Cress by Marissa Meyer: FAQ (2024 Edition)

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Cress is the third book in The Lunar Chronicles series by New York Times-bestselling author Marissa Meyer.

In this article, you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about this book.

Also, this article contains spoilers. So if you haven’t read Cress yet, proceed with caution.

I hope you enjoy reading these, and I hope this post answers some of the questions you may have about this book!

Who is Cress Darnell?

Cress was born in the year 110 T.E. to Sage Darnel as a shell. a shell is a Lunar incapable of bioelectrical manipulation. Because she is a shell, the laws on Luna state that she must be taken away from her family ad killed. However, they use their blood to make the letumosis antidote. Meanwhile, her father wants to run away and bring her to Earth. However, her mother is so devoted to the queen that she wants nothing to do with Cress. Cress lived with other shells until she found that she was good at hacking.

What Race is Cress

Cress is a human Lunar shell meaning she is incapable of bioelectrical manipulation. She lives in a satellite pod.

Cress and Thorne

Cress did research on Carswell Thorne and did not think of him as notorious as the Internet made him out to be. Ever since the beginning of their encounter, Cress refused to look at the bad aspects of Thorne and instead completely admired him. She would then make him promise to kiss her in their final moments. Thorne was originally disapproving of Cress’s sudden attraction towards him, and he showed that he was uncomfortable through hints of his real personality. However, once Cress tore down the barrier between them, Thorne eventually started to fall for Cress as well. They gradually develop feelings for one another.

What does Cress Look Like?

cress lunar chronicles fanart

Cress has “the longest, waviest, most unruly mess of tangled blonde hair imaginable.” The reason for this is that her hair has not been cut since she was put in the satellite. Cress has “a sweet heart-shaped face, giant sky-blue eyes and a sprinkle of freckles across her nose.” Her hair is later cut short by Thorne and was cut awkwardly, due to Thorne’s blindness at the time. However, Iko, in her new android body that Thorne got for her, was able to shape Cress’s short hair around her face in pretty waves. Cress is a little over five feet tall making her the shortest of the group.

What Does Thorne Look like?

Thorne is described by Cinder as “rather attractive” and having “a square-jaw, bright-blue-eyes, and devilish-dimples.” He is noted to have a bit of stubble when he was in prison, and when he was lost in the desert with Cress. On Twitter, Marissa Meyer confirmed that Thorne has brown hair.

How old is Cress in The Lunar Chronicles?

In the Series Cress is 16 years old. In Something Old, Something New a side story in the book Stars Above, Cress is around 18 years old

What book comes after Cress in The Lunar Chronicles?

After Cress comes Winter, Fairest, and Stars Above. you can either choose to read Fairest before Winter or the other way around. Fairest is a novella which is book 3.5. Winter is book 4 and Stars Above book 4.5


Do Cress and Thorne end up together?

Throughout the book, they grow closer to each other but do not yet have a relationship. However, in Winter they do start dating and in Stars Above we learn they are still together. So yes, Cress and Thorne do end up together.

Is this book spicy? 

No Cress is not spicy. Cress has feelings for Thorne which feels like an insta love story. Thorne is also uncomfortable by this in the beginning. Throughout the book, Cress and Thorne grow closer to each other. Near the end of the book, Thorne kisses Cress since he promised to kiss her before they are about to die.

Is there romance in this book? 

Yes, Cress does contain romance but not as much as in the previous two books. Cress is more about the two main love interests getting to know each other and trust each other. In the book, Cress and Thorne grow to have romantic feelings for each other.

Are there LGBTQ+ characters in this novel? 

No, Cress does not contain any LGBTQ+ characters.

Is this book enemies to lovers? 

No, Cress has done some research on Thorne before and already admires him. It is more of a friends to lovers story.

Is there a map in the Cress book of the Lunar Chronicles? 

No, Cress does not contain a map. The world of The Lunar Chronicles is based on our own world.



Cress is a Lunar girl who is a captive on a satellite orbiting Earth for several years. She has to do the Lunar Queen Levana’s bidding, but instead, she defies Levana and her head thaumaturge Sybil Mira, and gets Cinder, Scarlet, Thorne, and Wolf to save her. However, things don’t go as they had planned, and Thorne and Cress get stuck on the satellite which is falling to Earth. Scarlet is kidnapped by Sybil, and a Lunar guard, Jacin.

Cinder and Jacin take Wolf who is injured to Dr. Erland in Africa while Cress and a blinded Thorne crash into Earth. They get double-crossed by some local people. Scarlet is being tortured and abused and questioned on Luna.

Cinder makes a plan to kidnap Prince Kai on the day he is marrying Levana. Erland, Thorne, Cress, Wolf, Cinder, and Iko all infiltrate the palace and play their parts for the plan to work. They succeed in kidnapping Kai. However, Iko is hurt, and Cinder uses her Lunar powers against Sybil. Cinder later worries that she is becoming like Levana.

Scarlet is on Luna and a captive of Princess Winter, Levana’s stepdaughter. Scarlet does not trust her. But Winter gives her some candies that take away all her pain. Kai and Cinder argue. Cinder tells him that she is Princess Selene and that she is planning to go to Luna and start a revolution.


Who dies in the book?

Dr Erland, Cress’ father dies in this book.


How does this book end?

Dr. Erland quarantines himself after realizing he has an infection of the mutation of Letumosis, telling Cress that he is her father, that he loves her, and that he never wanted to abandon her. Sybil receives an anonymous tip that the group is heading for the roof, preparing to leave. Before they’re able to, they are stopped by Sybil and Lunar soldiers on the roof with Jacin nowhere to be found. During the battle, Thorne kisses Cress, fulfilling the promise he made to her and also hinting that he has started to develop feelings for her. 

Cinder and Sybil fight. Cinder succeeds in breaking Sybil’s mind, driving her insane which leads to her jumping off the roof to her death. They fly the Rampion to Luna and Queen Levana retaliates by openly declaring war on Earth.

Meanwhile, Princess Winter, the stepdaughter of Queen Levana, is currently keeping Scarlet in her zoo-like menagerie. She is mentally unstable (afflicted with Lunar sickness) due to the fact that she refuses to use her Lunar gifts, but tells Scarlet that she’s on her side.


I hope this article has answered some of your questions about this book.

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