy hills, Rhysand could sense her scent immediately, distinct even amidst the crowd. 

She’d been in his dreams, her nightmares echoing in his ever since she crossed into Prythian. 

Her Fire Night dreams drew Rhysand in, revealing her court. 

He saves the troubled woman from three faes, earning her attention.

And it wasn’t long until Rhysand decided he’d protect her, even if she could never know. 

This ACOTAR fanfiction is a short, sweet one-shot revolving around Rhysand and Feyre, great for Feysand shippers.

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13. A Court of Resistance and Scars

This tale reimagines where Rhysand’s sister defies her untimely end.

In a courageous battle for survival, Arwen managed to fight back, securing her precious life even amidst the chaos. 

Though scarred and battered, she emerged from the ordeal alive, seeking refuge in her brother’s city. 

Arwen’s journey is one of resilience and deception, a symphony of strength and vulnerability that intertwines to form the complex melody of her existence. 

As time marches on, her mask grows heavier, and the strains of her suppressed pain become more pronounced, a reminder that some battles leave marks that mere luxury cannot erase.

14. A Court of Family Secrets – ACOSF

Feyre’s life turns unexpectedly when Rhys and the Inner Circle withhold the truth about her pregnancy complications. 

Fueled by betrayal, she embarks on a quest for answers and support, determined to find her path.

But Feyre soon learns she’s not alone in her struggle against family secrets. 

As her journey unfolds, it intertwines with the lives of Autumn and Day, revealing a web of consequences that stretch far beyond anyone’s expectations. 

The Night Court, too, trembles on the brink of transformation as Feyre, now embracing her role as High Lady, forges powerful alliances and carves an agenda uniquely her own.

Gripping and emotionally charged, this reenvisioned ACOTAR fanfiction is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

15. One of Us

This ACOTAR fanfiction follows Rhysand as he witnesses Feyre’s First Trial.

Amarantha’s sadistic game was evident. 

Feyre’s trial unfolded, a muddy pit and the Middengard Wyrm awaiting her. 

But Feyre uses her humanity, once a weakness, as her strength. 

She would overcome the challenges because she embraced her humanity, a trait the fae couldn’t fathom.

Feyre proved she wasn’t a pawn in this sadistic game — she was a fighter, a spark of resistance. 

And amidst this, Rhysand’s careful eyes can’t help but observe and fall for the resilient woman in front of him. 

When she throws the bone in front of Amaranth, that’s where Rhysand solidifies his decision to protect Feyre forever.

Will he succeed in convincing the fierce woman?

Find out in this short yet enthralling read.

16. A Court of Tangled Flames

While out on a hike, Cassian loses sight of Nesta.

Back in Velaris, the news of Nesta’s disappearance spread.

Rhysand used his powers to search for her, but Nesta remained elusive. 

With the missing woman, the group organizes a rescue mission.

Azriel organized search teams, Mor checked arrivals in the city, and Rhysand came along on the journey with Cassian.

As they awaited news, Cassian’s worry consumed him. 

He remembered Nesta’s vacant eyes, her haunted demeanor. 

The weight of guilt bore down on him. 

He couldn’t lose her, not like this...

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17. Prepare for trouble. Make it double

Nesta and Cassian basked in an idyllic existence in the serene aftermath of the War. 

Their days went by freely, woven together by the threads of their love, as they relished unbridled vacations and reveled in each other’s presence. 

The memory of past horrors had faded, replaced by a life they never imagined possible.

But fate’s whims took a turn when a secret emerged: Nesta was pregnant.

Parenthood beckoned, and with it, the need to assemble their scattered responsibilities.

Unresolved family conflicts resurfaced, casting storm clouds over what should have been a time of unadulterated happiness. 

Even worse, the echoes of their past now manifested in sinister threats. 

Assassination attempts served as a chilling reminder that their world remained far from peaceful.

So, with hearts alight and nerves on edge, they embarked on this next chapter, determined to sculpt a haven from chaos to forge a future amidst uncertainty. 

18. Be Seeing You

In this ACOTAR fanfiction, Rhysand realizes he and Feyre are mates

Rhysand thought maybe she could understand that even if it didn’t alter her feelings towards him — an outcome he’d never blame her for, even if it shattered him. 

After all, acknowledging the bond wouldn’t necessarily mean she had to embrace it. 

What’s worse, Feyre faces inner conflicts of embracing her Fae or human side more, giving her much confusion and internal struggles.

She was exhausted, wounded — adding another weight to her shoulders now would be cruel. 

Rhysand worries he would obliterate the speck of worth he hoped she glimpsed in him.

Will Rhysand stick to his promise?

Find out in this intriguing and heartfelt oneshot.

19. Piece of Me

In this Feysand ACOTAR oneshot, Rhysand watches Feyre as she suffers in agonizing pain, helpless and deteriorating. 

Although on the brink of death, Feyre refuses to accept Rhysand’s aid.

Left with no choice, he uses Tamlin’s name as a weapon, exploiting her desperation to save him.

With that, the two struck a deal: a week of her presence every month in exchange for Rhysand’s healing. 

To ensure she doesn’t refuse his help, Rhysand tattooes Feyre’s arm, making a pact.

Ultimately, Rhysand secures her reluctant cooperation, marks her with a symbol of their pact, and sows the seeds of a connection that might defy the odds. 

Follow this tale as the couple faces many challenges while dealing with an intricate dance of power and emotion that would shape their destinies.

20. The Third Trial

As Feyre entered the throne room for her final trial, a sense of challenge hung heavy. 

The unpredictability of Amarantha’s cruel tricks filled the room, and though Rhysand had faith in Feyre’s strength, the impending confrontation with Amarantha was a daunting prospect. 

They were poised to leave this room together, but at what cost?

There Feyre stood, facing their evil queen, displaying resilience in her stance. 

The end was finally here.

Will she be able to reunite with Tamlin?

And how will Rhysand handle seeing his beloved fall into the arms of another man?

Address your curiosities in this tale of triumph, romance, and acceptance.

ACOTAR Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great A Court of Thorns and Roses fanfics to read!

These are just a tiny sample of all the fantastic stories out there.

So be sure to take a look and find your favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you have questions about the original ACOTAR book, check out our ACOTAR FAQ blog post.

And if you want to read more about fanfiction on this blog, then check out:

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ACOTAR Fanart Extras

This section includes more ACOTAR fanart that we’ve created!

Rhysand fanart!
Tamlin fanart
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Gwyn fanart
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Feyre Fanart

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