Lord of the Rings Creatures: A Simple Guide

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Lord of the Rings is a series that is absolutely full of magic, adventure, and mythical creatures.

Within its thousands of pages, the reader encounters more creatures and characters than anyone can possibly keep track of.

Each of these creatures has its own special skills and abilities that make them unique and unlike any other creatures in Middle-earth.

Because there are so many different creatures within the lore of Lord of the Rings, it can be helpful to have a reference guide to help keep track of them all.

If you are looking for a list of the most common and some uncommon Lord of the Rings creatures, then you have come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn more. 


This fanart shows hobbits hiding from the Nazgul in The Fellowship of the Ring

Hobbits are some of the most iconic Lord of the Rings creatures.

If you mention a hobbit in casual conversation, it is likely that most people will know what you are talking about.

These little creatures are so popular and appealing for many reasons.

They are kind and playful, but they are also brave and strong.

Though they are fairly simple creatures, there is still a lot to learn about them. 

Physical Appearance 

Frodo Sting and Shelob
Frodo the Hobbit

Hobbits appear quite similar to humans, but they are much smaller.

Adult hobbits are typically between 3 and 4 feet tall.

There are the occasional outliers, of course, but generally, they are around 3 feet.

Speaking of feet, hobbits have very distinct furry feet.

They are incredibly large compared to their small stature, and they have leathery and strong soles.

Generally, hobbits do not wear shoes because their feet are so strong that they do not need them. 

Hobbits have pointed ears, though they are more round than the pointed ears of elves.

Their faces are round and jovial, matching their upbeat personalities.

Many hobbits have curly brown hair, and they are generally rather round.

They enjoy dressing in bright colors, so hobbit communities are colorful and happy almost all of the time. 

In most cases, hobbits live to be around 100 years old, though they can live upwards of 130 years.

A young hobbit is not considered fully mature until they reach 33 years old, growing and developing slower than humans.

Hobbits have a much happier and more positive disposition than humans, but that does not mean that they are always joyful.

They still face problems, disappointments, and trials, but they face them with positivity. 

Hobbit Culture and History

Of all of the Lord of the Rings creatures, Hobbits have the most history and culture woven into the pages of the series.

Because many of the main characters are hobbits, the reader is able to learn a lot about them and how they live.

They have a rich culture and history that spans many thousands of years. 

Hobbits are farmers, which is the main economy of most hobbit communities, especially the Shire.

They enjoy throwing parties and giving and receiving gifts.

They love their quiet communities, but they are always looking for fun and adventures.

Hobbits are happy and friendly to just about everyone, especially if there is ale, but they are not always trusting of outsiders.

Because of the secluded nature of most hobbit communities, outside visitors are not common, and they do not generally get involved in wars or other conflicts. 


Arwen LOTR Fantasy Queen fanart
Fanart of Arwen

A good list of Lord of the Rings creatures is not complete without elves.

Next to hobbits, elves are probably the most well-known creatures from the series.

They are far more mysterious and deadly than hobbits, and there is much to learn about them.

Though it would be impossible to discuss ever aspect of elf history here, keep reading to learn some basic information about these fascinating beings. 

Physical Appearance 

Elves are fascinating creatures in many ways.

They are relatives of humans, so they have many similar features, but a few are quite different. The first of those differences is that elves do not age past maturity.

They do not get old because they are immortal. They grow until they reach physical maturity, and then they stay in that form for eternity.

Elves can die from injuries, and in rare cases, they can wither away with no will to live, but typically most elves live forever. 

Elves are incredibly beautiful.

They are much more physically attractive than humans, and they also have much better hearing and vision than humans.

Elves are tall and graceful.

They possess a huge amount of wisdom, which is likely due to their immortality.

They have pointed ears, and they are resistant to poor environmental conditions.

Elves speak many different languages that are specific only to elves. 

Elf Culture and History

The history of elves in Middle-earth is long and complex.

It is believed that elves were not created; they were simply awoken.

Various groups of elves have distinct cultures and customs that distinguish them from other groups of elves.

In general, elves live in a state of bliss for eternity.

They avoid conflict, though they are fierce and deadly warriors.

Elves use bows and swords and their exceptional magical powers to defeat their enemies and support their allies.

They are faithful and honest beings, but they do not give their trust to just anyone.

Non elf creatures must earn the support and trust of this group of amazing creatures.


Fanart of a Ring Wraith (or Nazgul)

In contrast to the Lord of the Rings creatures above, the next creature we will discuss is a much darker and much more terrifying being.

The Nazgûl are servants of Sauron.

If you are familiar with Lord of the Rings, you know that Sauron and his followers were certainly terrifying beings that roamed Middle-earth.

Nazgûl go by many names, including Ringwraiths, Black Riders, and The Nine.

If Sauron is a great shadow cast over Middle-earth, then these men are the shadows beneath that shadow. 

Physical Appearance 

These men have a haunting figure.

They are hooded and completely concealed in their cloaks and shadows.

They can see shapes that mortals cannot see, and their true terror begins at nighttime.

Nazgûl are exceedingly dark.

They bring only sorrow and fear with them. 

History of the Nazgûl 

Of the nineteen rings that Celebrimbor forged, Sauron gave nine of them to great lords and warriors.

In doing so, he enslaved these men to him for eternity.

As his powers grew, so did the Nazgûl.

These nine men used their rings to achieve power, prestige, wealth, and knowledge, becoming corrupted. 

The Nazgûl revere Sauron.

They are bound to him, and they are fiercely loyal to him.

As one of the most feared creatures of Middle-earth, Nazgûl are able to terrorize armies and communities in just a single moment.

They are a dark and depressing presence with which no one wants to interact.

Their powers allow them to treat mortals to a slow and painful death, so it is best to avoid them. 


Dwarves are Lord of the Rings creatures that do not get enough attention.

A strong and powerful race, dwarves add a lot to the stories, especially the battles that take place in middle-earth. Keep reading to learn more about these interesting creatures. 

Physical Appearance

Dwarves are often compared to hobbits in that they are also much shorter than humans, but they have many similarities.

They are stockier than hobbits, and they are generally very round.

They take pride in their long hair and beards.

It is a great source of pride and self-esteem for a dwarf to have a long, immaculately cared for beard.

Dwarves often wear heavy cloaks and muted colors, contrasting the bright colors that hobbits generally wear. 

Dwarves are very strong, both physically and mentally, and they often live upwards of 250 years.

They are very wise and can learn new things with relative ease.

Because of these traits, dwarves make excellent warriors.

They are seen in battles constantly, and almost all dwarves are warriors at some point in their long lives.

Though many people think that there are no female dwarves, this is not true.

They are few, but female dwarves do exist, and they are strong and powerful like the males. 

History and Culture of Dwarves

Before they were warriors, dwarves were known for being excellent miners.

Their physical strength and their small stature allowed them to build massive underground tunnels.

These tunnels are where most dwarves live, and it is where all of the mining takes place.

Dwarves are also known for being excellent craftsmen and masons. 

There is a dark side to the dwarf race, believe it or not.

They are very corruptible and susceptible to the influence of dark creatures. Though there are few who are truly evil, many are incredibly greedy.

In general, however, dwarves tend to remain neutral in times of conflict if they can.

They generally side with humans and elves if they are forced to decide. 


Fanart of Gandalf

Though they may not be considered a “creature” by everyone, wizards are a hugely important non-human character in Lord of the Rings.

Several throughout the series play a large role in processing the story and helping the heroes and occasionally the villains.

They are very interesting, and Middle-earth would not be the same without them. 

Physical Appearance 

All of the wizards that we encounter in Lord of the Rings appear to be elderly men, and that is because they are.

They age quite slowly, so they appear as old men for most of their long lives.

Opponents should not be fooled by their feeble appearance, however.

Wizards are very strong and quick.

They are very nimble and can attack their opponents with great ease.

They are also incredibly wise, being some of the most intelligent beings in all of Middle-earth. 

History of Wizards

The wizards in Lord of the Rings are a small group of spirits who embody old men.

They are sent to Middle-earth to protect against the threat of Sauron.

Though we only know of five, it is possible that there are many others.

Each wizard’s power rank has an associated color, and they are known by that color across the lands.

Gandalf, for example, is the best-known wizard.

He is initially called Gandalf the Grey, but he later transitions to Gandalf the White.

The colors that each wizard is associated with indicate their powers and status within the group. 

Wizards have many powers, and no two wizards have the exact same powers.

They are unique in their abilities and their talents, and they are capable of learning new skills throughout their existence.

Each wizard carries a staff that holds much of their magic abilities in it.

They use spells, as well as their bright minds to outsmart their opponents or those who may choose to face them. 

Wizards are generally peaceful creatures.

They enjoy helping others and protecting those who cannot defend themselves.

Though some are quick to anger, they are very loyal to those whom they care about.

Gandalf is known for having an affinity for hobbits. He enjoyed their simple lifestyle and their joyful demeanor.

It is helpful, too, that they live in such a peaceful place.

Gandalf often escaped the troubles of the rest of Middle-earth by visiting the Shire.

Though powerful and wise, even wizards need a break from the stress of war. 

Lord of the Rings Creatures: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you better understand some of the Lord of the Rings creatures that show up in Tolkien’s epic works.

And if you have more creatures that you want to be featured in this list, leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to see more original fantasy art on this website, check out:

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