If you're looking for the most popular Demon Slayer fanfiction on ao3, this story is for you!

In this story Tanjiro goes through a dozen loops, going over his life time and time again. But every time he is only able to save his family by becoming a demon himself. Even though he now realizes this, he keeps going back and trying again, because he can’t bring himself to not save his family.

Tanjiro and Nezuko have changed roles in this story, making Tanjiro the demon instead of his sister. He still has some human emotions and is battling internally with himself being a demon.

In this story, we follow Izuku Midoriya, who is living next door to Nezuko Kamado. He is kind of scared of her and already has some suspicions about what she really is. But then his mother has to go away for a week and Nezuko has offered to watch over him.

This is a crossover between Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia. Izuku Midoriya is the main character in this original story. Somehow he finds himself in the body of a child with the memories of a great demon hunter.

Here we also have a story about Tanjiro becoming the demon and Nezuko the demon slayer. Tanjiro was raised to be a demon hunter and to do all the hard work. But when he is turned into a demon with only Nezuko left to save everyone, his world falls apart.

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