Fantasy Crowns with Fanart (2024 Edition)

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Crowns are a very common element of a good fantasy story.

They are worn by royalty, they often have deep historical significance, and they are a common plot device.

Fantasy crowns can be beautiful, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Various books, movies, and other media all use fantasy crowns in many different ways, so they have a wide range of value and importance throughout the genre.

If you are looking to learn more about some of the most famous fantasy crowns, look no further.

This post will teach you about some of the best fantasy crowns, as well as provide some incredible art to do along with them. 

Arwen’s Crown from Lord of the Rings

Arwen LOTR Fantasy Queen fanart

The first fantasy crown for us to look at is Arwen’s crown from Lord of the Rings.

This is an important crown that has great significance in Middle Earth.

Not only is this crown beautiful, but it also represents Arwen becoming the Queen of the Reunited Kingdom. After she married Aragorn, she gave up a life of immortality with her people and she was able to unite the elves and humans in peace. 

As we can see in the image above, Arwen is an absolutely stunning Elven woman.

She is a selfless leader who influences many people for good.

She is a peaceful woman who has such a positive influence over those around her.

Her crown is representative of that.

It is not a large or gaudy crown.

It is not at all what you might expect a Queen to wear.

This crown is simple and dainty.

It looks like it could be crafted from twigs and vines found in Rivendell, but we know it signifies much more than that.

Though this crown is simple and silver and does not boast any large gems or stones, it is the perfect fit for a Queen who is seeking to unite elves and men.

It is clear that Arwen does not want superficial attention with this fantasy crown.

She simply wants to make the world a better and more peaceful place. 

Mera’s Crown from Aquaman

Mera Aquaman Fanart Queen

The next fantasy crown for us to discuss is Mera’s crown from Aquaman.

Mera is unique in that she was born into royalty, and she also marries royalty.

Born as the princess of Xebel, Mera is familiar with wearing a crown from a young age.

In the image above, we see the crown that Mera wears after becoming Queen of Atlantis. 

Mera is a powerful superhero who becomes even more powerful after marrying Aquaman.

The two of them together are able to conquer any foe, and they obviously do it in style.

This fantasy crown is designed for battle.

It is not a dainty or small crown that could easily be lost or destroyed.

It is much stronger than that.

Though it may not look like a typical crown worn by a Queen, it fits Mera and her personality perfectly.

She is a strong and powerful woman who is much more than just a Queen.

She desires peace between her two worlds, and she is willing to go to any lengths to achieve it. 

Susan Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia Series

Susan Pevensie Fanart Lion Witch Wardrobe

Next up on our journey through the most famous fantasy crowns is Susan from The Chronicles of Narnia, otherwise known as Susan the Gentle.

If you are familiar with this story, you know that Susan is one of the most peaceful and loving queens out there.

She is well known across Narnia for being gentle, kind, and beautiful both inside and out.

The crown she wears certainly reflects that. 

The image above depicts Susan and her crown absolutely perfectly.

Susan is seen here as very physically beautiful, but it is clear that she is so much more than that.

Her crown is not large or overbearing, but it definitely gives her a regal appearance.

It is detailed and intricate, much like Susan.

She is so much more than what she appears on the outside, and this crown reflects that.

This crown is perfectly designed for a Queen who is known for being gentle as well as being brave and strong. 

Ariel’s Crown from The Little Mermaid

Ariel Little Mermaid Fanart

Ariel’s crown from The Little Mermaid is the next fantasy crown we will look at.

Similar to Mera, Ariel is somewhat of a double royal.

She was born a princess as the daughter of King Triton, but she also marries Prince Eric, making her royalty of both the land and the sea. 

Ariel is an individual. She is unique and often carefree, so it makes perfect sense for her to have a crown that is just as unique as she is.

This is not a traditionally royal crown at all.

It has a very similar appearance to a starfish and to King Triton’s trident.

It is certainly a crown that is fit for a mermaid.

We don’t often see Ariel wearing her crown, so we know that it is a special occasion when she does decide to wear it.

It gives her a much more royal appearance than her typically down-to-earth look.

Though she may be independent and unique, Ariel is still a Queen who has many important duties to attend to. 

The Ice Queen’s Crown from Chronicles of Narnia

queen jadis with fantasy crown

The last fantasy crown that we will look at is that of the Ice Queen from The Chronicles of Narnia, otherwise known as the White Witch or Queen Jadis.

Unlike the other queens on this list, Queen Jadis is not always seeking goodness.

In fact, she is usually seeking power and control.

She curses the people of Narnia with an eternal winter, which is how she gained the name of the Ice Queen. 

Queen Jadis wears a crown that reflects her evil nature.

As the Ice Queen, she wears a crown of icicles, a constant reminder to all of Narnia of her powers and what she is capable of.

This is a Queen who does not care what her subjects want.

She only seeks more and more power.

She turns her enemies to stone and she is not interested in being a kind or helpful Queen.

Her nickname is the White Witch, a name that indicates how the people of Narnia truly feel about her.

Her reign prompted a rebellion, and the Ice Queen wore her crown of icicles through it all. 


I hope this article has provided you with some cool art of fantasy crowns that inspires you.

And if you have your own art that you want to be featured in this list or you want us to feature some other fantasy crown, leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to see more original fantasy art on this website, check out:

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