If you're looking for the Best Madam Secretary Fanfiction, this story is for you!

This fanfic is a crossover with many other worlds including Chicago Fire. Though this story largely follows Darcy Lewis, there is still a large element of Madam Secretary mixed in. In this story, Darcy goes with her old friends to take custody of the Rogue Avengers. She is firmly on the side of the law, as is Tony Stark. 

This is another crossover fanfic with Bones, Scandal, and Glee. Kurt spends the summer in Washington DC with his uncle Blake Moran in this story. While in DC, Kurt hopes to make a good impression on all the influential people he meets, but things don’t quite go according to plan.

This story opens with Elizabeth finding out about a sudden decrease in popularity due to her being “too cold.” In hopes of fixing this, Daisy suggests she do an interview so voters can get to know her better. This interviewer digs deep into Henry and Elizabeth’s personal lives and uncovers a secret that they never wanted to be revealed. 

In this story, Blake is just starting his new role and wants to make a good impression. Henry takes the opportunity to pull him aside and let him know how things are done. Through this little talk, they come to an agreement, and they can move forward and make progress together. 

This is a collection of one shots featuring the characters from the show. There are 71 chapters in this collection, and each one is a new story. In this collection, there are many different stories that each feature different relationship pairings, different situations, and plenty of political strife. 

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