What is One Main Purpose of Science Fiction? The Definitive Answer

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Timelapse fanart drawing of halo-style sci-fi armor

Science fiction is an exciting genre with so much to offer.

There are daring heroes, brilliant villains, and fascinating technologies.

With so much excitement in a single genre, it is hard to pin down a true purpose for the genre.

For most people, the main purpose does not matter as long as it is entertaining.

For many readers of the genre, however, it is important to understand the purpose and why it exists.

So what is one main purpose of science fiction?

One of the most frequently cited purposes of science fiction is to inspire the invention of new technologies.

Keep reading for even more purposes of science fiction. 

What is One Main Purpose of Science Fiction? 

The question above has so many possible answers, and it really depends on who you ask.

With so many great Sci-Fi writers out there and even more Sci-Fi novels, the answer to this question is not a simple one, in fact, it is actually quite complicated.

This article will give you some insight into the various purposes of science fiction.

Ultimately, we will narrow it down to one true purpose. 


You may not think of science fiction as being “educational” in the typical sense of the word, but it certainly is.

Though it is purely fictional, this genre relies on many elements of reality to tell its stories.

Often science-fiction governments, militaries, and societies, in general, take inspiration from the real world.

This allows readers to learn more about how these groups function and gain insight into the world around us.

Even if the world is entirely created by the author, there is still much to learn.

It allows us to open our minds and see things from a new point of view.

It can also teach us about trust, friendship, loyalty, and so much more.

There are no limits as to what science fiction can teach us as readers of the genre.

So, is the main purpose of science fiction education?


But let’s explore a few more possibilities. 


In the science fiction genre, there are countless predictions as to what the future of certain populations or planets could be.

Of course, no author can truly know the future, but there have been some curiously accurate predictions from sci-fi that have come true over the years.

Predictions about technology tend to be very common.

Cell phones, video calls, and electric vehicles may have been impossible when they were first written about in sci-fi, but they are very real now.

In science fiction novels, we also see predictions about medical procedures, new means of communication, transportation, and so much more.

Some authors may not have thought that they were predicting anything; they may have just thought that they were coming up with impossible new technology.

Is the main purpose of science fiction to predict the future?

I don’t think so.

But it is alway fun to read about all of the things in these novels and fantasize about their possible existence someday. 


Above all else, sci-fi is famous for being the home to many interesting, useful, and amazing technologies.

Some of the real technologies that we use every single day were first predicted by science fiction writers.

While cell phones are a necessity in today’s world, there was a time where a telephone in your pocket seemed like something that could never happen.

Science fiction writers were among the first to predict the future existence of cell phones, as well as many other things we use in our daily life.

Along with cell phones, video calls and holograms were once thought impossible, but not to science fiction writers.

Can you imagine life without a debit card?

Science fiction writers also predicted the existence of a card that allowed users to access their money without carrying cash.

Along with all of the technologies that sci-fi has predicted, there are also countless technologies that remain fictional, at least for now.

Certain weapons, spaceships that go faster than the speed of light, and certain medical tools and procedures that all exist in fiction are so much fun to read and learn about.

They add so much to a sci-fi novel, and they allow us to escape reality for a time.

And perhaps someday, these technologies will exist for us, too.

While technology might not be the main purpose of science fiction, it is certainly fun to read about. 


sci fi armor
Sci-Fi armor concept art

Now that we know some of the biggest reasons for the existence of sci-fi, it is time to discuss the true main purpose of science fiction.


With all of the other elements that this genre brings to the table, the biggest reason that it is so popular is quite simple.

It is entertaining and fun to read.

There is no question that sci-fi contains some of the most action packed adventures out there.

There is excitement around every corner.

Some of literature’s most famous heroes come from the sci-fi genre, and this is also one of the most popular genres to be adapted into television or film.

Part of the reason that sci-fi is so entertaining is due to the other factors mentioned above.

It incorporates new technology in fun and exciting ways.

It makes predictions about the future.

And it teaches us about countless new and interesting things.

Sci-fi is a great genre to lose yourself in.

It is easy to get whisked away on a space ship or live life on another planet for a while.

For readers who enjoy leaving the real world for a while, sci-fi is the genre to choose.

Not only will you be able to lose yourself in a new location, you will also be able to discover new technology, new creatures, and new heroes and villains.

Above all else, the main purpose of science fiction is entertainment.  


I hope this article gave you some insight into the main purpose of science fiction.

It is an incredible genre with fascinating stories, technologies, and heroes, but ultimately, it is fiction.

And in my opinion, it is most often written for our entertainment and enjoyment.

However, there are plenty of other purposes of science fiction too.

What do you think the purpose of science fiction is?

Let me know in the comments!

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