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This story crosses over with White Collar & Batman & opens with Neal waiting to find out about his communication. Meanwhile, Kramer is looking to put him on a plane to Washington. When Kramer finds a hidden safety deposit box with a CIA badge in it, everything changes.

This next Chuck fanfiction is another crossover, this time with the television show Arrow. This story features an intense and top-secret mission that doesn’t quite pan out as Felicity thought it would. After the unexpected events of this mission, she must examine her feelings for Oliver and decide what they really are. 

In this crossover fanfic, Dick Grayson jumps between different lives and different identities. The powers that allow him to do this may seem infallible, but that turns out to not be the case at all. One day when his identities collide, his life is changed forever. 

Next up is a Chuck fanfiction that incorporates characters and elements from the world of White Collar. When David Robert Jones decides that he wants the Intersect, there is nothing he won’t do to get it. And that includes using Neal as a thief to retrieve it for him. 

This crossover fanfic opens with Batman arriving at the FBI office. Everyone knew that this day would come, but it does not pan out the way Neal had hoped it would. Meanwhile, an ex-CIA agent attempts to attack Neal by taking El Burke. 

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