Scarlet by Marissa Meyer: FAQ [2024 Edition]

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Scarlet is the second book in The Lunar Chronicles series by New York Times-bestselling author Marissa Meyer.

In this article, you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about this book.

Also, this article contains spoilers. Thus, if you haven’t read Scarlet yet, proceed with caution.

I hope you enjoy reading these, and I hope this post answers some of the questions you may have about this book!

Who is Scarlet Benoit

Scarlet fanart

Scarlet was born on August 17, 108 T.E. to Luc Benoit and an unnamed mother in Rieux, France. Her mother and father were constantly fighting, until one day Scarlet’s mother just walked out on them and never returned. She lived with her father in Paris until she was seven years old when she ran away to live with her grandmother Michelle Benoit on her farm in Rieux.

When Scarlet was thirteen, she went to visit her father in Paris, but came back early because she couldn’t stand being with him. However, her grandmother had been unhappy that Scarlet returned without sending her a comm first. When Scarlet came in from doing her chores, her grandmother was talking to a man from the Eastern Commonwealth, who later turns out to be Linh Garan, about the custodial arrangements of an unknown girl. Scarlet listened in on the conversation and thought the girl they were talking about taking to the Eastern Commonwealth was she. Her grandmother then caught her eavesdropping and sent Scarlet to her room.

What race is Scarlet?

Scarlet is a mixed Earthen/Lunar human. Scarlet does not inherit any bioelectrical manipulation ability from her Lunar grandfather, Logan Tanner. 


Does Scarlet die in The Lunar Chronicles?

She does not die. However the road is not easy throughout the series. Scarlet gets abducted for one. She also loses her pinky finger up to her second knuckle. And her grandmother dies too. She is killed by Ran who is Wolf’s brother. Scarlet thinks she will die when Wolf chases after her, but in the end he fights the urge to kill her.


Does Wolf die in The Lunar Chronicles?

Wolf does not die. However, he is taken back to Luna against his will where he is modified more into a “Beast”. In Scarlet, we find out that Wolf is a genetically-modified Lunar and his real name is Ze’ev Kelsey. He is part of the Lunar Special Operative and was supposed to betray Scarlet. He then decides he does not want to betray her ultimately killing his brother, Ran.


Scarlet and Wolf 

At first, Scarlet is wary and doesn’t like the idea of searching for her grandmother with him. But at the time, he is the only one who can help her find her grandmother. As the story progresses, they become closer and eventually share a romantic bond. After finding out that Wolf at first has the intention of betraying her, she is very hurt. And although her personality is not someone who readily shows pain, she shows that she is hurt when he tries to talk to her. After they are taken by Thorne and Cinder, they have a flirtatious conversation and discuss the prospect of her being his ‘alpha female’.

What does Scarlet look like?

Scarlet is curvy and 5’6” tall. She has big brown eyes, full lips, curly, unruly ginger-red hair to her mid-back, and lots of freckles on her face. As a child, she is described as chubby.

She usually wears a red hoodie with a black tank top underneath, torn jeans, and tennis shoes. The red hoodie is a gift from her grandmother and clashes with her hair color, which is part of the reason why she likes it.

What does Wolf look like?

Wolf is 6’4″ and very muscular. He has messy brown hair that tends to spike in all directions and refuses to be tamed. Wolf has an array of scars on his olive skin. His eyes are an unnatural green, like sour grapes on a vine. He is usually in loose gray pants, plain t-shirts, or tanks, and tries to be barefoot whenever possible. Wolf has a tattoo that reads ‘LSOP962’ on his left forearm, and sharp canine teeth that he tries to hide.

What is the theme of The Lunar Chronicles?

Scarlet is book 2 in the Young Adult The Lunar Chronicles series. This book follows the protagonist and her journey to find her Grandmother. The story is based on Red Riding Hood and set in a sci-fi/fantasy world. However, the character from the first book Cinder also returns in this book. There is a red line throughout the series. To put it simply, all books follow a new protagonist but are all intertwined in one big story.


Do Scarlet and Wolf end up together?

Scarlet and Wolf share a romantic bond in the second book. However, they don’t get together straight away. There are some events throughout the series before they ultimately end up being together. That said, we do see that Wolf has feelings for Scarlet. And although He is not great at conveying his emotions, he says some sweet words to Scarlet showing the reader he really loves her.

Is this book spicy? 

No, Scarlet is not spicy. There is some kissing but it never goes further than that. There is also a lot of action and some gore.

Is there romance in this book? 

Yes, We follow Scarlet Benoit and Wolf as protagonists in this book. The romance is between these two characters. However, we also get to see Cinder and Thorn, knowing Cinder has feelings for Kai and Kai for her. Although they are not together, you do read about their feelings for one another.

Are there LGBTQ+ characters in this novel? 

No, Scarlet does not contain any LGBTQ+ characters

Is Scarlet, in the Lunar Chronicles enemies to lovers?

I wouldn’t call Scarlet and Wolf enemies. Their paths cross and certain things happen. They had never met before or heard of each other before this book. However, they don’t start off as friends either. Scarlet and Wolf have to work together and in that way, they get to know each other and grow to love one another.


How does this book end?

Before the wolf-soldier attacks, Wolf gives Scarlet an ID chip by kissing her which she later uses to escape and reunite with her grandmother who is dying in her prison cell. Michelle reveals to Scarlet that Linh Cinder is truly Princess Selene and tells her to escape and find her. But Scarlet refuses to leave her grandmother again. Ran appears and prevents Scarlet from escaping. However, her grandmother provokes him to let Scarlet escape. After killing and seemingly eating Scarlet’s grandmother, Ran chases after Scarlet and eventually catches her throwing her against a statue. At that moment, Wolf comes in and begins fighting with Ran to protect Scarlet, ultimately killing Ran.

Scarlet runs away, believing that Wolf is going to attack her next and Wolf catches up to her. Wolf is able to resist the manipulation of his thaumaturge and does not immediately attack her. But Cinder shoots him with a tranquilizer dart as she believed he was going to attack her. Cinder, Thorne, Scarlet, and Wolf all manage to escape to space. On Thorne’s ship, the Rampion, Scarlet makes up with Wolf, becoming his “alpha female” in the process.


I hope this article has answered some of your questions about this book.

And I hope that, if you have any questions I didn’t get to answer in this post, you will let me know in the comments below!

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