Cool Wizard Art (2024 Edition)

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Wizards are a staple of the fantasy genre.

They come in many shapes and sizes, and they all have differing powers.

They can be an exciting and fun addition to any story.

Some of the most famous wizards in the fantasy genre come from Lord of the Rings, and they are certainly some of the most interesting wizards.

If you are looking for some cool wizard art of the genre’s most famous wizards, look no further!

This article is full of cool wizard art and information about each of these magical men.

Keep reading to find out more about them and their powers. 


The first wizard art for us to look at is Saruman, otherwise known as Saruman the White, or the White Wizard. Fans of Lord of the Rings will certainly be familiar with I’m and his abilities.

He is one of the few characters in the series who is neither good nor evil (at first).

His intentions are not always clear at the beginning, and he is not aligned with just one side of the great conflicts in the series but ultimately joins Sauron’s forces. 

Saruman is known for his great skills as a wizard.

He is highly intelligent and incredibly skilled in magic.

He has some degree of power over others’ minds, and he uses this ability to his advantage on more than one occasion.

By speaking to other individuals, Saruman is able to ensnare people and sometimes force them to do his will.

This is a rare and powerful gift. 

Saruman has many spies who are able to evade detection, giving him even more knowledge.

He is the chief of the wizards, giving him great power and influence in Middle Earth.

Unfortunately, Saruman’s downfall was similar to that of many others in Middle Earth.

He was enamored with the One Ring and had a plethora of knowledge about the Rings of Knowledge. 

The image above displays his great depth of thought. It is a cool piece of fanart of a fascinating and strong wizard. 


The next wizard art we will look at is an image of perhaps the most famous wizard in the genre – Gandalf.

He is also known as Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White.

This is a wizard who is one of the wisest to ever exist.

He goes on great travels and meets many different types of creatures along the way, so he is very knowledgeable about many aspects of life in Middle Earth.

Gandalf is a great friend to the Hobbits and they love him for his skill in crafting firecrackers. 

Gandalf is also the creator of the Fellowship of the Ring, and it is he who is credited in large part with the downfall of Sauron.

He has amazing powers and abilities such as being able to see in the dark and see into the dimension of wraiths.

He is also a skilled swordsman and healer. 

When Gandalf the Grey becomes Gandalf the White, he keeps all of his existing powers, but they are more advanced.

He also gains new skills and abilities, making him even more powerful than he was before. His main weapons, other than his sharp intellect, are his staff and his Elven sword.

These tools come in handy on countless occasions, and they contribute massively to Gandalf’s power. 

As we can see in the image above, Gandalf has a much kinder and more gentle look about him than Saruman.

He may have piercing eyes, but they are also trusting and thoughtful.

We know that he is a good person because of the way he treats the Hobbits.

Though they have nothing to give him in return for his kindness, he still treats them with love and humanity.

This is not something that is common in Middle Earth.

The wizard art of Gandalf that we see here is a good representation of who he is. 


The final wizard art for us to look at is of Radagast.

Though he may not be the most powerful or well-known wizard in Middle Earth, that does not mean that he deserves no recognition.

This is a wizard whose powers are much deeper and well hidden.

During the War of the Ring, Radagast was mainly concerned with the well-being of plants and animals.

He is the most knowledgeable wizard in terms of herbs and animals, a skill that may be unusual, but it is incredibly helpful. 

Because he is a wizard, Radagast is highly intelligent and insightful.

He has a wealth of knowledge on the natural world and how it works.

There is no one who can match his knowledge of plants and animals.

He is able to help those around him by using this knowledge, and he takes great care of the world around him. 

Radagast is able to speak to birds and other animals.

He is eccentric and unusual, but that just makes him that much more charming.

Radagast is incredibly brave and selfless, and he demonstrates this on more than one occasion.

He is a great asset to Gandalf and the other members of the Fellowship. 

As we can see in the wizard art above, Radagast has a far more simple appearance than that of Gandalf or Saruman.

He holds a staff, which is very common for a wizard, and he also has a long beard, much like the wizards above.

He is surrounded by plants and animals, demonstrating his connectivity to the natural world around him.

His special connection to the earth and the plants and animals is his greatest power.

He holds this power near and dear and uses it to help those around him.

Radagast is a special wizard who is certainly worth some recognition. 

Wizard Art: Conclusion

I hope this article has provided you with some cool wizard art that inspires you.

And if you have your own art that you want to be featured in this list or you want us to feature some other wizards in this list, leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to see more original fantasy art on this website, check out:

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