Top 20 Adventure Time Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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If you’re a fan of the legendary Cartoon Network series Adventure Time, these Adventure Time fanfiction stories are a must-read!

Adventure Time is a cartoon series by Ward Taylor Pendleton Johnston, aka Pendleton Ward, premiering on Cartoon Network on April 5, 2010.

It revolves around Finn the Human and his partner-in-crime, Jake the Dog, following their misadventures.

After its 8-year run, it’s become one of the most iconic modern Cartoon Network shows, alongside Regular Show, Steven Universe, and more!

And thanks to its immense popularity, fans from all over have expanded beyond the Land of Ooo, creating incredible stories.

To make your search for worthwhile reads swift and easy, I’ve summarized and ranked these Adventure Time fanfics based on the biggest hits on Archive of Our Own.

And to spice up your reads, I’ve included epic merch like this, allowing us to relive our childhood or kick it off with a blast!

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That said, let’s check out the top fan-made stories of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.

1. Cyclical

In Adventure Time, Ice King initially stood as a two-dimensional villain, with his character lacking depth.

However, a profound transformation occurred with the revelation of his backstory as Simon Petrikov, unraveling the layers of his past and the sacrifices made in the grip of an icy destiny.

As the chilling winds of chaos swept across dimensions, Fionna’s urgent voice echoed through the phone, detailing the impending terror unleashed by the Scarab in her world. 

Without hesitation, Simon seized the crown, recognizing the gravity of the situation.

The cold metal met his brow with a purpose, a crown laden with frozen power and the weight of Simon’s poignant history. 

There’s no room for protests, only a swift acknowledgment of duty. 

Simon, now the Ice King, stands resolute, ready to confront the impending chaos. 

Will he survive his madness and that of those around him?

This Adventure Time fanfiction masterfully navigates the emotional depths of Simon’s character, painting a vivid portrait of a man driven by nobility and sacrifice, a far cry from the superficial king endlessly pursuing princesses. 

Brace yourself for an emotional odyssey as this story unfolds the untold heroism within the frosty heart of Simon Petrikov.

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2. Stay With Me

After the world’s collapse, Simon Petrikov emerges as Marceline’s lone guardian. 

Together, they navigate the desolate remnants of a once-thriving world, now reduced to the harsh terrain of what would eventually be known as Ooo. 

But survival is no walk in the park. 

Every step is fraught with danger, and the struggle for sustenance is a daily battle.

His hope is a fragile flame, flickering in the wind, desperate to endure long enough to secure Marceline’s future. 

In a world where the past is a distant echo, Simon fights to be a beacon of protection for the one person he holds dear, praying that, against all odds, he can maintain his grip on reality just a little bit longer.

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3. Reverseworld Stories

The next Adventure Time fanfiction is an AU that’ll bring you on an epic journey to the fantastical realm of Uuu.

Instead of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, we follow Simon the Human and Gunter the Penguin.

Get ready for a thrilling ride through Uuu, where Simon and Gunter’s escapades promise to keep you on the edge of your seat!

This story is an excellent read for Simon Petrikov fans, giving a wholesome twist to the antiquarian’s tragic tale.

4. Ice King Identity Crisis AU

Betty’s desperation to resurrect Simon led her to Prismo’s cosmic doorstep.

In a gamble to restore Ice King’s forgotten memories, she threw down her wish with a determination that rivaled a thunderclap.

Fast forward, and Ice King remembers every nook and cranny of his life as Simon. 

A mental floodgate opens, and Simon’s past rushes in with unforgiving clarity

But here’s the kicker — he’s still trapped in that frosty, kooky persona of Ice King

Imagine having the perfect memory of being someone else, someone sane and grounded, but being stuck with the reality of being an ice-wielding, crown-donning oddball.

It’s an identity crisis on steroids. 

The cosmic die has been cast, and Ice King grapples with the repercussions of a wish that played a cruel game with his identity.

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5. Reverseworld Time with Finn and Jake

Finn and Jake dive headfirst into an alternate universe of Ooo on a mission to track down Finn’s pen pal. 

But the moment they step into this strange realm, they’re hit with a whirlwind of unexpected encounters, some of which feel eerily familiar. 

Now, they’re not just exploring — they’re racing against time to find their way back home.

The stakes skyrocket as they grapple with the challenge of returning to their reality while facing the repercussions of history catching up with them.

In this whirlwind of adventure, Finn and Jake are about to discover that the alternate Ooo is more than just a different version of their world — it’s a maze of unexpected twists, uneasy alliances, and a race against time that will put their friendships to the ultimate test. 

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6. A Delicious Shade Of Red

Let’s switch things up and spice up the trope with this next Adventure Time fanfiction. 

In this story, we follow you — the reader — and everyone’s favorite vampire king, Marshall Lee.

After a tiresome day of adventure, you and Marshall Lee decide to go home. 

And on your way back, his teasing goes a little too far.

Will you survive his antics?

7. Part of the Madness

Simon Petrikov is back.

But just when he thought he could get a breather while facing a hefty recovery journey and a crucial lesson in self-worth, of course, things go south. 

A mysterious tale revolving around him is unfolding.

And he can’t do anything about it — or can he?

8. Guilt Trip

Following a recent therapy breakthrough, Simon Petrikov goes on an expedition that promises more than just geographical discoveries.

Confronted with the looming shadows of an unresolved fight with Finn, he realizes that maybe he should’ve faced the issue head-on before jetting off on this adventure

Now, it’s time to untangle the mess he left behind and confront the friend he left in the debris of their last argument. 

9. Blank Slate

In the next Adventure Time fanfiction, we start in the Candy Kingdom, where its subjects spread the tale of an infamous beast.

They trade hushed tales of a monster — eyes forged from glass, crimson frills on its neck, and a visage stained with blood. 

The last sighting: the creature slipping into the shop.

Finn, no stranger to the unexpected, steels himself as he crosses the threshold. 

But little did he anticipate the encounter awaiting him  a wounded human, not a mythical beast.

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10. Winter King

The Ice King’s journey to Wizard City promised chaos, as usual. 

Yet, what unfolded surpassed even his wildest predictions. 

Amidst the anticipated brawl, an unforeseen twist manifested — a revival of his sanity.

Behold, Simon Petrikov has reemerged, adorned with the formidable power of the Crown. 

But has the Ice King truly reclaimed his sanity? 

The story unfolds with a captivating blend of mystery and transformation as Simon navigates a realm that has evolved beyond recognition.

11. CN Akumas

Pack your bags because the superhero showdown of the century is about to unfold! 

Ladybug and Chat Noir, leading the charge from Ms. Bustier’s class, are jetting off to the bustling island city of Townsville. 

But hold on tight because this isn’t just any city — it’s the stomping ground of iconic heroes from a league of Cartoon Network legends, including Finn and Jake!

As if Townsville wasn’t epic enough, the plot thickens. 

Hawk Moth, the mischief-maker extraordinaire, has somehow crashed the party

But he’s not here for sightseeing — he’s on a mission to wreak havoc by akumatizing our beloved Cartoon Network heroes. 

Yeah, you heard it right. 

The bad guy is turning the good guys into his army of chaos.

12. The Great (Insert Country) Bake-off ((Kinda))

Prismo, feeling bored and claustrophobic in his yellow cube, entertains himself by flipping through various universes. 

Most scenarios are mundane, but one catches his attention — an ordinary yet intriguing scene of you — the reader — baking in a domestic setting. 

He observes you struggle with the recipe, only to realize you forgot the sugar. 

Amused, Prismo magically summons a bag of sugar, and you, puzzled by its sudden appearance, continue baking. 

Despite the simplicity, Prismo is captivated by the determination and quirks of your baking adventure.

This is a fun and wholesome Adventure Time fanfiction revolving around Prismo and the reader, perfect for fans of the Wishmaster!

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13. Hero Collaboration Program

This author has developed a unique concept that gives some of the most iconic cartoon and anime characters an unexpected choice to join the Hero Collaboration Program or not.

It’s an exclusive opportunity for sophomore hero students to connect globally.

Participants get to go on a two-week adventure at Yuuei schools, fostering unforgettable experiences. 

Only 40 students will be chosen, divided into two groups, each assigned to different schools for diverse and unique encounters

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that no one would want to miss, including Finn and Fionna!

14. Everything Stays

The Ice King, amidst his usual cold and solitary existence, is taken aback by the unexpected presence of a woman who has made herself at home in his castle

Her motives remain a puzzle to him, yet there’s an underlying feeling that her actions might signify more than mere chance. 

Despite his uncertainty, he can’t help but feel a spark of curiosity and perhaps even a hint of excitement at the prospect of this unexpected connection.

15. Rime of Last Winter

Isolated on Founder’s Island with the final remnants of humanity, Finn yearns for adventure.

But those around him always tell him nothing but monsters lie beyond the ocean. 

Although initially skeptical, Finn’s perspective shifts when he stumbles upon an underground bunker.

There, he discovers a hidden blue-skinned man living in seclusion.

And from there, his world changes — forever.

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16. Maybe a Monster

In a parallel reality where Simon Petrikov succumbs to vampirism before the Mushroom War, the situation quickly takes a dire turn. 

But despite his hardships, he still takes in little Marcy with him.

Will they survive the impending apocalypse?

Find out in this heart-wrenching yet wholesome tale!

17. Marshall Lee D R A B B L E S

Marshall Lee found himself unexpectedly captivated, unsure when or how it began.

But he’s fully aware that he is falling in love now.

And with whom, you ask?

With you, of course!

If you’re looking for bite-sized reads, this Adventure Time fanfiction is perfect for you — and even more if you’re a fan of the vampire king himself.

18. In the Black Ice Cave

Taking off in the episode “Lady and Peebles,” Ice King, Finn, and Jake find themselves confined in a dungeon for three weeks

Despite the challenging circumstances, the shared ordeal becomes an unexpected catalyst for bonding among the trio. 

It’s a fun and wholesome read, showcasing a unique friendship none of us would’ve seen coming!

19. My Everything is You

Half a decade has passed since the escapades with Fionna and Cake.

Yet, Simon still grapples with profound remorse over how he handled his relationship with Betty

Reflecting on the past, he longs for a chance to rectify the mistakes and bridge the emotional gaps that have grown between them.

And what will he do with that opportunity when he actually gets it?

Find out in this intriguing Adventure Time fanfiction.

Ship or not, Simon and Betty are an adorable couple, and their merch, like these connect charms, proves just that!

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20. Wizards And Heroes

As the ominous Gumball War approaches, Huntress Wizard stumbles upon Finn wandering through the woods

The air is filled with anticipation and uncertainty, mirroring the imminent conflict that looms over them.

Still, with the looming threat of war, their connection deepens, and the shared silence speaks volumes. 

The night becomes a canvas for the uncharted emotions brewing within them.

And with this, a profound bond is forged as they navigate the intricacies of their feelings.

Adventure Time Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article helps you find the best Adventure Time reads to add to your list!

As fun as these stories are, they only give you a small glimpse into the thousands of fanfics revolving around the iconic cartoon series!

So, if you want more tales beyond the Land of Ooo, I suggest dropping by Ao3!

After all, since the series is over, it wouldn’t hurt to fuel our imaginations more to keep Adventure Time alive!

Also, if we missed your favorite Adventure Time fanfiction, comment below!

If you want to read more fanfics about other cartoons, check these posts out:

Finally, if you’ve made it this far, you may want to get this fantastic custom Adventure Time portrait to commemorate your love for this legendary cartoon!

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