10 popular Witcher Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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If you are looking for some great Witcher fanfiction then look no further. 

The Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski were first published in 1993.

Soon after the video games made their way into people’s lives.

These games follow Geralt of Rivia in his quest to hunt down all sorts of vile creatures.

With the immense popularity of both books and games, Netflix decided to make a TV Show starring Henry Cavil as Geralt of Rivia.

The first season aired in December 2019 and was just as popular as they had hoped.

So if you like to read fantasy books, play RPG games and watch shows with lots of action, then The Witcher might be just the thing for you.

Along with the books, games, and TV show, there is a whole world of fanfiction about The Witcher out there. 

But in this post, I will be writing about some of the most popular Witcher fanfiction according to hits received on Archive Of Our Own.

Keep reading to find out more about some of these amazing and original stories. 

1. Topaz and Cornflower

This story gives a bit of a new twist to the first meeting between Geralt and Dandelion (Jaskier).

Geralt did a job for the Alderman and instead of receiving the coins they agreed on, they offer him something else.

He is taken to a room where a thin man is being held.

The man stands in a corner with a muffle on his mouth and they offer him to Geralt as a form of payment.

Geralt isn’t happy about this, but he also feels that Jaskier is hurt in so many ways and he wants to help him.

This story starts out very dark with some references to abuse and violence.

But it soon turns into a beautiful story about friendship.

This story has no less then 72 chapters and is the first part in a longer series.

2. Hold On

This story mostly follows the storyline from the TV show.

We now see what happened to Jaskier after Geralt left him alone up on the mountain.

Jaskier is now a prisoner of Nilfgaard in hopes that this will bring Geralt to them.

But Jaskier isn’t so sure that Geralt will actually come and save him.

In this story we not only see that Jaskier is truly hurt by what Geralt did to him.

But also how he has lost all hope and what this does to a person.

Jaskier as bait for Geralt is a very popular trope within the Witcher fandom.

This is all to show the special bond these two characters have, and the writer was able to capture this very well.

3. I Would Follow Your Soul As It Leads

Here we see seven moments in Eskel’s life that show the friendship between the two.

The entire story is from Eskel’s point of view and how he sees his relationship with Geralt.

You can really see the great friendship they build, just like in the original books.

Because this is very different in the TV show it is clear that the story is based on the books alone.

This story is part 2 in the “Accidental warlord and his pack” series.

To fully understand everything it is best to also read part 1.

This story is extremely popular and already has over 81,000 hits.

4. The Debt Is Terrible That Must Be Paid In Song

Following more of the storyline from the books we find a fun twist in this story.

Jaskier is helping Ciri out with some of her spells, but something goes wrong and he ends up as a 6 year old.

He sees himself as Julian and doesn’t have any memories left of being an adult.

Ciri get’s help from Geralt, Eskel and Yennefer in fixing this problem.

And all the while Julian/Jaskier has to deal with some of his childhood trauma.

The story has some dark elements, but also gives you a deep feeling of love between the characters.

They all really feel like a big family and will do anything to help each other.

This story is part 16 in the “Accidental warlord and his pack” series and contains 4 chapters.

5. Home Again From Far-Off Places

In this story we follow Aiden as he returns to Kaer Morhen after being in Skelige for two years.

He wants nothing more than to come home and see his friends again, especially Lambert.

What he doesn’t realize is how much things have changed in the past two years.

He get’s confronted with that very soon as he finds out that Lambert now has a lover.

This is yet another part of “Accidental warlord and his pack” series, part 13 to be exact.

It is a smaller story then the previous ones and only contains 2 chapters.

6. Not Yet Free

This story is the sequel to ‘Hold on”.

It is set a year after the rescue of Jaskier from Nilfgaard.

But Nilfgaard doesn’t give up that easy and they continue to hunt for both Jaskier and Ciri.

Geralt made sure that Ciri is safe in Kaer Morhen, but he keeps Jaskier with him while he travels.

Jaskier still has nightmare from his time as a prisoner and is having trouble dealing with all the issues.

The evolution and growth of the characters in this story is really amazing.

You feel for what they go through and really want everything to be ok.

The writer did a great job with this one.

7. Live On a Hill Against the Sky

This is a one chapter story with 3018 words in total, making it a very short story.

Geralt is now Warlord of the North and is surprised when a man comes to Kaer Morhen and begs for help.

Not only does he get the help he needs, Jan also finds himself with a new home.

Jan is surprised that there have never been servents up in the mountain.

So he offers his service as a thank you for all they have done for him.

Yet another story in the “Accidental warlord and his pack” series, making this series the most popular among the Withcer fanfiction.

8. Sing your notes, play your part

This story is based on episode 6 of the first season of the Netflix show.

Jaskier has a big secret that he has been keeping from Geralt.

He wants to tell Geralt what he really is, but he is afraid of the reaction he will get.

Because Jaskier isn’t just human, he is much more ancient than that.

But how do you tell someone you care for that you have kept something this big a secret for over a decade?

The story has 63 chapters where we follow Jaskier’s struggles for telling the truth but also what happens after Geralt find out.

The story is a nice twist to the original Witcher story and this one episode in particular.

If you have seen the episode you will probably know very soon what Jaskier’s big secret is.

9. O Soul, I Said, Have You No Tears?

Here we follow the story of Vesimir.

He has been the Chief trainer of the Wolf school for more years then he can count.

He knows this is how it has always been and how it should stay.

But still he isn’t happy with the role he plays in changing these young men into Witchers.

He needs to find a way where he can accept what he has to do for the greater good.

And he knows Geralt is the person to help him with this.

This story is also only 1 chapter long and part of the series mentioned before.

10. The White Wolf of Westeros

This story is a crossover between The Witcher games part 3 and the Game of Thrones TV show.

The Wild hunt has been defeated but while Ciri wants to find out where the White Frost came from, something goes wrong.

For unknown reasons Geralt and Ciri end up in the land of Westeros.

Both their worlds are tied together and the choices Geralt makes will have big consequences for them both.

Ciri has gone missing and Geralt turns to King Robert for help.

But he does not know who he can trust in this world of politics and intrigue.

There are 59 chapters so far and the story reads like a TV show.

If you like both fandoms and enjoy reading good action scenes, then this story really it great for you.

The Witcher Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great fanfiction based on The Witcher!

These 10 are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there.

So be sure to take a look and find your own favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to read more top fanfiction posts on this blog, then check out:

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